Brittani Fulfer From My 600-lb Life: See Her Insane Transformation!

Not everyone from My 600-lb Life gets a happily ever after.

LB Bonner died of apparent suicide. Others have compromised physical health — or struggle with their mental health.

Brittani Fulfer has a much more positive life update and is flaunting some serious weight loss. Take a look:

Brittani Fulfer before photo 01

It was only a few years ago that Brittani Fuller struggled to even move because of her weight.

Even years later, as you’ll see in photos below, she was still overweight, and had a lot of excess skin after losing nearly 300 pounds.

Now, however, she is showing the world that she is a real weight loss success story.

“Me on my birthday a couple weeks ago,” she wrote on Facebook, sharing a stunning photo.

Brittani is almost unrecognizable.

She looks so good!

“Three years ago I weighed 600 pounds,” Brittani writes.

Her post continues: “Now I am stronger, healthier, and more alive than I thought was ever possible!”

“Am I skinny?” she asks herself. “Nope!”

“Am I okay with that?” Brittani asks, answering: “Yep!”

That is an extremely healthy mindset.

Brittani Fulfer before photo 02

“My goal is to be healthy,” Brittani explains. “Not skinny!”

We hope that we do not have to explain that there are small people who are unhealthy and large people who are doing just fine.

Brittani advises her fans: “Remember to love yourself today!”

Brittani then wishes her followers well, writing: “Be blessed!”

As you may recall, Brittani dropped her weight by 230 pounds on her episode of My 600-lb Life.

In her follow-up episode, she lost another 103 pounds, and had 27 pounds of fat removed from her abdomen.

Brittani Fulfer before photo 03

As we mentioned, you can see in these photos that, even after losing a lot of weight, she had a great deal of excess skin.

That is the sick joke of massive weight loss — your body might shrink, but your skin does not.

Brittani revealed on My 600-lb Life that her eating was a coping mechanism for the horrific childhood sexual abuse that she survived.

The abuse began when she was only five years old, and continued for another six years.

Like most people who use food — or drugs, or self-harm — as a coping mechanism, she was essentially self-medicating herself with food.

Different people cope in different ways. We’re glad that she was able to overcome her weight issue.

Brittani Fulfer before photo 04

In a recent post, Brittani reflected upon her weight loss journey on My 600-lb Life.

“One of the questions I get the most is would I do this whole experience over again,” Brittani wrote.

“The answer is…in less than a heartbeat,” she revealed.

“I have become much more the me I have always wanted to be,” she said. “I WILL ALWAYS be forever grateful for this experience.”

“I believe that nothing in life worth doing is easy,” she concluded. “It is hard work every day.”

Good for her.


Brad Pitt: I’ll Never Love Angelina Jolie Again; She Made My Life Hell!

In court, Angelina Jolie has slammed Brad Pitt for being a deadbeat dad, and clarified publicly that a loan is not child support.

The fighting during their messy divorce has reached a turning point.

Insiders say that Brad is no longer interested in reconciliation with Angelina. He just wants his kids.

“Brad couldn’t care less about Angelina supposedly missing him or regretting filing for divorce,” an insider reveals to HollywoodLife.

“That relationship,” the source continues. “Is well and truly over as far as he’s concerned.”

The rest of us have known that since late 2016, so it’s great to hear that he’s figured it out.

“And,” the insider continues. “Brad has zero desire to revisit it, and give it a second shot.”

That sounds like it’s best for everyone involved — Brad, Angelina, and especially the children.

“The past couple of years have been a living hell for Brad,” the source shares.

“And,” the insider shares. “It’s made him question if he ever actually, truly, knew the real Angelina.”

That is curious, since the upsetting circumstances that led Angelina to file for divorce left many former fans feeling that way about him.

The source explains that it’s because “because he never imagined that the woman he fell in love with and married …”

The insider continues: “… could behave in the way she has toward him.”

“But he’s made his peace with it now,” the source adds.

“And,” the insider continues. “He’s moved on.”

Not just with Neri Oxman, but emotionally.

It sounds like he’s accepted that life is never going back to the way that it was.

Brad apparently has a new priority.

“All that he’s focused on is securing access to his kids,” the source reveals.

It is these children, the insider explains, “who are absolutely everything to Brad.”

We’re sure that Brad, like so many people, wishes that he hadn’t done whatever he did on that plane to get Angelina to report him to the FBI for child abuse.

Curiously, an inside source says that it’s now Angelina who wishes things were a little different.

“The further Angelina gets from their split,” the source claims. “The more she thinks about Brad.”

“And,” the insider continues, Angelina allegedly “misses having him in her life.”

It’s normal to occassionally wax nostalgic about past relationships, even ones that failed spectacularly and which you know you ended for the right reasons.

But this source says that Angelina finds herself thinking these thoughts “on a daily basis.”

This is so worrisome to hear.

“Lately,” the insider claims. “There are times when Angelina feels major regrets over ending things with Brad.”

Even worse, the source says that “there are days she can’t help but question if she made the right choices for her family.”

Those who have gone through difficult divorces know that sometimes, you wonder if it would have been best to just accept and ignore your situation.

“The more her anger at him fades,” the source alleges. “The more she misses him.”

We have to say that we have a hard time accepting the report about Angelina.

Oh, we’re willing to believe that Brad is angry and perhaps bitter and no longer wants to try vainly to rekindle what he and Angelina once had.

But the source claims to know Angelina’s thoughts.

We’re sure that Angelina feels a lot of conflicting emotions about her history with Brad.

But in the end, she probably knows that she did the right thing.