Million Dollar Listing New York Star Fredrik Eklund: I’m a Dad!

Million Dollar Listing New York star Fredrik Eklund and his husband, Derek Kaplan, celebrated their baby shower just a month and a half ago.

Well, now some serious congratulations are in order.

Their twins have been born! See their precious photo below!

Over the summer, we learned that Fredrik Eklund and Bethenny Frankel were joining forces for a new reality series, Bethenny & Fredrik Property Project.

Honestly, we haven’t heard much about it since.

Part of that might just be because of the development process (honestly, the show’s initially announced name … needed work).

But in part, the news was overshadowed by some truly wonderful news in Fredrik’s life.

He and his husband’s surrogate wasn’t just pregnant — she was carrying fraternal twins!

(We’ve talked about reports, rumors, and speculation about different stars and their surrogates carrying twins before, but sometimes it happens, for real, especially if someone’s received fertility treatments or IVF)

Fredrik and Derek went ahead and named their expected son and daughter Fredrick and Milla.

Fredrik shared this photo of the happy couple with their newborns, tagging it:

“Happiest moment of my life. Welcome Fredrick and Milla to the world.”


The couple had suffered heartbreak in the past, as their surrogate in 2015 tragically miscarried. We absolutely understand why they waited to try again, but we’re obviously excited that they did.

They announced in August that they were expecting twins.

And, back in October, Fredrik tweeted a photo of him and Derek at their baby shower. Notice the balloons!

On Thanksgiving, they shared a family photo just days before their twins were due.

They captioned the photo below with some moving reflections on their journey.

“The last photo before the twins arrive in just a few days.”

They were sure to give credit where credit is due.

“So thankful… most of all to our surrogate, she’s become family through this.”

That is so sweet! And we know that this will be emotional for her, too.

“At night I put my hand on her stomach and feel Milla and Fredrick kicking & we can’t wait to finally welcome them home….”

And now they finally can!

“It’s hard to explain but Derek and I’ve both been so giggly all the time lately.”

Giggly or giddy? Both of those make sense when you’re excited.

“It’s like entering another dimension this thing, if you’ve had kids perhaps you can relate?”

A lot of parents can.

“I think my heart is going to explode when I finally hold them.”

We’re glad that we got the photo of them both holding their twins.

“We’re so appreciative of all the well-wishes and love [heart emoji] Happy Thanksgiving from us! #nextchapter”

And here’s the photo:

It’s so festive!

It’s always wonderful when children are born into a loving home.

Fredrik has studied economics, sold homes to big-name celebrities, stars on an Emmy-nominated reality series, and even did a very brief stint in gya porn when he was much younger.

But becoming a parent is going to be his and Derek’s greatest adventure.


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