Chris Lopez: Is He Fighting Kailyn Lowry For Custody of Lux?!

When Kailyn Lowry welcomed her third child back in August, many wondered if baby daddy Chris Lopez would play any role at all in the boy’s life.

Thus far, it seems the skeptics were right, and Lopez has largely been an absentee dad.

Now, however, it looks like he’s planning to make up for lost time–and that could be bad news for Kailyn.

A cryptic tweet posted by Lopez earlier this week has many fans wondering if the Delaware State University student is planning to fight his ex for custody of little Lux.

Lopez wrote simply, “The wait is almost over.”

Obviously, the tweet doesn’t contain much in the way of new information, but many Teen Mom 2 fans believe Lopez is hinting that he’ll soon be waging a custody war against Kailyn.

It would be something of a surprise move, as Lopez has apparently shown little interest in being a part of his son’s life in the months since Lux entered the world.

During the Teen Mom 2 reunion show filmed back in October, Kailyn revealed that she and Chris hadn’t been in contact with one another for several weeks.

“Chris and I haven’t seen each other in a month so he hasn’t seen the baby, either,” Kailyn told host Dr. Drew Pinksy.

“It’s kind of a hard pill to swallow,” she added.

Lowry went on to describe her relationship with Lopez in a decidedly unflattering fashion:

“You know, he cheated on me my whole pregnancy. The things I went through… All the way leading up to having him was something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy,” she told Pinsky.

“You know, it was like, ‘Oh, it’ll get better, it’ll get better’ and then it never got better. There’s no contact at all.” 

Recently, Chris has stooped to taking shots at Kailyn on social media, such as the photo below which shows him burning a copy of her latest memoir.

Sadly, Lowry’s description of Lopez as a deadbeat dad doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

During her pregnancy, Lopez reportedly informed Kailyn that he would fulfill his financial obligations to her, but had no interest in serving as a father figure in Lux’s life.

It’s unclear when exactly Lopez changed his mind, but it’s clear that in Kailyn’s eyes, the decision came too late.

Just last week, Kailyn changed Lux’s last name from Lopez to Lowry, seemingly to spite Chris.

Needless to say, it doesn’t look as though Kail and Chris will be able to resolve their issues amicably.

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Kailyn Lowry: I’m Changing Lux’s Name to Spite Chris Lopez!

Right now, Kailyn Lowry is dating Dominique Potter and she’s well on her way to living her best life. She has three beautiful children, and she’s doing a more than decent job of coparenting with her exes.

Well … except for Chris Lopez. Things with him have been bad for a while, and now they’re getting worse.

In fact, things with Kailyn’s latest baby daddy are so toxic that Kailyn’s taking a drastic step: changing Lux’s name.

We all remember the saga of “Baby Lo.”

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry got pregnant by Chris Lopez, but then complained that he basically jumped ship right away.

And one of the many contentious issues between Kailyn and Chris was that, well, they just couldn’t settle on a name for the baby.

Kailyn supplied the nickname “Baby Lo.” And for two entire months after Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her third son, the adorable little boy didn’t seem to have an official name.

The origin of “Baby Lo” was pretty obvious — he was a baby and his father’s last name was Lopez. And his mother’s last name was Lowry.

Kailyn ended up having to name him unilaterally, picking Lux for his first name and Russell for his last name. Not a bad name, actually.

The reason that she had to make the decision herself is because Chris Lopez apparently couldn’t agree with her on any of the names, which is why the naming process dragged on for months.

But honestly? That’s not even the worst thing about Chris Lopez. Not by a longshot.

As we mentioned, Kailyn Lowry rules at coparenting with the respective fathers of Isaac and Lincoln.

But with Chris Lopez, it’s another story.

We’ve already heard Kailyn describe how Chris cheated on her nonstop during her pregnancy, and about how he’s been a total deadbeat dad since Lux was born.

But what Kailyn’s been reluctant to speak about publicly is the real, scary reason she keeps Lux away from Chris Lopez.

Reportedly, Chris Lopez doesn’t limit his violence to burning books. He’s apparently damaged her home multiple times in efforts to break in following their breakup.

Worse, he’s allegedly hit Kailyn herself, including while she was holding their baby.

(Nothing’s worse than domestic violence, but if there were something worse, it would be domestic violence coupled with endangering a child)

After reading about these allegations, we honestly breathe a sigh of relief over Chris Lopez’s deadbeat dad status. With a guy like that, absence is the best gift that he could give.

Despite Kailyn’s multiple and arguably misguided efforts to make things work … Chris Lopez is still Chris Lopez.

And it sounds like Kailyn has had enough with Chris Lopez refusing to so much as acknowledge paternity (while nonetheless whining about Kailyn keeping Lux from him).

RadarOnline reports that Kailyn Lowry is changing Lux Russell’s last name, legally, to “Lowry” from “Lopez.”

(Conveniently, that won’t mean an initial change)

It sounds like fair game to erase Chris Lopez from Lux’s name since Chris refuses to signify paternity anyway.

Interestingly, we’d heard Kailyn Lowry say that Lux has her last name back in October, about a week after we learned Lux’s name.

But … it sounds like she was bluffing at the time, or perhaps threatening.

Which would mean that she’s now following through with it.

Honestly, we’ve always thought that it’s silly for single moms — Kailyn isn’t single right now, but she was after her breakup from Chris Lopez — to give their kids the baby daddy’s last name.

Oh, if the dad died in a fire or if she hopes that the kid will one day be accepted, that’s one thing. But why should a guy who contributed almost nothing get to have his name passed down?

Plus, it can lead to awkward questions about mismatched names.

We think that Kailyn’s making the right choice by letting Lux’s name be a reflection of her.

Maybe she and Dom, if things stay strong between them, can create all of the household stability that Lux needs.


Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez is a Cheater and a Deadbeat Dad!

Kailyn Lowry has a whole, whole lot of drama going on her life on a regular basis.

She's famous for starring on a reality show about teen pregnancy — it's to be expected.

During this season of Teen Mom 2, many of her issues revolved around her relationship with her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, and the question of whether or not he'd even have a relationship with their child.

In the season finale, we saw her welcome little baby Lux, and though we didn't see Chris, we did hear about how he managed to be there for his birth.

He also brought Kailyn and Lux home from the hospital, so it seemed like things may have been looking up for the new little family.

But last night the reunion special aired … and Kailyn gave a pretty upsetting update on the situation.

1. Deadbeat Dad

Kailyn at teen mom 2 reunion
Kailyn got right to the point during her interview at the reunion, telling Dr. Drew that “Chris and I haven’t seen each other in a month so he hasn’t seen the baby, either.” She added that it was “kind of a hard pill to swallow.”

2. So Sad

Kailyn and baby lo
The reunion was filmed on October 21st, and Lux was born on August 5th, so he would have been right around two and a half months old when Kailyn said that. So she’s saying that Chris was involved in Lux’s life for just about six weeks before splitting.

3. Scandal After Scandal

Chris lopez son
Kailyn also told Dr. Drew that Chris “cheated on my my whole pregnancy,” and while that’s very sad, it’s not exactly new information.

4. "Other Hoes"

Kailyn lowry via instagram
In multiple episodes during this season, she’s alluded to the fact that she wasn’t the only woman in Chris’ life. Once she referred to the “other hoes” he’d been talking to, and on a different occasion, when asked about his whereabouts, she stated that he was “with his other girlfriend.”

5. The Other Woman?

Kailyn lowry in a jean jacket
In fact, rumor has it that perhaps Chris didn’t cheat on Kailyn — perhaps she’s the woman he cheated with. According to some reports, he began hooking up with her after breaking up with his girlfriend, and that he went back to that girlfriend soon after.

6. Were They Even Dating?!

Chris lopez burns kailyns book
Some reports also claim that Chris couldn’t have cheated on Kailyn because they were never officially together — they were just friends who had a fling that happened to result in a baby.

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Kailyn Lowry Ex Chris Lopez: Slammed After Tweeting About Missing Lux!

Unfortunately, when you accumulate enough baby daddies, your odds of encountering dead beats and worse go up and up. Unfortunately, the odds aren’t that low to begin with.

And Kailyn Lowry knows that all too well.

Well Chris Lopez has the audacity to blame Kailyn for his separation from their baby, Lux. And he’s using social media to play the victim.

The Teen Mom franchise is full of deadbeat dads.

After all, the girls didn’t get to star on 16 and Pregnant through parthenogenesis. They had help. Thus, baby daddies.

And, though this may shock you, the kinds of guys who get girls pregnant in high school aren’t always the most reliable, dependable sorts. Who knew?

Briana DeJesus in particular comes to mind when it comes to Teen Mom 2 stars and deadbeats, but Briana doesn’t have a monopoly on them. 

While Kailyn Lowry’s most famous ex, Javi Marroquin, shows up in her life (and in Briana DeJesus — Javi is a guy who knows how to cling to fame even when he’s an ex), Chris Lopez does not.

He reportedly refused and continues to refuse to sign any paperwork assuming legal fatherhood over his child, baby Lux.

(Yes, Kailyn Lowry took ages to finally name him, but Lux is a pretty good if unusual name, we think)

Weird that he’s publicly complaining about not seeing a baby he won’t even claim as his, but we guess that he’s trying to have his cake (time with his baby) and eat it, too (zero responsibilities, financial or otherwise).

Which is pretty gross.

Despite his deadbeat status, we might almost feel sorry for Chris Lopez.


But we’ve heard the scary reason that Kailyn keeps Chris Lopez away, and it’s so much more than a paperwork issue.

Reportedly, though Kailyn’s managed to keep it off of Teen Mom 2 for reasons that we can guess but cannot understand, Chris Lopez has been violent.

Violent with Kailyn’s home while trying to break in to see Lux, leaving damage to both her door and window.

Which is terrifying.

But also violent with Kailyn herself, apparently having hit her while she was holding Lux.

That’s not just scary — that’s monstrous.

It sounds like Lux needs to be kept approximately 9 million feet from Chris Lopez at all times.\

So Kailyn’s doing the right thing.

Chris Lopez doesn’t see it that way.

If you buy his narrative, he’s the victim here, and Kailyn Lowry is keeping him from seeing baby Lux for, we suppose, no good reason.

In a recent tweet to fans, Chris Lopez wrote:

“Miss my youngin.”

While, in light of what’s been reported about his violent behavior, we’re not eager for him to be around Lux or Kailyn ever again, it’s perplexing that he’d say things like this but not file some simple paternity paperwork.

It’s enough to make us wonder if he’s just using this situation to try to milk his followers for attention and sympathy. Ugh.

His followers weren’t falling for it — not all of them, at least.

His tweet got replies, some calling him “pathetic.”

Others said: “He doesn’t miss [you]. She said you’re a deadbeat.”

Of course, it’s been reported that Chris Lopez’s mother wants him to file for full custody of Lux, as she is said to disapprove of Kailyn and, like too many mothers, probably refuses to see the bad in her own son.

Even if you choose to not believe the reports about Chris Lopez’s alleged violence towards Kailyn and her home, remember that there have been other alarming things about her latest baby daddy.

Chris Lopez burned Kailyn’s book in a public diss.

Because nothing says “I should be allowed to supervise a baby” like burning a book in a populated apartment building, right?

Since Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin are still in their kids lives, Chris Lopez’s current problems seem to be caused by Chris Lopez — not by Kailyn.

But some guys will always see themselves as the victims, because that’s the way that they want to see the world.