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Jay-Z & Meek Mill Let’s Fix Broken Justice System … Check Out Our Plan!!!


Jay-Z and Meek Mill are stepping up to launch a new push for criminal justice reform with the support of some powerful celebs and business leaders … and we’re live streaming their big announcement.

The rappers are joining forces with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, Nets co-owner Clara Wu Tsai and others to reveal their plans to bring sweeping changes to the justice system. The group’s holding a news conference Wednesday in NYC. 

As you know, Meek has become a symbol for criminal justice reform following his 2-4 year prison sentence for probation violations in 2017, and he’s been championing the cause ever since his hard fought release on bail

The movement’s already been effective … President Trump signed the First Step Act into law, earning huge praise from CNN’s Van Jones.

Now, Meek and Jay are set to reveal how they’ll keep pushing for more change.

Jillian Michaels Let’s Go Al, Andy & Vinny I’ll Take You Down on Keto All Day!!!


Jillian Michaels thinks Al Roker, Andy Cohen and Vinny Guadagnino slamming her from afar for criticizing the keto diet is a punk move if they’re not willing to do it face-to-face.

The famed personal trainer and ‘Biggest Loser’ star was on “TMZ Live” to address the beef with a slew of celebs who attacked her for speaking out against the high-fat, low-carb weight loss craze.

Al blasted Jillian as a bully, and Cohen dubbed her “jackhole” of the day on his show, ‘WWHL.’

Jillian says she isn’t surprised by their fierce response — ’cause there’s big money behind the diet — but then she tried to take the high road by politely inviting them to debate the science of keto in person.

She says they’ve gone radio silent. For now, Jillian’s more than willing to throw a few personal jabs right back at the guys.

Master P Hey, YG … Let’s Bet $40k On Saints vs. Rams!


Master P is challenging YG to an NFL version of big bank take lil bank … telling TMZ Sports he’s so confident his New Orleans Saints will beat YG’s Rams this weekend, he wants to put $ 40K on it.

We got P out in L.A. on Monday … and he was still on a high from the Saints beating the Eagles and punching their ticket back to the NFC title game for the first time in nearly a decade.

Of course, YG is a massive L.A. Rams fan — and when P heard the rapper won $ 20k in an NFL playoff bet with Dallas Cowboys superfan Post Malone, the No Limit boss had to up the ante. 

“Okay, DOUBLE THAT,” P told us … “We good.”

“YG, I know you beat Post Malone. But, that’s not happening in the dome.”

Master P says he’s cool with YG — and it’s all in good fun — and with the money both of these guys have made, it’s not a life-changing wager. It’s more about bragging rights. 

“The Saints are my team so we’re going to the Super Bowl this year.”

There’s more … P says when the Saints win the title, he’s gonna put some of the players in “I Got the Hook Up 3” as a reward! 

His son, Romeo Miller, also has special plans to hook up Drew Brees with a special pair of his new MoneYatti kicks. 

Remember, the Saints won the Super Bowl back in 2010 — defeating Peyton Manning‘s Indianapolis Colts in one of the most exciting games in SB history. 

If the Saints make it back — you can bet P will be at the game. 

Mike ‘The Situation’ Let’s Do This!!! Starting Prison Sentence

Breaking News

Time’s up for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino … the “Jersey Shore” star is surrendering to begin his 8-month prison sentence.

Sorrentino’s attorney, Kristen Santillo, tells TMZ …he will turn himself in Tuesday to start serving his time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York. We suspect he’ll have lots of contact — written, anyway — with the outside.

Before reporting to prison, Sorrentino urged friends, family and fans to write him while behind bars … posting the prison mailing address for his 1.3 million Twitter followers.

As we’ve reported … Mike was sentenced to 8 months back in October for tax evasion. Mike’s brother, Marc, got 2 years behind bars. The sentencing being pushed to October really helped The Situation. 

He was originally supposed to be sentenced in April, but with the extra months of freedom, Mike married Lauren Pesce at a fancy shindig in November. He also got to spend the holidays with friends and fam … including Thanksgiving.

This Valentine’s Day is gonna suck — no GTL — but he’ll be back out before Halloween. 

Nipsey Hussle, Lauren London We’re Engaged!!! Now Let’s Pose with a Horse, Of Course


Lauren London said yes to Nipsey Hussle, and then she said yes to climbing on a horse for a super cute engagement photo shoot with GQ!!!

Nispey and Lauren have been keeping their promise under wraps … but we’ve obtained pics of their upcoming GQ cover shoot, and sources involved with the production tells us they’re definitely engagement photos.

We’re told Nipsey and Lauren spent about 2 hours Saturday snapping pics on a residential street in Los Angeles, and the couple seemed super happy the entire time! Must be true love. 

Nipsey and Lauren have been dating for several years, and now they’re finally ready to take the next big step. No word on when they’re tying the knot.

Check out the gallery for more engagement pics, plus Lauren’s majestic ride!


Yung Joc to Usher Here’s a Hairy Situation … Let’s Battle for King of Hair & Fleek Style!!!


Debating the real king of R&B is so 2018 … with 2019 in full swing, Yung Joc‘s throwing down the gauntlet and challenging Usher to settle once and for all who’s the real king of the hair & fleek style. Allow us to explain.

You’ll recall Usher made waves by ringing in the New Year with a brand-new hairdo … a retro pompadour hairstyle to complement his rat pack-themed outfit. That hairdo’s apparently dubbed hair & fleek … and YJ knows a little about that style too.

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The rapper made headlines in 2016 with a similar look he said was inspired by a new acting role. He got bagged on big time, but Yung Joc tells TMZ he didn’t give a damn … ’cause he kept the look for a year!! Usher’s new look prompted YJ to repost a side-by-side comparison … followed by the question — “WHO IS THE REAL KING OF HAIR & FLEEK?”

Yung Joc tells TMZ … Usher — who, BTW, has a vote for the real king of R&B — needs to keep the look beyond just a transformation for his party if he even wants to be considered for the title. YJ even has a date in mind for when they can settle this debate. And, he wants us to call Usher and make it happen.

Usher, you’ve been called!

Logan Paul KSI ‘Broke Contract’ for Rematch … Let’s Fight Already!


Logan Paul says KSI is pulling some shady crap when it comes to their rematch — saying the YouTube star is breaking their contract by refusing to fight in February. 

Remember, the two squared off back in August but fought to a draw in a crazy 6-round slugfest at Manchester Arena in the U.K. 

The two had signed a contract requiring a rematch — but the two sides can’t seem to agree on a date. 

On Wednesday, KSI posted a video pointing the finger at Logan’s camp — saying Team Paul was supposed to take the lead with planning since it’s supposed to happen in the U.S. … but he’s failing.

KSI claims Logan wants the fight to go down on the West Coast — but says it doesn’t make sense because time zone issues would make it difficult for U.K. fans to watch the fight live. 

KSI is demanding an East Coast location and says he wants the fight pushed to November so they can properly train and promote the event. 

But, when we saw Logan at Warwick in Hollywood on Wednesday night … he told a different story. 

“He already broke the contract. It was supposed to happen in February. He already broke that sh*t.”

Logan continued … “He needs time to prepare. I’m okay. I tried to do it in December but he wouldn’t do it.”

Both guys clearly want to fight — but they need to figure out a date and venue stat. 

Ariana Grande Puts Pete Drama Aside … Let’s Make a Music Video!!!

Ariana Grande‘s putting a tumultuous week behind her … and getting back to business.

The pop star was spotted at a home in the Hollywood Hills Friday, all glammed up to shoot a music vid. Ariana’s back to her classic look too — a sexy black getup … to go with her long ponytail.

As we’ve reported … it’s been topsy-turvy times lately for Grande. Not long after the release of her massively successful “Thank U, Next” video, she got into it with Kanye West on Twitter and subsequently offended her ex-fiance, Pete Davidson, with a comment about mental health.

After Pete posted an ominous note suggesting he was suicidal, Ariana rushed to check on him at 30 Rock … but he refused to see her.

Dr. Drew suggested she should just stay away from Pete for now … and it looks like that’s what she’s doing.