Anthony Bourdain: How Did His Mother Learn of His Suicide?

Gladys Bourdain called in to The Today Show this week.

The mother of Anthony Bourdain opened up in this back-and-forth about how she learned of her son's tragic suicide, while describing the celebrity chef and author as "feisty and very talented," as well as someone who was a "lover of people of all kinds."

As previously detailed across the Internet, Bourdain committed suicide last Friday by hanging.

His body was discovered in the bathroom of his French hotel room by close friend Eric Ripert.

Since this awful news went public, numerous celebrities, loved ones and colleagues have released statement of sympathy, shock and sorrow in regard to Bourdain.

But there's understandably something extra troubling and depressing when hearing from Bourdain's mother.

Gladys says that she learned of her son's death from his younger brother, Christopher.

She told Today she had last heard from Bourdain on Mother's Day.

Were there any signs at all that anything was wrong? Any signs she could see of anything like this coming?

"Not a one," she replied.

Bourdain, who truly made it big on television in 2005 with the series "No Reservations," was open over the years about his drug addiction and his past debt issues.

The Kitchen Confidential author and "Parts Unknown" host had spoken candidly about his past struggles in various interviews.

"He didn't disguise anything or take on any act of persona,'' Gladys said on Today, explaining how his on-screen personality reflected his off-screen demeanor:

"He was who he was, and it was out there for everyone to see."

Following Bourdain's passing, girlfriend Asia Argento released a statement in which she referred to him as her "love," saying in full:

Anthony gave all of himself in everything that he did.

His brilliant, fearless spirit touched and inspired so many, and his generosity knew no bounds. He was my love, my rock, my protector. I am beyond devastated.

My thoughts are with his family. I would ask that you respect their privacy and mine.

Watch the following video to hear more from Bourdain's mother:

Anthony bourdain how did his mother learn of his suicide

Briana DeJesus Throws Shade at Kailyn Lowry: Learn to Fight!

Over the weekend, the annual Teen Mom 2 reunion show was taped in New York.

And as with just about every previous year, the whole thing was completely bonkers.

The dramatic highlights came when Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry nearly came to blows on set – not once, but twice.

Sources say Kail wanted to throw down during a private meeting with Briana, but DeJesus squashed the beef … only to come after Lowry the very next time the two of them came face to face.

Again, the co-stars were kept at a safe distance from each other, but not surprisingly, it looks as though any peace that was achieved on set was only temporary …

1. Briana Drama

Briana d pic
Briana gave her account of the incident to The Hollywood Gossip, telling us that she and Lowry nearly threw down on two separate occasions over the weekend.

2. It’s a Trap!

Briana dejesus on teen mom 2
“I got to the studio. I get a text and it’s Kail saying she wants to talk. So Production told me that she wants to squash the beef since we are on the same show,” DeJesus stated.

3. Walking Into the Lion’s Den

Briana confronts kail
“So I said ok. Kail didn’t want our ‘convo’ filmed so Production stood in the hallway,” Briana continued.

4. All For Show?

Kail has no sh ts to give
Briana went on to say that despite the safeguards, Kailyn still acted as though she wanted to fight. “When Kail walks in she looked like she wanted to fight so I’m like omg here we go,” DeJesus said. “So there’s 3 guards inside with us just in case so Kail starts yelling saying let me just hit her one time.”

5. Ending On a Threat

Briana is psyched
“She knew she wouldn’t be able to touch me because all the guards were holding her back, so whatever. That ended and I was like wait til I see you again,” Briana said.

6. The Follow-Up

Briana dejesus on twitter
And of course, it wasn’t long before Briana and Kail met again. And this time, Briana went on the offensive …

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‘American Idol’ Winner Nick Fradiani Says New A.I. Judges Can Learn From ‘Voice’ Judges

Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan can learn a thing or two from their rivals Adam, Blake, Alicia and Kelly … and that’s according to an “American Idol” winner! Nick Fradiani – who won season 14 in 2015 — watched…


‘American Idol’ Winner Nick Fradiani Says New A.I. Judges Can Learn From ‘Voice’ Judges

Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan can learn a thing or two from their rivals Adam, Blake, Alicia and Kelly … and that’s according to an “American Idol” winner! Nick Fradiani – who won season 14 in 2015 — watched…


Ami Brown Cancer Update: What Did We Learn?

Alaskan Bush People viewers were treated to an early Christmas present on Friday night.

Following many months off the air, the popular Discovery Channel series aired a special holiday episode over the weekend, one that provided fans with a critical update.

We’re talking, of course, about Ami Brown.

The family matriarch has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy for nearly the entire year.

She’s been brutally honest about her condition and her very low odds of long-term survival.

On this special installment, however, Ami and her loved ones received some positive news:

She is finished with treatment.

(Viewers also learned that the Browns relocated from Alaska to southern California in order for Ami to be seen by physicians as UCLA; it had not been known previously exactly where she was being treated.)

“There is very single reason to be hopeful and absolutely optimistic,” Dr. Deborah Wong told Ami and Billy on the episode.

There’s still a long way for Ami to go, of course, but it’s important to savor every moment in situations such as this.

“Life is a gift,” Ami said in response to the doctor’s encouraging words.

The family celebrated the good news with a surprise for Ami, as the Brown kids decorated their California house roof-to-foundation and prepared a Christmas dinner.

Wearing a Santa hat at one point, Ami was led out of the home by Billy, blindfolded and holding her husband’s hand.

Once she saw the garden and how it had been filled with lights and a Christmas tree, Ami could hardly contain her emotion.

“The best thing about this Christmas is that mom gets to spend it with us,” daughter Birdy said on camera, adding:

“It was looking bad for a while. Having mom here for this Christmas I think is the best gift that we could ever get.”

We wish Ami and all the Browns the absolute best during this holiday season.

Said Billy of the occasion:

“For the Brown family, the meaning of Christmas is all things good… it’s that one time of the year that you really celebrate life.

“It’s a time of giving and also receiving love, and kind of a combination of the whole year, right there together.”

Prior to this episode and this update, the last we had heard from the Alaskan Bush People regarding Ami’s health was when daughter Rain revealed on Instagram that the family were “hopeful”  as her mom began a second round of chemotherapy.

As for the future of the show?

This is unimportant compared to Ami’s well-being, of course, but plenty of fans out there remain curious.

There’s been talk that the Browns are moving to Colorado for Season 8, along with chatter over Bam Bam and his girlfriend landing a spinoff.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, however.

All that really matters right now is that Ami continues to progress and to spend as much time as possible with her loved ones.