Leah Messer Comes Clean About Secret Boyfriend: We Lived Together!

On Wednesday, MTV aired a special installment of Teen Mom 2 entitled Secrets Revealed.

And Leah Messer certainly helped the show deliver on that promise.

In one of the episode's most memorable segments, Leah opened up about her relationship with T.R. Dues.

Rumors about Leah and T.R. have been circulating for years, but this is the first time that Leah addressed the matter publicly.

And saying that some fans were shocked by her revelations would be putting it very mildly.


1. Shunning the Spotlight

Leah messer spray tan pic
Leah has a reputation as one of the most secretive Teen Moms. With the possible exception of Chelsea Houska, she seems to value her privacy more than any of her co-stars.

2. Leah Opens Up

Leah messer baby bump pic
On this week’s special, however, Leah spilled the tea in a major way, opening up about a period in her life that had long been shrouded in secrecy.

3. Happy Again

Jason jordan and leah messer
These days, Leah is dating Jason Jordan and appears to be happier than she’s been in years.

4. Darker Days

Leah messer and jeremy calvert together
Following her divorce from Jeremy Calvert, however, Leah went through a difficult time which resulted in her decision to check into rehab for emotional issues.

5. Keeping a Low Profile

Leah dawn messer calvert photo
Leah quite understandably shied away from the spotlight quite a bit in those days, hoping to protect her privacy, as well as that of her daughters.

6. It’s All Coming Together

Leah messer straight hair
And it seems it’s for that reason that Leah was so secretive about the relationship that helped her through one of the most difficult times in her life.

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Leah Messer Addresses All Those Pregnancy Rumors

Leah Messer is pregnant, people!

The Teen Mom 2 star shared the following photo on Instagram this week, which basically served as confirmation of this amazing news.

See it for yourself and then join the many social media users who have already sent Messer their very best wishes…

Wait, what’s that?

This picture is NOT evidence that Messer is expecting her fourth child?

Already the mother to Adalynn, Aliannah and Aleeah, Messer posted the above image on Instagram and wrote along with it as a caption:

Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening! Self confidence is a super power! #aaa #love #liveyourstandard

For whatever reason, based simply on these words and the snapshot featured here, fans leaped to the conclusion that Messer was with child.

Just consider the following comments left in response to the picture:


Is that a a baby bump???? You’re sooo beautiful!!

I see a baby bump too.

Def Preggo I’m sure she will spill the beans in a couple months. Hopefully this baby daddy will stay this time.

Yes, these very self-assured statements were made simply because some people looked at the lead image in this article.

So… is it true? Is Leah Messer really pregnant again?

In a word? No.

In a few more words, written on Instagram by Messer herself?

“You guys are sweet and NOOOOO I’m not pregnant. What the,” she responded to this speculation, including three face palm emojis with her reply.

With rumors circulating about the wombs of both Leah and Maci Bookout, the latter re-Tweeted a funny comment made by a Teen Mom fan on Twitter, who sarcastically congratulated both women on their babies-to-be:

maci and leah

We also love that.

Messer, meanwhile, is in love with a new man, which may be another reason why folks think she’s expecting.

She now has someone with whom she may want to raise another child and his name is Jason Jordan.

He’s a little bit older, but the relationship is now serious enough for Leah and Jason to have made it Instagram official.

These two do look pretty cute together here, don’t they?

Still, wedding bells are not about to ring for the MTV personality.

No baby showers are planned.

With three kids at home already and a relatively new man in her life, we’re pretty sure Messer has enough going on in her life without adding another tiny human being to her brood.

Does this mean she’ll never be pregnant again? No, we’re not saying that.

We’re just saying she isn’t pregnant right now.


Leah Messer Flaunts Relationship With Scandalous New Boyfriend on Instagram!

Leah Messer’s love life is a subject of constant fascination among Teen Mom 2 fans.

For a while there it looked as though Leah would get back together with Jeremy Calvert, but when that reconciliation fizzled out, Ms. Messer quickly rebounded.

These days, Leah is dating Jason Jordan, and while he seems to make her immensely happy, some fans have taken issue with the budding romance.

Over the weekend, Leah documented her latest couple’s getaway on Instagram, and some fans saw the pics as an opportunity to reiterate their complaints.

For one thing, Jason is much older than Leah (she’s 26; he’s 38).

It’s not the kind of cradle-robbery that makes you want to alert the authorities, but it’s enough of an age gap to raise a few eyebrows.

Especially since despite the fact that he’s pushing 40, Jason still seems to have quite a bit of growing up to do.

Naturally, once word of the relationship went public, fans started doing their research and dug up everything they could about Jason.

The most interesting thing they unearthed was a series of YouTube videos in which Jason played a character named West Virginia Meth Man.

Now, as far as we know, Jason never dabbled in meth himself.

And it appears he was just poking fun at some of the more, um … colorful residents of his home state.

Still many found the skits to be in poor taste, particularly one video in which Jason (as Meth Man) commented on the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal.

“Just want to make a little comment about Ray Rice,” quoth Meth Man.

“Think he can go around punching women in the mouth, knocking them out cold. When I was high on meth one time I did that and nobody got mad. They just expect it out of me!”

Now, that’s obviously not the most tasteful joke, but anyone accusing Jason of condoning violence against women would be willfully misrepresenting the bit.

Should he have just refrained from joking about domestic violence at all? Probably?

But the crux of the gag is that only the most repugnant individuals — your Ray Rices and your Meth Mans — would engage in such behavior.

To be clear, the Meth Man routine isn’t particularly funny, and Leah is probably overjoyed by the fact that her boyfriend has retired the character.

But a few seriously unfunny skits shouldn’t be a deal breaker — otherwise, Ariana Grande would have to dump Pete Davidson! Zing!


Leah Messer and Jason Jordan: We’re Instagram Official!

Leah Messer is dating an older man named Jason Jordan.

This is not news, as we first reported on the relationship in early July 2018.

What is news, however, is just how serious the romance has apparently become between the Teen Mom 2 star and this relatively new man in her life.

How do we know for sure?

Because Messer and Jordan have gone public, Instagram style!

In this day and age, it says a lot about a relationship when the two halves involved in it come out on social media, which is the step Messer and Jordan have now taken.

See what we mean below and learn as much as you can about Jason Jordan…

1. Check Us Out!

Leah messer and jason jordan
Leah debuted this photo, and the next three listed below, on her Instagram page in August of 2018, alerting her 1.7 million followers to her romance.

2. Live Your Standard, Folks

Jason jordan and leah
“Seriously one of the best weekends I’ve had!” wrote Messer as a caption to this photo collection. “I don’t think we stopped laughing! #greattime #sohappy #greatpeople #liveyourstandard.”

3. What Do We Know About Jordan?

Jason jordan smiles with leah
He is 39 years old. This is mostly only notable because Leah is 26 years old, creating quite an age difference.

4. How Did They Meet?

Jason jordan and leah messer
Messer and Jordan were set up by the former’s cousin. As of this writing, they’ve been together for about four months.

5. He Also Had a Child

Jason jordan photo
Sources have confirmed that Jordan has a two-year old child from a previous relationship, giving him something else in common with Messer.

6. Messer, Of Course, Has 3 Kids

Leah messer and her daughters
The MTV personality shares eight-year-old twin daughters Ali and Aleeah with her ex-husband Corey Simms. She also shares five-year-old daughter Adalynn with her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, with whom she actually hooked up in early 2018.

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Leah Messer Cares More About D-ck Than Being a Mom, Fans Claim

Last week, the world learned that Leah Messer is dating Jason Jordan, a 38-year-old fellow West Virginian and father to a 2-year-old girl.

Leah's love life has always been a subject of intense interest to Teen Mom 2 fans, even though her storylines on the show these days tend to be centered around the challenges she faces as a mother of three young girls, one of whom suffers from a debilitating medical condition.

Now, it seems some fans think Leah should take a page from the series' producers by focusing less on men and more on her daughters.

It's an unfair allegation that seems to serve no purpose other than maligning the reputation of a loving and devoted mother.

But this is the internet in 2018, a time and virtual place where it's not hard for such fake news to gain traction.

1. The Messer-Simms-Calvert Clan

Leah messer and her daughters
Leah has really stepped up her motherhood game and renewed her focus on her daughters’ health, happiness, and well-being in recent years. But she still can’t catch a break from her most virulent critics.

2. Ere Jordan

Jason jordan photo
These days, Leah is in a serious relationship with Jason Jordan, but on the latest episodes of TM2 — which were filmed several months ago — she’s still single and looking to mingle … specifically with her second husband, Jeremy Calvert.

3. Spilling Tea

Leah messer on insta
On this week’s episode, Leah met up with Kailyn Lowry in order to record an episode of Kail’s podcast. But before the official interview began, Leah shared an off-the-record revelation.

4. Reunited?

Leah messer and jeremy calvert together
Leah revealed to Kailyn that she had recently “hooked up” with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert.

5. A Complicated Situation

Leah messer jeremy calvert photo
Leah made it sound like a casual hookup, but she’s demonstrated in the past that she would be very much open to the idea of reconciling with Calvert.

6. On the Market

Jeremy calvert and desi kibler
Jeremy recently split with former girlfriend Desi Kibler, so he’s on the market. But it seems some viewers feel that Leah should keep her hands to herself …

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Leah Messer: Her New Boyfriend Used to Beg for Meth Online

It’s been a matter of days since fans learned of Leah Messer’s new boyfriend.

While they want to be happy for her, they can’t help but be a little worried at a series of hastily-deleted videos that fans uncovered.

Across multiple strange videos, Leah’s new boo begs for meth. Oh dear.

Just a short time ago, there was a series of disturbing YouTube videos about a West Virginia Meth Man.

One was titled “West Virginia meth man finds his woman?” And yes, Jason Jordan was the man in question.

“Reckon I could be persuaded, given you’re providing some meth,” Leah’s new boyfriend said on camera. 

“Maybe we could talk a little bit?” he continued, suggesting: “Maybe meet up? Have a drink? Maybe? I need my meth!”

In a subsequent video, he resorted to singing.

“Bout to go score me some meth!” he sang. “Meth, I love you. I shoot it in my veins. I snort it up my nose. I smoke it in a pip. Meth, meth, meth, you’re my best friend.”

Remember the world’s collective horror when that elevator video showed Ray Rice punch his fiancee?

Unfortunately, Jason Jordan had some commentary on that.

“Just want to make a little comment about Ray Rice,” he said in yet another West Virginia Meth Man video.

If you’re thinking that there’s no way that this can end well … you’re right.

“Think he can go around punching women in the mouth?” he asked. “Knocking them out cold?!”

The now-deleted video continues: “When I was high on meth one time, I did it and nobody got mad at me!”

“They just expect it out of me,” Jason Jordan concluded.

In his very first video in the YouTube series, he at least avoided joking about domestic violence while referring to meth.

“You do meth for six months,” he lamented on camera. “And people think there is something wrong with you.”

“Come on!” he said. “Everybody’s doing it! I’m fine!”

While all of that would understandably make anyone cringe, let’s be clear — this is not a series of videos of confessing to using drugs.

Instead, these are strange parody videos that Jordan made with the hope of amusing himself and others.

“My meth man videos got me kicked off fb lol,” he tweeted after getting banned from Facebook.

He then advertised that they would be appearing on YouTube … and provided a little context.

“Jason Jordan meth man on YouTube lol,” his tweet continued. “Making fun of West Virginia meth addicts lol.”

So no, Jason Jordan isn’t a meth addict who begs for meth on the internet.

He has just, in the past, exhibited wildly questionable taste. Perhaps he was hoping that his “edgy humor” would make him achieve viral fame.

You have to actually be funny for that, folks.

Whatever it is that Leah sees in him, we hope that it’s not a sense of humor.

But we’re happy for her that she’s moving on romantically. And since he’s deleted these videos, it looks like he’s embarrassed about that chapter of his life online.

If he had tried to defend them, well … that would be another story. If all that someone’s done is cracked some bad jokes, let them move on.


Jason Jordan: Get to Know Leah Messer’s New Boyfriend!

He’s no longer a secret, folks.

He’s no longer a mystery.

He has a name and an age and a very pretty lady on his arm.

Earlier this week, multiple outlets reported that Leah Messer had a new boyfriend.

Following two divorces for Messer and a series of failed flings, Teen Mom 2 fans were excited for Leah and curious to learn more about this hopefully very nice, caring and sensitive older man.

And now we do, in fact, have more to share.

Leah’s boyfriend is named Jason Jordan.

He is 39 years old.

He has been dating the MTV personality for about three months and, a source tells Us Weekly, the romance is “getting serious” already.

The pair met through Messer’s cousin and took a vacation to Florida this past week, where they were photographed holding hands and smiling.

“Even though he’s older, they have a lot in common,” this insider tells the aforementioned celebrity gossip publication, adding:

“They share the same faith and have gone to church together. They love hiking, cooking and are both very family oriented. He’s very attentive.”

Messer, of course, has three kids.

She shares eight-year-old twin daughters Ali and Aleeah with her ex-husband Corey Simms.

She also shares five-year-old daughter Adalynn with her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, with whom she actually hooked up a few months ago.

Leah contemplated getting back together with this ex-husband earlier this year and their unusual relationship is currently playing out on season 8 of Teen Mom 2.

But it’s clear at this point that there’s no romantic future for Messer and Calvert.

As for what we know about Leah’s new man?

“Jason has a 2-year old and Leah has met him,” the source tells Us Weekly.

“She hasn’t really dated since her breakup from Jeremy, so she was a little nervous to introduce him to the kids, but they absolutely love him.”

Jordan had this child with his ex-wife, to whom he was married from June of 2014 through October of 2017.

He reportedly played basketball in college and then actually made a career out of this sport via some organization called Hoops Vision from 2001-2002.

There days, Jordan has built successful job for himself within the world of medical sales.

He also leaves near Messer in West Virginia.

“He’s super thoughtful,” the above tabloid source states.

How so?

“He will leave flowers for the girls and notes for Leah on her car. It’s progressing forward … They’re just enjoying each other in the moment.”

As you might expect, Leah has received some backlash for dating an older man, but she’s also received some support for a handful of Instagram users.

To wit:

Leah Messer comments

Will this be the relationship that sticks for Messer?

It’s still too early to know for sure.

Will Jordan appear on future episodes of Teen Mom 2?

It’s also too early to know for sure.

But we’re happy for Leah at the moment and we hope this romance works out for her.

Lord know, the mother of three has been through a lot of late.


Leah Messer: Secret Older Boyfriend Revealed!

We supposed it's no great surprise that Leah Messer prefers to keep her love life on the down-low these days.

After two divorces and a handful of failed flings, Leah probably wants to make sure a relationship is the real deal before she shares the news with her millions of social media followers.

In the past, that's proven to be easier said than done.

(Remember when Leah and T.R. Dues tried to keep their relationship a secret and Teen Mom 2 obsessives found out about it immediately?)

Ms. Messer may have learned a lesson or two from those experiences, however, because she managed to keep her current relationship under wraps for several months.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Leah is dating a man named Jason — and things have gotten serious in a hurry.

Jump into the gallery below for the low-down on Leah's new dude:

1. A Messy Love Life

Leah messer selfie
Leah romances have been the cause of a good deal of strife over the years. Fortunately, Ms. Messer has remained in the game and never gave up on finding love.

2. Keeping It Local

Leah messer and her daughters
Leah is flush with cash these days, and obviously, she’s not burdened by a full-time job — but she’s still a single mother of three young girls, which doesn’t allow a lot of time for travel. So Leah tends to favor romantic prospects who live nearby.

3. Splitting on Good Terms

Leah messer on camera
Leah’s most high-profile breakups — including her two divorces — certainly weren’t painless, but to her credit, she’s managed to form close friendships with the fathers of her three kids.

4. Leah and Corey

Leah messer with corey simms
Leah married Corey Simms — the father of her twins, Ali and Aleeah — in 2011. She admitted to cheating on him after just six months of marriage, and the couple called it quits shortly thereafter.

5. Leah and Jeremy

Leah messer and jeremy calvert together
One year later, Leah tied the knot with Jeremy Calvert. The marriage lasted just shy of three years and produced Leah’s youngest daughter, Adalynn.

6. Ups and Downs

Leah messer smiling
In the years since her second divorce, Leah has endured a series of failed flings (including a brief reconciliation with Jeremy), but those closest to the TM2 star say it looks as though she’s finally found love again …

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Leah Messer Shares Heartbreaking Update on Daughter Ali’s Muscular Dystrophy

Teen Mom 2 fans have watched Leah Messer face just about every challenge a mother can endure over the course of the eight years.

But perhaps nothing has brought the long-suffering mother of three more strife than the health issues suffered by her daughter Ali.

Ali was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy shortly after birth, and while her parents have consistently sought the best treatment available, there's no guarantee that her condition won't deteriorate with age.

This ongoing battle was the focus of Messer's storyline on Monday's episode of TM2, and fans were deeply moved by Leah and her ex-husband's efforts to set aside their differences in order to do what's best for their beloved daughter.

1. Courageous Ali

Leah messer and ali simms selfie
Fans have been rooting for Ali and her indomitable spirit ever since she first entered the world alongside her twin sister eight years ago.

2. Supportive Sisters

Leah messer and her daughters
At times, Ali’s difficulty with walking and other basic motor functions may be rendered even more difficult by her twin sister Gracie’s natural athleticism. But Ali couldn’t ask for more supportive or encouraging siblings.

3. A Constant Struggle

Leah messer and 3 daughters
As is the case for most single moms, Leah’s life is a non-stop struggle. But her determination to secure the best possible care and adaptive equipment for Ali has never wavered.

4. Coming Together

Corey simms daughters
Leah and ex-husband Corey Simms have received considerable praise for their willingness to set aside any differences they might have and focus on their daughter’s health.

5. The Fight of Their Lives

Leah and corey simms
Last night’s episode saw Leah and Corey opening up about their fears for Ali’s future in one of the series’ most moving scenes to date.

6. A Worrisome Report

Leah messer and her kids
Ali reported to Leah that she’s often in pain, her legs are tingling, and she’s generally “really struggling.”

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