Henry Levy: Demi Lovato Is Dating a Fellow Addict and Fans Are Concerned

As we reported earlier today, Demi Lovato is out of rehab, and she’s not allowing her sobriety to interfere with her social life.

It looks as though Demi already has a new boyfriend, and while it’s nice to see her smile after such a difficult year, there may be cause for concern.

Typically, those who are new to recovery are discouraged from embarking on new romantic relationships.

But Demi’s new companion reportedly checks two boxes, as he’s both a source of emotional support and an expert on sobriety.

His name is Henry Levy, and he’s a clothing designer who’s been to rehab several times, having first sought treatment when he was 15 years old.

Now, that may sound like a recipe for disaster at first, as Demi’s latest relapse is so recent that she probably shouldn’t involve herself with another addict at the moment.

But those who know Henry best say he’s been sober for over a year and may actually be a good influence on Demi

His latest stint in rehab–where he reportedly re-connected with Demi–was apparently just a tune-up.

Although it can’t be that long since Levy’s last relapse, as here he is pouring himself a glass of whiskey in 2016. 

Henry Levy Photo

Sources close to the situation say Henry and Demi have been friends for years, but their romance is a recent development.

Though not exactly a household name, Levy is no slouch in the fashion world, and his clothing has been worn by Sophie Turner, Kanye West, Sophia Richie and, of course, Demi.

So Henry’s successful in his own right … but that doesn’t mean he’s stable.

As head of Enfants Riches Deprimes (which translates to “rich depressed children”) Henry has stirred up a good deal of controversy over the years.

“If I wasn’t Jewish I would kill myself. Because I wouldn’t be rich,” Levy wrote on Facebook last year, much to the chagrin of customers and employees.

In the Complex magazine interview that accompanied the whiskey photo, Levy said that one of his primary artistic motivations is the rage he feels toward his parents for sending him to rehab.

Asked by the interviewer at that time if he was sober, Levy answered simply, “No.”

Now, close friendships and romantic relationships are common among rehab patients, but experts generally caution against them for a number of reasons.

Every addict and every recovery is different, but fans are already troubled by the fact that Demi left rehab months ahead of schedule.

The fact that the new man in her life is relatively newly sober himself is likely to be greeted with even greater concern.

After all, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Demi’s overdose in July nearly claimed her life.

With the help of family, friends, fans, and an army of specialists, Demi recently celebrated 90 days of sobriety.

But just like every other addict, she’s always just one bad decision from throwing it all away.

Here’s hoping Henry is equipped to help her remain on the right path.


Demi Lovato Leaves Rehab, Hits the Town With New Boyfriend!

When Demi Lovato suffered an overdose that nearly claimed her life back in July, family, friends, and a legion of devoted fans rallied around the singer and implored her to seek the help she needs for her ongoing addiction problems.

Fortunately, Demi was able to recognize that she would be unable to navigate the hard road to recovery on her own.

Lovato checked into rehab in August immediately after detoxing in an LA hospital.

And for a while, the reports of her progress were overwhelmingly positive.

Just last week, Demi’s mother, Dianna De La Garza, confirmed that Lovato is 90 days sober and planning to continue treatment for several more months.

So needless to say, fans were shocked by reports that Demi is now out of rehab and was spotted hitting the town in LA this weekend with a new love interest by her side.

Yes, TMZ has obtained photos of Demi looking very coupled-up with clothing designer Henry Levy.

On Saturday night, the twosome went out to dinner at a posh Beverly Hills sushi restaurant, where they held hands and gazed into one another’s eyes as they awaited their meals.

TMZ also reports that Lovato spent some time being pampered at a spa this weekend.

The news that Demi is out of rehab and seems to be embarking on a new relationship has received a mixed response from fans.

Obviously, it’s great to see the singer smiling after such a difficult few months, but Demi was scheduled to spend the rest of the year in rehab, and as her recovery is literally a matter of life and death, many hoped she would remain in treatment.

Not only that, newly sober addicts are generally discouraged from entering new relationships, particularly when past heartbreaks have served as triggering events, as is the case with Demi.

With her most recent relapse, Demi no doubt learned the hard lesson that most addicts will learn at one point another — recovery is a lifelong process and there are sure to be major setbacks along the way.

And the best way to avoid falling off the wagon is to adhere to the conventional wisdom of those who have been down this road before.

That said, every addict and every recovery is different.

For all we know, Demi’s decision to leave rehab ahead of schedule and enter a new relationship may have the full blessing of the experts she’s been working with for several months.

Whatever the case, we wish her all the best and hope that she’s receiving exactly the kind of help she needs.