Demi Lovato Announces New Tour in Sexy White Lingerie

Just a few weeks ago, Demi Lovato teased that she had big news coming up.

Now, her announcement is here — she's embarking on a new tour!

As you can see in the video (and photos) below, she's grabbing the attention of her fans by rolling around in lingerie. Hey, it works.

Demi lovato tour promo 01

Demi Lovato looks absolutely stunning — as always — in this short video.

The former Disney star has opened up about her eating disorder struggles in the past.

She's opened about her personal mental health battle, sharing her story with the world in the hopes that she can reach some fans and show them that they're not alone.

She's also been candid enough to share before and after photos from her eating disorder.

Demi lovato tour promo 02

But the incredibly courageous Demi Lovato's new Instagram upload is less about sharing her pain and her journey and more about making an announcement.

The 25-year-old singer is announcing the South American leg of her "Tell Me You Love Me" tour.

Every time that she shares a tidbit about her international tour, it becomes more and more all-encompassing. And that's great. 

Fans all around the world deserve to have the full Demi Lovato experience.

We said that this teaser is more about making an announcement, but she's also flaunting her incredibly sexy look in white lingerie in the process.

Demi lovato tour promo 03

Demi Lovato's journey to love and embrace her body has really paid off.

This is a woman who flaunts her curves but also exercises regularly and maintains healthy habits to keep her body just the way that she wants it.

This entire video, as you're about to see, is an unending thirst trap.

Which sort of makes its "Go tell your mother" text, a lyric from her "Cool for the Summer" hit from a couple of years back, a little awkward.

Demi lovato tour promo 04

If you're not a frequenter of social media — particularly Twitter — you may not be aware that South America is easily the most vocal continent when it comes to appealing to singers and imploring them to tour.

Okay, we say South America, and that's true, but mostly we just mean the nation of Brazil.

We've seen #ComeToBrazil hashtags driven by eager fans since Twitter was in its nascency, directed at every celebrity under the sun.

It's probably safe to say that Demi Lovato can likely expect packed shows and excited fans.

And warm weather.

Demi lovato in white lingerie

Demi's fans responded well to the announcement.

Aside from one-word responses like "wow" and "babe" and emoji-laden responses of hearts and heart eyes alike, she received comments like:

"She's just. So. Perfect."

"Damn you are fine wife material."

"Holy moley . I love you and your incredible voice."

Demi lovato shushes you

Another fan commented: "Don't forget Asia!"

We're sure that she won't.

And, after seeing this video, we absolutely can't wait to see how Demi will announce that leg of the tour.

Demi lovato announces new tour in sexy white lingerie

Tarek El Moussa: I’m in Love With a Lingerie Model!

Now that Tarek El Moussa has finalized his divorce from Christina, he’s offering some self-help advice to fans.

But he’s also found a new woman. We don’t mean that he’s still hooking up left and right.

Tarek is, reportedly, in love.

InTouch Weekly reports that Tarek El Moussa is dating lingerie model Patience Silva.

“They met toward the end of last year on the celebrity dating app Raya.”

Ah, yes. Raya. The infamous dating app only used by celebrities and people in their circles.

Basically so that famous people can date online without worrying about superfans or stalkers more than they already do.

But Tarek and Patience apparently aren’t just dating, according to InTouch‘s source.

“Tarek’s in love with Patience.”

You might say that, having seen a couple of photos of Patience, you’re a little in love with her, too. But there’s apparently more to this.

The insider describes Patience as:

“Patience is spiritual, warm, and caring.”

The report continues:

“She’s the perfect match for Tarek, who has been to hell and back since his split from Christina.”

We’ve heard all about the lowest points in Tarek El Moussa’s life, so it’s good that he’s not only found some stability but also a woman with whom he’s happy.

But why, since Tarek El Moussa has been pouring his heart out on social media lately, has he not mentioned her?

The source suggests a simple explanation.

“Patience is a private person.”

Don’t laugh. Just because somebody models lingerie doesn’t mean that she wants to advertise her dating life to the world, or be catapulted to new levels of fame.

And apparently Tarek is being very sensitive with respect to Patience’s wishes.

“He doesn’t want to jinx this.”

That’s good. Though it does lead us to wonder who might have leaked this.

In July of 2017, Patience Silva shared a post:

“The problem with red flags is I’m attracted to them.”

This sounds like a dating problem that a bull would joke about having (note: bulls are not actually attracted to or enraged by red flags, but that’s a whole other discussion).

Does having an incident with your wife that involved a gun and resulted in separation qualify as a “red flag” in Patience’s book?

Not asking for ourselves, but for Tarek El Moussa.

Now, we know that some people might balk at the name Patience. It admittedly does sound like the name of a frontierswoman or a ghost or a frontierswoman’s ghost.

But folks, that’s her name. It’s rare and its hers and we don’t need to give her a hard time.

Similarly, even though so many people fell in love with Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa as a couple, we shouldn’t give Patience a hard time for dating Tarek.

She didn’t break them up. They broke themselves up, nearly a year and a half ago. And that was probably for the best.

Besides, Christina El Moussa has her own dating life. It’s part of moving on.

If Tarek’s able to love again after all of the low moments of his life in recent years, good for him. And good for Patience for deciding that he was just the DILF for her.


Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver Looks Fine in Pink Beach Lingerie

Josephine Skriver found herself at the beach without a standard sexy-as-hell swimsuit, so instead … she went with the pretty-in-pink lingerie look. The Victoria’s Secret Angel rocked the racy lingerie during a photo shoot near the beach in Miami…


Farrah Abraham Strips Down For Lingerie Pics, Confirms Teen Mom Firing?

Right now, Farrah Abraham’s Teen Mom career seems to exist in a state of quantum uncertainty. Was she really fired from Teen Mom OG for being a sex worker? If so, will MTV take her back?

We don’t know. But we do know at least a little of what Farrah’s up to in the mean time.

Right now? She’s hawking lingerie. Some very aggressively revealing lingerie.

So, Farrah Abraham has had a long, long career with MTV.

So long, in fact, that she’s a Teen Mom star who’s 26 years old.

(A friend recently asked who she was, and was a little taken aback by my answer … because he didn’t expect to hear about Teen Mom stars in the same age-range as the stars of scripted teen dramas)

But then came reports that MTV had fired her.

And by “reports,” we mean that Farrah Abraham angrily ranted, claimed that MTV had fired her, and seemed to refer to it as a “hate crime.”

(In Farrah’s mind, maybe a “hate crime” just means a thing that she hates … which is not even a little bit close to what that means)

She alleged that her live sex shows (like the live anal toy camshow that she had announced) were the issue, it was also strongly suggested that … maybe it was a personality issue.

Meaning that maybe Farrah was fired because everyone hates her, and that — if someone mentioned her camgirl livestreams in the process, that may have just been the excuse that MTV needed.

We don’t know.

What we do know is that Farrah Abraham says that she wasn’t fired, actually … which only makes us more confused.

Competing reports are one thing, and we’re used to sorting through those.

But we don’t see competing reports from the same person, about themselves nearly so often. Especially not within such a short timeframe.

What may have happened was that Farrah was given an ultimatum by MTV or by producers: that she could do porn or Teen Mom, but not both.

(Honestly, that doesn’t sound fair — part of the point of being a reality star is for branding opportunities, and whatever we may think of Farrah, sex work is no less honest or valid than plugging a makeup brand on Instagram)

Only time will tell, at this point, though Farrah’s “Viacom Legal Confirms I have not been fired, I have not breached my contract,” does sound pretty official.

But what are we to make of this?

Farrah is posing here in some lingerie that hides everything except her bits. She’s using her hands to cover her nip nops, and it looks like absolutely nothing is covering part of her genitals.

She’s holding a riding crop and we have to say that she’s looking pretty darn good.

She captioned her post:

“‪#Shmoney mondayyyy ! Can’t wait to show you my exclusive lingerie line Dec 1st.”

She follows this with a gift emoji and a bag-of-money emoji.

“Behind the scenes! Photo shoot woot-woot! For the intrigued [sparkles emoji] wonderfully beautifully”

So this is her new lingerie line. Have another look:

We don’t think that anyone’s actually supposed to have intercourse through such a modestly sized hole in the outfit’s panties, but it’s certainly suggestive.

The riding crop is the only part of the whole ensemble that says “S&M” to us, but maybe there’s more to come that will put the fairly vanilla S&M toy into a context that makes sense.

Like we said, Farrah looks good here.

But … if she was getting into trouble with MTV folks for putting some toys into herself on camera for money, are they going to love her getting naked to hawk some lingerie?

This might put her deeper in the hole.

(Pun not intended)


Kylie and Kendall: SILENT on Their New Lingerie Line. What’s Going On?!

For as much backlash as Kendall and Kylie have gotten for what some describe as stealing the brands of other celebrities, you might expect them to not do that. Instead, it looks like they’re taking a page out of Beyonce’s book.

You know how Queen Bey 

Kendall and Kylie have come out with a new line of lingerie — but they haven’t said a word to promote it.

We don’t know if Kendall and Kylie aren’t proud of this particular product, if they think that Kylie’s pregnancy will generate all of the publicity that they could need, or if they’re experimentally flexing the power of their brand.

Or maybe they just forgot.

Whatever the reason, be it method or madness, Kendall and Kylie’s lingerie line is now available at Topshop. It’s called the “Kendall + Kylie” lingerie collection, and it launched on Wednesday.

And this occasion was heralded, not with a tweet, but with a whimper. … That is, neither sister plugged it on social media. That’s so rare for either of them, but for both of them to completely forget to promote their own products?

That’s almost enough to make you believe those bonkers celebrity clone theories.

Well, not really. But it sure is different. You’d think that Kris Jenner taught them better than that.

But maybe, just maybe, this isn’t an accident.

Cosmopolitan expressed their shock over Kendall and Kylie’s lingerie line going unannounced.

“But here’s the plot twist: They didn’t tell anyone. This isn’t even an ICYMI, because literally everyone missed it. The line simply appeared on Topshop’s website, as if by magic.”

Well … not by magic. Some writers and coders and maybe even some graphic designers set it up and then someone hit “publish.”

But there wasn’t any pomp and circumstance surrounding it, either.

Cosmo reported on the actual lingerie line itself.

“The capsule is co-designed by Fleur du Mal founder and creative director Jennifer Zuccarini, and it features plenty of velvet, mesh, and lace.”

That makes sense for lingerie.

“Styles range from sheer bodysuits to athletic shorts and basic bralettes.”

So some of it is designed to work as sexy outerwear. Despite the lack of promotional tweets or whatever, that’s very on-brand.

W Magazine shared that feeling of dismay.

“Kendall and Kylie Jenner aren’t usually shy about self promotion on social media. (After all, their family has built a career out of it.) But when their new collection with Topshop dropped today, there wasn’t as much as a tweet or post about it from either of the sisters.”

See? We’re not alone in thinking that this is out of character.

In fact, neither Kendall nor Kylie modeled for the clothing.

Instead, a brunette model with similar coloring to the Kardashian girls modeled the lingerie on the Topshop website. She looks great but, again, usually the Jenner sisters promote their own brand and use that as a key to their success.

The big theory that we have — and we’re not the only ones — to explain this is simple:

Maybe Kendall and Kylie are pulling a Beyonce. Beyonce is famous for dropping albums and music videos with zero notice. No announcements, no billboards, nothing.

It’s a power play on her part. Beyonce’s influence is such that her music tops charts by word of mouth.

Maybe Kendall and Kylie are testing the waters to see if they can mimic that strategy.

However, let’s put forward an alternate theory.

What if, rather than just a capricious experiment to see how powerful their brand is … if this is instead a test run for the future?

Kylie Jenner is about to become a mom. At 20. Which is bonkers. But that means that she’s not going to have the kind of free time that she used to.

That means less time for modeling her products and it also means less time for social media.

Kendall is a genuine, honest-to-goodness supermodel. She works for a living in perhaps the most “normal” job held by any member of the Kardashian clan.

Practically speaking, the two of them won’t be able to do as many in person promotions of their products in the near future. They need to know how well their goods are going to sell as they make financial plans in terms of personal spending and business decisions.

Maybe this is a test run for the future.

Or … maybe we’re reading too much into it.

What do you think?