Stormi?!? Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing Over Kylie’s Baby Name

Kylie Jenner welcomed a daughter named Stormi Webster into the world on February 1, 2018.

Yes, Stormi Webster.

The last name is the last name baby daddy Travis Scott was given at birth, while the first name is… unusual.

Even in a family that includes a child name Chicago and another named North, Stormi may take the shocking cake.

It's unclear what motivated Kylie to choose this moniker, but it's very clear how social media users feel about it.

Scroll down to find out!

1. The Reveal

The reveal
Kylie confirmed her child’s unique name via this adorable photo, which she captioned simply “Stormi Webster.” So there we have it.

2. Kris Jenner Likes It!

Kris jenner likes it
Grandma, as you would expect, approves. “Meet my precious granddaughter Stormi! I love you endlessly,” Jenner captioned a repost of Kylie’s Instagram photo shortly after it went viral.

3. We Guess Kim Approves, Too

We guess kim approves too
That’s how we choose to interpret this emoji, which Kardashian shared not long after her half-sister made the big reveal.

4. Other People Were Less Enthused, However

Other people were less enthused however
This is a reference to Stormy Daniels, the porn star who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump. Tough break on that one for Stormi Webster. Tough timing.

5. Here’s a Theory:

Heres a theory
A CONSPIRACY theory, we should say. Are you buying it?

6. Really, 2018?!?

Really 2018
You’re making us miss 2017. Please shape up.

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News Anchors Can’t Stop Laughing About “Big Beavers”

Let's be honest:

There's a middle school student inside all of us. Maybe even an elementary school student.

Many folks out there will always find farts to be funny; lots of guys will giggle any time they see the number 69; and plenty of people will associate the word "beaver" less with an animal than with a part of the female anatomy.

We don't need to spell out which part, do we?

It is this last point that came into hilarious play during for a few reporters at NBC affiliate KJRH in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In a sneak peek shared by FunnyAvenue, anchors Taniya Wright and Daniel Winn are talking about a previous report on a beaver that vandalized a store selling fake Christmas trees.

Unable to help himself, Winn chimes in after the report as follows:

The beavers I’ve seen are bigger … and they don’t look as friendly. So, I don’t know, maybe I’ve seen my beavers in the wrong place.

We actually don't think he was trying to make an X-Rated joke with this reference. We think he was talking about real, live beavers… until the last line, at least, when he realized what he sounded like.

Winn tried to move on, but it was way too late.

“I can’t see,” Wright said at one point. “I’m crying.”

So are you. You will be, too. Watch now:

News anchors cant stop laughing about big beavers