Kailyn Lowry: I’m Still in Love With Chris Lopez, I Think! Maybe!

It's been over a year since Teen Mom 2 mainstay Kailyn Lowry welcomed her third child, a boy named Lux.

Kailyn never had much of a relationship with Lux's dad, and yet, reports that she's still in love with Chris Lopez continue to make their way across the social media landscape.

In a recent interview with In Touch, the always-candid, zero-you-know-whats given Kail opened up about Lopez in surprising fashion.

1. Kail, Chris, and Little Lux

Kailyn and her family
After a tumultuous year, it looks as though Lowry and Lopez have finally reached a co-parenting arrangement that works for both of them.

2. Lux Life

Lux at 1
Photos from Lux’s first birthday show Kail and Chris working together to make the day as memorable as possible.

3. Queen Kail

Kail lowry on instagram
Kailyn obviously doesn’t need anyone’s help in raising her three boys, but for obvious reasons, she would like her sons to have healthy relationships with their fathers.

4. Doing Her Best

Kail lowry fashion
And so, Kail has done everything in her power to work through her differences with Chris for the sake of baby Lux.

5. And … It’s Working?

Chris lopez son
Fans are overjoyed to see that Kail and Chris are back on good terms with one another — but make no mistake, the relationship between Lowry and Lopez remains intensely complicated.

6. Opening Up

Kailyn lowry via instagram
Kail discussed her feelings toward Chris in a recent Teen Mom 2 special entitled Secrets Revealed. And some fans were downright floored by what she had to say …

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Chris Lopez Gushes About Kailyn Lowry, Her Skills as a Mother

In the months before baby Lux was born, things had seemed to fall apart between Kailyn Lowry and her newest baby daddy, Chris Lopez.

Now, however, Kailyn and Chris are spending time together with their son. They’ve come a lon way from Chris burning Kail’s book.

In fact, Chris is taking to social media to gush about Kailyn’s parenting skills. Take a look:

Chris Lopez shared a sweet photo of baby Lux toddling across the grass, and had a lot to say about Kail.

“Sitting back,” Chris writes. “I got a lot of respect for his mother.”

That is such a welcome change to their co-parenting dynamic!

He says that he is impressed by how she manages “raising not only my son but her other boys as well.”

“I don’t know how she does it,” he admits. “Lol.”

Chris Lopez praises Kailyn Lowry parenting Lux

Chris continued, confessing that people who see children in photos and videos on social media are not getting the whole story.

“Bruh this lil’ man is a handful,” Chris admits.

“He not as sweet and innocent as y’all think,” he claims.

To be clear, Lux is definitely innocent. But babies and toddlers are still developing, which means that their emotions are out of control and their impulse control is almost non-existant.

“If anybody think parenting is easy is trippin,” Chris adds.

Chris affirms that he is not planning on fathering any additional children.

“No more for me,” Chris vows.

Chris then jokes: “He my birth control.”

Just to be clear, actual birth control is a pretty effective tool, also. Perhaps thoughts of Lux will prompt him to “bundle up’ during future dalliances.

(And, not for nothing, but vasectomies are reversible and have relatively short recovery times)

It’s wonderful to see that Chris Lopez and Kailyn Lowry are getting along well enough to co-parent.

In fact, based upon her social media activity, fans suspect that she’s banging Chris Lopez again.

(She teased fans with the implication that they’re banging again, while Chris, who is more privacy-oriented, was dismissive of the rumor)

But whether or not they’re flicking the light switch or whichever ridiculous euphemism for sex you prefer, even getting along as friends who share a son is a huge improvement.

We all remember how bad things were last year. …

Chris burned Kailyn’s book in an alarming display of anger on social media, claiming that she was keeping Lux from him.

She accused him of effectively ghosting her during her pregnancy and then being a deadbeat dad after Lux was born.

Oh, and she accused him of cheating on her. Overall, it did not paint a pretty picture and it didn’t seem like the two were ever going to make up.

This would have been sad for baby Lux. Having two parents whose relationship is deeply toxic is absolutely worse than having one parent. Children need stability and love.

We’re glad that they’re managing to get along and we hope that it lasts.

It’s also nice to see Chris posting very realistically about parenting. Kailyn recently bashed Kylie for making young motherhood look easy. Being a good parent, at any age, is the hardest job in the world.


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Kailyn Lowry: YES, I’m Sleeping With Chris Lopez!

Last year, when the world first learned that Kailyn Lowry was pregnant with her third child, there was much conjecture as to the identity of her third baby daddy.

By the time it was revealed that Chris Lopez was Lux's father, it was clear that Kail was smitten, but the relationship fizzled, despite her efforts to make it work.

Lopez seemed to have little interest in Kail or his own son, for that matter, and he flat-out refused to appear on Teen Mom 2.

These days, he's softened a bit and has begun spending more time with Lux.

Obviously, Kail is pleased that Lopez has stopped being an "Instagram dad" and has stepped his father game up, but is she so impressed that she's decided to give him another chance?

That's what it looks like based on Kail's latest Instagram activity…


1. Lux Life

Chris lopez and lux
After months of “deadbeat dad” allegations, Lopez has finally gotten more involved in his son’s life. And it seems Kail might soon have the family she’s always wanted.

2. Kail’s Crisis

Kailyn lowry supporting elephants
Kailyn and Chris met while they were both attending the University of Delaware, and they were friends for a brief period before they began hooking up.

3. An Unexpected Development

Kailyn lowry and baby lux at the beach
Kail got pregnant with Chris’ baby shortly after they became romantically involved, and the relationship fizzled not long after.

4. A Sad Time

Lopez chris
For a while, it looked as though Lopez would have no involvement in the life of his son. During that time, he was frequently and harshly criticized by TM2 fans.

5. Instagram Dad

Chris lopez with baby lux
There was a time when relations between Chris and Kail were so bad that she publicly accused him of being an “Instagram dad” and spending time with Lux solely so that he could post pics on social media.

6. A Change of Heart

Chris lopez son
Fortunately, these days, Chris is reportedly spending more time with Lux. And it seems he might have found his way back into Kail’s heart.

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Kailyn Lowry: PROOF That She’s Back with Chris Lopez?!

Kailyn Lowry’s relationship with Chris Lopez has been such a roller coaster ride, hasn’t it?

It’s honestly been a little exhausting, and we’re not even the ones in the relationship.

Of course, there hasn’t been an actual relationship for most of the time we’ve known Chris existed, has there?

From what we’ve heard, Kailyn met Chris in college, and they were friends for a while before they started hooking up.

And even though Kailyn became pregnant in late 2016, she and Chris never really had any great romance — she said on Teen Mom 2 that he had another girlfriend at the time.

Also on the show, we watched her struggle quite a bit with how uninvolved Chris seemed to be during the pregnancy.

She’d call him to invite him to appointments, and he wouldn’t show, and then when she was on vacation and was hospitalized for possible preeclampsia, he ignored her calls.

But when their son, Lux, was finally born, he did show up at the hospital, and he even took them home from the hospital.

He helped out for a bit, but before too long, he was gone again.

In this season of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn has accused him of being an “Instagram dad” — of just being around enough for pictures to share on social media so he looks good.

She also dealt with a bit of a custody battle with him over Lux.

It’s been very, very messy.

However, there’s been some evidence lately that things are actually good between these two now, despite everything.

More than good, even.

Speculation began a few weeks ago when Kailyn was tweeting about Lux’s first birthday party — at one point, she wrote “I was going to have a Coco theme party for Lux but Chris and I decided to change it last minute.”

That means they planned their son’s birthday party together, and as we saw in the photos she shared, Chris even showed up to the party.

They sure have come a long way, huh?

But of course, attenting their kid’s first birthday party together could just be good co-parenting, right?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re together.

No, some other posts she’s made recently do more to prove that.

This week, Kailyn shared a video on Instagram of her oldest son, Isaac, walking into his newly redecorated room, looking all precious and excited.

In her caption, she thanked Chris, which seems weird, right?

Other people thought so, too, and in a Q&A, also on Instagram, one of her followers asked her “Why did Chris help with Isaac’s room?”

“I guess the better question is why wouldn’t he have helped?” she responded.

… No, the better question is definitely the first one. It doesn’t make sense for Chris to work on Isaac’s room, Isaac isn’t his kid and, unlike Javi Marroquin, he never got that close to her other children.

As far as we can tell, the only reason that Kailyn would just assume Chris would help with things like that would be if they’re together again.

And in another answer in a Q&A, she pretty much confirmed it.

This time, someone asked “What’s your sex life like?”

“Only if it’s w you babyyyyy,” she replied.

And she tagged Chris.

How much more proof do we need that Kailyn and Chris are giving things another go?

Looks like she may make things work with her one true love after all!


Chris Lopez to Teen Mom 2 Fans: Leave Me Alone!

Don't get Chris Lopez wrong, okay?

He almost definitely did not mean to impregnate Kailyn Lowry back in the day, but this doesn't mean he now regrets it.

Feeling such a way would mean that Lopez wishes his son, Lux, were not alive — and we think it's very safe to assume this isn't the case.

Especially of late, it seems as though Lopez has really taken to this parenthood thing, most notably the way he attended Lux's first birthday party, even posing for a special family photo.

But the unprotected slipping of his P into Kailyn's V has turned Lopez into a quasi celebrity.

This comes with a few perks, but also with a handul of hindrances.

Based on the Tweets below, it's clear Lopez wishes he were far less known than he used to be. Scroll down to see what we mean…

1. The Saga of Chris Lopez

Kailyn lowry chris lopez split
Lopez briefly dated Lowry back in 2016. This relationship led to a pregnancy, although Kailyn worked hard to keep her third baby daddy’s identity secret until May of 2017.

2. Were They Ever Together as a Couple?

Chris lopez burns kailyns book
We think so, but not since the pregnancy was revealed to the public and not since little Lux entered the world. For the most part, Chris has barely even been involved in his child’s life.

3. Has Lopez Ever Appeared on Teen Mom 2?

Chris lopez with baby lux
No. But he’s been referenced by Kailyn, often in a negative light. She was very frustrated for the first few months of her son’s life because Lopez made little to no effort to see Lux.

4. But He Would Occasionally Pose on Social Media with Lux

Chris lopez and lux
Yes. This actually annoyed Lowry even more because she thought Chris was merely pretending to be a responsible parent in public. She slammed him as an “Instagram” (and deadbeat) dad.

5. But Now?

Kailyn and her family
Look at the picture above. It was snapped on Lux’s first birthday. Lopez and Lowry must be somewhat amicable at this point, right?

6. Still, There’s Backlash

Lux and his dad
There’s A LOT of backlash against Lopez, in fact. And it sounds as if he’s sick of taking crap from Lowry supporters and/or Teen Mom 2 viewers.

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