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Le’Veon Bell ‘Free At Last, Thank God Almighty’

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Le’Veon Bell just compared NFL free agency to the civil rights movement — using Martin Luther King‘s most famous quote to celebrate becoming “free at last.”

Hours after Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert announced the team would not use a franchise or transition tag to force Bell to stay with the team, the disgruntled running back spoke out on Twitter.

“Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty I am free at last.”

Of course, the quote comes from MLK’s legendary 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech — in which he imagines a future of racial equality. 

Bell has been at odds with the Steelers for years — claiming he has been wildly underpaid and unfairly treated by the team … despite the fact, he made $ 12 mil in 2017 and sat out in 2018 when he was supposed to make $ 14.5 mil

Now, Bell will be a free agent and can sign with any team in the league.

Blac Chyna Alexis Skyy Won’t Ever Meet Dream … ‘Cause Whatever She’s Got with Rob Won’t Last


Alexis Skyy will NOT meet Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian‘s baby girl — EVER — ’cause there’s a rule in place to prevent that.

Sources close to Chyna tell TMZ that she and Rob have an agreement to not introduce any significant others to their daughter, Dream, within the first 6 months of dating. This is an increasingly common restriction in custody cases, and for good reason. It’s not good for a child to develop attachments to people who come and go … especially after their parents break up.  

The operative word in this case is … relationship. Our sources say, Chyna believes Alexis and Rob are not actually into each other and are only publicly flirting to get under BC’s skin. She’s convinced that whatever is going on between Rob and Alexis … it will NEVER last 6 months.

As one source told us, Chyna thinks Alexis is hanging with Rob ’cause she’s clout chasing. FWIW, Alexis went on a follow frenzy shortly after Rob called her his WCW, and shortly after her and Blac Chyna’s scuffle last weekend … following just about all of Rob’s sisters.

As we’ve told you … Chyna confronted Alexis at a house party last week to call her out about past interactions Alexis had with Rob, that Chyna found inappropriate … especially since BC and Rob were still together at the time.

We’re told Chyna knows Rob and Alexis have fooled around in the past, but she doesn’t think anything meaningful transpired between them since then.

‘Last Chance U’ Star Malik Henry To Walk On At Nevada

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Malik Henry — the star of “Last Chance U” — is getting one more shot to play FBS football .. ’cause the QB is walking on at Nevada this season — his new head coach just announced.

Henry — a top high school recruit in 2016 who signed with Florida State — flamed out with the Noles … and transferred to Independence Community College in Kansas just months later.

Malik became a star at the school — mostly for the drama that surrounded him on Season 3 of Netflix’s uber-popular “Last Chance U” show.

He was often portrayed as the bad guy … feuding with coaches and teammates and even being described by coach Jason Brown at one point as, “f*cking borderline being kicked out any minute.”

Malik stuck with the school for two seasons … but it appears his time at the program and on the show has ended … ’cause Wolfpack coach Jay Norvell says Malik’s joining the squad.

“He spent some time at junior college and probably has one last shot to get his career corrected and we’re going to give that,” Norvell told Nevada Sports Net.

“He needs a coaching staff that will love him and teach him how to do things the right way and in a system he can grow and develop, and that’s something we feel like we have here at Nevada.”

Playing time for Malik ain’t gonna be easy … Nevada’s got a crowded and talented QB room — but Henry does have two seasons to play at his new school.

Nick & Priyanka One Last Wedding Hurrah (Maybe) … Shout-Out to Bollywood!!!

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are giving Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson a run for their money as wedding aficionados, ’cause they’ve got a 3rd reception — yes, it’s STILL going — for Bollywood. 

Ya gotta believe Nick and Priyanka are tired of striking these poses, but Thursday they gave it one more go with a reception for Priy’s Bollywood industry friends. The nuptials began more than 2 weeks ago with TWO weekend ceremonies … and at least 2 pre and post receptions.

They also had a Wednesday bash for the media in India.

As if they haven’t gotten enough attention … they gave their fans and the media even more to talk about. Yes, everyone’s taken note of Nick’s hand over his bride’s belly. We are NOT saying she’s preggo, but we ARE saying … they know how to start a buzz.  

We also know for sure … there will soon be another round of party pics like these once Thursday’s festivities come to an end.

We’re not even gonna make a guess as to whether this is THE final stop on their wedding train. Allegedly it is, but ya just never know with these 2. 

This is one approach to keeping things fresh — forever newlyweds!