Taylor McKinney Trashes Ryan Edwards: You Jobless Loser!

Perhaps no star in the Teen Mom universe has generated more mixed feelings than Ryan Edwards.

When Ryan went to rehab last year, fans applauded his courage.

When he got out and immediately went back to drinking and making life miserable for his baby mama, Maci Bookout, viewers reacted with a mix of frustration and contempt.

But it seems one person who knows Ryan very well was never the slightest bit confused in his feelings toward the troubled 30-year-old.

Maci's husband, Taylor McKinney, flat-out doesn't like Ryan – and it seems he doesn't care who knows it.

1. Ryan’s Hope

Ryan edwards on teen mom o g
Ryan has been a source of frustration for Teen Mom OG fans over the years, as many have wondered why the troubled dad can’t get his act together and be the father that little Bentley deserves. And it seems no one has been more outraged by Ryan’s behavior than Taylor McKinney.

2. Taylor Talk

Maci bookout taylor mckinney a selfie
Taylor married Maci in October of 2016. In addition to Bentley, they’re raising two other children, Jade and Maverick.

3. Attempting Normalcy

Maci bookout and taylor mckinney pic
At first, Maci and Taylor made every effort to get along with Ryan, even inviting him to their wedding. Unfortunately, the peace wasn’t meant to last.

4. Ryan’s Rock Bottom

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
Relations began to deteriorate rapidly as Ryan’s drug problem worsened. In the summer of 2017, Ryan checked into rehab after losing consciousness during his own wedding. Unfortunately, the damage to his relationship with Maci and Taylor had already been done.

5. Delusional Mackenzie?

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer photo
Standifer has resolutely stood by her man throughout his many ups and downs. But now, fans are pushing back about some of the 21-year-old’s claims about her troubled husband.

6. Mackenzie’s Version

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer pic
On Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Mackenzie furiously defended Ryan, even going so far as to claim that Ryan was the one who left Mackenzie. Fans had a field day with the remark…

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Jamie Spears: Kevin Federline is a Broke Loser Who Wants Britney’s Fortune!

Last month, it was revealed that Britney’s ex Kevin Federline has asked for more child support. He is the father of both of her amazing sons.

While Britney treasures her children and would do anything for them, a lot of people are wondering how her current, substantial child support payments are falling short.

Which led to Britney’s father meeting with Kevin’s attorney and demanding to know why Kevin needs more cash.

Reportedly, Britney Spears is pissed that K-Fed is grubbing after more cash.

Really, anyone who’s ever had to pay a bill in their life has some questions about a guy who says that $ 20,000 a month isn’t enough to pay for two kids who only live with him sometimes.

Now, it turns out that someone else is mad about it — her dad.

Jamie (not to be confused with Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney’s sister) is Britney’s father, and he apparently sat down with Kevin’s attorney.

TMZ has details on how that meeting went down, and it does not sound like anybody left the room satisfied.

According to TMZ‘s report, the meeting was set up last week, when Jamie received a letter from K-Fed’s attorney, asking for a sit-down, face-to-face meeting to discuss Kevin’s request for more child support.

Jamie had apparently already been suspicious of why Kevin might “need” more child support money each month. So it’s probably safe to say that he was wary.

It seems that Kevin’s attorney told Jamie at this meeting that, since Jayden and Sean Preston are now 11 and 12 respectively, attending to their needs and wants during his time with them had grown more expensive.

(More than $ 10,000 per month each, apparently)

As you might imagine, Jamie then reportedly asked what exactly the boys needed but Kevin currently couldn’t afford to give them.

Kevin’s attorney apparently couldn’t answer, but told Jamie that Kevin wanted to be able to take care of the boys “at Britney’s level.”

(First of all, nobody is on Britney’s level, so jot that down)

Jamie replied that Britney hasn’t found that her tween sons are suddenly more expensive to look after, and that she’s taking care of them just as she always has.

So … Jamie wasn’t seeing what had really changed.

TMZ‘s sources say that this is when Kevin’s lawyer started singing Britney’s praises and listing her recent successes.

Britney’s Vegas residency has come to an end, and she made bank.

Jamie replied that he didn’t see how Britney’s success suddenly made her sons more expensive to support.

In fact, he didn’t see how that could have any bearing on child support payments. The couple divorced nearly 11 years ago.

Jamie, still suspicious of Kevin’s use of the funds, then pointed out that Britney is not responsible for supporting Kevin Federline’s other children or other families — because Sean Preston and Jayden have four half-siblings.

Besides, Britney paid K-Fed $ 1.3 million when they divorced and paid him spousal support for years. Normally spousal support is intended to help people whose careers were harmed or abandoned for marriage.

It’s difficult to argue that Kevin Federline’s fame or career was in any way worsened by his marriage to one of the most famous pop stars on the planet.

It’s clear from this report that Jamie seems to believe that K-Fed is funneling some of the child support money to unintended purposes, perhaps to himself or to his other children and other families.

And so Jamie apparently believes that any further money would also be misused.

It is possible, however, that Kevin wants to treat his sons, and that he feels increasingly inadequate in the face of their mother, one of the most talented and successful women that the world has ever seen or ever will see.

If it comes down to a court battle rather than a “quiet” settlement, it’s likely that Kevin will be asked to account for how that money is spent on his sons.

In turn, Kevin’s attorney will likely argue that Britney wasn’t actively touring in 2007, and that her newfound success means that the child support agreement should be revisited.

But … if Kevin can’t adequately explain how $ 20,000 a month for two pre-teens isn’t enough, he may find it challenging to be awarded what he wants.


Amber Portwood SLAMS Gary Shirley: I Made You Rich, Loser!

If you watched this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, then you know that Amber Portwood didn’t exactly come off looking great.

But amazingly, her tweets during the show proved even more damaging to her reputation!

The episode sees Amber’s baby daddy, Gary Shirley, and his wife, Kristina, voicing some of the same criticisms that fans have been directing at Amber in recent months.

Like so many of the show’s viewers, Gary and Kristina apparently feel that Amber should’ve spent more time looking into Andrew Glennon’s sketchy past before she started dating him seriously and got pregnant with his baby.

Not only that, they take issue with Amber not seeing her daughter for months and using her depression as a justification–despite the fact that she was apparently mentally healthy enough to begin dating Glennon.

Maybe Amber was depressed, and maybe too much is being made of Glennon’s past, but it’s not hard to see why a father and stepmother might be concerned by the situation.

And Gary voiced those concerns at length in the episode:

“I don’t know what skeletons he has in his closet, but honestly, she should have waited,” he said to Kristina.

“She should have taken more time with Leah and focused on her responsibility as being a mother than jumping into a relationship. Well, she was, like, ‘I was mourning.’ I know that you’re sad after breaking up with someone — I get it.”

“But your daughter can bring you just as much happiness,” Kristina interjected.

Not surprisingly, Gary agreed:

“From day one I’ve been a parent! From day one my issues never came in and stopped me from being a dad, you know?” he continued.

“I don’t have the option to not be a parent, but you can go off and do what you want to do. I mean, that would be f–king awesome! You know? And you’re OK with it because you’re used to it. But you know, there’s one person that’s not OK with it, and that’s Leah.”

From there, Kristina spiked the football by recounting a recent exchange with Leah:

“It’s just like she told me, you know? ‘Matt was in the picture. Mommy broke up with Matt. Mommy don’t come around then because she’s too depressed,'” she recalled.

“But then, all of a sudden, she brings over Andrew and she says: ‘Well Kristina, if she was too depressed to see me, she wasn’t too depressed to find a new man?’ And, you know, what do I say to that?”

Gary then recalled a period of time in which Leah was so depressed by her mother’s absence that she did nothing but sleep.

“Let’s adopt Leah,” Kristina proposed.

“I’m with you,” Gary replied.

Not surprisingly, Amber had much to say about the situation on social media:

“Make sure to watch Gary and Kristina tonight talking sh!t about me! It must be hard making money off of me! Being such a bad mom and all. Where would they be?” she tweeted.

“Wait..in a 1 bedroom shack in the ghetto of Anderson where he was before I got out and the show came back on!! Ignorant!”

And if you thought she’d stop there, you don’t know Amber:

“[Kristina] broke up her family for money and tv!” Amber tweeted, targeting Gary’s wife.

“Her husband got a restraining order on her cheating @ss with multiple people and then cheated with Gary! What about her daughter? Straight out of Gary’s mouth!!”

“Restraining order to keep my child from filming,” Kristina replied.

“I am an active mother to my children so quit hating. I’ve never stepped on your toes as a mother nor will I ever. I care for Leah when she is in our care. Love don’t hate.”

Then things got even more bizarre when Farrah Abraham’s father, Michael, interjected:

“Kristina stay strong. DO NOT LET ANYONE BULLY you. You’re the real proven mother figure here,” Michael tweeted.

“Gary has always been the rock solid father protecting his children with you in full support and I’m thankful to God for both of you – the world knows the truth and that’s pure FACT.”

We’d say this situation can’t get any weirder, but Michael Abraham just got involved, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, watch Teen Mom OG online to get caught up on all of this season’s intense drama.


The Biggest Loser: Legal Documents Confirm Show’s Cancellation!

The Biggest Loser was a show that helped contestants lose weight through various exercises and a healthier diet. 

However, the show has been inundated with scandal allegations over the course of its seventeen season run, but one of those sticks out more than others and has resulted in the series’ cancellation. 

TBL Logo Big

We recently reported that multiple media reports claimed the show is over after it emerged that contestants were apparently urged to take diet pills and Adderall

Various former contestants have come forward to allege that Dr. Huizenga and trainer Bob Harper were the ones orchestrating all of the drama in the hopes of the contestants losing more weight. 

Former contestant, Joelle Gwynn turned to the New York Post last year to reveal that she was told to participate in dangerous exercises and pop pills. 

TBL Logo Again

Adderall is a drug used to treat ADHD, but it’s also a very well known appetite suppressant. So, the contestants were allegedly eating less than they should have been. 

Gwynn told the newspaper last year:

“People chastise Bill Cosby for allegedly offering meds to women, but it’s acceptable to do to fat people to make them lose weight.”

“I feel like we got raped, too.”

Gwynn pix

When the report emerged, Dr. Huizenga clapped back at Gwynn with a lawsuit he filed against her. He is claiming that Gwynn’s story is “fabricated, fictitious and outright libelous.”

He said that he only promotes “safe and effective weight loss methods.”

“Ms. Gwynn’s outrageous accusations, which resulted in the cancellation of ‘The Biggest Loser’ and Dr. Huizenga losing two other opportunities on television, are particularly egregious given Dr. Huizenga’s strict life-long anti-drug beliefs and strict anti-drug policy on ‘The Biggest Loser,’ where he did not even permit contestants to take legal, over-the-counter caffeine pills or drink more than one cup of coffee, much less illegal drugs,” the court papers state.

It’s not uncommon for reality TV shows to be hit with claims of things being manipulated, and if this is the case, the show will likely never return to the air again. 

Earlier this year, six former contestants took to The Big Fat Truth to discuss the fact that they gained all of their weight back after they left the show. 

Is there a chance they were more disciplined while in front of the cameras, or could the above claims have anything to do with it?

We don’t know for sure, but we do know for sure that the series will not be airing on NBC again. 


Tristan Thompson to Khloe Kardashian: Rob Is a LOSER!

Not long after the world learned that Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are dating, rumors of the couple planning to get hitched began to circulate on social media.

The talk of Khloe and Tristan getting engaged has yet to be confirmed, but they’ve both made it clear that they plan on starting a family together.

But first, they’ll need to overcome the challenges presented by a certain member of Khloe’s existing family.

As you may have heard, Rob Kardashian is having a bit of a rought time lately.

And by that, we mean he’s been behaving in spectacularly douchey fashion by bullying the mother of his child on social media.

Earlier this month, Rob accused Blac Chyna of cheating, using him for his money, and being addicted to hard drugs.

It was all done publicly and seemingly without provocation.

Rob says Chyna was sleeping with another man, but that shouldn’t have caused him much strife, since … ya know, they were already broken up when all of this happened.

For obvious reasons, all of this isn’t sitting well with Tristan, and the situation may be a threat to his relationship with Khloe.

“[Tristan] sees Rob as an over privileged loser who’s draining his family dry, and it would be hard to get anyone to disagree,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

Unfortunately, it seems Khloe is entirely unwilling to cut Rob out of her life.

“He depends on her in an unhealthy way and she’s desperately worried what would happen if she wasn’t there.”

The situation is apparently causing a fair bit of discord in an otherwise healthy relationship, but Khloe says believes she has an obligation to stick by Rob’s side.

“Khloe’s desperate to keep an eye on Rob, especially as he’s borderline suicidal, and she was hoping Tristan would be game to join in the help plan,” says the insider.

“But let’s just say Tristan isn’t a fan.”

Sounds like Khloe may soon be forced to choose between the two men in her life.

We might me more sympathetic to Rob’s plight if he wasn’t making it so hard to see him as anything but a whiny, abusive bully.

Sorry, Rob, but seriously – get help, bro.


The Biggest Loser: CANCELED By NBC Over Weight Loss Drug Scandal!

The Biggest Loser has been canceled by NBC, according to multiple media reports and none other than the hit show’s resident doctor.  

An incredible 17-season run for TBL on the network has ended following a weight loss drug scandal, the origins of which go back years.

TBL Logo Big

According to Dr. Robert Huizenga, this can be traced back to a former contestant who alleged that participants were given drugs on set.

Ones to make them lose weight, if that wasn’t obvious.

The bombshell revelation was made in court documents in which the doctor accuses a participant of bringing bad publicity to the show.

Last year, Huizenga sued Joelle Gwynn, who appeared on the show in 2008, and the New York Post, over an article implicating him.

Both sources claim the doctor was behind giving participants illegal weight loss pills, and he wasn’t the only player involved, allegedly.

Gwynn also accused the show’s trainer Bob Harper of supplying contestants with Adderall, a drug prescribed to patients with ADHD.

TBL Logo Again

Adderall is also known to suppress appetite; Harper also supplied, allegedly, pills containing ephedra extract, which is banned by the FDA.

She told the New York Post that the pills left her “jittery and hyper” and alleged that he approved the distribution of the pills on the show.

Gwynn, along with other past contestants, also claimed they were encouraged to lie about their calorie intake during the NBC program.

As a result, multiple reality stars have said that after the competition, they quickly gained back all the weight as a result of the regimen.

Gwynn told the newspaper last year:

“People chastise Bill Cosby for allegedly offering meds to women, but it’s acceptable to do to fat people to make them lose weight.”

“I feel like we got raped, too.”

Gwynn pix

For his part, Huizenga has denied all allegations and has filed a lawsuit stating the story was “fabricated, fictitious and outright libelous.”

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” he says.

He calls himself “a world-renowned health expert and esteemed sports doctor who advocates for safe and effective weight loss methods.” 

Gwynn fired back, reaffirming her statements on the record, and demanded his suit be thrown out and that the doctor pay her legal fees.

In new court documents, Huizenga demands that Gwynn’s motion be denied, by virtue of her public comments getting the show axed.

Gwynn’s “outrageous” accusations, his lawyer says, “resulted in the cancelation of The Biggest Loser” and other opportunities for him.

Dr. Rob

This is particularly egregious for Dr. Huizenga (above), he says, because of his “strict life-long anti-drug beliefs and strict anti-drug policy.”

On The Biggest Loser, he wouldn’t even allow contestants to take “caffeine pills or drink more than one cup of coffee, much less illegal drugs.”

Though Gwynn never named names, his legal team claims that a “defamed person need not be named in the defamatory words” necessarily.

If the statements are enough to identify him, it’s all academic, he says, and it was enough to cost him multiple other TV show opportunities.

Season 17 of the show aired last year, after which NBC did not publicly announce a decision on future installments of The Biggest Loser.

NBC has yet to formally announce the cancelation.


Vladimir Putin to Megyn Kelly: Get a Life, Loser!

When he’s not stoically stroking a cat or swivelling in a chair to reveal himself to a captured foe, Russian President Vladimir Putin likes to keep up appearances as the democratically elected, non-villainous head of a functioning industrialized nation.

That means occasionally conversing with reporters, despite the fact that it would be so much easier to put their heads on spikes outside the Kremlin as a warning to others 

On Sunday night, Trump foil turned Fox News refugee Megyn Kelly interviewed Putin on her new 60 Minutes-esque weekly newsmagazine. 

Not surprisingly, Putin was his usual petulant self, bristling at questions about Russia’s alleged collusion with the Trump administration, and seemingly at all times one subtle head nod away from having Kelly dragged off to a Siberian work camp.

“You have created a sensation out of nothing,” Putin replied when asked about charges of Russia hacking the DNC and meddling in the 2016 election.

“And out of this sensation you created a weapon of war against the president,” he said, referring to Trump. “You people over there … good job. Your lives must be boring.”

Yes, Vlad just went full Regina George and basically asked Kelly why she’s so totes obsessed with him.

To her credit, Kelly pressed on and asked the real-life Bond villain about the alleged pee tapes starring Trump and some Russian hookers.

Okay, she didn’t use the word “pee tapes” but she did ask if Russia has incriminating information that it’s using to blackmail Trump:

“Well this just another load of nonsense,” Putin replied.

“Where would we get this information from? There was a time when he used to come to Moscow but, you know, I never met him. Do you think we’re gathering information on all of the [Americans visiting Russia on business].

“Have you all lost your sense over there?” he concluded, really piling on the rhetorical questions in not-at-all-super-suspicious fashion.

This is some top-notch gaslighting, folks.

The good thing about engaging in the kind of cartoonish supervillainy that sounds ridiculous when you describe it out loud is that all you have to do to defend yourself is say it out loud.

It’s a tactic that’s probably been employed by evildoers throughout history.

“Riiiiight, I’m brainwashing you into worshipping me as a Christ-like figure so that I can convince you to commit a series of brutal murders in hopes of igniting an apocalyptic race war,” we imagine a young Charles Manson telling his followers.

Clearly, Vlad has learned from the very best bad guys.