Ami Brown Cancer Update: What Did We Learn?

Alaskan Bush People viewers were treated to an early Christmas present on Friday night.

Following many months off the air, the popular Discovery Channel series aired a special holiday episode over the weekend, one that provided fans with a critical update.

We’re talking, of course, about Ami Brown.

The family matriarch has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy for nearly the entire year.

She’s been brutally honest about her condition and her very low odds of long-term survival.

On this special installment, however, Ami and her loved ones received some positive news:

She is finished with treatment.

(Viewers also learned that the Browns relocated from Alaska to southern California in order for Ami to be seen by physicians as UCLA; it had not been known previously exactly where she was being treated.)

“There is very single reason to be hopeful and absolutely optimistic,” Dr. Deborah Wong told Ami and Billy on the episode.

There’s still a long way for Ami to go, of course, but it’s important to savor every moment in situations such as this.

“Life is a gift,” Ami said in response to the doctor’s encouraging words.

The family celebrated the good news with a surprise for Ami, as the Brown kids decorated their California house roof-to-foundation and prepared a Christmas dinner.

Wearing a Santa hat at one point, Ami was led out of the home by Billy, blindfolded and holding her husband’s hand.

Once she saw the garden and how it had been filled with lights and a Christmas tree, Ami could hardly contain her emotion.

“The best thing about this Christmas is that mom gets to spend it with us,” daughter Birdy said on camera, adding:

“It was looking bad for a while. Having mom here for this Christmas I think is the best gift that we could ever get.”

We wish Ami and all the Browns the absolute best during this holiday season.

Said Billy of the occasion:

“For the Brown family, the meaning of Christmas is all things good… it’s that one time of the year that you really celebrate life.

“It’s a time of giving and also receiving love, and kind of a combination of the whole year, right there together.”

Prior to this episode and this update, the last we had heard from the Alaskan Bush People regarding Ami’s health was when daughter Rain revealed on Instagram that the family were “hopeful”  as her mom began a second round of chemotherapy.

As for the future of the show?

This is unimportant compared to Ami’s well-being, of course, but plenty of fans out there remain curious.

There’s been talk that the Browns are moving to Colorado for Season 8, along with chatter over Bam Bam and his girlfriend landing a spinoff.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, however.

All that really matters right now is that Ami continues to progress and to spend as much time as possible with her loved ones.


Meghan Markle Hires Michael Jackson’s Ex-Bodyguard to Learn Self-Defense

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Avengers Infinity War Trailer: What Did We Just Learn?

Marvel Cinematic Universe… unite!


The first official trailer for Avengers: Infinity War has been released, giving comic book and movie fans their first look at our favorite superhero squad teaming up to take down Titan Thanos.

Scheduled for a May 4, 2018 release date, Avengers: Infinity War will bring back Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man… Tom Holland as Spider-Man… Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow,…Tom Hiddleston as Loki … Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk… and Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.

What will you learn upon viewing the crazy awesome footage below?

1. Scarlet Witch – a member of The Avengers with telepathic and telekinetic powers; and Vision – an entity brought to life with the help of an Infinity Ston – appear to be growing closer.

2. Peter Parker's Spidey senses include the hairs on arm standing up to warn him of a threat hovering above New York.

3. Loki and the Tesseract (which, you'll recall, Loki used to attack Earth to devastating effect in The Avengers) will be reunited.

It is comprised of one of the Infinity Stones that are vital to the upcoming storyline.

4. Thanos, the film's main villain who sort of resembles a thumb, arrives on Earth and has gathered at least two of the Infinity Stones, placing them into his gauntlet.

He'll also get the upper hand, literally, on Iron Man at one point.

5. Some of of the Avengers, including Black Widow and the Hulk, will team up in heroic fashion with Black Panther (Marvel's first African-American superhero lead character) and dozens of warriors.

"Evacuate the city, engage all defenses and get this man a shield," Black Panther says of Captain America at one point.

See for yourself:

6. Thor will meet The Guardians of the Galaxy and ask: Who the hell are you guys?

Check out the trailer now!

Avengers infinity war trailer what did we just learn

Reggie Bush: Third Child (With His Wife) Born! Learn the Baby’s Name!

Back in July of 2015, Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan welcomed their second child, a son named Uriah. In May of 2013, their daughter Brisels was born.

Though Reggie Bush’s personal scandal has almost certainly impacted his life and marriage, Lilit has now given birth to their third child.

And they’ve given this baby a very unique sounding name.

Reggie Bush is an accomplished football player.

I may not know much about sportsball, but even I know that it’s a big deal when I hear that someone won a Heisman trophy.

(That’s because I watched American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, but still)

Just last year, a Miami waitress claimed that Reggie Bush had impregnated her while cheating on his wife.

Eventually, Reggie reportedly reached a settlement with the waitress — which is why we don’t know more about that situation.

It was claimed that Reggie’s first response upon hearing that his mistress was pregnant was to offer the woman a million dollars to get an abortion and leave him alone (and basically disappear).

Apparently this wasn’t some one-night stand, but the result of an alleged two year affair. The waitress got a lawyer.

There’s no telling how good a settlement she received, but Reggie Bush’s net worth is estimated to be at least $ 14 million.

Clearly, however, Reggie Bush and and Lilit Avagyan were able to move past that whole ugly business and leave it behind them.

(There’s a difference between one affair and having a string of affairs, and sometimes even serial cheaters get forgiven — just look at Sharon an Ozzy Osbourne after the rock star cheated with at least six different mistresses)

We say “clearly,” because it’s nearly a year later and Lilit has given birth to the couple’s third child!

E! is reporting that Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan have welcomed a baby boy into the world.

That boy’s name is reportedly Agyemang Bush.

It’s no surprise that they chose an “unusual” name for their child.

When your daughter is named Brisel and your oldest son is named Uriah, you wouldn’t be doing any favors to your kids if you name your next kid “Brian” or whatever.

The reason that we put the word unusual in quotation marks is because it looks like the name “Agyemang” and the very similar “Agyeman” aren’t uncommon at all in Ghana.

In many cases, people who are taken aback by names that they refer to as “strange” or “ethnic” would do better to look up a name’s origins.

Sometimes, what we perceive as a “weird name” is actually just a name that isn’t eurocentric.

Sure, there are a lot of celebrities (and non-celebrities) who want to give their children unique-sounding names.

But there are also a lot of people who, with very good reason, want to reclaim heritage that they feel was stolen from them and their communities.

Something as simple as a name can be very empowering.

And, when we’re talking about the children of celebrities, there’s usually less concern about not getting callbacks on job applications.

Anyway, this is fantastic news for this couple.

We don’t recommend having children to mend a marriage that’s struggling, for any reason.

But we don’t know that this is what was behind their union.

Hopefully, the family can find happiness without any further scandals.


Mickey Mouse Helps Foster Kids Learn News of a Lifetime

They say that Disney World is the happiest place on Earth.

Janielle Gilmour and Elijah Gilmour, two kids from Portland, Pennsylvania, are now living proof of this description.

The 12-year old and 10-year old have been residing with foster parents Courtney and Tom for the past three years.

Unbeknownst to the children, the couple finalized its adoption paperwork when the family visited Florida in May.

When the Gilmours checked into the Magic Kingdom park in Orlando, each family member was given a button to write down his or her reasons for celebrating.

"We didn't have the adoption date until the Friday before our vacation, but once we got it I thought, 'How cool would it be to give a sign to Mickey?'" Courtney explained to E! News.

"When we got down there we sent out pictures on Twitter of our buttons. Ours said, 'Adopting Our Kids.' Theirs said, 'Getting Adopted.'

"The people from Disney World's Twitter reached out to us and asked, 'How can we help make this extra special?'" 

Courtney those the amusement park would provide free dessert or something along those lines.

"We went to dinner, and by the time we got back they e-mailed me again to set up a private meet and greet with Mickey," said Courtney, who filmed the following scene inside the Town Street Theater and shared the footage with friends via Facebook July 6.

It has since been viewed nearly 2 million times.

In the footage below, we see Mickey sign the children’s autograph book and then perform a card trick.

Typical stuff, really.

But then the beloved character held up a sign with the adoption date on it.

And… well…

"This went better than we had hoped," Courtney wrote as a caption at the time she posted it. "They were beyond shocked and we were beyond emotional."

See for yourself, but make sure you have a few tissues handy!

Mickey mouse helps foster kids learn news of a lifetime watch

Love Actually Sequel: What Did We Learn?

Is love, actually, still all around us?

On Thursday night, NBC aired a 10-minute follow-up to the loved 2003 Christmas film, Love Actually.

It was part of Red Nose Day, an annual fundraising event/telethon focused on child poverty and it updated fans of this beloved romantic comedy on the statuses of their favorite characters.

This unique Love Actually mini-sequel was written and directed by Richard Curtis – and it brought back Keira Knightley, Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Laura Linney and Bill Nighy in their original roles.

Pretty cool, right?

It seems like these cast members are as attached to the original movie as the millions of fans around the globe who watch it again (and again) every year around the holidays.

So… what is everyone up to all these years later?

Who is married? Who is single? Who is still dancing and making inspirational speeches?

Scroll down to find out!

Juliet, Peter and Mark

The latter is still revealing more cue cards to his best friend’s wife than he likely should, but he appears to have moved on (with a beard, no less).

How does one get past Keira Knightley? By marrying supermodel Kate Moss, who appeared as herself in the role of Mark’s wife.

Billy Mack

The singer is still trying to create that classic Christmas song, this time coming right out and singing “Give Me All Your Money.”

Sadly, he’s doing it on his own, however, because his manager, Joe (Gregor Fisher), died from a massive heart attack.

In more positive news, Mack upgraded his “best shag” to a Kardashian… although he’s not sure which one. (Sorry, Britney Spears.)


Still working in retail. Still taking his gift wrapping VERY seriously.

Prime Minister David

He’s somehow still in office and he’s also still dancing, this time to Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” after which he throws out his back.

But David is still with Natalie and he still knows how to motivate a nation.

“Wherever you see tragedy, you see bravery too,” he says in a climactic, meta speech, adding:

“Wherever you see ordinary people in need, you see extraordinary people come to their aid. Today’s Red Nose Day and people are giving cash to people they will never meet, but whose pain and fear they feel and want to fight. So, it’s not just romantic love that is all around.

“Most people still, every day, everywhere have enough love in their hearts to help human beings in trouble.

“Good is going to win. I’m actually sure of it.”

Jamie and Aurelia

They remain together, despite a language barrier. They also share three kids and Jamie learns, via a big surprise, that a fourth child is on the way. This all leaves him typically frazzled.


Things didn’t work out with Karl (we never liked him anyway), but don’t cry for Sarah. She’s apparently with Patrick Dempsey. Nice rebound!

Daniel, Sam and Joanna

Sam is still confiding in his stepfather and still pondering life’s biggest issues. He realizes after all this time that he’s still in love with Joanna.

The two childhood crushes reconnected while Sam had been living in New York City and the beautiful songstress came all the way to London to ask Daniel’s permission to marry his stepson. AWWWW!

In the end, tears are shed and laughter is shared.

But while we’ll forever argue that Love Actually is the best Christmas movie in cinematic history, David actually doesn’t agree.

When asked at the end of this sequel for his answer to that question, he tells a reporter:

“Don’t be stupid. Everyone knows its Elf.”


Farrah Abraham: Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell Can Learn from Me!

Farrah Abraham is as delusional as the day is long.

And if there’s any doubt … just kidding, of course there isn’t any doubt that Farrah is delusional. Facts are facts, you know.

But just in case there’s any confusion about exactly how confused this girl is, all you have to do is look at literally anything she’s ever said.

For example, you can check out this latest thing she said about her Teen Mom OG costars.

She kicked off her latest act of obnoxiousness by sharing this clip from tonight’s Unseen Moments special for Teen Mom.

The clip shows Farrah getting into a shouting match with her neighbors for no apparent reason. She’s aggressive and mean and dumb, just like always.

The saddest part though is when Farrah’s daughter, seven-year-old Sophia, hears her mother yelling and cheers her on.

The poor kid actually called Farrah “the best mama in the world.”

While the Farrah footage plays, we see the other moms — Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, and Maci Bookout — reacting to the horror.

Amber Portwood in particular had strong feelings about the clip, which, by the way, MTV titled “No One Wins When You’re Neighbors with Farrah.”

After she shared all this on Twitter, Farrah added “No one wins in general against me like miss piggy imitation but the stooges watch my reruns and unseen moments.”

So not only is she bringing back the comparison of Amber and Miss Piggy — the one that Amber admitted she kind of appreciated, by the way — she also called the other moms “stooges.”

She even added “Amber&catlynn take notes on how to be a good mom & a full time mother you need all the help you can get. #proudmom @sophialabraham [heart emoji]’s me.”

After that, she tacked on not one, not two, but three laughing emojis.

OK, so by “Amber&catlynn,” we’re going to assume she meant Amber and Catelynn — and she’s actually telling them to “take notes on how to be a good mom” from her?

Boy, this is rich.

One, Farrah is a terrible mother, as she’s proven time and time again. She showed it in the clip that started this whole mess.

And two, what is she trying to say with that “full time mother” jab?

Amber doesn’t have primary custody of her daughter, Leah, but that doesn’t make her a bad mother, and Catelynn is raising her kid, Nova, right along with her husband, Tyler Baltierra, so that doesn’t even make sense.

Also, doesn’t Farrah leave Sophia with her parents all the time so she can go make “sex tapes” or whatever? Didn’t she leave Sophia for weeks just so she could film Celebrity Big Brother?

But hey, let’s not waste time trying to find logic on Farrah’s Twitter account.

Instead, let’s check out Catelynn’s wonderful response to the madness.

“Huh so she thinks she’s a better mom than me or @AmberLPortwood,” she tweeted. “She’s way more delusional than I thought! #thanksforthelaugh #take notes”

Thanks for the laugh, indeed.