Larry Nassar: Team Doctor Who Molested Over 140 Girls Sentenced for Child Porn

Back in October, Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney revealed how she was molested by her team doctor, Larry Nassar.

In November, teammate Aly Raisman added her name to the list of over 140 young women with their own stories of abuse in the guise of medical care by Dr. Nassar.

On Thursday, Larry Nassar was sentenced — not for sex abuse, but for child pornography charges.

Dr. Larry Nassar, who is 54 years old, has been in prison while awaiting sentencing.

During that time, McKayla Maroney and Aly Raisman revealed that Dr. Nassar had molested them, sharing their heartbreaking #MeToo stories with the world.

Like so many others, these Olympic superstars describe Dr. Nassar, at the time their team doctor, administering “treatments” to them under the guise of medical practice.

Olympic athletes (and others) often require legitimate therapies such as massage.

Nassar, it is described, would use these as opportunities to molest the young girls who had been entrusted to his care.

These monstrous deeds are evil to their core and unforgivable.

But, though Nassar has pleaded guilty to 10 counts of sexual assault (a drop in the bucket compared to the number of accusers), it is not for these heinous crimes that he’s been sentenced.

Larry Nassar was on trial for possession of child pornography.

How much child pornography? … asked virtually no one.

He was found to have come into possession of 37,000 images that constitute child pornography.

That almost certainly means that he was collecting photos of very real children who are victims or who were victims. Awful on its own, particularly if he then shared those images or in any way financially compensated the ones who gave them to him.

Dr. Nassar was also accused of trying to destroy those images in order to avoid being held accountable for possessing child pornography.

His sentence:

60 years in federal prison.

Federal Judge Janet Neff explained (though she really didn’t need to) her reasoning behind the decision:

That Larry Nassar “should never again have access to children.”

We strongly agree.

Possibly influencing the judge’s decision were impact statements from Nassar’s many victims, including McKayla Maroney.

“Dr. Nassar was not a doctor, he in fact is, was, and forever shall be, a child molester, and a monster of a human being.”


“It all started when I was 13 or 14 years old, at one of my first National Team training camps, in Texas, and it didn’t end until I left the sport.”

That is a nightmare.

“It seemed whenever and wherever this man could find the chance, I was ‘treated.’ It happened in London before my team and I won the gold medal, and It happened before I won my Silver Medal.”


“For me, the scariest night of my life happened when I was 15 years old. I had flown all day and night with the team to get to Tokyo.”

This is not new information, and matches what she disclosed months ago. But that doesn’t mean that it was any easier for her to write.

“He’d given me a sleeping pill for the flight, and the next thing I know, I was all alone with him in his hotel room getting a ‘treatment.’ I thought I was going to die that night.”

McKayla’s mother, Erin Maroney, also gave an impact statement about how this traumatic experience changed her daughter’s life.

“This experience has been shattering to McKayla.”

Of course it was.

“She has transformed from a bubbly, positive, loving, world class athlete into a young adult who was deeply depressed, at times suicidal and essentially descended into an emotional abyss.”

Abusing a child is a tragedy that can never be undone. They can heal, but they’ll never recover the formative years that they lost to trauma.

“At times I was unsure whether I would open her bedroom door and find her dead.”

We are eternally grateful that this monster’s abuses did not claim McKayla’s life.

“Her father and I have been living this nightmare for years and until recently we felt hopeless. Nassar and those individuals and institutions that protected him almost snuffed out my daughter.”

Michegan State University is accused of having helped to cover up Larry Nassar’s crimes. They adamantly deny it.


Long Island Medium: Larry Caputo Speaks Out on Split from Theresa Caputo!

We guess that there’s no such thing as a happy medium. (Sorry)

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo and her husband have split after 28 years together. For a little perspective, 28 years is longer than Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry has even been alive.

Theresa’s husband, Larry Caputo, has now opened up about what he believes went wrong.

As we told you, the couple stunned the world with their joint statement:

“After 28 years of marriage, we have decided to legally separate.”

“We will always love each other and our two wonderful children.”

They have two children: Larry Jr. and Victoria.

“We are united in supporting each other and our family.”

That’s good. We see so many couples separate and immediately start verbally tearing each other to shreds.

“Please respect our privacy during this time.”

All that we knew for context was what we’d seen on Long Island Medium — that things were less than ideal between the couple.

Well, as of yesterday, we know a bit more:

On last night’s season finale of Long Island Medium, Larry explained to his friend Danny how things had become difficult in the Caputo marriage.

“We’re having a difficult time.”

That much, at least, we knew.

“I think a lot of the frustration has to do with us not spending the time together anymore.”

That can be a killer in relationships, whether they’re brand new or long-established marriages.

“Along with that comes the lack of communication so it’s like losing your best friend. It’s hard.”

That sounds so sad.

““As much as I try to busy myself so I’m not thinking about it, it’s still there.”

The realities of your relationship don’t go away, no matter how much you try to distract yourself.

“I know it’s very trying for both of us. I don’t want to make it just about me. I know it’s the same for Theresa also.”

It’s good that he was feeling so much empathy for his wife, even as their relationship became strained.

We don’t know whether they decided to release their statement about separation the night before the season finale to bring clarification, or in the hopes of a nice ratings boost.

We don’t see why it can’t be both.

But it’s so promising that the two of them are managing to get along so well.

Time spent apart — because of busy careers — can really be crushing to even the sturdiest of marriages.

We should note that it’s always sounded like there’s room for reconciliation and to repair this marriage. Let’s hope that they can find a way to rekindle their former happiness.

The funny thing about time spent apart is that we wonder if that will stop being such a big deal in the future.

Long-distance relationships are more common than ever among young people. They FaceTime or text or chat while playing multiplayer games together to catch up.

it’s not the same as physical nearness, but some young couples spend the first months or even years of their relationships apart from each other.

We can’t help wondering if those who begin their relationships far apart will build stronger bonds that can endure distance when they’re older.

But that won’t help Theresa or Larry now.

Now, during their separation, these two will have to decide whether they’re happier apart than they were together.


Dannielynn, Larry Birkhead Honor Anna Nicole in the Bahamas

The world has been very critical of Larry Birkhead's apparent exploitation of his daughter, Dannielynn, accusing him of Anna Nicole Smith's life and death for goodwill. And, of course, for cash.

But we've seen less of him, lately. The last time he was really on our radar was, what, when he went on Hollywood Medium?

Now he and Dannielynn — who is now 11 years old — are back in a video (below) showing their adventures together as Anna Nicole's daughter visits the land of her birth: The Bahamas.

Larry birkhead and dannielynn posing

Anna Nicole Smith was a sweet woman who died too young.

After an epic battle in which multiple men claimed paternity of her infant daughter, it was determined that Larry had fathered Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead.

Larry hasn't always been viewed as the best father. Notably, he signed Dannielynn up for modeling when she was six years old.

(In case you've forgotten, Anna Nicole herself was a troubled ex-model, and it's widely believed that she'd still be alive today if she hadn't been thrust into the spotlight as she was)

Dannielynn is 11 years old, now. (Anybody else feeling super old?)

And Larry Birkhead decided that it was high time that he take her on a trip to the Bahamas, where she was born. Whether he did it for Dannielynn or to get his face on camera again … well, that's hard to know.

But the video's very sweet.

Dannielynn and larry birkhead pose on the beach

In the video, Larry Birkhead does most (nearly all) of the talking to Us Weekly's cameras as he and Dannielynn explore the Bahamas.

"This trip back for Dannielynn is kind of special because she doesn’t really know a whole lot about the place where she was born."

That sounds like a plausible reason to go.

"When Dannielynn was little and I used to bring her here, the people used to come out screaming, ‘The people’s princess Dannielynn is here,’ cause it was such a big deal about her birth here, and they embrace her and they come up and ask for pictures and stuff all the time."

Well, it's not Dannielynn's fault that a rich white child getting called a "princess" within the Caribbean is … awkward. Also, a couple of women did ask for a selfie.

Larry talks about the wonderful things that Anna Nicole did with her wealth.

"She was charitable and she did a lot of things for people that people don’t know."

She was, by all accounts, a total sweetheart.

"I’m still getting these cards from kids that she supported overseas and they didn’t know she was Anna Nicole, but they’d come to have found out later."

That is precious.

He takes Dannielynn to a pastel pink courthouse. The very courthouse where he won his paternity case.

"I remember coming out of this door right here and they said, ‘You can take Dannielynn home to Kentucky or wherever you’re gonna move.’ And I came out, I was so happy."

Larry birkhead and dannielynn wetsuits

Larry Birkhead tells the cameras about Dannielynn.

"She likes scary movies, like her mom. She likes to do roller coasters and fun things like her mom used to."

She also has a beautiful smile.

As for her current interests … they're very age-appropriate.

"Dannielynn is more interested in wanting to be a YouTuber and make her own videos, so those are the types of things that she’s interested in."

She's beautiful and young and famous, which describes a lot of YouTubers. (We don't imagine that she's a horrifying racist like certain YouTubers have turned out to be)

"I still have to warn her that, you know, your friend might have a YouTube account, but if you have a YouTube account that’s different, because people know who you are."

That is a somewhat clumsily worded version of very good advice.

Honestly, if and when Dannielynn gets her own YouTube channel (what a gift that would be), comments might need to be disabled. There are some real creeps who would love nothing more than to upset a famous tween girl.

Dannielynn and larry birkhead bahamas tour bus

Larry continues describe what it's like being Dannielynn's parent.

"Sometimes you feel like a bodyguard, sometimes you feel like a chauffeur."

That's, well, that's what parenting is like.

"It depends on what the day is. But my job is dad and I think I’ve done a pretty good job. She’s adjusted to it and she’s just a normal kid."

Dannielynn seems obsessed with her phone, which is relatable and age-appropriate.

Here's the video in its entirety:

Dannielynn larry birkhead honor anna nicole in the bahamas