Leah Messer: I Tried to Be Friends with Jenelle Evans, But She’s Too Mean!

We’re only two episodes into the new season of Teen Mom 2, but the drama is already absolutely overwhelming.

What a fun problem to have, huh?

This season is a little different than the others in that so far, pretty much every single bit of conflict is between the moms themselves.

There’s been cast member conflicts before, obviously — like last season when Jenelle revealed Kailyn’s big pregnancy news before she had a chance to do so herself.

But there’s never been anything like the mess that is going on now.

For the first time in Teen Mom history, MTV is going back and getting at least two episodes worth of footage from the previous season’s reunion.

Some fans haven’t been into this because it’s old news. We already saw the reunion several months ago, so why go back?

But some people are just eating it up — and those people sure know how to look on the bright side!

In this week’s episode, we saw everyone fly out to L.A. for the reunion, and for the New Year’s Eve special that was filmed the night before.

From the moment everyone got in the same space, things started going downhill.

Kailyn demanded a separate space for her and Lux, away from Briana and Jenelle, and later she and Briana went off on each other in a dressing room.

We also saw Briana attack Leah after overhearing her talk about her behind her back — even though it was confirmed that Leah was saying only nice things.

Things are only going to get worse next week, when Kail and Briana go at it again, this time with Javi around, and when Jenelle has her big meltdown over Nathan and Barbara.

But for now, let’s focus on the footage we’ve already seen.

In the season premiere, it was revealed that the issues between Kailyn and Briana really began after Leah spoke with Briana about some plans she had with Javi then reported back to Kailyn.

While getting ready for the VMAs last August, Briana told Leah that she and Javi weren’t really dating, but they were planning to take their kids on a vacation to Disney World together.

She’d have her two daughters, Javi would have Lincoln and Isaac, and they’d stay in the same hotel together — that’s what she said to Leah.

Since Kailyn and Leah have been friends for years, she felt it was her duty to make sure Kailyn knew all that, and she called her up to share what she’d learned.

Kail didn’t take the news well, because apparently Javi trip with her sons was supposed to be a “boy’s trip,” and he hadn’t informed her that Briana and her girls would also be with them.

She also felt that since she and Briana are co-workers, she’d broken “girl code” by getting together with her ex-husband.

Things obviously escalated after that, and they’ll continue to escalate, but originally it all started with Leah in the middle of things.

And guys, she feels real bad about it.

On Twitter, Leah wrote “I truly felt like I was doing right by @KailLowry. What do you guys think I should’ve done? Let it play out on tv and her be like wtf Leah? Is that where we stand?”

“That’s just not the friend I am,” she added. “It was tough either way.”

Pretty much everyone agrees that it wasn’t wrong for her to tell Kailyn about what Briana said — Briana herself even admitted she would have done the same thing.

It seems like she feels guilty about everything that went down after that, but that’s not on her at all.

Something else that isn’t on her?

The inexplicably terrible ways of Jenelle Evans.

In another tweet, Leah said “I’m pretty sure I’ve always been mutual” — it looks like she meant “neutral.”

“When Jenelle felt like everyone was against her… I was leaving the studio going to her hotel to BE A REAL friend,” she explained, “but I’m fake. That’s cool.”

“I always try to be everyone’s friend. It doesn’t always work out that way.”

Leah has always been very sweet, and we’ve never seen her be rude to Jenelle at all.

But while she has tried to be her friend, she also gave some quotes about David Eason’s infamous balloon incident, calling the way he pulled a knife to attack the decorations “terrifying.”

Seriously, that’s what happened. She said that it was scary to see, and now Jenelle keeps going on about how fake and awful Leah is.

Jenelle even responded to Leah’s tweet, saying that sure, she’s always tried to be her friend “until she went on podcast talking sh-t about my husband. riggggght.”

She then insinuated that her issue with Leah’s statements about David was that he didn’t even pop the balloons with a knife.

“Was it for sure a knife tho?” she asked her followers. “You’d be surprised.”

… Would we, Jenelle? Would we really?

Jenelle added that she “never said what he used” to pop the balloons, and asked “Why would I be so mad at her for nothing?”

So now the story is that Leah lied about David having a knife, that he popped those balloons with something else, and … oh, who can even keep up anymore?

The point is that Leah is still a sweetheart, Jenelle is still ridiculous, and we’re still pumped for next week’s episode of Teen Mom 2!


Jeremy Calvert: I Did NOT Cheat on My Girlfriend With Leah Messer!

Jeremy Calvert is in a new relationship, and Leah Messer is pretending to be happy for him.

Unfortunately, anyone with a pair of eyes and the slightest instinct for how human relationships work can see that Leah never quite got over Jeremy, and she would take him back in a heartbeat.

So when word got out that Jeremy is dating Desi Kibler, Leah put on a brave face, offered her congratulations – and then promptly slept with Jeremy.

Or at least that's the word on the street.

Now, Jeremy is speaking out against the cheating rumors, and it seems he is not happy about being forced to go down this road yet again.

1. Jeremy and Desi

Jeremy calvert and desi kibler
Calvert and Kibler made their relationship Instagram official with this photo. Unfortunately, Jeremy might have still been weighing his options at the time it was taken.

2. Suspicious Trailer

Leah messer selfie
A trailer for the new season of Teen Mom OG shows Leah revealing to a friend that she recently hooked up with Jeremy.

3. The Overlap

Leah messer jeremy calvert photo
Combine that with reports that Jeremy and Desi have been quietly dating for several months, and it’s not hard to see how Jeremy might have some explaining to do.

4. A Timeline

Leah messer calvert family
Jeremy and Leah reportedly hooked up in early 2018, which is well after when he first got together with Desi. But don’t worry – Jer’s got an explanation. It’s just not a good one…

5. A Single Man

Jer calvert image
“I didn’t cheat on my girlfriend Desi with Leah,” Jeremy told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup in a recent interview. “When me and Leah hooked up, I was a single man.”

6. The Explanation

Jeremy calvert on instagram
So how does Jeremy explain the fact that he hooked up with Leah AFTER he started dating Desi? Well, here’s where it gets good …

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Leah Messer to Jeremy Calvert: Your New Chick’s Not as Good as Me!

Of all the ladies in the Teen Mom franchise, perhaps no one is more adept at side-stepping drama than Leah Messer.

While the other moms gnash their teeth and air their dirty laundry on Twitter, Leah mostly keeps her head down and focuses on herself and her three daughters.

But as she's reminded us lately, Ms. Messer is not one to shy away from conflict when it presents itself.

Last week, Leah clapped back at David Eason when he made a bizarrely inappropriate comment about her daughter's appearance.

And now, Leah's response to news that Jeremy Calvert is dating Desi Kibler has left many fans with the impression that she's developed a taste for throwing shade …

1. A New Leah?

Leah messer selfie
Ms. Messer has made a point of avoiding unnecessary conflict throughout her years on Teen Mom 2. But now it seems Leah – possibly emboldened by her friendship with shade queen Kailyn Lowry – has turned over a new leaf.

2. Jeremy’s New Boo

Jeremy calvert and desi kibler
Earlier this week, we learned that Jeremy Calvert is dating Desi Kibler. The couple went Instagram official with this roadtrip selfie.

3. Dredging Up the Past

Leah messer and jeremy calvert together
Leah and Jeremy have been divorced since 2015, but they’ve maintained a close frendship that has occasionally veered into flirty territory, thus prompting rumors of a reconciliation.

4. Mixed Messages?

Leah messer calvert family
Leah has maintained that she has no interest in getting back together with Jeremy, but some fans believe she’s wavered in that conviction quite a few times over the years.

5. Friends With Benefits?

Jeremy leah calvert
Sources tell Radar Online that as recently as February, Leah spoke openly about the fact that she and Calvert still hook up. “She says that they are just having fun and she’s got it all under control,” one insider claims.

6. But Is It REALLY Under Control?

Leah messer and jeremy calvert pic
Leah reportedly maintains that she has no interest in reconciling with Calvert, but her latest tweets have left fans with the impression that she’s more than a little jealous of his new relationship…

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David Eason vs. Leah Messer: Teen Mom Feud Alert!

It's been two months since David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2, but Jenelle Evans' troubled husband is still causing problems for his former castmates.

As The Ashley's Reality Roundup points out, Eason has recently taken to criticizing Leah Messer's parenting.

It may seem strange, given his fraught relationship with his own children, but apparently, Eason has major issues with the way Leah has chosen to raise her daughters.

Fortunately, Leah isn't taking David's criticism lying down, and she's got some powerful allies in her corner.

1. David Is Dumb

David eason on insta
In February, Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 after launching a homophobic tirade against fans on Twitter. Unfortunately, it seems he hasn’t learned his lesson about spewing idiocy on social media.

2. A War of Words

Jenelle evans david eason kids easter
For reasons that defy explanation, David recently decided to criticiize Leah Messer’s parenting on Instagram. We’re guessing he’s regretting that move right about now.

3. Leah and Her Girls

Leah messer daughters on instagram
Leah recently shared this photo of herself with her oldest daughters on Instagram. Seems innocent enough, but apparently, some folks saw cause for complaint.

4. What Would Corey Do?

Leah and corey simms
David dragged Leah’s first husband, Corey Simms, into the fray by expressing his belief that Simms shouldn’t allow his daughter to wear such heavy makeup.

5. David’s Two Cents

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
“I can’t believe Cory would allow her to wear that much makeup on her face,” Eason commented on the photo.

6. The Clap-Back

David eason jenelle evans kids
Not surprisingly, fans were quick to call David out for criticizing another father. And of course, he responded to their comments in his usual over-the-top fashion.

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Leah Messer Shares Heartbreaking Story About Her Daughter’s Disease

Teen Mom is filled to the brim with sadness, right?

All kinds of sadness too — we’ve seen children be neglected, we’ve seen the parents deal with drug addiction and domestic violence and prison.

But there’s one story that pretty much takes the sadness cake when it comes to this show, and that’s the story of Leah Messer’s daughter, Ali.

Ali is one of the twins Leah had as a teenager, and she suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy.

On the show, we’ve seen Leah and Ali’s father, Corey Simms, struggle to figure out what was wrong with Ali, and we saw how heartbreaking it was when they realized how serious her condition is.

We’ve seen them be told time and time again that she needs to use her wheelchair and to wear a helmet and to get help, and we’ve seen them slacking on that so she could have a more “normal” childhood.

It’s the nature of Ali’s condition that as time goes on, the disease will get worse and worse. We can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to watch from Leah’s perspective.

But thanks to this ridiculously tragic story she shared on Twitter, we can get a little glimpse of it.

“As I’m doing Ali girls makeup she looks at me and says ‘Mom, what’s it like to see with two eyes?’ …” she wrote.

“Everyday I wish I could take her place but I know there’s a greater purpose!” she added. “Just broke my heart.”

… Ouch.

Way back when Ali and Gracie were toddlers, Leah began noticing that there was something wrong with Ali’s eyes and legs — those were the first signs of her disease.

Since then, Ali’s been wearing glasses, and now it’s clear that she’s not even able to see out of one eye.

As Leah explained after this initial tweets, “this is the first time she’s asked” anything about her eyes, and “she’s starting to ask a lot of questions like this.”

Thankfully though, Leah seems to have a good attitude about it all.

Someone told her that Ali loves her life and she wouldn’t even want to switch places with Leah — which, yeah, obviously, it’s not like Leah was proposing a Freaky Friday scheme.

“Ohh for sure!!” she replied. “I don’t think of it negatively at all. It’s just like, dayyyyuum. Sooo many take the little things in life for granted.”

She also retweeted a bunch of nice messages about Ali.

Things like “You continue to do everything you can for her and your love for her shines. Some days are tough, but always focus on her smile and cherish every memory.”

And also “She will be phenomenal because of her struggles. She will not struggle in vain. She has purpose. Purpose to overcome and live a beautiful life.”

Thanks for the good, hard cry, Leah!


Leah Messer Plastic Surgery Rumors: How Much Work Has She Had Done?

Leah Messer is commonly regarded as one of the more “down to earth” members of the Teen Mom family.

Leah lives in West Virginia and struggles with challenges like how to get the kids to school on time, not how to get more subscribers for her live-streaming sex show.

Sure, Leah has struggled with addiction, and her life is certainly not without dramatic fireworks, but her problems are generally of the type that regular folk can identify with.

(Prescription pill problems of the variety with which Leah suffered are sadly not uncommon in rural areas of the US, particularly those afflicted by poverty.)

But while Ms. Messer might be the most relatable of all the Teen Moms, she’s still been famous for the better part of a decade now.

So it should come as no surprise that she’s given into some of Hollywood’s more persistent temptations.

According to In Touch Weekly, fans are convinced that Leah has undergone some minor cosmetic work in recent months.

Some believe she went under the knife, while others are pushing the far more believable story that she’s simply had her lips artificially plumped and maybe benefited from a facial filler or two.

As is often the case with this sort of thing, fans are split not only on the question of how much work Leah has had done, but also on the issue of how they feel about the results.

“I think she looked better without it. She can hardly move her face. Why do these girls do it to themselves?” commented one fan on a recent photo of Leah.

“I don’t think she looks bad at all,” said another, adding:

“Until she tries to make a crazy face. Then it looks obvious.” 

Ouch. Delayed burns are always the harshest.

The speculation hit an all-time high during recent episodes of Teen Mom 2, during which viewers claimed the evidence that Leah has had work done was right before their eyes:

“Is it just me or does Leah’s face look really different? I can’t say what it is exactly though,” one fan tweeted during the show.

“Leah looks so good. She looks different, not sure what it is. Either way, she is still pretty,” wrote a slightly more compassionate follower.

Until recently, Leah remained mum on the subject, thus further fueling speculation that she was keeping her procedures under wraps.

This week, however, she decided to set the record straight:

“The fact that you guys seriously think I’ve had some kind of plastic surgery… #wtf #notatall,” she tweeted in response to recent speculation.

“The skincare line I use is pretty phenomenal tho.”

Leah did cop to a cosmetic procedure, however, but it’s not the one fans were looking out for:

“I didn’t get veneers but I have temp filling on my top two eye teeth,” Messer tweeted.

She noted that the dentist she went to was none other than Randy Houska, beloved father of Leah’s castmate, Chelsea Houska.

Denying the rumors and endorsing a friend’s business at the same time?

Maybe Leah is more Hollywood than we ever realized!

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the maturation of Ms. Messer.


Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer: PROOF They’re Dating?!

Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer have a lot in common: they both have three children, they're both on Teen Mom 2, they're both single …

It makes sense that they've gotten closer recently.

But have they gotten so close that they're actually no longer single?

Because they're dating EACH OTHER?!

It's a surprisingly popular theory making its way around the Teen Mom gossip circuit right now. Let's get into why so many people are convinced that these two moms have found love, right in the cast of their own show!

1. Love in Hawaii

Kailyn lowry gives leah messer a piggyback
Earlier this month, Leah and Kailyn went on vacation together to Hawaii, along with some other friends. They stayed for quite a while and it looks like they bonded a lot during their trip.

2. Babes

Kailyn lowry and leah messer
They shared a lot of photos from their time in Hawaii on Instagram, and it was the captions they wrote about each other that really got people wondering what was going on between them.

3. Besties, OR MORE?

Kailyn and leah bff
For example, in every photo that Kailyn shared of Leah, or of herself with Leah, she referred to her as a “babe.”

4. Hmmm …

Kailyn lowry on the beach
And yes, there are some women who refer to their female friends as “babe,” that’s definitely true, but “babe” is also a common term of endearment for people in relationships, is it not?! Anyway, the “babe” business isn’t our key piece of evidence, we’re just getting started.

5. #LoveIsLove

Kailyn lowry and leah messer beach vacation 2018
Nope, Leah’s captions are much, much more interesting — for example, when she posted this picture, she wrote “Many have an image of us but few get the picture. ♥️ I get you and I love you @kaillowry !!” She added a couple of kissing emojis, as well as a “love is love” hashtag.

6. What’s Up, Leah?

Leah messer solo photo
“Love is love” is a beautiful sentiment, of course, but it’s very commonly used in the LGBT community. Perhaps Leah didn’t know that when she made her post, perhaps she just went to use some “love” hashtag and saw that was a popular one. Or maybe she’s trying to tell us something.

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Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer: Are They DATING?!

Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer have always been friendly.

Over in the Teen Mom world, there are more feuds than you can shake a stick at, and at any given moment, the majority of the cast is ready and willing to throw down with someone.

We’ve seen feuds with Kailyn and Jenelle, Kailyn and Briana, Jenelle and Chelsea, Jenelle and Leah, and that’s not even counting all the issues with the male cast members.

Or the feuds between moms from Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG: Farrah and Kailyn have exchanged some pretty nasty words about each other.

So it’s nice that with a show that brings as much drama as this one does, some of the ladies have managed to build strong, lasting friendships.

And Kailyn and Leah really seemed to cement theirs earlier this month when they went on vacation to Hawaii together!

There were a few other ladies there too, but on their social media accounts, they focused on each other — probably because they whole thing was filmed for the show.

Judging by their photos, it looked like they had an amazing time together, but judging by the things they wrote about each other …

Here, we’ll show you what we mean.

In Kailyn’s pictures of Leah, she repeatedly referred to her as “babe,” and Leah downright gushed over Kailyn in her posts.

“Many have an image of us but few get the picture,” she captioned one photo of the two of them. “I get you and I love you @kaillowry !!”

She added a “love is love” hashtag, which is interesting.

In another photo of just them together, the one above, she told Kailyn that it was her favorite picture from the whole trip, and she used a “my love” hashtag, which is also pretty interesting.

And sure, some ladies just talk about close friends like this, but what fun is celebrity gossip if you don’t speculate over the littlest things?

Besides, we’re not the only ones speculating. If you check out the comments on the photos, there are plenty of people wondering the same thing.

“Are y’all in a relationship?” one person asked Leah.

Another follower told her that “#loveislove is the slogan for the tolerance of gay marriage,” and asked her “are you gay now?”

“I feel like you’re announcing your ‘friendship’ as a Relationship!” another person wrote.

Leah did respond to one of the questions with a “no lol,” which doesn’t sound like the strongest denial.

And on top of all of that, there were some more suspicious comments made on Twitter

A couple of days ago, Kailyn tweeted that she and Leah were going to do some speed dating for Teen Mom 2, and she asked her followers “Is there speed dating for lesbians?”

A lot of people were confused by the question, because as far as we know, Kailyn doesn’t identify as a lesbian. She’s said she’s bisexual, and she’s dated at least one woman recently, but she’s never called herself a lesbian.

One person asked her about it, and she responded with “I love people,” which is nice.

But people were still curious about her comment, especially with the speculation that’s been going on about her possible relationship with Leah, who’s never really discussed her sexuality publicly.

Someone asked both Leah and Kailyn if they were dating, and another TM fan told that person “Leah is straight lol I think?????????????”

And then Leah clarified “There can be men and women lol.”

So could this actually be happening? For real?!

Looks like the next season of Teen Mom 2 is going to be even better than we thought!


Leah Messer: I’m Glad MTV Fired that Disgusting David Eason!

Leah Messer’s not exactly vicious. Compared to some Teen Mom franchise stars, she’s positively timid.

So what has her speaking out in no uncertain terms to condemn a member of her own franchise? The same thing that got David Eason fired.

And she’s not mincing words.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you’re going to see David Eason abruptly vanish from your screens.

Not right away — and not soon enough for many fans, but MTV has severed all ties with the controversial Teen Mom 2 villain, despite having weeks of production remaining.

Not because he spent time in prison for domestic violence and not because he’s accused of continuing to terrorize and abuse his and Jenelle’s children … though how that wasn’t a dealbreaker for the network has left many scratching heads.

But because of his very public and impossible-to-ignore homophobic and transphobic rant on Twitter.

It started as David Eason continued to obsess over guns in the wake of Jenelle’s controversial gun photo from just hours after the devastating Florida shooting.

A conversation on Twitter quickly turned to David Eason’s parenting (because many wouldn’t trust this guy around a houseplant, let alone a child), and David Eason decided to, of his own volition, pivot to slam LGBT folks.

“Lmao why don’t you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals? Oh I forgot that’s supposed to be normal.”

That is, of course, a horrifying thing to tweet for anyone. Not only does it imply that LGBT parents are somehow unfit parents, but that they and their families are abnormal.

And then he doubled down.

Someone else tweeted, asking if David Eason planned to teach his children to hate gay and transgender people.

“No I’m going to teach them not to associate with them or be that way … If you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.”

One, teaching your children to not associate with LGBT people is teaching them bigotry.

Two, you absolutely cannot “teach” someone to not be who they are, only to deny and hide it, leading to a miserable existence.

Three, that analogy with the dogs and fleas isn’t true for any responsible pet owners. Yes, that’s beside the point, but it’s worth noting.

And finally, four: His inaccurate analogy also implies that LGBT folks are somehow filthy.

Obviously, David Eason was slammed for his homophobic rant, because there is still good in the world and even on Twitter.

Jenelle Evans also caught some well-deserved flack. People asked if she wants her children raised to be angry bigots.

MTV’s response had real consequences — they severed their relationship with David Eason immediately.

With weeks of production left, he won’t receive any further money.

One can be cynical and say that MTV is worried about sponsors pulling out (which, to be clear, they definitely were), but perhaps producers and execs also have certain lines that they won’t allow stars to cross.

Teen Mom 2 is down one villain.

In a statement to Us Weekly, even the normally non-confrontational Leah Messer supports David Eason’s firing.

“I am disgusted by the recent statements made by David Eason and support MTV’s decision to fire him 100 percent.”

She’s really not mincing words. She was nicer than this when Jenelle Evans called her a cheating drug addict.

“This ignorance cannot be tolerated and I refuse to be associated with hatred of any kind.”

Good for Leah Messer for taking this strong moral stance.

“I stand in solidarity with my friends and family in the LGBTQ community and applaud MTV for their quick and decisive action.”

Of course, even if David Eason’s no longer on the payroll, he’s still married to Jenelle and she’s still a Teen Mom 2 star.

With all of the fame and all of that sweet, sweet Teen Mom money that comes with it.

Is it only a matter of time before the Teen Mom 2 archvillain is held accountable? Not just for the things that she says, but for the frightening way that she raises her children?

Or is that more of a job for social services and the courts and not really MTV’s job?


Jenelle Evans: Leah Messer Is a Cheating Drug Addict!

Sure, it’s technically a reality show, but at this point, we don’t think there’s any denying that Teen Mom 2 is one of the best soap operas on TV.

And of course, that’s largely because of Jenelle Evans, who’s really been stepping up as the show’s cartoonishly evil arch-villain in recent months.

In a new interview for Vince Russo’s The Brand podcast Jenelle did her damnedest to make sure she thoroughly pissed off the handful of TM2 fans who don’t already hate her.

First, Jenelle admitted to doing drugs while pregnant.

That may seem uncharacteristically honest of her, but the drug use is already a matter of public record thanks to a series of CPS investigations, so she was left with little choice.

From there, Jenelle did what she does best and went off on her castmates, who of course, weren’t there to defend themselves.

She started with Leah Messer, who recently appeared on Kailyn Lowry’s podcast and joked about the time that Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, stabbed a bunch of balloons at the reunion show taping.

This comment was apparently enough to earn the full wrath of Jenelle:

“My husband got tangled in five balloons on the way out the door. He couldn’t get out of them, so he started popping balloons, and he walked out. That’s it,” Jenelle explained.

“Leah wasn’t even near it, no one was near it. He was by the back door, the exit door. And she just gets on the podcast saying, like, my husband’s some crazy person.”

She went on to issue a vague threat about exposing Leah’s secrets, and then just went ahead and exposed Leah’s secrets.

(She’s not great at this whole blackmail thing.)

“And I hold, like, all of Leah’s secrets, and I have held them for years. Like, when she was on drugs and on pills — I was standing there talking to Jeremy [Calvert] every single day texting him, ‘Are you OK dude? I’m going through the same thing. I know Leah’s cheating on you, and I know she had her ex-fiance jump through the deer cam, but you know, I know I’m being cheated on too by Nathan and we’re both going through the same thing.'”

She added:

“And he’s like, “I don’t know what to do.” And I’m like, “I don’t know what to do. You tell me what to do because I’m going through this too.”

Leah’s one of the less-confrontational Teen Moms, but she wasn’t about to just lie back and let Jenelle indict her as an adulterous junkie.

In a series of recent Instagram and Snapchat stories, Leah called Jenelle out in epic fashion:

“I don’t care, I think it’s funny. Crazy. Lies, lies, lies. Who can lie like that and think that it’s normal?” Leah asked of Jenelle’s behavior.

“So insane. And I tried to not say anything – OK, so I’m a timid person, but if you push me too far then I’m gonna pop, you know? I think that’s anyone. You can ask Jeremy about that.”

She went on to explain her decision to discuss the balloon-popping incident:

“In Kail’s podcast, guys, we were just catching up since the Reunion, since we last met. We were filming and they wanted us to kind of recap catching up the last time we saw each other, which was crazy.

“And that’s what happened. All I said was my girl was terrified and it was really crazy. We caught up! We weren’t throwing jabs at anyone in particular we were speaking facts.”

Something tells us Jenelle won’t just remain silent in hopes of squashing the beef.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more insanity from the Carolina Hurricane herself, Jenelle Evans.