The Bachelorette 2018 Preview: Love! Tears! Pathological Liars!

"I'm falling in love with you."

More than one person on The Bachelorette Season 14 can be heard uttering this phrase in the epic trailer airing after Monday's premiere.

We may know how Becca's season ends, thanks to The Bachelorette spoilers, but man alive, it's going to be a wild ride getting there.

You don't need Bachelorette spoilers to tell you that hardcore making out, exotic vacations and massive amounts of drama lie ahead.

Just because you know it's coming doesn't make it any less entertaining, though. Nor does it make Becca less beautiful to gaze upon.

Judging by this four-minute super-tease, the men are bringing their A-games and then some as they seek to sweep Ms. Kufrin off her feet.

(Let's just hope she doesn't read Garrett Yrigoyen's social media pages, and that the rumors of him hollering at Tia Booth aren't true.)

Anyway, the Midwestern beauty is "beyond happy" to be The Bachelorette, she tells us, adding that she's "glowing from the inside out."

How long will that last?

Not that long, apparently.

"What am I doing?" Kufrin sobs, on a hotel bed, teasing fans with this shocking claim: "Like, he literally just did what Arie did to me."

Arie Luyendyk, Jr., of course, proposed to Becca on the finale of The Bachelor, only to dump her shortly after in a raw, uncut scene.

Yeah. It was that bad.

While we don't anticipate an exact repeat of that ridiculousness, there is talk of Lincoln being a "pathological liar" and/or a "manipulator."

Moreover, Jordan is accused of being there (wait … wait for it … ) for the wrong reasons, i.e. to further his modeling career.

"It’s funny you think I’m a joke, because attached to me is professionality is my face," Jordan warns his cohorts … incoherently.

Controversial Colton Underwood, meanwhile, is this season's Ashley Iaconetti, supposedly. We're saying that he's never boned before.

Like for reals. Not even once.

Some of the other guys aren't buying his virginal status, but that's not the only questionable thing about the contestants' antics.

Evidently, Becca gets burned by somebody, and she sets out to rid the field of any remaining liars so this doesn't happen again.

Who was the guilty party?

“I’m so pissed because I’m only asking for honesty from you guys, that’s all I want," says Becca in a heartfelt scene in the trailer.

"And to not get that I feel so disrespected and so upset with him. And it scares me. But if anyone else can’t be honest with me?"

"From here on out I don’t want you here."

There you have that. Don't mess with this girl's heart. As for the ambulance and someone being wheeled out on a stretcher?

No idea what the hell went on there, but Chris Harrison has teased the most ridiculous fight in series history, so there's that.

And finally, the coup de grace:

Becca is in love with two men!

“Really the most tragic part of this is I’m in love with two guys," Becca admits "I don't think anything can prepare you for this."

Nothing can. Nothing except 22 previous seasons of The Bachelor and 13 iterations of The Bachelorette when this occurred.

You can't blame her, though.

The 28-year-old explained that the point is to find love, and with dozens of men pining for you, it can be hard to pick just one.

"I did develop really strong feelings for a couple of them and I did fall for two guys at the end, yes," she said earlier this month.

"Until you're in this position, you don't realize how much pressure there really is, and how difficult it is to navigate certain relationships."

"Because if you're doing it right, you should be developing feelings for multiple people to really sift through every [one]."

Well, when you put it that way.

No matter who she picks, it should be a step up from Arie. Just saying. Check out the dramatic season preview below …

The bachelorette 2018 preview love tears pathological liars

Blac Chyna: The Kardashians are Evil, Vindictive Liars!

Back in the day, Blac Chyna used her bush to lure in Rob Kardashian.

Now, in excerpts from a lawsuit, the former reality star is not beating around the bush when it comes to her feelings about her ex-lover’s family.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, the mother of two (including Rob’s first and only daughter, Dream) alleges that the Kardashians and Jenners flat out sabotaged the series Rob & Chyna because they didn’t want to see Blac succeed.

This is what Chyna claims in the lawsuit she has filed, regarding E! highest-paid stars:

“The unwritten rule no one told (her) when she began her relationship with Kardashian is that the entire family will come after you if you leave, using their fame, wealth and power to take you down.”

How so?

Chyna says the family made sure her television show got “cancelled (despite great ratings)” and that they “spread lies” about her, “even funding a bogus lawsuit about a crumbled gingerbread house.”

Wait… what?

Come again, regarding that last part cited?

In September of last year, Rob went public with the allegation that Chyna once beat him up pretty badly.

This including choking Kardashian with an iPhone charging cable, striking him frequently in the head and, yes, smashing a gingerbread house.

Chyna is saying in these new documents that such an attack, at least against the gingerbread house, never took place.

Blac, who was very good friends with Kim Kardashian a long time ago, goes on to say the famous family was dead set on destroying her career because they feared she would not compete with them commercially and on social media.

She filed her lawsuit back in October, claiming at the time that Kris Jenner and her daughters used their “power and influence over the E! network to kill the second season.”

How have the Kardashians responded?

By asking a judge to throw out the lawsuit for two reasons:

1. The show garnered terrible ratings. That’s just a fact.

2. Chyna has filed for a restraining order against Rob, making it legally impossible for him to film scenes with his baby mama.

The restraining order was asked for due to Rob sharing naked photos of his ex-girlfriend, prompting a discussion around the Internet about revenge porn and whether Rob would actually go to jail for his actions.

It’s been pretty darn ugly between these parents for a long time now.

But that’s the thing: they are parents. They will always be parents.

Little Dream was born in November of 2016 and the most important thing here is that she be raised in as healthy an environment as possible.

Many fear, however, that it’s too late.

Thankfully, to date, Chyna has not asked to restrict Rob’s access to his child. The stars are sharing custody and, at the very least, not slamming each other left and right online.

That is progress to some degree for the pair.

We don’t know what will happen with this lawsuit…

… but we do know Dream deserves to have both parents in her life. Let’s hope Chyna and Rob both keep this in mind going forward.


‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Brandon Jones Gets Jail Time for Gun Dispute with Neighbor

“Pretty Little Liars” star Brandon Jones will be doing some jail time after all in his gun case, but it won’t be for nearly as long as it could’ve been … TMZ has learned. The L.A. County DA tells TMZ Brandon pled no contest Monday to one…


Pretty Little Liars Finale: Major Secrets Revealed!

Pretty Little Liars has come to a stunning, shocking, suspenseful, WTF-just-happened conclusion.

What did we learn on the series finale?

And what secrets did the cast then spill on the after-show?

Scroll down for every last A-nswer…

1. First, Who is A.D.?

Pretty little liars group pic
Let’s get the major question fans had heading into the finale over with: It was Alex Drake, Spencer’s evil twin who didn’t know about her relativesin Rosewood until she ran into Wren in a bar in London.

2. Speaking of Wren…

Speaking of wren
… he’s the father of Alison’s baby! (We did NOT see that coming.)

3. Behind the Scenes…

Behind the scenes
… you probably already knew about those bombshells, right? If you’re a fan and tuned in for the finale? But the main cast members opened up about a number of finale-related secrets on the Freeform after-show.

4. The Major Secret… Spilled

The major secret spilled
Lucy Hale said she learned of A.D.’s identity, when Drew Van Acker dropped the news. “He ruined it for me, but I loved it,” she explained.

5. I Knew It Before You!

I knew it before you
Troian Bellisario found out because “I’m A.D. I had to [know],” she said, adding that she begged creator Marlene King to tell her a while back and that the discovered this secret about two years ago.

6. I Do? Really?!?

I do really
Hale said it was “very strange” reciting vows with Ian Harding, adding that the wedding “felt very real.”

View Slideshow

Pretty Little Liars Finale Clip: Surprise, Aria!

It is all over but the shouting on Pretty Little Liars.

And the screaming and the gasping and the endless amount of crying.

On Tuesday night, following an emotional and suspenseful seven seasons, Aria and company will bid farewell forever, as the most beloved show in ABC Family/Freeform history comes to an end.

How will our favorite Liars say goodbye over the course of a two-hour finale?

"This last episode gave the Liars a significant amount of closure; they won the game, and it looks as if A.D. is leaving town," executive producer Marlene King tells TV Line, adding by way of tease:

"So the finale is structured as a two-hour movie.

"It’s paced like a feature film, not the way we do regular episodes. I don’t want to give away too much in terms of how [A.D.’s identity] is revealed, but that pacing will feel different and feel special."

Come on! Just tell us who A.D. is already, will ya?!?

Aside from the anticipated A.D. reveal, viewers will learn the identity of Emily and Alison’s baby… and they’ll also be treated to multiple sex scenes on Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 20.

King would not preview many more specifics of what's on tap, except to say we will NOT see Jason and that the parents will play a few key roles on the finale.

"I think the majority of unanswered questions will be answered," she vows.

We'll see about that.

In the sneak peek below, we see Aria and Ezra enter a room, just as Emily comes out and tells her close pal that her surprise is ready.

What surprise?!? Watch and see if you can guess…

Pretty little liars finale clip surprise aria