Chris Pratt & Anna Faris Divorce Deal Includes 5-Mile Rule for Living Arrangements

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are split, but won’t be living too far from each other — it’s part of their divorce settlement … TMZ has learned. As we told you, Chris and Anna hammered out their divorce with the help of a private judge … who just…


Ariana Grande: Living a “Nightmare” Following Mac Miller Death

On Friday, the world learned of the passing of rapper Mac Miller, who died of an apparent drug overdose at the age of 26.

The outpouring of love for Miller and the support for his grieving family has been nonstop in the days since his untimely passing.

And today, two new developments serve as reminders of just how many lives Mac touched in his short time on earth and how keenly his loss is felt by those who loved him.

First, People magazine reported that Miller’s former girlfriend Ariana Grande is devastated by his death, to the point that she’s shown no interest in leaving the house, and loved ones have begun to fear that she’s neglecting her health.

“She completely broke down after she found out about Mac,” a source told People of Grande’s state.

“She can’t believe he isn’t here anymore. He was such a special person to her. She is very, very sad.”

The insider concluded:

“This is a nightmare for her.”

While few were as close with Mac as Ariana was, millions felt a kinship with the rapper, largely due to the confessional, soul-baring nature of his work.

Though he never achieved the mainstream superstardom so many felt he deserved, Miller remains an icon in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

And last night, the city paid tribute to Mac with a candlelight vigil in Frick Park Blue Slide a location made famous as the title of Miller’s debut album.

“We would like to bring the city together in full force for this legendary icon,” read a Facebook post about the event, which was hosted by Nightfall Records.

“Mac deserves to be sent off with an evening of celebrating his life, discussing his struggles, and remembering his stories; most importantly for his iconic work that brought joy into the lives of everybody who listened,” the post continued.

“We are welcoming all artists to come and paint, create, draw, live tribute art for this event.”

On social media as well as in the physical world, many paying tribute to Miller say their intentions are twofold:

They wish to call attention to the music of an underappreciated talent, as well as to raise awareness of the struggles that led to Mac’s untimely passing, so that others might avoid the same fate.

We wish them luck in those endeavors, and our thoughts go out to all who have been affected by the passing of Mac Miller.


Kate Gosselin HATES Hannah Living With Jon!

We have learned a lot about Jon and Kate Gosselin’s twisted battle for Hannah, who is allegedly currently living with her father and, for the first time in her life, free from Kate’s clutches.

Unfortunately, a lot about Hannah’s current situation remains unclear, except for the fact that Kate and Jon are butting heads in court.

Now, a source close to the Gosselin sheds a little more clarity on the whole situation.

According to what a source tells Life & Style, Kate is agonizing over this very complicated situation with Hannah and Jon.

“Kate is trying to be supportive of the situation,” the insider claims.

Is she, though? She’s been fighting a vaguely defined court battle with Jon recently.

“But the truth is,” the source reveals. “She hates that Hannah chose Jon over her.”

Now that is something that people have an easy time believing.

The insider shares that Kate is worried about a domino effect taking place among her children.

“The problem,” the insider explains. “Is that the kids are getting older and they’re starting to ask questions.”

We all reach a point at which we realize that our parents are just people, and that we shouldn’t take their word at face value.

“Some are still Team Mom,” the source continues. “But Team Dad is growing.”

The insider dishes that: “It’s a very divided household.”

In our earlier report, we mentioned how Jon and Kate were simply unable to get along, and that they’re still waging war in court.

“It’s never going to end,” the insider lamented.

Perhaps it will by the time that all of their children are adults.

“Even now, after all these years,” the source says. “Jon’s still trying to show the world that Kate’s the furthest thing from a great mom.”

We think that most of the world has a pretty good idea of exactly the sort of mother that Kate is — even if Kate doesn’t realize it herself.

As we mentioned, it is normal for people to realize that their parents can make mistakes and are just older human beings.

In the case of Jon and Kate’s eight children, however, they’re not an ordinary family.

Their parents decided to raise them on reality television.

Kate in particular is widely seen to be a nightmarish and aggressive human being and has been accused of abuse.

Jon looks better, in contrast, because he’s just seen as a loser.

Now that their children are getting older, they’re going to be able to look at their lives and their childhoods and realize how abnormal things really are in their lives with Kate.

That doesn’t mean that they’ll all go running to Jon. For one thing, he clearly cannot afford to take care of them all.

For another, however, some kids will cling to the life that they’ve known. Kind of like how some kids escape from cults when they’re older, but others refuse to stray.

Hannah — and, arguably, Collin — is stepping away from the life she’s known and becoming her own person. Which means that Kate is losing her iron grip on her kids.

That means an unhappy Kate, who is absolutely going to take it out on Jon in court in an effort to win back control. So, yeah, they might keep fighitng for years.


Selena Gomez: Living Her Best Life Without Justin Bieber!

While Justin Bieber’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin has been making waves, Selena Gomez has been quietly teasing her “very honest” new album.

Some feared that seeing her on-again, off-again get engaged just a few months after their breakup would be a devastating blow.

Instead, it sounds like her life is better than ever with him out of the picture.

InTouch Weekly reports that a source close to Selena says that the actress and singer is living her best life now that she’s Biebs-free.

“Selena’s on-again, off-again relationship with Justin left her a nervous wreck,” the insider shares.

We can only imagine the impact that his well-documented bad behavior and alleged substance abuse struggles had on her for years.

“Now that she’s accepted that it’s over for good,” the source reveals. “She actually feels relieved to close that chapter of her life.”

The insider continues: “For the first time in years, she feels free.”

“She’s distanced herself from her old Hollywood life,” the source divulges.

“And,” the insider continues, Selena has shifted away from “the fake friends that came with it.”

When you’re a talented, beautiful celebrity, people are going to want to cling to you on the offchance that it could one day benefit them.

Now, the source says, “She only surrounds herself with genuine people who love her for who she is.”

That is good. Your squad should always support you for who you are, not for what you can do for them.

So, in addition to working on her new album (I cannot wait!), what exactly is Selena reportedly up to now that she’s no longer exchanging bodily fluids with Justin?

The insider explains that Selena “spends most of her free time enjoying relaxing dinners or hanging by the pool with pals.”

Well, presumably she doesn’t spend all that much time with dinner. It only happens once a day.

But we get the picture.

“Selena has grown up a lot,” the source adds. “And feels so much more comfortable in her own skin.”

It fills our hearts with joy and peace to hear that Selena has finally been able to put Justin Bieber behind her in a non-sexual context.

We’re not saying that we’re jumping for joy at the idea of Hailey Baldwin, at 21 years of age, linking her life to Justin Bieber’s — potentially for decades to come.

But it is good to see that Selena has outgrown Justin and knows it.

Exes plant their hooks in your heart. Time makes it seem like the bad times weren’t so bad, until all that you remember are the good times. That’s how they get you.

Now, it looks like Selena has moved on. Finally, Justin has no hold on her.

With all of that said, we should say that we’re reluctant to take reports on Selena’s state of mind at face value unless they come from, you know, Selena herself.

Especially when it’s good news, like this is.

We always want to believe that our favorite celebrities are living their best lives.

We will say that we absolutely hope that this is true.

And, again, that we are really looking forward to new music from Selena.


Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth: Still Living In a Trailer With Their Baby?!

When Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth back in May of 2017, it initially looked as though she had found herself the ideal Duggar husband.

Austin is an Arkansas native, raised in the same Christian fundamentalist community that produced the Duggar clan.

He’s as God-fearing as his folks and seems to have no desire to rock the boat by relocating or subscribing to any belief systems that don’t align with Jim Bob’s.

But there might be one area in which Austin comes up a bit short.

It seems that he doesn’t share JB’s knack for attracting wealth like a magnetic prospector.

Before Austin received permission to propose to Joy-Anna, his very traditional father insisted that he demonstrate he can earn a living by flipping three houses.

The Duggars also supplement their incomes by flipping cars and properties, so Jim Bob was likely reassured by Austin’s abilities.

Unfortunately, it now looks as though those early successes may have been a case of beginner’s look.

By most accounts, Joy and Austin are struggling financially.

Despite purchasing and renovating a home before tying the knot, we now know that Joy and Austin are living in a trailer, which has led many fans to the conclusion that they were unable to afford a mortgage.

As In Touch Weekly points out, Joy confirmed the reports about her living situation on Instagram this week.

On Monday, Joy posted the above photo and announced that she would be cleaning her home all day.

The questions from fans began to pour in immediately.

“Did you guys list your house? I see you are living in the RV again,” one commenter queried.

“We’ll be posting an update soon!” Joy replied.

“Yes, we are living in a camper, and I love it!” 

Now, Joy and Austin are very young, and there’s certainly no shame in living in a trailer … for most people.

But the Duggars see wealth as an expression of God’s grace, and they view debt and poverty as the wages of sin.

Plus, Joy and Austin purchased a house and proudly documented the amount of work they put into renovating it.

So trailer park life was almost certainly not part of their plan for the future.

On top of everything else Joy-Anna and Austin welcomed their first child back in February, and a family that’s as concerned with appearances as the Duggars probably isn’t thrilled with having an infant grandchild in a trailer.

The situation left many fans wondering how something like this could have happened.

It may seem crazy that a member of one of reality TV’s most famous families would be so close to the poverty line, but when it comes to bank balances, the Duggars are no Kardashians.

Not only do they not earn nearly as much, but what they do earn has to be divided among the entire massive clan.

So it’s entirely possible that Joy and Austin might have failed to properly and now find themselves in dire financial straits.

Fortunately, if anyone has the means and connections to recover from such a scenario, it’s these two.


Duggar Kids Demand Time Off: We’re Sick of Living In Front of a Camera!

Often when the fine denizens of the internet are spewing invective against reality stars in some sort of online forum the phrase “get a real job” is bandied about.

Far be it for us to defend the Kardashians and Snookis of the world — people who could buy and sell us despite never having set foot in an office in their adult lives — but life as a reality star can actually be quite demanding.

And as the Duggar family is now learning the hard way, it’s particularly tough on young people.

According to a new report from Radar Online, the Jim Bob and Michelle’s offspring have essentially formed a union.

Their sole demand?

No more round-the-clock filming.

Yes, apparently, the Jana, Jill, Jessa, et al. are fed up with living their lives in the presence of a camera crew.

They don’t want to give up the gig entirely, mind you — it still beats the hell out of punching the clock at a 9 to 5, after all — they’re just sick of feeling like slaves to Counting On‘s demanding production schedule.

“The kids just don’t want to be in front of the cameras 24/7,” one insider tells Radar.

“They have a big break in between filming to carry on with their lives.”

Apparently, the driving force behind this mini-mutiny is second-eldest son John David Duggar.

John David is currently courting Abbie Burnett, and it seems he doesn’t want his first romantic relationship to be painstakingly documented by a full camera crew.

At first, it seems, he kept his relationship on the down-low, and now that it’s out in the open, he insists that he and Abbie be allowed some time away from the cameras.

“John David kept his relationship quiet and hidden so he could enjoy time without press,” says the source.

The other Duggars, apparently inspired by his example, have reportedly also demanded more private time.

But if you’re concerned about the future of Counting On, fear not.

The insider says the Duggar kids are planning to keep working for TLC for the foreseeable future.

“They will keep doing the show for a while,” the source says.

Sounds like they have at least a few more seasons left in them.

But just to be safe, you might want to watch Counting On online while you still can.


Khloe Kardashian to Tristan Thompson: Cleveland Sucks! We’re Living in LA!

Many were shocked when Khloe Kardashian made the decision not to dump Tristan Thompson after he was caught repeatedly cheating on her.

But perhaps no one found the news more surprising than Tristan himself.

You have to figure that dude thought he would be promptly kicked to the curb after footage of him canoodling with various strippers and NBA groupies made the rounds online.

And yet, all these months later, he and Khloe are still an item.

But if you were worried about Tristan getting off scot-free, fear not.

While it’s certainly true that he did plenty of getting off, it looks like he’s paying the price for all of that extra-marital activity.

For starters, Khloe and Tristan are in couple’s therapy these days, and we imagine those sessions consist of Tristan staring blankly at a wall and wishing death on J.R. Smith while Khloe and the therapist just unload on his ass.

On top of that, Tristan can kiss his carefree days in Drew Carey country goodbye.

Yes, it seems that just like LeBron before him, Tristan is moving to LA.

But while King James made the leap in hopes of securing another ring, Tristan did so because Khloe is holding all the cards these days.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Kardashians issued Khloe an ultimatum — dump Tristan, or we’re dumping you.

They seem to have mellowed on that stance, but it still can’t be totally comfortable for Thompson to be living in the heart of Kard clan country.

Khloe, on the other hand, is loving every second of it.

She recently took to her personal website to gush about the joys of life in Calabasas:

“I’m over the moon about being home!” Khloe wrote.

“Of course, I missed my actual house immensely while I was in Cleveland — there’s nothing like enjoying your own home.”

Khloe went on to state that the best part of the experience is watching baby True interact with her cousins:

“I’m most excited about being so close to my family,” she added.

“Getting the kids together and having True do all of her classes with her cousins is a great feeling!” 

As for Tristan, well — he’s reportedly making the best of it.

Sources say the situation remains uncomfortable, but he’s managing to get along with Khloe’s mom and sisters.

One of the few upsides to being a bad Kardashian boyfriend is that it’s almost impossible to be the worst Kardashian boyfriend.

Sure, Tristan is bad, bus is he worse than, say, Scott Disick? Hardly.

Khloe and Tristan will reportedly spend the entire NBA offseason in LA, and then temporarily relocate to Cleveland.

We’re sure Thompson is counting the days.

In fact, he might be the only one looking forward to this Cavs season.