UFC’s Brian Ortega Gunning for Khabib You’re On My ‘Bucket List’


If Brian Ortega takes out Max Holloway this weekend, he’s already got another big fight in his sites — Khabib Nurmagomedov

“We all have our bucket lists, right? And, my bucket list is to fight Max and fight Khabib,” Ortega told the guys on the “TMZ Sports” TV show. 

“Those are the top guys in the sport … those guys are the top dogs.”

In fact, Brian was at UFC 229 back in October when Khabib destroyed Conor McGregor and says it was essentially a scouting mission. 

“I was watching the fight and we were there and all I could think of was, ‘If I was in there, I would do this differently.'”

“And, that’s kinda when you start realizing that maybe you should share the Octagon with him … if you think you have the answer.”

Ortega also says he already knows how the fight would play out if they ever get to square off. 

But, before any of that happens, Brian takes on Holloway at UFC 231 on Saturday night.  

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Kylie, Selena, Justin & More: Who Tops the List of Instagram’s Top-Earners?

In case you somehow weren't aware, Kylie Jenner is rich.

Extremely rich.

Like, a few days shy of her 21st birthday, people are already talking about Kylie becoming a billionaire in the very near future.

Most of that cash comes from her wildly popular cosmetics line, but Kylie has a number of other revenue streams available, as well.

One of the big ones is Instagram, which enables Kim's little sister to earn an astonishing amount of cash as an "influencer."

Of course, Kylie is just one of many top stars who's raking in stacks on social media.

Check out our list of Instagram's top influencers to find out who's really getting rich from sponsored content:

1. Kylie Jenner: $ 1 Million Per Post

Kylie jenner in a leopard print dress
All hail the queen. According to Hopper HQ’s newly-released Instagram Rich List, Kylie earns up to $ 1 million for a single Instagram post.

2. Crazy Cash

Kylie jenner enjoys taking selfies
“Even in industry standards, getting paid anywhere near $ 1 million is eye-wateringly high,” says Hopper co-founder Mike Bandar.

3. A Massive Following

Kylie jenner pin up pic
With 112 million followers, it’s not hard to see why Kylie’s account is so attractive to advertisers, but it’s not just the size of her audience that makes her Instagram’s top dog.

4. The Queen of Influence

Kylie jenner at gala
Kylie’s followers are, on average, young, impressionable, and happy to take cues from the world’s most successful 20-year-old when it comes to their consumption habits. Of course, Kylizzle isn’t the only one who holds a ton of sway over the young women of the ‘Gram …

5. Selena Gomez: $ 800,000 Per Post

Selena gomez turns 26
Yes, SelGo is another celeb who’s getting insanely rich just by getting paid to do what you do for free every day.

6. Winner of the Popularity Contest

Selena gomez on the 4th
Selena’s following on Instagram is almost unfathomably massive. Hopper reports that the singer currently has 139 million followers, which is slightly more than the list’s next-highest earner …

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Jenelle Evans to MTV: Here’s My List of INSANE Demands!

Filming for the ninth season of Teen Mom 2 is currently underway, and thus far, Jenelle Evans has not participated.

As you're probably aware, Jenelle isn't on the greatest terms with the network that made her famous.

It doesn't help that MTV fired David Eason from the show, but Jenelle's gripes go well beyond concerns about her unemployed husband.

For one thing, it seems Evans' recent road rage incident has led producers to implement some new safety policies — and Jenelle is refusing to abide by the new rules.

The Ashley's Reality Roundup has obtained a full list of Jenelle's demands, and they're every bit as bonkers as you would expect:

1. On Strike

Jenelle evans eye roll
Yes, Jenelle is officially holding out. And it may be quite some time before MTV agrees to meet all of her demands.

2. Hurricane Season

Jenelle evans in glasses
Of course, Jenelle didn’t earn the nickname “the Carolina Hurricane” simply because she kinda blows. No, her temper is notorious, and it seems MTV execs are now experiencing Evans’ full wrath.

3. The Drama Queen

Jenelle raging on the road
Jenelle may be a pain to work with, but she’s so good for ratings that producers are dying to bring her back. “They are moving on with the show without her, but they really want her to sign on,” The Ashley’s source tells her.

4. The Negotiator

Red white and jenelle
“They have been negotiating back and forth for weeks to try to come to terms that both the network and Jenelle are happy with,” says the insider.

5. Eason Is the Reason

David eason allergic to shirts
At the center of the tense negotiations is Jenelle’s volatile husband David Eason.

6. What to Do About Dave?

Jenelle evans and david eason on july 4
Eason was fired from the show late last year, but it seems there’s still some debate about how to proceed with Jenelle, while simultaneously keeping Eason off camera.

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Floyd Mayweather Shades Conor McGregor Over Forbes List: I Coulda Been #1 and #4!

Floyd Mayweather isn’t ALL smiles over his top rank on Forbes’ highest paid athletes list this year … telling TMZ Sports he shoulda been technically No. 1 AND No. 4!! “Conor’s at No. 4 because of me,” Floyd said of the UFC superstar he boxed back…