Kailyn Lowry to Farrah Abraham: LET’S FIGHT!

Last weekend, Farrah Abraham was supposed to do a boxing match for charity, but she backed out for dumb reasons.

The disappointment still stings, doesn't it?

So many people were so excited to see Farrah in that setting — or maybe to see her get knocked around.

But we have some good news …

It might still happen!

And, believe it or not, the news gets way, way better than that.

Because she might box Kailyn Lowry.

Let's get into the details!

1. A History

A history
So Kailyn and Farrah don’t get along. At all.

2. Frenemies

Kailyn lowry for good american
They pretend from time to time that they can tolerate each other, but we all know the truth.

3. So Sassy

Farrah abraham blonde
These two have traded so many insults that it’s hard to know exactly when their troubles began, but as far as we can tell, things got really bad all the way back in 2016, when Farrah made a remark about Kailyn having her second child, Lincoln.

4. … K

Farrah abraham for ex on the beach
She criticized both Kailyn and Chelsea Houska for going to to have more children to stay relevant … even though they were both married and already starring on Teen Mom 2 when they had those kids.

5. Classic Farrah

Farrah abraham drama
Did it make sense? No, of course it didn’t. But that’s Farrah for you.

6. Not Happy

Kailyn lowry looks happy
And then when Kailyn heard about that … well, she wasn’t pleased.

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Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner: Let’s Have Another Baby!

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are reportedly doing it raw nearly every night these days.

Or at least on the nights where Kylie is most fertile.

Sorry to be all graphic there, readers, but a new article comes right out and states that the reality star and the rapper are hoping to give daughter Stormi a sibling.

“They’re actively trying for another,” says an Us Weekly insider simply.

Such a report runs a bit counter to what Jenner recently said herself.

In a social media question and answer segment, the reality star and makeup mogul was asked about having more kids and she replied as follows:

“Am I going to have another baby? I want another baby but, ‘When?’ is the question and I’m definitely not ready right this second.”

However, Kylie also acknowledged that she wants another daughter and has even started thinking about baby names.

So maybe she isn’t ready right now, as she says?

But first she has to get pregnant and then she has to wait about nine months until the child enters the world…

… so perhaps both this report and Kylie’s own words are accurate.

Jenner and Scott welcomed Stormi back in April, following a very quiet few months in which Kylie went totally dark.

She didn’t share photos of her baby bump and she didn’t gush over her pregnancy on Instagram.

Most people assumed this was because the baby was unplanned and Kylie was FREAKING THE EFF OUT over motherhood — and that still may have been the case,.

But Kylie later released a statement in which she claimed to have simply needed time to herself to prepare for such an important change to her life.

And that also may be true. We have no way of knowing for certain.

We can say, however, that Jenner and Scott appear to be very hands-on parents who are totally smitten with little Stormi.

Just look at how psyched Scott is about his child learning to walk!

There’s also been chatter over Scott and Jenner planning to wed, which would increase the likelihood that they procreate again.

Granted, this is now always how it works in this family.

Kourtney Kardashian has three children and zero wedding rings on her rings.

But it still stands to reason that a couple who wants numerous kids would also want to be husband and wife.

So while Kylie keeps an eye on her ovulation calendar, we should all be keeping an eye on whether these two exchange vows in the near future.

That may give us a firm idea about their plans on getting pregnant again.


Pretty Little Mamas Season 1 Episode 1 Recap: Let’s Pretend

MTV’s Pretty Little Mamas debuted Thursday night, and it was filled with everything you would expect from a show that wants to be Pretty Little Liars meets Teen Mom. 

Nicole is the lead of the clique. She’s 24-years old, unlucky in love and a mother of one daughter. She has a new boyfriend Michael, but in true reality TV show fashion, their relationship is not all that. 

Nikki is 24-years-old, new to San Diego, and that means she’s new to Nicole’s group of friends. Nikki is a model who seems to be using the show to raise her profile. 

While that’s not a bad thing, she seems poised to be the person to cause the most drama. She’s still in a relationship with the father of her child, so there’s that. 

Then there’s Alyssa. She’s 25-years-old, and training to be a nurse. Her backstory seemed full of roses until we learned that her mother was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. 

Cheyenne is a 24-year-old mother of two. She’s married, has aspirations of moving out of her father’s home. Will Pretty Little Mamas be a hit and allow her to do so?

Chandlar was friends with the ladies back in high school, but Nicole told her that her boyfriend, Aaron sucked, and she needed to get rid of him. 

For Chandlar, this was a stab in the back, but it seems she’s warmed to the idea of ousting Aaron, the father of her daughter because he has a drug problem. 

Heavily pregnant, Chandlar visited the memorial of the group’s friend, Bree, who was murdered six years before. It was a surprising piece of information. 

The scene with the ladies meeting up at the memorial looked a little too staged to take seriously. It served as a mere way to have them all together in one scene. 

They all seemed to reconnect because they were reminiscing about the past, and while Chandlar knew she messed up by choosing Aaron over her friends. 

Nicole struggled to see why the ladies would welcome Chandlar back into their lives after everything, but we never got to see much more than that. 

The next big event was Nicole’s summer party, and she flipped the eff out because Nikki brought her friends with her. 

This was a big no-no for Nicole, who rounded up the girls to start hurling insults at both Nikki and the girls. 

What’s more one of the girls said that she was sure she matched with Nicole’s boyfriend on a dating app. 

Nikki was happy to take this news to Nicole who decided it was time for Nikki and her horrible friends to make their exit. 

The sad thing is that some of these women seem nice, but when they’re this catty, it makes them look like they’re playing it all up for the cameras. 

What are your thoughts on it the series premiere?

Hit the comments below. 

Pretty Little Mamas continues Thursdays on MTV at 9/8c.