Demi Lovato Parties with G-Eazy After Relapse

Just days ago, Demi Lovato fired her manager and temporarily shuttered her website amidst stories of continuous drinking after her recent relapse.

Fans are worried that, this time, her fall from sobriety may be permanent.

The news that she was spotted out clubbing with questionable influence G-Eazy has not done much to ease people’s concerns.

RadarOnline reports that Demi Lovato went clubbing, which is not ideal for someone with her history of substance abuse.

Demi and rapper G-Eazy arrived at club Warwick in Hollywood at about 1am on Saturday morning.

An eyewitness reported seeing the two leave around 2:30am.

Honestly, spending an hour and a half at a club on a Saturday wouldn’t normally be a red flag or cause for concern.

But … considering what we know about Demi’s relapse, fans are deeply concerned.

According to eyewitnesses, Demi was sporting a casual look, including a jean jacket and black pants.

No one seemed sure if Demi and G-Eazy were just hanging out or if there’s something more going on between the two of them.

They were seen holding hands, but it was while they were walking — which can be a very practical idea when you’re clubbing or walking quickly through a crowd.

In American culture, which is often physically isolating except when romance is involved, hand-holding can also be an indicator that things are more than just platonic.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Halsey announced that she and G-Eazy had split after dating for about a year.

So he’s single — and potentially ready to mingle.

But … there may be some very legitimate concerns that, as a friend or a boyfriend, G-Eazy is the last person with whom Demi should be spending time at the moment.

Earlier this year, G-Eazy was involved in a nightclub brawl and a drug arrest in Sweden. He apparently had a lot of cocaine on his person.

While drug possession or use should certainly not be criminalized, it probably doesn’t make him the best associate for someone who has recently fallen off of the wagon.

Fans who have heard of Demi’s struggles with alcohol and with cocaine in the past don’t really like seeing these two in each other’s orbits.

As we mentioned, Demi has fired a number of people who have worked with her and even temporarily shuttered her website.

Reports say that, though she admitted her relapse in a song called “Sober,” she is not actually willing to listen to anyone or to get help.

In fact, many fear that she is simply severing professional ties with anyone who tries to push her to get help.

The reality of the situation is that people who struggle with substance abuse and addiction issues won’t seek help until they’re ready to.

Tragically, some of them are never ready.

But Demi just celebrated a year of sobriety last March.

If she did it before, fans hope that she can do it again after this new relapse.

Demi’s story of recovery is inspirational to so many fans, and they believe that she can recover.

But can doesn’t mean will.

We’re all rooting for Demi. We hope that G-Eazy, whatever the nature of their relationship, also wants what’s really best for her.


Demi Lovato: Fires More Staff, Shudders Website Amidst Relapse Drama

It’s been three weeks since the world learned that Demi Lovato relapsed after six years of sobriety, and it seems the recovery process has been a long and difficult one for the troubled pop songstress.

To her credit, it wasn’t the tabloids that publicized her latest struggles with substance abuse but Demi herself.

In June, she released the song “Sober,” which detailed her fall from the wagon with heartbreaking and surprisingly personal lyrics.

Unfortunately, the release of the song did not signal the start of Demi’s long road back to sobriety, as many had hoped.

Instead, those who know her best say Lovato is still drinking and has no immediate plans to get clean.

“Demi has gone off the rails,” a source tells Radar Online.

Equally troubling is the fact that the singer has reportedly been severing ties with those who wish to help her.

Demi fired her manager earlier this week, and it seems she’s ended her relationship with several other staffers in the days that followed.

“She’s completely dropped her family members, friends and everyone in the sober community, including all of the people at CAST [Demi’s former recovery program],” the source claimed.

“And now she is cutting off her staff who have worked with her forever.”

As Radar reports, Lovato also shut down her website earlier this week.

The site is now back up and running, but the hiatus left many with the impression that Demi is badly in need of some time away from the spotlight.

The fact that Lovato is cashing in on her relapse by actively promoting “Sober” on her social media pages has led some to label her a hypocrite:

“She is making money off her relapse,” says the insider.

“But she is a walking contradiction, because she is does not have a game plan to get clean right now.”

Friends and family already staged an informal intervention, but sadly, it seems their concerns fell on deaf ears.

“[They] suggested to her that she should get some help and go to rehab,” the source claims.

Clearly, Demi didn’t heed that advice.

On social media, Lovato has been the subject of a massive outpouring of concern, but unlike in years past, she seems to have little interest in communicating directly with fans.

Here’s hoping she’s able to find the help she needs before it’s too late.


Demi Lovato Fires Manager, Raises Concerns About Sobriety

Demi Lovato may have just given fans yet another cause for concern.

Just a few weeks after the beloved singer admitted to having relapsed, following six-plus years of sobriety, Lovato has gone ahead and taken an unexpected step in her professional life.

According to Radar Online, Lovato just fired her long-time manager, Phil McIntyre, doing so “in the middle of her tour” because, this insider says, “she wanted to go in a different direction and decided to completely severe ties with him.”

This move could be interpreted in multiple ways, of course.

It may be a sign that Demi’s downward spiral is not over yet.

McIntyre has been by Lovato’s side for a lengthy period of time, overseeing a very successful music career, making many wonder why the artist would choose the aforementioned different direction.

Hadn’t her career under McIntyre been headed in a very positive one?

But there’s a flip side to this decision, as well. There’s a more positive way to look at Demi’s move.

She clearly laments having fallen off the wagon and, we sincerely hope, is looking to get right back on it again.

She wants to live a clean life and is “focused on surrounding herself with positivity and accountability,” as the Radar Online source describes it.

Neither Lovato nor McIntyre has acknowledged the rumors of their split, but it comes not long after Lovato also cut ties with her rehabilitation and recovery business, CAST Center.

“They are in a bitter dispute over money and branding,” a source told Radar.

Darn. This makes us feel terrible for Lovato.

It can’t be easy to rebuild one’s personal life when one’s professional life is also a mess.

In June, Lovato released “Sober,” a heartbreaking singler featuring lyrics that seemed to confirm that she had relapsed after six years of sobriety.

“Mama, I’m so sorry I’m not sober anymore/And Daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor/To the ones who never left me/We’ve been down this road before/ I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore,” she sings on the track.

Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

No one can almost ever say for certain what causes an addict to revert to his or her old and dangerous ways.

But reports indicated that Lovato fell into trouble once again about two months ago.

“She stopped the accountability portion of her recovery,” is how one person explained it, with another going so far as to say Lovato “fell off the rails.”

We also heard late last month that Demi started drinking again, not doing drugs, which is maybe a silver lining.

As Lovato has openly discussed in the past, she was into cocaine and other hard drugs during her teenage years.

We can only sit back now and wish Lovato the best.

We hope she has the proper support system in place and we hope she knows how much we love and admire her.