Ryan Lochte: Look at My Son!

The unthinkable has happened… America’s most infamous liar is a father to a beautiful son. 

The father is Ryan Lochte, and he’s already hitting up Instagram with pictures to show off Caiden Zane Lochte to the world. 

It’s been a few days since we graced you with the news that the world champion swimmer was a father and now, we have the first pictures of the little guy for all of you to feast your eyes on. 

Have a look below.

“Now this is what it’s all about….. family!!!!!!! #Mommy #daddy #CZL”

The pretty picture was almost upstaged by Kayla Rae Reid’s side dose of cleavage, but that’s a story for another day. 

According to E! News, they are “so excited to be parents.” Isn’t everyone when they try for a baby and said baby arrives?


Kayla and Ryan got engaged in October last year, and they revealed the baby news just months after. But people questioned whether Ryan was lying about the baby news because he’s a well-known $ hit talker. 

Kayla also debuted her son on Instagram with a lengthy post that would make you think it was an advertisement for how amazing Ryan Lochte is. 

“My little pumpkin and that smirk,” the Playboy model said.

“After almost 26 hours of an unfortunate induced labor, the greatest joy entered our lives. Caiden Zane Lochte born 6-8-17. 7lbs and 14oz of pure bliss.” Reid continued, “I Immediately placed him on my chest, he looked me in the eyes and just gazed. I burst into tears, and I will cherish that unforgettable moment for the rest of my life.” 

“That moment, I felt so many sweet unexplainable feelings and an infinite amount of love. He is amazing in every single way, and I’m so lucky to be his mommy.”

“Ryan stayed by side the entire and encouraged me along the way,” the proud mother added.

“To see the look on his face when he saw Caiden was adorable and priceless, it was such an emotional moment for the both of us. I’m in awe every day, and I love watching our little man grow daily. His face melts my heart. #love #family #CaidenZaneLochte”

Considering all of the controversy surrounding Ryan Lochte lying about events that transpired in Rio during the summer Olympics, it sounds like 2017 is going to be the year Ryan grows up. 

To think, the only reason Lochte and Reid became a thing was that they bumped into one another in Hollywood. How’s that for fate? If you’re looking for love, don’t try bumping into people. You may find yourself arrested… unless you’re Ryan Lochte. 

There’s also word on the street that Ryan will be naming their next kid Jeah, because, well, he’s Ryan Lochte and he can do whatever he wants. 

We kid. Mostly.

What do you think about all of this?

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Ryan Lochte is Now Some Poor Kid’s Father

Sources have confirmed that Ryan Lochte and Karla Rae Reid have welcomed their first child.

S we’ll just go ahead and get this out of the way up front:

Oh hells, JEAH!

The world champion swimmer and the beautiful model are now parents to a healthy baby boy, according to Us Weekly sources.

The child entered the world at 5:46 a.m. on Thursday, June 8.

The multiple-time Olympic medalist announced in December that he and Reid were expecting a child together, just two months after also announcing they were engaged.

“My Christmas gift came early this year, can’t wait for next year!” the 32-year-old captioned a photo of himself kissing Reid’s belly in a cute Instagram post confirming the big news, adding at the time:

“Best news I’ve ever received #CLOUD9 #excited #family #love #2017.”

A month or so later, Lochte told Us Weekly that the future spouses wanted a “unique” name for their son… although they’ve not yet released the name of the baby boy.

Lochte and the model began dating last year after they bumped into each other at Hollywood’s Bootsy Bellows.

Literally, actually.

“We physically ran into each other. We grabbed each other’s hands and were looking into each other’s eyes. We clicked,” Reid told the New York Post in August of 2016.

She added of her initial impression of Lochte:

“I had always heard he was a player and a partyer. I always said I would never date an athlete. When I met him, he was the complete opposite of everything I thought he was.”

We all have that interpretation of Lochte.

He was suspended for 10 months in September by the U.S. Olympic Committee due to an incident in Brazil from last summer.

By all accounts, Lochte went out one night during the Olympics… got wasted… vandalized a gas station… and then lied about it to the press, saying he was robbed by locals.

Lochte eventually came clean about what happened and even spoke to Matt Lauer about it on The Today Show.

He came across as a pretty huge douchebag throughout the scandal, but he was nevertheless hired by Dancing with the Stars just a few weeks later.

But anyway. We digress.

Hopefully the athlete has learned from his mistakes and will be able to impart important lessons to his son.