Logan Paul’s Brother, Jake Paul, Defends YouTube’s Reaction to Controversy

Jake Paul isn’t making excuses for his big brother, Logan Paul … telling us YouTube’s got every right to drop the hammer, and says his brand hasn’t gone unscathed by Logan’s antics. We got Jake Monday at LAX and asked if he thought…


Logan Paul Uses Taser on Dead Animals, YouTube Suspends Ads

Just four days ago, Logan Paul returned from hiatus with more followers than he had before his shameful “suicide forest” controversy, in which he filmed and mocked a suicide victim.

A million new followers does not amount to a lesson learned. And Logan Paul just filmed himself doing something else awful and disturbing.

This time, YouTube has taken action by suspending all advertising from his channel.

Towards the end of Logan Paul’s video in which he announced his return to vlogging, he bragged about his increase in followers:

“I know for a fact everything I do from this point on will get criticism, it will get backlash, because I’m a very polarizing dude. You either love me, or you hate me.”

He forgot to mention that some people are blissfully unaware of his existence.

“So internet, please, use me, bro. Crucify me, vilify me, and I can promise you one thing, guys. I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be here for a minute.”

That is:

One, not the first time that he’s referred to criticism of his unconscionable behavior and compared it to the literal crucifixion of Jesus.

Two, straight out of the monologue of an insufferable anime villain.

For reasons that we cannot begin to fathom — because surely, even if he wanted controversy, he should have known to wait a couple of weeks — Logan Paul filmed himself tasering a dead rat.

He shows himself finding a couple of dead rats on his porch.

(Which is obviously massively suspicious; how many mansions have dead rats show up? We don’t see neighborhood cats leaving them as gifts)

He then repeatedly tasered one of the dead bodies. It’s always reassuring to see a privileged man taking out his violent impulses on dead animals. That’s one of the signs of a healthy mind, right?

So, obviously, it’s in poor taste and is massively inappropriate.

The fact that this is right on the heels of his video in Japan’s infamous “Suicide Forest” makes things even worse.

After that first dreadful video in Japan, which was culturally insensitive and also just, like, objectively insensitive, Logan Paul faced consequences from YouTube.

They reduced his cut of advertising revenues.

Now, however, YouTube has taken things a step further by cutting off all of Logan Paul’s advertising.

Being an obnoxious little s–t on camera while also being super handsome is how Logan Paul made his millions.

Alot of that is merchandising, but he made seven figures in 2017 from advertising revenue alone.

YouTube released a statement explaining why they had taken the drastic step of this suspension:

“This is not a decision we made lightly.”

Of course not. Logan Paul is a huge source of revenue for the streaming platform.

Suspending his ads hurts them, too. Imagine if NBC stopped airing ads on This Is Us?

(But also imagine if Kevin Hartley were an insufferable little fame monster instead of the talented, handsome actor that he is)

“We believe he has exhibited a pattern of behavior in his videos that makes his channel not only unsuitable for advertisers, but also potentially damaging to the broader creator community.”

YouTube is right to be concerned about a ripple effect. If YouTube stars get a bad reputation (well, a worse reputation), parents might start limiting access to YouTube rather than taking a close look at who is just giving a makeup tutorial versus who is ruining lives for fun and money.

Logan Paul was YouTube’s darling son, and now he’s hurting the brand so much that even his massive number of subscribers aren’t worth it.

This suspension is temporary, however, and it looks like YouTube is hoping that he will mellow out.

Unfortunately, when you reward a terrible young man’s behavior with fabulous wealth, it doesn’t exactly discourage him from being obnoxious.

Is Logan Paul even capable of learning his lesson now? He’s not a child, folks.

Or will he return after this suspension ends with some new terrible stunt to feed his martyrdom complex?


Logan Paul Returns to YouTube With More Followers Than Before!

Logan Paul was dragged by the internet after he filmed himself mocking a suicide victim. Since then, he's been penalized by YouTube and has apologized.

He's also taken what he calls a "break" from daily vlogging. Now, however, he's back.

And what's he been doing during this hiatus? Well, for one thing, he almost died.

Like Stacey Dash, Tom Brady, and Tomi Lahren, Logan Paul is a walking, talking reminder that being famous, beautiful, and rich does not in any way mean that you're a good person.

Long before his latest PR disaster, Logan Paul became a source of frustration and misery for his neighbors.

According to complaints from the young millionaire's upscale neighbors, the obnoxious antics that he carried out with friends for the camera had turned the area into a "war zone."

Infamously, Logan Paul did something worse in late December, making a video in which he mocked a suicide victim while filming a dead body in Japan's Aokigahara, better known as "Suicide Forest."

Publicly, Logan Paul apologized multiple times and was defended by adoring fans as well as by some kindhearted celebrities who, quite frankly, should have known better.

YouTube itself waited 11 entire days to respond to the controversy.

Many pointed out that, though Logan's YouTube antics are what bring in his millions, they're also a source of revenue for YouTube itself.

Despite the delay, YouTube ultimately penalized Logan Paul by stripping him from his rank within the community and by no longer actively promoting him.

Can he still rake in a fortune from his videos? Absolutely. But he's getting a smaller cut than he once did.

Announcing a need to "reflect," Logan Paul went on hiatus for a while.

Now, however, he's back.

Logan Paul has returned to YouTube with a 12-minute video, titled "Logan Paul Is Back."

Sporting a worse haircut, he stands beside his pool behind his mansion and speaks eagerly to his fans.

He apologizes for being away for a while, wants to clear things up, and also 

Logan Paul mentions that he is being sued for $ 4 million dollars — or, rather, that someone is threatening to sue him for that amount. He says that his lawyer has advised him against sharing these details.

He mentions that he "almost died" while skydiving, as his main parachute failed to deploy. He plans to milk that incident for an entire vlog episode, however.

He "mentions" that he's pledges $ 1 million to suicide prevention, by which we mean that he says this while also making the text pop up on the screen like the world's worst episode of Clarissa Explains It All.

He also does some pelvic thrusts in the air, mocks the haters who want his channel removed from YouTube, and 

Also, he sure says "dawg" and "yo" an awful lot for a white millionaire who is also an adult and a Republican.

Also, Logan Paul implores his fans to buy his merchandise — because, you know, with YouTube limiting his income, he's in such dire straits?

Logan Paul raked in $ 12.5 million in 2017. Of that, only $ 3.25 million came from YouTube ads.

He makes tens of thousands per sponsored Instagram post, and he makes six figures per Facebook post. Cry us a freakin' river.

The worst thing about all of this is that Logan Paul currently has more followers than he did before the controversial suicide video.

When famous people don't face any real consequences — when their fans stick by them and when people rush to their defense — they don't learn from their mistakes.

Logan paul returns to youtube with more followers than before