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Meghan Markle Puppy Love … Cuddles at Animal Shelter

Meghan Markle‘s got some pretty sweet perks, even beyond the castles and tiaras … she gets to do some volunteering with super cute dogs.

The Duchess of Sussex stopped by The Mayhew shelter in London Wednesday to meet the staff, and pet some puppers. She even got to hold a sweet Jack Russell Terrier named Minnie.

We’re told Meghan’s been there before, but it was her first visit since Kensington Palace announced the charity as one of her 4 royal patronages last week.

Markle — who’s about 6 months into her pregnancy, has reportedly had rescue dogs of her own before … so, naturally, the cause is near and dear to her.

Along with meeting the doggos, we’re told the Duchess also spent time checking out The Mayhew’s animal therapy program … which provides dog visits for people in need.

Sounds like a pawesome day.

Cardi B I Love Fruit and Seafood!!!

Cardi B is partial to the land down under … she likes the people, the fruit, the caviar and the way they celebrate New Year’s.  

Cardi performed in Perth on Sunday and Monday, and she was awestruck by the way the Aussies ring in the New Year.

She was also awestruck by the fruit and seafood platter, sampling caviar for the first time. Cardi posted video of her trip on a private jet to Sydney, where she’s clearly living in style.

She’s definitely way happier than she was Monday in Australia … when she railed on people starting baseless rumors about her and other celebrities and said she would never conform to the “norms” of being famous.  

Offset was thousands of miles away. He’s performing with Migos in Miami for New Year’s Eve, but it looks like they’re on their way to some sort of reconciliation.

Kanye West It’s Really All Love with Travis … Hits Up Astroworld Show

Kanye West wants to show blood is always thicker than water … so he hit up Travis Scott‘s concert to prove it.

Kanye and Kim were in the crowd at Trav’s Astroworld tour stop at The Forum in L.A. Wednesday night … and Ye looked like he was feeling the music.

This comes just days after Kanye expressed his frustration with Scott — whom he considers family — for allowing Drake to “sneak disses” at him on his hit song, “SICKO MODE.”

As you’ll recall … Kanye went on a twitter tirade last week blasting Drake for threatening him and his family, but during the rant he also called out Travis for allowing Drake to diss him on ‘SICKO.’

Specifically, Kanye took umbrage with Drake’s “checks over stripes” lyrics on Trav’s track … meaning Nike over Adidas. Ye, obviously, is an Adidas man.

Kanye tweeted a day later that he and Travis met up and hashed things out … but many thought there might be some side beef lingering between the 2.

It looks like Kanye’s practicing what he preached, though — family first and always … and all’s well with the Kardashian family rappers.