The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 19 Recap: Life is a Cabaret

Have you been questioning the lack of drama on The Real Housewives of New York of late?

If so, then The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 19 was the episode you’ve been waiting for. 

The feud between Dorinda Medley and Luann de Lesseps continued to brew. 

It all started when Dorinda wanted her boyfriend to be her plus one to the event, but Luann said it was too late to make that request. 

While it was frustrating for Dorinda, she realized the true extent of her problem with Luann when she learned that Tinsley Mortimer’s boyfriend, Scott was invited. 

Tinsley was quick to tell Dorinda about it and it made her question why Luann was being so off with her. In true Dorinda fashion, she got drunker as the night went on and hurled insults Luann’s way. 

Sonja Morgan, whose dress flew off during the performance, chatted with Bethenny Frankel about Dorinda’s drinking. 

“She needs to go away like Luann did,” Sonja said, and Bethenny agreed that it would be the best course of action. 

“If you’re drinking and you’re getting angry and it’s affecting your relationships, rehab could be great,” Sonja said.

“Luann said it was fabulous. She enjoyed it. I’m not judging anyone. What do they say about glass houses? I can’t say a word. I’m just saying she might like it.”

Bethenny wanted to speak to Carole because of all the animosity between them of late, and they had a genuine conversation. 

But then Hurricane Ramona Singer showed up and tried to switch things up. 

“I have something I’d like to speak to you about — and [Carole] could be here or not be here — so give me a time frame,” Ramona said to Bethenny.

“You’ll have to call my secretary, and I’ll give you an appointment,” Bethenny replied with the biggest grin of the season. 

Ramona subsequently dragged Bethenny because she skipped the launch of her skincare line. 

“I hear you. Okay? Good. I understand that you’re disappointed, and I got it,” Bethenny said.”Noted. I don’t feel the need to give you an explanation.”

It was a lot of back and forth, and Bethenny later said in a confessional that Ramona’s businesses never seem to stand the test of time because she “didn’t take it seriously.”

While that argument was over, Bethenny went on to stir the pot to find out why Dorinda’s boyfriend was not invited. 

Bethenny was taken aback when she learned that it was all down to Dorinda’s comments about her sobriety. 

“Thank you so much for having me, and thank you so much for inviting Scott last minute,” Dorinda barked after learning the truth. 

The other housewives watched from the sidelines, expecting a huge fight, but Dorinda was done. She got up and left the party, leaving everyone wondering what might have been. 

We then got a title card confirming that the two ladies are still not talking, so there’s that. The sad thing is we won’t get to see them go at it during the reunion because Luann had to skip it due to rehab. 

What are your thoughts on the latest episode?

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The Real Housewives of New York continues Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo. 


Jennifer Aniston: Gleeful Over Angelina Jolie’s Life Falling Apart!

Brad Pitt is still going through his divorce, and apparently Jennifer Aniston feels so bad for him.

That happiness reportedly stems almost entirely from schadenfreude over Angelina Jolie’s misfortune.

In fact, it sounds like Jen is gleefully dancing on the ashes of Angelina’s entire life.

The once epic love story of Brangelina has devolved into a nasty, acrimonious divorce that neither side can keep quiet.

RadarOnline has gained some insight into how Jennifer Aniston is allegedly feeling about all of this.

“Jen’s in a very positive place right now,” an insider reveals.

Apparently, Aniston’s cheerful disposition doesn’t come from spiritual enlightenment or doing yoga or loving herself.

It seems that her joyful mood comes from watching Angelina’s life in shambles.

“She’s privately ecstatic to see Angelina at rock bottom,” the source says.

As we have mentioned, Angelina filed court documents to try to prompt Brad Pitt to pay his fair share of child support.

Brad fired back that he’s given her tons of money and accused her of filing court documents as part of a “media manipulation” campaign.

Angelina replied with a statement that a loan is not child support, my good dude, but apparently Jennifer Aniston enjoyed the drama from afar.

“She never doubted Angie would self-destruct eventually,” the insider says.

Aniston was apparently confident of this “even when she was at her most smug and supposedly loved-up with Brad.”

It might sound wildly out of character for Jennifer Aniston to be cackling like a Disney villain at the very real misfortunes of a real woman with real feelings.

But the insider explains: “This is a woman Jen views as pure evil.”

That’s an odd perspective, since it’s hard to see how Angelina realistically wronged Aniston, but feelings don’t have to be rational.

“So,” the source asks. “Is she happy to see her miserable and getting the payback she deserves?”

The insider makes it clear that this is not a rhetorical question, answering: “You bet she is.”

Apparently, Aniston believes that this is justice on a cosmic, spiritual scale.

“Jen’s a huge believer in karma,” the source shares. “And she despises Angie.”

It’s often a mistake to believe that the spiritual order of the cosmos just happens to align with your personal grudges.

The insider adds: “She’s finding it hard not to smile when the (divorce) comes up.”

Well, we are all entitled to a little schadenfreude. And it’s hard to see how the former Friends star feeling this way hurts anyone.

That is an interesting read.

However, we do have to ask … is this really how Jennifer Aniston feels?

We would like to think that Jen doesn’t spend all day moping around her home, wondering about what life with Brad would be like if they’d never split.

Similarly, we would like to think that this source, though decidedly Team Jen, is wrong about her alleged vindictive feelings.

If anything, Jen and Angelina have a lot in common — they’re both successful actresses who have years of happy memories with Brad even though those memories are tainted by their bitter breakups.

Honestly, it sounds like they’re both amazing, talented women who gave years of their lives to a man who threw away what they had.


Ex-MLB Star Esteban Loaiza Pleads Guilty to Cocaine Charge, Faces Life In Prison

Ex-MLB All-Star pitcher Esteban Loaiza has formally pled guilty to felony cocaine possession with intent to distribute and now faces up to life in prison.  As we previously reported, the 46-year-old was arrested in San Diego back in February…


Ex-MLB Star Esteban Loaiza Pleads Guilty to Cocaine Charge, Faces Life In Prison

Ex-MLB All-Star pitcher Esteban Loaiza has formally pled guilty to felony cocaine possession with intent to distribute and now faces up to life in prison.  As we previously reported, the 46-year-old was arrested in San Diego back in February…


Vicki Gunvalson: My Daughter Almost Lost Her Leg … And Her LIFE!

Even though The Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson blocked her son-in-law on FaceTime over a feud back in May, she loves her family.

She especially loves her daughter, Briana Culberson, and misses her. They live on opposite coasts.

Now, Vicki is reflecting on what it was like to almost lose Briana to a dangerous infection just a few years ago. These details are chilling.

Even if you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you won’t have seen this particular story.

Speaking to the Daily Dish podcast this week, Vicki Gunvalson relives the painful memory of daughter Briana Culberson’s brush with death.

“We almost lost her a couple years ago,” Vicki shares about her 31-year-old daughter.

“That was one of the biggest fears I had in my life while I was filming,” Vicki admits. And that’s no surprise — it’s every parent’s worse fear.

Vicki says: “It’s my ‘Oh, my God,’ moment.”

Vicki elaborates, revealing some of the details of her daughter’s ailment.

“She was super, super sick,” Vicki shares, explaining that Briana “got a very, very bad infectious disease from the hospital.”

Your mind might jump to a staph infection, but this was no ordinary situation, as we’ll explain in a moment.

Revealing how bad things became at one point, “They almost amputated her leg.”

We are relieved that it didn’t come to that — but Vicki and Briana herself have to be much more relieved.

“The viewers don’t know” the details, Vicki says. “But we can share it now because she survived it.”

That entire ordeal must have been scary and nightmarish.

“But it was horrible,” Vicki says, stating the obvious.

This isn’t the first time that she’s mentioned this terrifying ordeal.

Back in 2017, Vicki said that Briana contracted the infection during a surgery that she received in Oklahoma.

“It almost killed my daughter,” Vicki revealed at the time.

Vicki shared: “[The scalpel was infected] with feces from a previous surgery the day they put inside her body.”

“So, not good,” Vicki said. “She almost lost her leg.”

“I mean she almost died,” Vicki clarified. “And all this stuff.”

Briana actually works as a nurse at UNC Medical Center. The Triangle area of North Carolina is home to a number of world-class hospitals, and we’re sure that they’re lucky to have her.

“[That] is actually where she works,” Vicki gushed. “She’s an ER trauma nurse.”

Briana lives in North Carolina with her husband, Ryan Culberson, and their sons, Troy and Owen.

Briana also has lupus, a dangerous autoimmune disease.

“They’ve got a great lupus center out there,” Vicki says. “So if God brought her out there to help her get through this, that was the good thing from it.”

Vicki misses her daughter but is glad that she’s where she wants to be with her loving family and where she can receive the medical treatments that she needs.

Still, with this happening just a few years ago, we imagine that the trauma and heartbreak of that near miss are still haunting Vicki.

She is probably still processing it — and extra anxious about her family.

We are so sorry that Briana had to go through this, and so sorry for her entire family — her husband, her children, and her mother — that they had to endure that harrowing experience with her.