Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau: Is the Baby Coming Soon?!?

While Javi Marroquin continues to clash with his ex-wife over their past, many questions continue to be asked about this reality star’s future.

Specifically, about his future with Lauren Comeau.

The couple, of course, stunned celebrity gossip followers back in late May when they announced they were expecting a baby.

This news came mere months after Javi split from Briana DeJesus and also stopped hooking up (again) with Kailyn Lowry.

Marroquin and Comeau had met at a wedding last summer and actually dated briefly in 2017… until they reportedly broke up because Javi slept with another woman.

We haven’t been here to judge, however, simply to wish these two and their impending child the best.

Perhaps Javi really is a changed man and will dedicate himself entirely to this new family. You never know, right?

Along with the baby bombshell, meanwhile, has come various speculation regarding Comeau, considering she’s now very much involved with a prominent MTV personality.

As we’ve posted about over the past few weeks…

will she appear on Teen Mom 2?

… will she and Marroquin get married?

… heck, are they already married?

Now, based on the photos above and below of Comeau, we can add another inquiry to this list:


Taking to both basic Instagram and her Instagram Stories page over the past week or so, Comeau has shown off her baby bump on multiple occasions.

And it ain’t small!

All Comeau and Marroquin have said thus far is that their son will enter this world at some point in 2018.

That much is clearly true, but the size of Lauren’s precious tummy makes it appear here as if their son may enter the world at some point in the fall of 2018.

We make note of this partly because it’s very exciting and it will be cool to meet yet another baby produced by a member of the Teen Mom 2 cast.

But also because Comeau’s due date does make one wonder when she and Marroquin got it on and whether he cheated on DeJesus with his baby-mama-to-be.

The timeline does cause fans to ponder this possibility.

Whether or not Javi stepped out on Briana, though, he and Lauren appear to be going strong.

They are posing together in a number of Instagram photos, often with Marroquin and Lowry’s son, Lincoln.

Lauren has also now moved to Delaware and is shacking up with her famous lover.

At some point, Javi swears, wedding bells will even ring for the eventual parents.

“Definitely in the future I will propose,” the MTV star recently told Radar Online, quelling rumors that they were already betrothed.

He says it will happen, he promises, but he and Comeau have something else to concern themselves with in the meantime.

Or someone else, we should say:

“The focus is on the baby first.” 


Lauren Swanson: Pregnant ALREADY?!

It’s been over a month since Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar got married.

And that can only mean one thing — the girl is already knocked up!

Or at least that’s what fans think.

These days, the Duggar message boards are loaded with sleuths who claim to have it on good authority that Josiah and Lauren are already expecting.

But as far as we can tell, their “proof” consists of little more than the fact that Lauren is a Duggar now, and thus, must constantly be knocked up.

In less psychotic corners of the internet, fans are still obsessed with the state of Lauren’s uterus, but their comments on the matter are inquisitive, rather than declarative:

“Sooo when’s the baby due???” one fan asked on Facebook.

“The baby is due in eight months,” another responded, offering nothing in the way of evidence.

“Woohoo baby announcement here in about another four to six weeks,” remarked a third

To be clear, we’re not saying that Lauren is definitively not pregnant.

Hey, with the way Josiah and Lauren broke the courtship rules, she might have been knocked up before they even walked down the aisle!

But we are saying there’s nothing in the way of conclusive evidence at the moment, just a lot of persuasive people with very strong hunches.

Last we checked, Josiah and Lauren were on their honeymoon in Austria, a location they chose due to their shared love of a family-friendly flick.

“We chose Austria for our honeymoon because of The Sound of Music,” Lauren told People Magazine.

“I’ve always wanted to come here, and I’m loving all the scenery and traditional Austrian clothing.

“I am also loving the people and the culture. Travel like this reminds me that people everywhere are really the same, even if the culture and some experiences are different.”

We take back everything we said; Lauren is 100 percent expecting.

It’s impossible to take such a sexy trip and not come home pregnant with octuplets.

We looked it up.


Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson: Look at Us On Our Honeymoon!

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are currently in their honeymoon phase of marriage.

And we mean this literally:

The newlyweds are actively in Vienna, Austria, having the time of their lives after making the romantic committment of their lives.

Duggar and Swanson shared the snapshot above of themselves on this special vacation, with Josiah adding in an extended comment to Us Weekly:

“We’re so excited to be in Vienna on our honeymoon and spending this time together!

“It’s a beautiful place, with a beautiful wife. What more could a guy ask for than that?

“We are loving every minute of it. It’s still mind-blowing to think that we have the rest of our lives together. God’s goodness is overwhelming!”

Swanson also chimed in with a glowing remark about her husband and their trip.

She even included a note about why the couple selected Austria for their destination.

“We chose Austria for our honeymoon because The Sound of Music,” Swanson told the aforementioned tabloid, adding in more detail:

“I’ve always wanted to come here and I’m loving all the scenery and traditional Austrian clothing. I am also loving the people and the culture.

“Travel like this reminds me that people everywhere are really the same, even if the culture and some experiences are different. People everywhere want joy, happiness and good things for their children and so much more.

“This trip makes me love people and desire to deliver God’s love and care to people more than ever before.”

The Counting On cast member and his life partner exchanged vows on June 30 at John Brown University Cathedral in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

The nuptials came as a surprise to even the most ardent of TLC viewers, considering Josiah and Lauren had not revealed their wedding date ahead of time.

There was even chatter that the ceremony would take place closer to the end of the year, causing some to speculate over why the wedding was moved up.

Specifically, did the pair get married in a pinch because Swanson is pregnant?

Josiah, often considered the most rebellious of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children, had previously dated Marjorie Jackson in 2015.

It then took him over two years to find someone else to court.

Eventually, though, he settled on Swanson, who has been known to wear shorts that stop above the knee, which is equivalent to starring in an adult film when it comes to the Duggars.

These crazy kids are clearly meant for each other.

“What a joy it is to be husband and wife! Our wedding day was absolutely perfect!” Duggar and Swanson said about becoming husband and wife.

“What was even more perfect was to see my beautiful bride walking down the aisle.

“We are so thankful the Lord has brought us to this place and we can’t wait to begin our journey as husband and wife.”

As for those curious for a look at the couple’s wedding and their first kiss?

Wait no further! Just click down below!


Javi Marroquin & Lauren Comeau: Are They Already Married?!

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau’s relationship has fallen apart and been rebuilt more times than a set of Jenga blocks.

Perhaps that’s why these days, Javi and Lauren are moving at a speed generally associated with couples who feel they have something to prove.

Lauren is pregnant with Javi’s baby, and now they’re rushing headlong into a traditional family arrangement, as though they didn’t just get back together while Javi was hooking up with multiple different women.

Not only are Javi and Lauren engaged, it now looks as though they’ve bought a house together.

It also looks like they’re trying to keep that fact under wraps for reasons that remain mysterious.

As Starcasm reports, Lauren posted a photo of the couple’s new home on Facebook earlier this week.

“It’s closing day!!!” Lauren captioned the image.

“Beyond excited (and thankful) to start this chapter in our new home,” she added.

Interestingly, the post was up for less than a day before Lauren deleted it.

The situation has led many fans to speculate that the couple is keeping some sort of secret.

Deepening the mystery is an image from Lauren’s latest Snapchat video:

Javi's Sister

That’s Javi’s sister, Lidia, who apparently wound up at the same stoplight as Lauren recently.

Note the caption, in which Lauren refers to Lidia as her “SIL” or sister-in-law.

Now, it could be she was just speaking presumptively, as — if everything goes according to plan — Lidia will be Lauren’s sister-in-law in the near future.

Still, the caption was enough to get fans talking.

Even if Lauren and Javi aren’t secretly married, it looks more and more like they’ll be tying the knot very soon.

And not surprisingly, fans are encouraging the future Mrs. Marroquin to proceed with caution.

As you may recall, before she was his fiancee, Lauren was something of a bargaining chip for Javi.

When he unexpectedly visited Briana DeJesus in Miami, Javi informed his then-girlfriend that he has a side-piece who’s willing to move to Delaware to be with him.

That girl was later revealed to be Lauren.

It now looks as though Javi got Lauren pregnant, then decided to get back together with her, not the other way around, as the lovebirds would have us believe.

Not the most auspicious start, but we wish Javi and Lauren the best of luck. They’re gonna need it.


Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson Relive Their Whirlwind Courtship on Counting On!

A new season of Counting On debuted on TLC Monday night, and we think it's safe to say the premiere delivered everything that fans have come to expect from the Duggar clan.

The episode centered around the wedding of Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson.

Not only did fans get their first look at the couple's massively-attended ceremony, we also got to circle back and relive Lauren and Josiah's courtship.

As we've known for months, Lauren and Josiah are not your typical Duggar couple.

And last night's two-hour-plus mega-episode was not your typical season premiere.

Check out some highlights from Josiah and Lauren's big day in the gallery below:

1. The Happy Couple

Josiah duggar and lauren swanson wedding pic
Josiah and Lauren have been head-over-heels for one another from the moment their courtship began. On this week’s episode of Counting On they relived their whirlwind romance.

2. Starting at the End

Josiah duggar and lauren swanson pic
The episode kicked off at the conclusion of Josiah and Lauren’s courtship, as the excited couple put the finishing touches on their wedding preparations. It then circled back to fill fans in on their brief bur passionate romance.

3. They DO Have a Sense of Humor!

Lauren swanson josiah duggar pic
“I can’t wait to meet you at the altar and marry you,” Josiah tells Lauren early in the episode. The comment prompts a Counting On producer to joking suggest that the couple “get a room.”

4. Meet Josiah

Josiah duggar throwback
At one point, the episode throws it waaaay back to Josiah’s childhood, as his siblings lovingly recount their memories of the family’s resident prankster.

5. Meet Lauren

Josiah duggar lauren swanson picture
From there, Lauren was introduced to viewers, and the Duggars spoke just as lovingly about their new sister-in-law. “Lauren is already one of the sisters,” Jessa Duggar remarked.

6. A Courtship Begins

Lauren swanson rocks short skirt
Both Lauren and Josiah can barely contain their joy while discussing the early days of their relationship and the manner in which he proposed.

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Javi Marroquin: I Was Banging Kailyn, Briana & Lauren at the Same Time!

Do these kids ever let up?

All of the ladies of Teen Mom 2 have a lot of drama in their lives, but perhaps no one's love life is more complicated than Kailyn Lowry's.

We've known for quite some time that the exes briefly got back together, but now, Kail has finally copped to it on the show.

Needless to say, Briana DeJesus probably didn't love hearing it.

The bad news is, it looks as though all four parties (including Lauren Comeau) who are involved here are doomed to lives of non-stop drama.

The good news is, we get to watch it all unfold!

1. They Just Can’t Quit Each

Kailyn javi photo
Javi and Kailyn have been off and on for years. But their latest hookup may have been motivated by revenge and jealousy.

2. The New Couple

Javi and briana all smiles
Bri and Javi didn’t date for very long, but their relationship carried consequences that are still reverberating months after their breakup.

3. The Rivals

Kailyn lowry javi marroquin briana dejesus split
Kailyn and Briana flat-out hate each other, and as far as we can tell Bri went after Javi basically as a means of getting revenge on Kail.

4. The Timeline

Kailyn lowry and javi marroquin
Earlier this season Kail admitted to hooking up with Javi. Fans had known about low-key reconciliation for quite some time, but Kail’s revelation complicated Javi’s love life in a big way.

5. Overlap

Javi cant even deal
Javi was involved with three different women in the span of just a few short weeks — and now it seems he didn’t bother dumping one before hooking up with the next.

6. Simpler Times Ahead?

Javi with lauren comeau
These days, Javi is engaged to Lauren Comeau, who is expecting his child. But that doesn’t mean the skeletons of his romantic past are content to remain buried.

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Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson: See Their First Kiss… EVER!

As of late June 2018, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are husband and wife.

The young couple got married in Arkansas in front of over 1,000 guests, exchanging vows in front of friends, family members and and an officient who knew the twosome well:

Swanson's father!

For the first time, TLC has released images from the couple's wedding, which was especially notable because it featured Josiah and Lauren's first kiss.

As husband and wife? Yes.

But also just their first kiss… period!

Check out the romantic snapshots below…

1. There is the Bride!

There is the bride
Here comes the bride? There is the bride! What a lovely image of Josiah and Lauren holding hands at the altar.

2. Lost in Each Other’s Eyes

Lost in each others eyes
Cue the Debbie Gibson, folks! Lauren and Josiah are clearly lost in each other’s eyes while getting married in this photo.

3. The Parental Walk

The parental walk
Lauren’s father walked his daughter down the aisle and then officiated the ceremony. That’s pretty darn special, wouldn’t you say?

4. Here Come the Tears

Here come the tears
The waterworks are underway! Josiah simply could not hold them back while the ceremony got underway.

5. The Vow Recital

The vow recital
Josiah breaks out a piece of paper and recites his vows to his soon-to-be-wife here. How very romantic, right?

6. Lauren on the Mic

Lauren on the mic
When you have over 1,000 people at your wedding, you need a microphone to be heard. She’s reciting her romantic vows in this picture.

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Jill Duggar and Lauren Swanson: Unexpected Feud Alert!

It’s only been a few weeks since Lauren Swanson married Josiah Duggar, but it seems the newest member of reality TV’s favorite fundamentalist family is already clashing with her in-laws.

Yes, it seems the latest Duggar wedding didn’t quite go according to plan — and Lauren may feel that one of Josiah’s many siblings is partially to blame.

Jill Duggar-Lauren Swanson

The speculation that Jill Duggar and Lauren Swanson are not exactly getting along began when Jill posted a link on her Instagram page promising “New pics and videos up! link in bio!!”

Jill promptly deleted the link without explanation, leading fans to theorize that she was instructed to do so by Lauren.

Of course, pics and videos from the wedding are everywhere on the internet.

So why would Lauren lay the smackdown on Jill in such public fashion?

Well, that’s where this story gets interesting.

As we said earlier, Josiah and Lauren were not able to get hitched without a hitch.

In fact, it sounds like the wedding was more or less a disaster.

Guests described the event as a “chaotic,” disorderly affair that seemed to have been thrown together at the last minute.

Now given how many times Josiah and Lauren’s wedding date changed, it’s possible that it was thrown together at the last minute, but that’s a conversation for another time.

At this point, you might be thinking:

So the wedding was a mess. What does that have to do with Jill?

Well, possibly nothing. But possibly everything.

Jill is the oldest married Duggar woman of her generation.

As such, she assumes certain responsibilities, among them — you guessed it — assisting with wedding planning.

In the past, Jill has proven up to the task, but this time it seems she may have dropped the ball.

Another theory holds that Jill rushed to post the pics so that she could cash in on the ensuing traffic.

You see, Jill quit Counting On after her husband, Derick Dillard, was fired from the show last year.

Since then, money has been tight around the Dillard household (as will happen when you have two kids and no income) , and some fans think Jill tried to score a little extra cash by being the first to link to her brother’s wedding pics.

It’s also possible that TLC put the kibosh on Jill’s efforts, as they no longer have a working relationship with Jill.

Whatever the case, it’s an interesting situation.

Duggar feuds are nothing new, but a newcomer like Lauren coming after an OG like Jill?

Now, that could make for some entertaining television.


Javi Marroquin Moves in Lauren Comeau: Take THAT, Briana DeJesus!

Is anyone else super uncomfortable with how Javi Marroquin has been behaving lately?

Well, lately, for the entire time he’s been on Teen Mom 2, either one.

There’s just something that’s so questionable about the way he went from wanting to marry Briana DeJesus to hooking up with Kailyn Lowry to knocking up Lauren Comeau in the span of a few months.

And honestly, “a few months” is pretty generous.

Like, let’s break this down: Javi and Briana broke up in January, right?

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, we saw him tell her that if she didn’t want to move to Delaware to be with him, then Lauren would — and honestly, who says that to someone?

What did he think would happen?

Did he think that Briana would trip all over herself to be the lucky girl to leave her entire life behind to move in with a guy she’d been dating for a handful of months?

Did he think that threatening to move Lauren in would get her to change her mind about marrying him?

It was a super weird moment that we have to imagine Lauren wasn’t too happy to see, but let’s carry on.

So Briana and Javi broke up in January, and shortly after that, he started hooking up with Kailyn for a little while.

The official story is that he began dating Lauren again in March, but we’re not too sure about that — she look very, very pregnant right now, and if he’s had her on the back burner that long …

The whole thing is just a little too bizarre for our tastes, and it definitely makes us think less of Javi “please someone marry me and give me so many children and make my fairy tale come true” Marroquin.

But, as he reveals in a new interview with Radar Online, the marriage part isn’t happening.

At least not right now.

“Definitely in the future I will propose,” he explains. “The focus is on the baby first.”

So that’s good, isn’t it?

It certainly seems like they rushed into having a baby together, so at least they’re not rushing into another huge move.

And speaking of huge moves, Javi also says that he and Lauren are no longer long distance!

“She’s officially moved into my house,” he tells the website. “We got a new place and we’ll be moving there in two weeks.”

“It’s nice to have her here. We’ve been traveling non-stop so it’s nice that she doesn’t have to travel.”

It’s not only nice for Javi and Lauren, it’s also nice for Lincoln, Javi’s son with Kailyn — Javi says that she’s a “fantastic” stepmother already.

“She’s really good to Lincoln,” he gushes. “He loves her and he asks about her all the time. He’s happy she’s here permanently.”

And just in case you thought he was done hyping this whole thing up, think again — he also says that they were excited to learn they’re expecting a boy!

“I had a feeling it was going to be a boy,” he admitted. “I’m super excited for a boy. They’re super easy.”

That’s sweet and all, and we’re glad that he seems so genuinely pumped about this whole thing.

But can Briana please comment on this already?

Because after everything we know now, we’re dying to hear what she has to say about Javi’s brand new fairy tale.


Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham: Yes, We’re Still Getting Married!

While those of you who follow The Bachelorette Spoilers already know that Becca Kufrin finds her love (sort of), how is her disgraced ex Arie Luyendyk Jr. doing?

Well, Arie and Lauren announced their wedding date and location — and their nuptials are only months away.

Now that the scandal of Arie’s proposal has died down a little, they’ve finally taken some engagement photos. Take a look!

Arie shared this photo in an Instagram post.

Arie captioned the pic, writing: “One step closer to the wedding :)”

Before you rip on him for being so old that he uses an emoticon instead of an emoji, remember that he’s only 36 — he just looks older.

“This is what life is all about,” Arie continues. “Sharing these amazing moments with her.”

He then reminds fans of the looming wedding date, writing: “Under 6 months until the big day!”

“It’s now just under six months till I marry this sweet man,” Lauren Burnham writes uner her own engagement photo.

Some notice that hers focuses on their intimate bond, while Arie’s choice of photo highlights how pretty Lauren is.

“He’s been the biggest blessing in my life,” Lauren gushes. “Every single day.”

Lauren then includes the tag: “#truelovewins”

If you say so, Lauren.

Arie and Lauren recently purchased a home together after a lot of considerations.

As you may recall, their first plan was to purchase a home that needed to be remodeled, but apparently Lauren was overwhelmed by it.

That is understandable. Upgrading an entire home only looks neat on television because we see the process in an hour.

So the two of them instead purchased a brand new home together and shared a photo on Instagram to celebrate.

We mentioned that some had viewed their photos with a critical eye, but it may be unfair.

Others have also pointed out that Lauren, in the top engagement photo, is of course posing for a photograph rather than actually exclaiming in delight and joy.

They question how long a relationship is fated to last when one party is obviously so good at faking happiness and enthusiasm.

But honestly? This might be a little critical of Lauren. She does seem to be genuinely happy.

Besides, some argue that certain lies are the glue that holds relationships together.

After weeks of teasing the idea of a summer wedding, Lauren and Arie finally settled on a date.

Their nuptials are scheduled for January 12, 2019. The ceremony will take place in Hawaii.

That’s no summer wedding, but Hawaii’s average January temperatures are in the 70s, so it should still be warm enough for everyone wearing a suit to beg for the chill mercy of death.

These engagement photos are a reminder to fans that these two are still together, regardless of what critics say.

They’re also continuing their march towards the aisle. January will be here before we know it.

And, despite the circumstances of their engagement, some members of the Bachelor Nation cannot help but wonder if Arie and Lauren will be the ones to beat the odds.