Kailyn Lowry: I’m Looking For Love On a Dating Show!

Reality stars are often derided for their laziness and encouraged to “get a real job”, but it’s hard to imagine anyone having more irons in the fire than Kailyn Lowry.

Kail is a mother of three (obvi), a reality star (also obvi), a bestselling author, a podcast host, and a social media trendsetter.

And now it looks like she’ll be killing two birds with one stone as she cashes in on yet another lucrative gig while simultaneously looking for love.

“I’m going on a dating show next week,” Kail revealed on a recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast.

She didn’t go into specifics, but on Thursday, she tweeted that she’d touched down in Los Angeles.

Naturally, fans are dying of curiosity:

Is this some sort of one-off thing, where Kail will appear in a single episode of celebrity dating series?

Is this one of those VH1 deals where a bunch of stars live in a house and have casual sex for three weeks?

(Unlikely, as that’s not really Kail’s style, and she probably wouldn’t relish being away from her kids for so long.)

Or is this an entirely new project that will focus completely on Kail’s love life?

(Also unlikely, as such a show would probably film closer to Kail’s home, and as we said, the girl’s already got quite a lot on her plate.)

Whatever the case, Kail fans are understandably psyched.

Not only will they get more of their favorite Teen Mom mom, but they’ve been rooting for Kail to find the right man for at least the past two years, and they might finally get to see her find love.

Interestingly, news of the dating show comes on the heels of Kail saying that she’s done with dating.

“More kids, yes. But more dads, no,” Lowry told Radar Online in a recent interview.

She elaborated that she’d like to have at least one more child, but imagines she’ll do so via artificial insemination.

It’s not hard to see why Kail might not be so big on the idea of romance.

Her relationship with Chris Lopez ended badly while she was still pregnant with her third son, Lux.

And we don’t need to tell you that it hasn’t always been smooth sailing with Kail and her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

Earlier this year, Kail and Javi reconciled briefly, but he abruptly called it quits to get back together with Lauren Comeau.

But fortunately it looks like Kail’s not giving up on love – and even better, she’s taking fans along on her search for Mr. Right.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on the hectic life of Ms. Lowry.


Becca Kufrin: Whoops, I Fell in Love With TWO Men!

As a contestant on The Bachelor, Becca Kufrin faced a horrible, brutal breakup — after getting engaged. Because Arie changed his mind.

But, as she confirms in this video, apparently Becca fell in love with two different suitors.

Those who follow The Bachelorette Spoilers know that Becca is engaged … but is she doomed to repeat Arie's mistakes?

Becca kufrin the bachelorette rose

Arie and Becca's brutal breakup was agonizing to watch, and it must have been so much worse for her to experience.

But … it did make her into the next Bachelorette. That, at least, is something.

But now that Becca has confirmed her engagement, she is dropping another bombshell.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Becca reveals that she didn't immediately latch onto a clear winner.

And when she did fall in love, it was with more than one man.

Becca kufrin and a rose

Becca admits that her heart was torn:

"I did develop really strong feelings for a couple of them."

Strong feelings for a few of them, sure.

But she says that she fell in love with two.

"And I did fall for two guys at the end, yes"

Interesting that she says at the end. We always know that the final breakups are the hardest, but we don't know what it all came down to with Becca.

If she loved two men equally but could only pick one … did she just flip a coin? Choose the one with the best last name?

Becca kufrin laughs

Becca does admit that this experience has opened her eyes to the difficulty that Arie must have endured.

"Until you're in this position, you don't realize how much pressure there really is."

Dating is complicated. Dating two dozen men on reality television is … well, dozens of times more so.

"And how difficult it is to navigate certain relationships."

She says that no one who is the lead on a show like hers should only catch feelings for a single contestant.

"Because if you're doing it right, you should be developing feelings for multiple people."

Yeah, that's like deciding the winner in round one. It's not honest.

She says that it's important:

"To really sift through every personality, every relationship, to exhaust the ones that aren't right for you."

Becca kufrin looks gorgeous

Some in the Bachelor Nation fear that Arie's callous, on-air breakup will be repeated.

But it is difficult to imagine Becca, who has lived through that heartbreak herself, as the culprit.

it's entirely possible that someone, somewhere down the line, will do their own version of what Arie did to Becca.

What we have to wonder — and this seems more realistic to us — is if Becca will pull, not an Arie, but a Ben Higgins.

Remember back in 2016 when Ben told both Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher that he loved them? Right there on camera?

Will Becca come right out and say the L-word to both of the men for whom she falls head over heels?

Becca kufrin smells a rose

The subject of Bachelors and Bachelorettes falling in love with multiple people isn't surprising.

As a growing number of people have come to realize, some people work better in relationships of more than two. Polyamory is on the rise and acceptance is growing.

Some fans wonder when the time will finally come when a leading man or leading woman will get to pick their top two.

But, realistically, it's a contest, and fans would revolt if an entire season of competition ends in what works out to be a tie.

Polyamory may be great for plenty of people in real life, and could even play well on television, but not on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

Although fans have tweeted before that Bachelor in Paradise could be an ideal place for polyamorous relationships to blossom.

For now, though, we can all look forward to Becca's season beginning — on Monday.

Let's hope that she makes the right decisions and gets the man that she deserves.

Becca kufrin whoops i fell in love with two men

Audrey Roloff: I Love Having God Deep in Me!

Audrey Roloff has sometimes been accused of exploiting her religion for the same of commercialism.

At times, she has shared a lengthy message about her faith on Instagram… only to then link to her online store and/or ask followers to purchase something.

It can come across as a bit phony and very tacky.

But the Little People, Big World star has not done that in her latest Instagram message.

It’s heartfelt and personal and profound… seemingly just to be heartfelt and personal and profound.

“God is more concerned with what he’s doing in me than what he’s doing through me,” Audrey noted to open her post, adding:

“It got me thinking more about who I am supposed to BE and less about what I am supposed to DO.”

This is not such an entirely point from the one Roloff made when she said Jesus wants you to get off Instagram and just go out and enjoy life.

“What is it with our obsession with busyness?” asks Audrey, explaining herself as follows:

“And why is it that our capacity for multitasking is usually met with praise? What if the amount of stuff that we are DOing, is consequently robbing us of BEing…”

It’s a fair question, right?

Think of all the people out there who brag about working 80 hours per week or something?

Why is this impressive? Why should these folks not be more proud of themselves for sitting back, spending time with those who love more often and appreciating their lives?

Continues Roloff:

“What if God wants to rewire our hearts and life to DO less, and BE more! What if all our “doing” is making it harder for us to see who He has called us to BE?”

Audrey and husband Jeremy, of course, do sort of make a living off the phrase “Always More.”

It’s the name of their clothing line and its tagline (“Always Believe in the More That is Within You”) jibes with this general theme of Audrey’s.

She often tries to encourage followers to reflect more than to act; she espouses strong self-esteem and strong faith at all times.

This is how she closed her Instagram caption in this case:

As I was reading late last night the “be” words in scripture started standing out as if the Holy Spirit was highlighting them. “BE patient, BE still, BE thankful, BE compassionate, BE joyful, BE faithful, BE fearless…”

Then it hit me… God takes more delight in my “to-be” list than my “to-do” list….

What’s on your “to-be” list! Who and what has God called you to BE?

What do you think of Roloff’s message here?

Important and helpful? Or a bunch of hogwash?


Kailyn Lowry: I Still Love Chris Lopez!!!!!

According to various reports, Kailyn Lowry got into a fight of some kind with Briana DeJesus at the taping for this season's Teen Mom2 reunion.

But according to a new report, Kailyn Lowry wants to make love, not war.

Specifically, she wants to make love to ex-boyfriend and recent baby daddy Chris Lopez!

For real, people!

In the following rundown, we quote someone who was in attendance at this reunion and who told The Ashley that Kailyn came right out and admitted she still has strong feeling for Lopez.

Shocking, right?

Learn lots more below about this admission below…

1. The Reunion to End ALL Reunions!

Kailyn lowry with dr drew
Numerous outlets have reported on the filming of this reunion, which did not include Jenelle Evans (out of protest), but which did supposedly include a run-in between Kailyn and Brittany DeJesus. Things got intense.

2. They Also Got Candid

Kailyn lowry strolls
We’ve written plenty about Kailyn and one of her rivals going at it on stage, but Lowry reportedly told Dr. Drew that she still pines for the guy with whom she used to go at it in bed: Chris Lopez.

3. Wait… HIM?

Chris lopez and lux
Yes, him. Lopez is the father of Kailyn’s third child, but the two were never really in a committed relationship. They seemingly just had casual sex a few times, one of which led to Lowry’s pregnancy.

4. And Yet…

Chris lopez and kailyn lowry
“She was blubbering, saying that she can’t help it and that she still loves [Chris],” the aforementioned audience member said of Lowry on the reunion stage,. “Dr. Drew was staring at her like, ‘WTF is wrong with you?'”

5. That’s a Fair Question

Chris lopez son
As we said, Kailyn and Chris were never even really an item. Moreover, Lowry has accused Lopez numerous times of being a deadbeat dad.

6. Are Chris and Kailyn Even on Good Terms?

Chris lopez burns kailyns book
Not the last time we checked. Lowry semi-recently scolded Lopez for only being an “Instagram parent” because he shared a photo of their child, to which he shot back: “Buuuut a person who literally made a living off of putting their kids on tv and social media but hey who am I to talk. Honestly not worth my time lol.”

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Making Sweet, Unprotected Post-Marriage Love!

So… now what?!?

Now that the Royal Wedding has come and gone, what are fans of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gonna talk about and speculate over going forward when in regard this world famous couple?

Perhaps the following:


As you might expect, there was plenty of chatter throughout the Internet prior to last weekend’s nupitals about the state of Markle’s womb.

Plenty of tabloids claimed that Markle was pregnant, but let’s be honest:

We all saw her in that beautiful wedding gown, right? There was no baby bump in sight.

Still, there’s little doubt that Harry and his wife will start a family at some point, with many insiders believing that point may be closer to this week than next year.

According to one hilarious report, the attempt has been underway for awhile now.

Harry asked Meghan to ‘take out the goalie,’ a cheeky football joke about going off her birth control and removing any protection they have from her getting pregnant,” an anonymous source tells Hollywood Life, to which we must reply:

Those silly Brits!

The term is “pull the goalie” in America; it comes from hockey, not football; and it’s almost always used when a woman goes off birth control without telling her partner.

But anyway…

“They stopped using protection over a month ago, although they abstained from sex in the weeks leading up to the wedding,” this same, apparently VERY knowledgable source says, adding:

“So on their wedding night, the baby-making sex really got started. They are both excited about having children as soon as possible.

“Their connection and the love making has only gotten better now that they are married.”

We must once again raise a point/question here:

How did they both stop using protection a month ago AND abstain from sex in the weeks leading up to the wedding?

The former doesn’t exactly seem necessary, or relevant, if the stars were not knocking boots at all.

That logical issue aside, we’re glad to hear that Markle and Harry’s sex life has improved since they exchanged vows.

This is often how it goes for couples, as the emotional connection while they writhe around naked together is stronger than it was before they were legally bound to each other for all of eternity.

“Meghan has never felt more in love or closer to Harry since he made her his wife,” the insider concludes.

“She is overwhelmed with joy and has never been happier in her entire life.”

Harry and Meghan haven’t even been married for a full week, and yet she’s also experiencing all of these emotions.

That’s so great!

Moreover, the pair delayed its honeymoon in order to celebrate Prince Charles’ birthday yesterday, meaning they’ve barely even had time to themselves since tying the knot.

Seriously, can you imagine how hot the baby-making sex will be on the couple’s honeymoon?!?

Very hot, we’d have to assume.

Like, very, VERY hot.


Ray J and Princess Love Welcome First Child!

In the Kim Kardashian sex tape, the world’s most famous reality star figuratively referred to Ray J as her “daddy.”

But now a different female will be making this reference, in a far more official capacity.

That’s right, folks, Ray J is a father!

The former adult film director and occasional hip hop artist confirmed this exciting news on Tuesday night, writing the following message on Instagram:


Those words accompanied a video that documented his unique and sometimes tumultuous love story with Princess Love.

Ray J (whose real name is William Norwood Jr. and who is the brother of singer Brandy Norwood) announced the fashion designer’s pregnancy in November of last year.

“Love is on my mind. Love is on my heart,” he gushed while cohosting The Real, explaining his mood as follows:

“Princess and I are expecting. I’mma be a dad. I’m nervous, excited. It finally happened, My first one.”

He then told viewers that he hoped to welcome a daughter:

“I want to have a little girl first because it’s like daddy’s little girl.

“A little boy is probably going to be a little aggressive, so I just want to be able to have some peace first. But whatever God blesses us with, I’m happy.”

God, of course, has blessed Ray J with an unusual way of making a living.

Yes, he records the occasional song.

And, yes, he earned a salary from his role on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

But Ray STILL makes money off the sales of Kim Kardashian Superstar, which hit the market back in 2007, but which is still popular to this day.

Said the D-Lister upon introducing himself as a Celebrity Big Brother UK contestant in early 2017:

“You might know me for a lot of things – music, reality TV, oh, and you might also know me for my dick.”

He isn’t exactly ashamed of having filmed a raunchy sex act with Kardashian. He continues to promote the video any chance he gets!

“People wanna know about the sex tape with me and Kim Kardashian,” he added during his appearance on the aforementioned reality show, continuing:

“Order it, put some money in my pocket … Y’all still jerking off to the sex tape? Enjoy.”

How can anyone not love Ray J?!?

In a bit more of a serious note, however, Ray J talked on his episode of The Real about how he and Princess Love struggled to conceive.

“I don’t know the process of it – when it actually happened, what night – but it was special because we was trying for a while,” the VH1 alum said a few months ago.

“It’s not as easy as people think. For some people, they just go on tour and get everybody pregnant.

“But for me, it was love. We took our time, and as we were taking our time, it just took a little while.”

Once again, for Ray J, is all comes down to sex.

We’ll pass along his daughter’s name and measurements once that information is made public, but for now, please join us in saying the following:



Fans to Jill Duggar: You Can’t Love Trump AND Latinos!

Jill Duggar is in a tough spot.

She’s committed to both her dense husband, Derick Dillard, and the ultra-conservative values of her upbringing, but at the same time, she seems well aware that the core tenets of both often come into conflict with her compassionate tendencies and her belief in Christian charity.

Jill has attempted to live comfortably in both worlds by distancing herself from Derick’s comments, while simultaneously standing by her man.

She’s implied that she doesn’t share all of Derick’s views, but she also quit Counting On as a gesture of solidarity after he got fired from the show.

Unfortunately, it seems that Jill has struck a compromise that pleases no one.

Her more left-leaning fans remain unimpressed by her refusal to speak out against Derick more directly, while her conservative followers feel that Jill is undermining the beliefs she was raised with by suggesting she sometimes disagrees with her husband.

It’s a conflict that keeps resulting in tense debates in the comments of her Instagram page.

And Jill’s latest post has resulted in a full-blown battleground:

Jill posted the above photo yesterday, along with a caption reading:

“Congrats to my little Aivah on her kindergarten graduation!”

She added the hashtag “#proudmadrina,” and many fans pointed out that “madrina” is Spanish for godmother.

The photo comes on the heels of a series of a post in which Derick praised Donald Trump and joked about his eldest son helping to build “the Wall” along America’s southern border.

For obvious reasons, many of Jill’s followers were struck by the sharp contrast of the spouse’s recent social media activity.

And some went so far as to call Jill out for hypocrisy:

“You’re with Latinos but you want that wall to be built… y’all funny as f–k,” wrote one follower.

“Funny how Derick taught Izzy all about the Wall to keep people out, and here you are showcasing your ‘brown’ friends. Oh the hypocrisy,” commented another.

“That whole ‘I can’t be a bigot, cause my bffs neighbors, cousins nephew is gay and I have no problem with him,’ schtick,” remarked a third, adding:

“What mixed messages poor Israel must be getting. Racism at home and facades in public.”

Of course, Jill also found some support from those who agree with her family’s more conservative views:

“Typical liberal hypocrisy, intolerant of others who don’t share their beliefs,” wrote one follower.

“We ‘brown’ people have been in their lives for years now, no hypocrisy,” commented another.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about everything. That’s what makes us all unique.”

Obviously, as is always the case with this sort of thing, nothing was resolved, and no one changed their mind.

And yet, the debate rages on.

We’d say Jill should just avoid posting about politics, but we’re pretty sure that’s what she’s trying to do.

Unfortunately for her, it’s 2018, and literally everything is political.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Jennifer Love Hewitt to Fans: I’m Not Really Ugly Now! I Promise!

Jennifer Love Hewitt took to the red carpet at the Upfronts to promote Ryan Murphy's 9-1-1 series.

As you can see in the video that we've attached, she did not necessarily look the best that she's ever looked. And she saw the pics.

Hewitt is issuing an apology to fans and assuring them that she's still hot and that this "disaster" will never happen again.

Jennifer love hewitt talks to e

Jennifer Love Hewitt took to her Instagram stories to repeatedly apologize for her appearance on the red carpet.

"It has been a really intense couple of days. Like, so great, so blessed — but intense."

A lot of things fit that description. Particularly in show business.

"We go to the Upfront yesterday and nobody tells me the day is going to be like 12 hours long and the humidity is going to be almost 100 percent in New York City."

Fortunately, phones have access to All Human Knowledge and can tell you the forecast. But that's beside the point.

"So, I just have to apologize."

Does she need to apologize for looking less than her best, though?

"Wearing a black suit? Not a good idea."

It was very hot.

"Not wearing enough hairspray and teasing in my hair? Also a bad idea."

Jennifer love hewitt on the red carpet

She is all but begging fans to forgive her for being a human.

"I just have to apologize for how wrecked I look in all the pictures that have come out."

The heat, she says, was a massive factor.

"I was literally melting. By the time I got to the red carpet, I was honestly melting."

If you live in a dry area, heat is like an oven. If you live in a humid and hot area, heat is like a sauna. It's worse.

"My hair was flat, my makeup was running off my face."

She makes it clear exactly why, in her mind, this is such a transgression.

"And I looked like I had completely forgotten I was an actress in this business who is supposed to look [perfect] when you step on the red carpet."

Jennifer love hewitt red carpet pose

She assures fans that she will not look like this on 9-1-1, a show about which she is very excited.

"That is not what I'm going to look like on the show."

Few actors look the same on the red carpet as they do on television.

"I'm going to have makeup on my face."

That's a given.

"I'm not going to be sweating."

That's the dream.

"I'm not going to be overwhelmed by being in front of a red carpet and crews again."

Of course.

"Honestly, I apologize."

Does she really need to apologize? Surely most fans are nuanced enough to understand that she won't always look like she did in 1999.

"I should've really gotten it together!"

Jennifer love hewitt maxim cover pic

She says that her two toddlers had kept her up "all night."

"It was our first time traveling with them."

There's a time zone difference. It's a lot. And this isn't her first #MommyLife mishap.

"Traveling with toddlers…wow. I had no idea. I mean, I waited this long because I knew that it was going to be hard."

But she makes it clear that she's not shaming them for being toddlers.

"First of all, let me say: My kids were ballers. Amazing! They did a great job."

And she gives a big shout-out to her partner in crime, Brian Hallisay.

"My husband is a saint."

Credit where credit is due.

"He really held it all together."

Jennifer love hewitt maxim photo

Overall, Hewitt says that it was a positive experience.

"I had an amazing time in New York, I had an amazing time with my family, but I'm happy to be home!"

Of course.

"I'm going to be killing my boxing workouts again, getting in great shape mentally, physically, and emotionally for all that's ahead when we start the season."

It sounds like she's really trying to assure people that she's going to be "TV hot" again.

"I'm just feeling really grateful, so I hope you're excited. I'm excited."

Fans are, of course, excited.

"And I'm really sorry for looking like a hot mess on the red carpet yesterday. Oh, my God!"

She really dozen need to apologize. Especially not this many times.

"I was so hot! I was like literally melting. Like, melting. Melting! But…I had a blast!"

Mila kunis hot

Jennifer love hewitt to fans im not really ugly now i promise

Janelle Brown Shares Kody Brown Date Photo: We’re Still in Love!

Even though Sister Wives star Kody Brown recently celebrated his anniversary with Meri, rumors swirled that Meri has found a new man.

But things still seem to be pretty solid for Kody and Janelle.

In fact, the two went on a romantic concert date … and Janelle shared the photos so that everyone could share in the experience.

Janelle seems very happy in her marriage. We only wish that this were the case for a certain troubled sister wife of hers.

Poor Meri Brown. She’s had a rough go of things. Worst of all was her catfishing scandal which was also a cheating scandal, of sorts. She has seemed so unhappy for a long time.

But just a few weeks ago, she and Kody went out and about together to celebrate their anniversary.

She’s not Kody’s only wife, of course.

Janelle has avoided scandals. She is known for having never legally married Kody (under current laws, he can only legally be married to one wife at a time).

She is also known for her dramatic weight loss, and she has gone on to share tips with fans and viewers.

Janelle Brown shares U2 concert pic

It appears that Kody and Janelle treated themselves to a concert.

Janelle shared a selfie from the audience and a glimpse of the performance, captioning the photos:

“I’ve wanted to see U2 in concert since I was 19.”

So this has been a long time coming.

“Finally made it 30 years later and with my love.”

You could feel how thrilled she was.

“So dang excited.”

Janelle and Kody are both 49, so it stands to reason that they grew up with relatively similar music tastes — though plenty of people pick up on theri partner’s music.

The two saw the U2 show in Las Vegas and Janelle was happy to share a glimpse of that fun with her fans and followers.

Fans have noted that Janelle continues to seem happy with her polygamous marriage to Kody.

She was, like her sister wives, impacted by Meri’s catfishing scandal. They all were. She noted to Meri that nothing in their marriage happens in a vacuum.

It was enough to make Meri wonder if she needed to leave Kody for everyone’s sake.

It’s great for Janelle that she enjoys her marriage to Kody — even if it isn’t legally recognized.

But some in polyamorous relationships object to Sister Wives because they consider it a negative portrayal.

Though Kody wanted to do the series in order to push for acceptance and legalization of polygamy, he may be undercutting his efforts by, well, being himself.

His reaction to Meri’s catfishing scandal — admitting that he didn’t even want to have sex with Meri anymore — did not exactly win many people over.

Would anyone really blame her if she decided to move on with a new man?

A lot of people, including Sister Wives fans, find Kody to be creepy and single-minded and egocentric and generally off-putting.

Many viewers enjoy the show, but they watch for the wives — Robyn, Christine, Janelle, and Meri — and for the children.

Janelle may be happy with Kody, but some wonder if it’s only a matter of time before Meri leaves him to live a happier life.

And that’s assuming that she isn’t in the process of doing that already.

Janelle, however, looks like she’s still happy right where she is.