Kailyn Lowry: Is She Trying to Get Pregnant By Chris Lopez?!

The Teen Mom franchise has shown us some pretty bad dads over the years, but Chris Lopez might actually be the worst of the lot.

We know what you’re thinking — how could this guy possibly be worse than Ryan Edwards or Adam Lind? — but hear us out.

Adam and Ryan have at least made half-hearted attempts to be involved with their kids’ lives.

According to his baby mama Kailyn Lowry, Lopez is merely an “Instagram dad,” who poses for pics with little Lux, but isn’t there when his son actually needs him.

Granted, we’re going entirely off of Kail’s comments about the guy, as Chris refuses to appear on Teen Mom 2, but she has a reputation as being among the most honest and least BS-y of the Teen Moms.

Several dudes have done Kail dirty over the years (we’re looking at you, Javi), so if she says Chris seriously sucks, we’re inclined to believe her.

But as anyone who’s ever sent a late-night “u up” text to a horrendous ex knows, sometimes what the head and the heart (or the genitals) want or two very different things.

It’s partially for that reason that fans are convinced Kail is still hooking up with Chris on the sly.

There’s even a very specific rumor that Kailyn is trying to get pregnant by Lopez.

As far as we can tell, this is a result of the fact that she stated Lowry said she wants a fourth baby, and Chris is a man who was recently in her vicinity. 

Some have even gone so far as to “call out” Lowry directly on social media, as though she’s just gonna break down and confess because someone tweeted at her:

“So when Chris wasn’t jumping in your pool, I take it he was jumping in your bed? You did say you wanted another baby by him right?!

Never one to shy away from a troll, Lowry replied with her signature brand of sarcasm:

“Yes, that’s what I do with him in all my free time,” she tweeted.

Now, we all know Lowry isn’t above hooking up with an ex, but if she were looking to bring another kid into the world, we’re pretty sure Chris would be very low on her list of potential baby daddies.

The guy is barely around for the kid he already has.

Plus he won’t go in front of a camera, which means all the drama he brings into Kail’s life doesn’t even equate to more screentime.

Talk about lose-lose situation.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on Kail’s turbulent love life.


Kailyn Lowry Says Chris Lopez is Her First Love (Wait, What?!?)

Kailyn Lowry has dated many men.

We say this without a hint of judgment; it's simply a fact.

The Teen Mom 2 star has been married once and has three babies by three different men.

But while Kailyn has open been very candid about these relationships, both their ups and their downs, we were shocked by something she said a new Q&A session on her official blog.

What bombshell did she drop about third baby daddy Chris Lopez?

You'll be as shocked as we were when you find out below…

1. He’s a Deadbeat Dad!

Kailyn lowry looks pretty
This is what Lowry said about Chris Lopez not long after her son Lux was born. She came down hard on him in March of 2018 for never actually be there for his child.

2. Instagram Isn’t Real Life

Kailyn lowry on podcast
“Don’t be an Instagram parent.” This is what Kailyn wrote in response to Lopez sharing a photo online of Lux despite, in her view, rarely being around to care for him.

3. But That was Then

Chris lopez and lux
Of late, Lowry has said slightly more flattering things about Lopez. Heck, she allegedly wants to use his his sperm to get pregnant again, which means she can’t TOTALLY hate the guy.

4. Still, We Weren’t Prepared for This

Kailyn lowry ad
In the Q&A we cited above, Lowry was asked the following question: “Out of all the obstacles in life you’ve overcome, which was the toughest? Why? How did you get through it?” She considered this inquiry and gave a lengthy response.

5. Well, There Was My First Huge Break-Up…

Kailyn lowry jo rivera image
“When I think about everything I’ve been through, two things instantly come to mind,” Lowry said to open her response. “First was moving on from living with Jo and his family, and into an apartment alone with [first son] Isaac. The whole struggle of no longer being a “family” and understanding my feelings that went into all of those decisions was really tough.” Fair enough, right?

6. Kailyn Continued:

Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo
“I really struggled with the realization that the entire situation I was in, including my relationship with Jo, was not meant for me. I was so thankful that Jo’s family was there for me, but Jo and I weren’t meant for each other. Of course, even though I knew this, it was still hard to see him moving on. We were 18 years old with a child together, and I really didn’t know how to understand what I was feeling or properly cope with it.”

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Dominique Potter: Kailyn Lowry Cheated On Me With Chris Lopez!

Back in November of 2017, Kailyn Lowry briefly dated Dominique Potter, a longtime friend who eventually became a love interest.

The relationship was a short one — Kailyn and Dominique broke up after just a few weeks together — but Lowry is still feeling the fallout from her time with Potter.

Not only did the relationship recently play out on new episodes of Teen Mom 2, but Potter has been speaking candidly about her relationship with Kailyn in a series of eye-opening interviews.

And Dom's latest comments might cause some viewers to look at Kailyn in an entirely new light.

Check out what she had to say in the gallery below:

1. Happier Times

Dom potter
At the start of their relationship, Kail and Dom moved at breakneck speed. Potter even relocated to Delaware to be closer to Lowry.

2. A Mutual Feeling

Dominique potter and kailyn
But it doesn’t seem that Dom was the only one rushing the relationship. Kail often took to social media to gush about Potter and post pics of the two of them together.

3. A Major Step

Dominique potter with kailyn lowrys son
Kail even introduced Dom to her kids, a step she’s said she only takes in cases where she feels that a romantic partner will be around for a long time.

4. Promising Signs

Kailyn lowry dominique potter photo
Fans really began to think that Kail and Dom would be in it for the long haul. Then, something highly unexpected happened …

5. A Messy Split

Kailyn lowry with dominique potter
As quickly as Kail and Dom’s relationship began, it was over. Fans were left with a lot of questions — and as it turns out, they weren’t alone.

6. Dom Is Confused

Dominique potter image
Potter now says she’s unclear about exactly why Kal decided to end their relationship. But at the moment, there are even more important questions that she wants answered …

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Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez Ruined Men for Me!

Kailyn Lowry … the girl's love life isn't boring, we'll say that much!

She always seems to find herself involved in some sort of drama or another, whether it's with exes, or — no, come to think of it, it's pretty much all drama with exes.

Although she and Jo Rivera, the father of her first son, Isaac, are on good terms and have been for a while, we can't say the same for her relationship with Javi Marroquin, the father of her second child.

After countless cheating accusations, a trip to Marriage Boot Camp, and just so many hurtful words and actions in general, Kailyn and Javi's divorce was finalized in late 2016, right around the time she got pregnant by Chris Lopez.

We're still not sure exactly what happened there, but it seems like Chris was a friend from college who she was occasionally hooking up with, and obviously they weren't too careful with birth control, and that's how little Lux came to be.

We do know that she was never in a relationship with Chris in the same way she was with Jo or Javi, and that Chris had another girlfriend throughout most or all of her pregnancy.

She's accused him several times of being a deadbeat dad, and he's denied those accusations, but since he refuses to appear on Teen Mom 2 and since he's not out there doing interviews or anything, we really don't know the specifics.

All we know for sure is that whatever went down between Kailyn and Chris was very, very bad.

And in this new sneak peek for this week's episode, she says it was bad enough to turn her off of men altogether.

In the clip, Kailyn's with her podcast crew, getting ready to record an episode, so they're talking about possible topics for discussion.

Her co-host, Lindsie Chrisley, suggests they talk about freezing eggs, but Kail has a different idea in mind.

"Truthfully, Lindsie, I'm gonna be honest with you, like I wanna talk about how I wanna bleach my asshole," she says. "I wanna talk about that."

Whatever floats your boat, girl.

Another friend asks what the point of such a procedure would be, and Kailyn explains that "I would want it to look clean if I were having sexual relations with someone."

Fair enough.

Another possible topic would be dating, but she says that's "too complicated," and knowing what we know now, about how she hooked up with Javi for a little bit and also dated her friend Dom, that seems accurate.

Someone asks if she was looking for a girl or a guy, and she says that she doesn't have a preference, but "I feel like a girl would get me more, like they have more patience."

"But," she adds, "I also compare everybody to Chris, and right now, every guy is like Chris, like, I want nothing to do with you."

It's not like that relationship somehow changed her sexual orientation though — she's always been open about being bisexual, and she had dated women before him.

But after having been with him, she says "I just want to stay far away from men."

Again, fair enough.

Her hookup with Javi happened after the conversation would have taken place, so obviously she's not swearing off the entire gender, but if she wants to be a little more cautious about who she dates, more power to her.

Watch Kailyn explain her feelings about men (and about her butthole!) in the video below:

Kailyn lowry chris lopez ruined men for me

Kailyn Lowry to Chris Lopez: Put Another Baby in Me!!!

If it feels like we've been drowing in Kailyn Lowry drama lately, it's because we sort of have been.

There's been all sorts of stuff going on with her feud with Briana DeJesus — we've been seeing the beginnings of it on Teen Mom 2, and it's still happening in real time, too.

And thanks to her weekly podcast, we've been learning all sorts of things about her, like her possible plans for plastic sugery and her desire to have a fourth child.

Oh, and speaking of that fourth child, Kailyn's offered up an update on that situation.

And you're not going to believe it.

1. Baby Daddy Drama

Kail lowry on instagram
So Kailyn has three children right now, and those three children have different fathers: she had her oldest son, Isaac, with high school boyfriend Jo Rivera, then she was married to Javi Marroquin when she had Lincoln, and finally, she conceived little Lux during a fling with Chris Lopez.

2. Good Terms

Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo
In the past, Kailyn and Jo haven’t gotten along, and at one point things were so bad that she even got an order of protection against him. She moved with Isaac from their home state of Pennsylvania to Delaware, but he followed them, and eventually they were able to work things out.

3. OK Terms

Javi kailyn and kids
Kailyn’s also had plenty of ups and downs with Javi — but like, major, major ups and downs. She had an order of protection against him, too, and their divorce was particularly messy. Things were OK with them for a while during her pregnancy with Lux, but he began dating Briana DeJesus shortly after, and things went south again. But now that Javi isn’t dating one of her co-stars, they’re doing all right.

4. And Then There Was Chris

Chris lopez and lux
As for Kailyn’s relationship with Chris … it’s very, very confusing.


Kailyn lowry strolls
We’ve heard a few different stories, but the gist of it seems to be that they were friends who started hooking up, even though he had a girlfriend. It seems like she liked him more than he liked her, but she has said that her pregnancy with him was planned.

6. Oh, Girl …

Kailyn lowry and baby lux at the beach
On the last season of Teen Mom 2, we saw her repeatedly reach out to Chris, only to be ignored. He didn’t seem to want anything to do with her, and for a while, it looked like he wasn’t going to be around for their baby at all.

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