Kim Kardashian Lets Daughter Ride Motorcycle, Hear It from Twitter

Kim Kardashian has something in common with Audrey Roloff.

A hit reality television show and a close-knit family?

Okay, yes.

Allow us to therefore rephrase:

Kim Kardashian now has something else in common with Audrey Roloff:

With the Little People, Big World star receiving unfair backlash as a result of THIS PHOTO, Kardashian is now also the target of Internet ire after sharing a picture of her daughter.

It appears to be a relatively harmless one at first glance.

It was posted to Kim’s Instagram page and it featured North West riding a toy two-wheeler.

What’s the big deal, right?

North is four and a half years old and this is a perfectly common thing for her to be doing.

We mostly agree.

But we may be in the minority.

Many comments in response to this image call Kim out for two reasons:

  1. North is not wearing a helmet.
  2. North is wearing Harley Davidson sweatpants.

The latter, critics argue, implies that Kim and Kanye are maybe encouraging motorcycle riding as a hobby for their first born when she gets older.

This is a dangerous activity under any circumstance.

But it’s made even more dangerous if the individual behind the wheel (or clutching the handlebars, we suppose) isn’t donning a helmet.

“sriously, Kim?!?” writes on Twitter user. “Bike safety starts early. Put a helmet on ur kid!”

Another individual agrees:

“It’s not about looking cool,” this person Tweets of helmet use. “It’s about being safe.”

North was born back in June of 2013.

She was later joined by brother Saint and the siblings will welcome a boy or a girl either later this year or early next year, as Kim has confirmed she and her famous husband are using a surrogate to expand their family.

According to insiders, this surrogate will give birth right around Christmas.

Shortly after that, Khloe Kardashian will give birth to her first child…

…. and Kylie Jenner will give birth to her third child.

Crazy, right?

Little North will soon have lots of cousins and kids with whom to play, so it will be important for her to serve as a role model; when it comes to bike safety and other activities.

Do you think Kim deserves to get dragged for not teaching her daughter to wear a helmet while riding her pretend motorcycle?

Let us know!


Corinne Olympios to Nick Viall: Want a Second Chance? Let’s Talk!

Corinne Olympios may not have won The Bachelor, but that’s not to say she is completely ruling out giving Nick Viall a second chance. 

“If I saw him getting back to the way he was when I first stepped out of the limo, I would seriously consider giving him a chance,” the controversial contestant dished to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, October 24. 

I would meet up with him, have coffee, talk to him and see how he is. He just broke up with his fiancée; it can’t be easy,” she continued. 

If you watch The Bachelor online, you will already know that Corinne put on quite the show for the cameras and was painted as the villain of the season. 

While that may have been a good way to raise her profile, it resulted in her doing everything and anything to grab Nick’s attention, and it certainly seemed like she was more of a novelty for producers because she was giving them a lot of material to weave together. 

Corinne was clipped before the end of the season, and Nick bid adieu to her after the hometown dates episode of the series. Corinne has been very public about her thoughts on being let go. 

Simply put, she felt like Viall made a huge mistake, and with him and Vanessa Grimaldi calling their engagement off, maybe she was right. 

“We clearly had strong chemistry, I was falling so hard, and I remember when he changed completely,” she told ET.

“I went up to him, cameras not rolling, and was like, ‘I just want to give you a hug before the night ends,’ which is something we normally did. He was like, ‘K, well, I’m gonna go give out this rose now.’

“I was like, ‘Whoa.’ It was a slap in the face, like, ‘I’m too busy for you right now.’ I don’t know why he got like that. … I feel like [in the beginning] I saw a different side of him than what [he] shows right now.”

Maybe Nick was just spoiled for choice on the set of the series. All of the women were vying for his attention, and while Corinne was a little out there, she was fun to watch. 

It’s no surprise that she’s calling Nick out on his behavior because he was initially seen as a villain when he first appeared on The Bachelorette

A lot of fans voiced their displeasure at his casting as The Bachelor because they felt like he had enough chances and there must be something wrong with him. 

As for Corinne, she followed up The Bachelor with a stint on Bachelor in Paradise that almost got the show canceled. 

She and DeMario Jackson had an alcohol-fueled romp in the pool, and it shut production down for days an investigation went on to establish who was at fault because Corinne alleged that she could not remember what happened. 

That’s not to say she and DeMario fell out in the aftermath. In fact, they have been photographed together several times since the scandal rocked Bachelor Nation. 

What do you think about all of this?

Sound off below!