Wheel of Fortune Player Flubs Puzzle Pronunciation, Loses Thousands

We have good news for the following Wheel of Fortune contestant:

Previous contestants have messed up worse than this. (See pieces of footage below.)

But we also have bad news for this Wheel of Fortune contestant:

This is still a pretty terrible screw-up.

On Monday evening's edition of this beloved game show, a man named Jonny, was doing very well, filling in the final letters of the puzzle, “Flamenco Dance Lessons."

All the guy had to do was read the completed puzzle out loud to solve it and win $ 7,100.

Easy peasy, right? Not quite.

Unfortunately for Jonny, he said “flamingo” instead of “flamenco.” 

It was a small slip-up, but not small enough to not be noticed.

Host Pat Sajak called Jonny out for the mistake, allowing fellow contestant Ashley a shot at the solve and awarding her $ 1,000 for reading the puzzle correctly.

Jonny looked confused and stricken as Sajack explained the mispronunciation and promised to review the play during the commercial break.

Earlier in this same episode, Jonny landed on the $ 2,500 mark and was two letters from solving the puzzle, whose final words read as follows:

“Dog and Pony Show Me the Money."

At the time, it was missing the letters "g" and "p."

But Jonny asked for a "c" and also failed to win that round. Ouch.

As you can see above, plenty of Wheel of Fortune players have screwed up even worse than Jonny.

But that probably isn't of much comfort right now to him.

Watch the mishap below and join us in feeling terrible for poor Jonny:

Wheel of fortune flubs puzzle pronunciation loses thousands

Blac Chyna Loses Stroller Endorsement Deal Over Six Flags Fight!

It turns out that Blac Chyna’s recent Six Flags throwdown is impacting more than just her reputation and possibly her custody arrangement; it’s hurting her business.

You know how the video shows her allegedly hurling her daughter’s stroller? Well, she had an endorsement deal with that company. Emphasis on had.

That deal has been terminated.

If you’re getting paid to endorse a product, be sure to use it as intended. At least when you’re in public.

TMZ spoke to a representative for Momiie, the stroller company that makes the cute toy stroller that baby Dream Kardashian was riding in during the Six Flags trip.

They’d apparently grown uneasy because of other recent behaviors — including Chyna’s leaked sex tape, which was not her fault but nonetheless might have impacted their brand.

But brawling at an amusement park?

“[We] cannot excuse that sort of reaction and behavior particularly in a family resort around children,” the rep told TMZ.

In particular, Momiie can’t have loved seeing their sponsored celebrity hurling their product as an improvised weapon.

As you may recall — honestly, it’s hard to forget — a series of short videos went viral, showing Blac Chyna engaged in a heated confrontation at Six Flags.

April 1 was Easter Sunday, and Chyna had intended to take her children, Dream and King, on a peaceful trip to a theme park.

Instead, she ended up looking like an April Fool.

The video shows her partially disrobing so that she won’t have any of her expensive clothing holding her back when she, as she presumably intended, threw down.

Her entourage — which included employees as well as her 18-year-old boyfriend — managed to physically hold her back from going after the subject of her fury more than once.

But she definitely managed to hurl that stroller. It’s not a good look.

The Six Flags fight victim has spoken out about the viral incident.

She says that she saw an adorable baby and, not recognizing the baby or knowing who little Dream’s mother was, touched the baby’s cheek.

She had interpreted that the nanny who was pushing the stroller was likely the mother and that she had given permission to touch Dream.

When Chyna learned that a stranger had touched her baby, however, she was reportedly incensed and sought to confront this woman.

The woman says that as this heated confrontation went down, she instinctively slapped Chyna.

As the gifs above show, that did not go over well.

Still, in the photos that Chyna shared from that day, you can see why she had been selected as a celebrity endorser.

Dream is as cute as a button, and seeing King so enamored with his baby sister is enough to warm even the coldest of hearts.

Apparently, Chyna had hoped to eventually launch her own stroller line with Momiie.

It looks like that won’t be happening, either.

However, even though she is no longer the face of these strollers, TMZ reports that Blac Chyna’s headphones endorsement deal remains intact.

In the (hopefully unlikely) event that she’s caught on video trying to, say, strangle someone with with her headphones, that might change.

It’s worth noting that Wendy Williams recently mocked Rob Kardashian over his response to this whole incident.

During all of that, she shared that if she knew anyone who was pregnant, she would buy them that stroller.

Why? Because she noted that it didn’t seem any worse for wear, despite having been flung around as a blunt weapon.

We don’t usually say this about Wendy, but … she has a point.

In fact, we wonder if the real winner of this nasty Six Flags spat might be Momiie. Despite everything, that stroller’s gained a tremendous amount of attention.

But we don’t expect to see Momiie writing Chyna a thank-you note any time soon.


Laura Ingraham Loses TripAdvisor, Nutrish Ads in Backlash to David Hogg Cyberbullying

Laura Ingraham’s show is taking a hit for her going after Parkland leader David Hogg … TMZ has learned. The FOX News host has lost the backing of TripAdvisor, a key advertiser on her show. The move comes on the heels of what some feel was…


Laura Ingraham Loses TripAdvisor, Nutrish Ads in Backlash to David Hogg Cyberbullying

Laura Ingraham’s show is taking a hit for her going after Parkland leader David Hogg … TMZ has learned. The FOX News host has lost the backing of TripAdvisor, a key advertiser on her show. The move comes on the heels of what some feel was…


Kim Kardashian Eats Noodles Naked, Twitter Loses Its Mind

If there were an Oscar for Achievement in the Field of Creative Nudity, Kim Kardashian would win it every year.

You see, Kim is naked a lot, but she almost never serves up the same type of nudity twice.

Take the latest addition to her body of work, which we call Noodles in the Nude:

Yes, that’s Kim eating what appears to be some sort of udon dish while topless.

Obviously, this is very dangerous, as hot liquids and nipples are a bad combination.

But Kim is happy to do it for the ‘Gram, as the kids say, and for that, we thank her.

As usual, the comments on Kim’s latest nude are a mixed bag.

Most people were just duly appreciative of some unexpected boobs, but for some reason, mom-shaming Kim Kardashian is one of the internet’s favorite activities.

“Like no, put on some clothes, like at this age with how ever many kids you have and you doing this, isn’t working for you,” commented one user who seems like a lot of fun at parties.

“You should be embarrassed to show your body as much as you do with your ridiculous wigs,” wrote another Mom of the Year candidate.

“Your a very poor role model for your children. I watch your photos as you post them for many years but never say anything. Somewhere you really need to stop.”

You’d think before criticizing the parenting of a person you’ve never met, you’d edit the living hell out of your comment to make sure your grammar was 100 percent on point.

But apparently, Kim’s haters don’t have time to distinguish between “your” and “you’re.”

Anyway, Kim is obviously fully aware of the fact that living well is the best revenge.

Rather than take the time to respond to the trash-talkers, she simply continues having an amazing life and looking impossibly good while naked.

It’s a wonderful method of coping with douche-baggery that’s unfortunately not available to everyone.

Some of us still have to handle things the old-fashioned way.

By which we mean crying, deleting our account, and then quietly reactivating it like three hours later.


Ruthie Ann Miles, Tony Award-Winning Actress, Loses 4-Year Old Daughter in Car Crash

Ruthie Ann Miles, who won the Tony Award in 2015 for Best Featured Actress in a Musical, was one of three survivors of a fatal car accident in Brooklyn on Monday.

According to various news outlets, however, Miles lost her four-year old daughter, Abigail, in the tragic crash.

The incident occurred after a driver allegedly struck Miles’ vehicle after running a red light.

Another woman, Lauren Lew, was also struck in the accident and survived – but her one-year-old son, Joshua, was killed.

Both children were pronounced dead at Methodist Hospital shortly after the crash took place.

Lt. John Grimpel of the New York Police Department confirmed to People Magazine in an email that the cars collided around 12:40 p.m. when a 44-year-old female “failed to maintain control of the vehicle and struck the pedestrians.”

The driver then continued down the street until crashing into a handful of parked cars.

The one-year-old’s stroller was dragged halfway down the street with the one-year-old in it, according to authorities.

The driver of the out-of-control car has said she suffered a seizure at the time of the accident.

Insiders say Ruthie Ann Miles, who is pregnant, is listed in stable condition.

She won her Tony Award for her role in The King and I and also had a part on The Americans Season 4.

A GoFundMe page, meanwhile, has been set up to assist Ruthie and her family at this time. It includes the picture below and it reads as follows:

Our dear friend Ruthie Ann Miles encountered tragedy on March 5, 2018, when a reckless driver ran a red light in Brooklyn, striking four people, including Ruthie and her sweet four-year-old daughter, Abigail.

Ruthie, who is pregnant, is injured and in critical condition, and, very sadly, Abigail passed away.

This GoFundMe has been set up as a centralized point to accept donations. These contributions will go to Ruthie and her family.

Ruthie is beloved by her many friends and colleagues in the Broadway and touring communities. She is always kind and always has a smile.

It is our honor to help her in this difficult time.


Broadway actors such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Audra McDonald, Kristin Chenoweth and Laura Benanti have taken to social media to offer support to Miles and her family and also to urge people to donate to this GoFundMe campaign.

“Heartsick for Ruthie and her family,” wrote Miranda. Unimaginable. Help if you can.”

And this from Chenoweth: “@RuthieAnnMiles sending love to you and your family  there are no words. Except you are loved.”

And Benanti:

“Humans of twitter. Our friend @RuthieAnnMiles has suffered an unimaginable loss and is pregnant and in critical condition. Please give what you can.”

And McDonald:

“This is heart shattering. Please help if you can and if you can’t please send love and hope and prayers their way. Ruthie, I am sending you all the love and light in my heart today sweet lady.”

Our heart breaks for Miles and her family.

May they find peace during this incomprehensible time.