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Kevin Gates No Beef with Boosie … But I’ll Do Life if Anyone Crosses Me


Kevin Gates claims everything’s cool with fellow Louisiana rapper Boosie now, but he has a warning shot to anyone else thinking about doing him dirty.

The Baton Rouge MC sat down with Raquel Harper for a new episode of BET’s “Raq Rants,” and he insists rumors of a long-standing feud with Boosie are overblown. Boosie was tried and acquitted in the murder of one of Kevin’s rap affiliates.

Kevin now claims he doesn’t have problems with anyone, but also told Raq … he wouldn’t hesitate to “do a life sentence” if anyone tests him. 

You gotta see how he says it. It’s pretty intense, especially because his toddler son was sitting right next to him at the time.

For what it’s worth, Boosie did seem to confirm they’d squashed all hate last year by recruiting Kevin to play his music festival.

Check out Kevin’s full interview on “Raq Rants,” Tuesday night at 11 PM on BET. On the West Coast, if you have Dish or DirecTV, it’s on at 8 PM.

Amari Cooper Cowboy For Life!!! … With $65k Chain


Amari Cooper expects to be in Dallas for a LONG time … at least, that’s what it looks like after the dude invested in a sick, diamond Cowboys jersey with his name and number on it!!

Amari’s team just got knocked out of the playoffs by the Rams, but now the dude can still rep his team in the off-season … courtesy of the solid piece made up of 40 carats of diamonds!!

TMZ Sports has learned … A.C. hit up Gabriel the Jeweler — the go-to guy for huge stars like Antonio Brown, OBJ and Jarvis Landry — earlier this month to solidify his spot with America’s team.

FYI –Cooper’s expected to sign an extension with Dallas this offseason … and after the production he’s put up, the dude is expected to cash in with a fat, new deal before the end of next season.

We’re told the jersey — valued at $ 65k — was part of Cooper’s recent bling haul, complete with a 45-carat Cuban chain and 15-carat bracelet … worth $ 140k total!!

It’s good to be rich. But, it’s good to be richer. Get that money, Cooper!!

Jeff Bezos’ New Chick’s Ex No Wife, Happy Life … Cruising Around L.A.

Patrick Whitesell, the estranged husband to Jeff Bezos‘ new love interest Lauren Sanchez, doesn’t look like he’s missing the married life … because he was all smiles the day after news broke of his wife’s shocking affair with the Amazon founder.

Patrick, a Hollywood mega-agent, was seen flashing a huge grin Thursday as he jumped behind the wheel in Los Angeles … and it looks like he isn’t broken up about the whole world finding out his ex is secretly seeing the world’s richest man. 

Seems like it’s pretty much business as usual for Patrick … because he showed up to work at William Morris Endeavor’s office in Bev Hills, keeping it casual in grey jeans and a blue jacket. 

Patrick is currently in the process of divorcing Lauren, the former “So You Think You Can Dance” host, and it looks like the split is totally amicable. 

‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund Wrestling Legends Pay Tribute … Celebration of Life

Exclusive Details

Why are so many people smiling at “Mean” Gene Okerlund‘s memorial event in Florida on Wednesday??? BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT MEAN GENE WOULDA WANTED!!

Tons of wrestling stars from years past — from Diamond Dallas Page to one of the Nasty Boys — gathered in Sarasota, FL to honor the late wrestling announcer. 

Gene’s wife Jeanne — along with their children — was at the event where friends and family members told stories about the greatest WWE voice of all time. 

Among the guests … The Killer Bees (B. Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell), Brian Knobbs (of the Nasty Boys), Greg Gagne, Dave Hero and former WWE ref Mike White. 

WWE execs Kevin Dunn and Kerwin Silfies were also in attendance. 

We spoke with DDP who tells us everyone had a great time honoring the late, great “Mean” Gene — who’s widely regarded as one of the nicest guys in the history of the biz. 

Okerlund passed away on January 2. He was 76. 

Bon Jovi’s David Bryan It’s My Life Too … Sings Lead at Nightclub


If Jon Bon Jovi‘s voice ever craps out, we found the perfect stand-in … a guy who already knows all the lyrics, and is usually just a few feet away onstage — his keyboardist, David Bryan!

David walked into the Casa Nightclub in St. Bart’s Wednesday around closing time — 5 AM (island time, mon) — with some friends. The DJs — Shortkutz and Chris Magic — recognized the Bon Jovi rocker and started blasting the Hall of Fame band’s hits.

DB must’ve been feeling real good because he jumped up and grabbed the mic to belt out “It’s My Life” and “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

Folks at Casa tell us the club’s owner, Julien Roussel, decided to stay open a little later so the patrons could enjoy the free concert and keep singing along.

David sang 5 of the band’s hits when it was all said and done before waltzing out of the joint.

BTW … Bon Jovi goes on tour in May, but we’re pretty sure Bryan will be back on keys and backup vocals. For now.

Jared Leto Life o’ the Party … A St. Barts Yacht Bikini Party!!!

Jared Leto‘s surrounded by a throng of bikini-clad women on a Caribbean island … and it’s pretty clear he’s the straw stirring the drink.

The “30 Seconds to Mars” frontman was cruising on a yacht Wednesday in St. Barts with a bunch of very eye-catching friends … including several women in bikinis and some ripped dudes. It’s in the 80s down there — like always — so they’re feasting on some Vitamin D.

Jared and co. came ashore to stroll the perfect white sand beach and snorkel in the crystal clear waters.

Vacay’s looking up for JL cause this sure beats the hell outta watching someone getting pummeled.

MTV Reboots ‘True Life’ Takes Kardashian Obsession to the Extreme!!!


There’s nothing true about the life these Kardashian wannabes are living with fake butts and lip injections … but that’s exactly what MTV’s tackling when it reboots “True Life.”

The new franchise — dubbed “True Life/Now” — will tackle obsessions in several directions … starting with “Obsessed with Being a Kardashian.” TMZ’s obtained a preview of the first episode … which follows 3 subjects on their quest to look like a famous K.

Check out the clip … there’s truly no such thing as pushing the limit. Future episodes will tackle obsessions with the perfect booty, looking like a Snapchat filter and avenging revenge porn. Wild stuff.

“True Life” was a huge hit for MTV after it premiered in March 1998 … winning an Emmy in 2009. Though it was never officially canceled, no new episodes have aired since June 2017. 

“True Life/Now” premieres Wednesday at 10 PM on MTV.

Demi Lovato Reflects on 2018 … ‘I Will Never Take Another Day In Life for Granted’

Demi Lovato is thankful she survived 2018 — after an overdose nearly killed the singer — saying she’ll never take another day for granted again.

Lovato is taking time to reflect on the year that was, saying, “So grateful for the lessons I’ve learned this year. I will never take another day in life for granted, even the bad ones. Thankful for my fans, friends, family and everyone who supported me throughout this year. God bless.”

While she doesn’t mention it specifically, Lovato is clearly referring to the almost fatal overdose she had back in July. Lovato had finished a night out with friends and returned to her Hollywood Hills home where she free-based what we’re told was likely oxy laced with fentanyl.

Lovato’s friend and security guard found her and performed life saving measures. She was hospitalized in Los Angeles for several weeks before going to rehab for several months.

The singer returned to Los Angeles in November and appears happy and healthy … even celebrating Christmas with her family last week.

Dez Bryant Scooter Life … After Gnarly Injury


Dez Bryant is all about the wheel routes now … ’cause dude’s using a scooter to get around these days after that devastating leg injury back in November. 

The ex-Cowboys superstar blew out his Achilles just hours after inking a deal with the Saints last month … and the injury’s expected to keep the WR off the field for the next year.

Dez underwent surgery days after the injury — but it’s clear docs want him to stay off the leg during the first part of the recovery process … ’cause Dez was seen living the scooter life around DFW on Wednesday night.

We’re told Bryant was in good spirits … scootin’ around the airport and even taking selfies with fans.

Dez has a long way to go until he’s cleared to run actual routes again … but, in the meantime — he’s sure making a blue scooter look cool!!

Dr. Drew To Pete Davidson Stay Away From Ariana Grande … Your Life Depends on It


Pete Davidson‘s life is on the line and Ariana Grande is putting it at risk by trying to contact him … so says Dr. Drew.

Drew was in Culver City Thursday and he railed on the trolls who have been attacking Pete, calling them “evil.” He says Pete is in a super delicate state after a gut-wrenching breakup with Ariana, and people need to get off his back … because, at this point, his life depends on it. 

As we reported, Ariana rushed to see Pete at 30 Rock Saturday after he posted apparent suicide threats … something that was triggered by one of Ariana’s posts in which she went after Kanye West, saying “stop weaponizing mental health. everyone.” Pete, who suffers from mental health issues, took it in a deeply personal way.  

Bottom line … Dr. Drew says Pete needs some space to heal.