Kailyn Lowry: Did She Just Confirm She’s Back With Chris Lopez?!

When Kailyn Lowry welcomed her third child back in August of 2017, her relationship with the boy's father, Chris Lopez, was strained, to say the least.

In fact, at that point, Kail and Chris basically had no relationship at all.

They dated briefly, but by the time little Lux entered the world, his parents were barely on speaking terms.

So you can imagine how surprised Kail's social media followers were when she recently hinted that she and Chris are attempting to work things out.

Take a look:

1. Back At It?

Kailyn with chris
Kail and Chris have been spending a LOT of time together lately. And from the looks of their latest photos, the two are more than just friends.

2. Kail’s Confirmation

Kailyn lowry for good american
Kail recently addressed the relationship rumors on Instagram, stating that “everyone’s been asking” about her relationship with Chris, then linking to a previous Hollywood Gossip article on the subject.

3. Just Having Fun?

Kail lowry fashion
Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a couple again. It’s possible Kail was just having fun with fans when she answered that question … or that she’s just having fun with Chris.

4. Spilling the Tea

Kail lowry on instagram
The subject came up again during a recent Instagram Q&A when a fan asked Kail bluntly, “Are you single?” Lowry responded, “Nope.”

5. The Chris Question

Kailyn lowry in black and white
Kail didn’t answer any follow-up questions about the identity of her new boyfriend, but fans think it’s pretty clear she’s back with Chris.

6. Mixed Response

Kail on teen mom 2
It seems that most fans are happy for Kail, but many have pointed out that Chris has shown himself to be a less than ideal partner in the past.

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Kailyn Lowry: Is She REALLY Back Together With Chris Lopez?!

Of all the current and former stars of the Teen Mom franchise, it's possible that no one has been as straightforward and candid with their fans as Kailyn Lowry.

On Twitter, in multiple bestselling memoirs, and on her wildly popular podcast, Lowry frequently "goes there" in terms of opening up about her personal life.

Which may be why so many of her fans are confused by Kail's recent secrecy about her love life.

Of course, if Lowry is really back together with Chris Lopez, as has been rumored in recent weeks, she has good reason to keep that information to herself.

Take a look:

1. Working It Out

Kailyn and her family
It’s been a rocky road for Kail and Chris, but these days, it seems Lux’s parents may have decided to give their relationship another chance.

2. Dark Days

Kailyn lowry looks happy
Kail and Chris are in a good place these days, but that’s a fairly recent development.

3. Reformed Bad Dad

Chris lopez and lux
Just a few months ago, Kail was publicly chastising Chris for being an “Instagram dad,” posting photos on social media in order to give the false impression that he actually spends time with his son.

4. A Bad Breakup

Kail pic teen mom 2
She even revealed to fans that her first breakup with Lopez was so painful that it left her with PTSD.

5. So Many Ways

Kail lowry fashion
In her most recent memoir, Kailyn revealed that she was “hurt in so many ways” by her breakup with Lopez.

6. Scary Stuff

Kail on teen mom 2
“I’ve had my bedroom window broken while the baby was asleep,” Lowry wrote. “My back door has been broken while all of my kids were home.”

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: Engaged?!

For ages, fans have longed to know if a Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez wedding is on the way.

They’ve been official for more than a year and a half.

Now, fans believe that they’ve spotted J Lo sporting a massive diamind ring. Take a look, below:

The ring made its debut on Alex Rodriguez’s Instagram in a video set in the stands of a baseball stadium.

“Alright, here we are at Fenway,” Alex says.

“After four and a half… two to one, Dodgers!” he says.

Then he asks: “Jennifer, what’s the sign?”

She gestures, as you’re about to see, as if making a ruling on the game.

“Alright, there you have it,” he says. “Looks like a hit and run, back to you, Joe!”

Fans and followers were less interested in his pretend sports commentary than they were in that whopper of a diamond ring.

“Yoooooo did somebody get their ring?!” asked a fan.

That fan continued: “Forget the finals, tell me this is real!”

“That’s a big rock for Jenny from the block!” quipped another commenter.

“What is that bling @jlo,” another asked. “Are you love birds engaged?”

After more than a year and a half of officially dating, it would not be a surprise.

Now, some folks very wisely pointed out that this may have been bait or that these hopeful fans may have been jumping the gun.

After all, the ring appears to be on J Lo’s right hand — not, traditionally speaking, where one wears a ring.

But some very observant followers noticed that, in comparison to other phtoos, she and Alex’s positions seemed to be reversed.

In other words, that the video was mirrored.

“She’s actually on opposite side,” a commenter writes. “Watch her video, it’s on her left and she’s sitting to the right of him.”

If that comment is correct, she’s wearing a huge diamond ring on her left ring finger.

Jennifer Lopez shows her ring on IG

A pal of Alex made a very blunt comment.

The comment reads: “The sign I see is engagement!”

Those words were followed by three diamond emojis.

Curiously, Alex chose to respond.

“Hi Kimberly!” he wrote back. “Miss you guys!”

He followed his words with a thumbs up emoji.

Out of everything, Alex’s comment-without-commenting seems like the strongest indicator.

Sometimes, celebrities leak their own news in a way that gives them plausible deniability about it.

They drop hints and build up hype before they’re ready to make things official.

In the mean time, sometimes celebrities play pranks on their fans when those fans are hoping for something. 

It’s weird, we know.

Finally, sometimes people don’t even think about their jewelry or what it might signify. Yes, even public figures.

These two didn’t go public until March of 2017, but were believed to be dating before that.

It may be that they have now taken the next step and are simply engaged in plain sight.

No matter what fans may hope to hear, it is perfectly alright for them to simply enjoy their time as a couple.

Sometimes, you want to try things out before you make a big announcement. Just to be sure.