Kailyn Lowry: I’m Still in Love With Chris Lopez, I Think! Maybe!

It's been over a year since Teen Mom 2 mainstay Kailyn Lowry welcomed her third child, a boy named Lux.

Kailyn never had much of a relationship with Lux's dad, and yet, reports that she's still in love with Chris Lopez continue to make their way across the social media landscape.

In a recent interview with In Touch, the always-candid, zero-you-know-whats given Kail opened up about Lopez in surprising fashion.

1. Kail, Chris, and Little Lux

Kailyn and her family
After a tumultuous year, it looks as though Lowry and Lopez have finally reached a co-parenting arrangement that works for both of them.

2. Lux Life

Lux at 1
Photos from Lux’s first birthday show Kail and Chris working together to make the day as memorable as possible.

3. Queen Kail

Kail lowry on instagram
Kailyn obviously doesn’t need anyone’s help in raising her three boys, but for obvious reasons, she would like her sons to have healthy relationships with their fathers.

4. Doing Her Best

Kail lowry fashion
And so, Kail has done everything in her power to work through her differences with Chris for the sake of baby Lux.

5. And … It’s Working?

Chris lopez son
Fans are overjoyed to see that Kail and Chris are back on good terms with one another — but make no mistake, the relationship between Lowry and Lopez remains intensely complicated.

6. Opening Up

Kailyn lowry via instagram
Kail discussed her feelings toward Chris in a recent Teen Mom 2 special entitled Secrets Revealed. And some fans were downright floored by what she had to say …

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Jenelle Evans: Is She Still In Love With Nathan Griffith?!

If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, then you're probably aware that the custody battle between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith seems to get uglier by the day.

And if you have even a cursory knowledge of how our legal system works, you also know that it would be wise of Jenelle to refrain from publicly commenting on her relationship with her ex until after the courts have had their say.

But for some reason, Mrs. Evans-Eason is chronically incapable of keeping her mouth shut on the topic of Nathan.

We're used to Jenelle making bad decisions, but the frequency with which she repeats this one idiotic choice borders on astonishing.

Some fans have concluded that Jenelle is "obsessed" with Nathan.

And others insist they know exactly why that is.

Check out the gallery below for some information that might help you to make sense of this baffling situation …

1. Happier Times

Jenelle evans and nathan griffith photograph
Jenelle and Nathan’s relationship may have been brief, but it yielded a child — 4-year-old Kaiser — which means these two are forever bound to one another.

2. Stuck In the Middle

Nathan and kaiser being tough
Sadly, young Kaiser has been caught in the middle of a custody battle that now ranks as one of the most bitter in Teen Mom history.

3. Airing Her Laundry

Jenelle evans photoshopped ad
Earlier this week, Jenelle publicly complained about Nathan yet again, this time alleging that he had skipped a scheduled visit with Kaiser.

4. The Right Move

Nathan griffith profile pic
Nathan is doing the smart thing in this situation by waiting until his day in court to hash things out with Jenelle. But hat doesn’t mean the Carolina Hurricane isn’t getting roasted on Twitter.

5. Ashley Steps In

Ashley lanhardt image
Nathan has been dating Ashley Lanhardt for over a year, and she happily stepped in to put Jenelle in her place this week.

6. What Really Happened

What really happened
“Tell him bc he’s always ‘sick’ u won’t let him see his daddy on his scheduled weekends,” Ashley tweeted in response to Jenelle’s claims.

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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Gets Engaged, Fiance Declares His Love

Lala Kent is officially off the market, and her fiance is a guy who’s so in love … he calls himself a bitch. Uh, congrats? The “Vanderpump Rules” star got engaged this weekend down in Cabo San Lucas with her Hollywood producer boyfriend, Randall…


Donald Trump: Actual Proof of Secret Love Child Revealed?!

There was a time when if you read a headline asserting that the President of the Unitd States of America was hiding an illegitimate child from the world, it was safe to assume it was utter BS.

But this is the Trump era — a time when the line between celebrity gossip and legitimate news has become blurred to the point of disappearing entirely.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon.

It’s partially due to Trump’s tendency to dismiss every outlet that criticizes him (read: every legitimate news source on the planet) as fake news.

And it doesn’t help matters that Trump spent most of his life pursuing perverse adolescent fantasies — as though Richie Rich grew up and started doing a lot of blow with Charlie Sheen — which means there’s a lot of very real dirt on the guy.

But the biggest reason for the ascendancy of tabloids as fonts of legitimate information is the fact that Trump has been in bed with such sordid scandal sheets as the National Enquirer for so long that the editors have become members of his inner circle.

As you’ve likely heard by now CEO of American Media Incorporated — which owns the Enquirer and several other less-reputable media outlets — has been granted immunity by federal prosecutors in exchange for providing information about Trump.

It’s long been believed that Pecker was instrumental in helping to bury numerous stories that might be detrimental to Trump’s reputation, including allegations of an affair with Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Now, another insider whose account of illicit behavior by Trump was buried by Pecker is making his voice heard.

Dino Sajudin a former doorman at NYC’s World Tower claims he has knowledge of an affair between Trump and an ex-housekeeper at the tower.

Sajudin says the affair resulted in a child, and AMI wrangled him into a contract that forced him to keep the information to himself.

Now, Sajudin’s attorney, Marc Held, says he has been released from his contract with AMI and is ready to tell his story.

“Mr. Sajudin has been unable to discuss the circumstances regarding his deal with American Media Inc. and the story that he sold to them, due to a significant financial penalty,” Marc revealed to CNN.

“Just recently, AMI released Mr. Sajudin from the terms of his agreement and he is now able to speak about his personal experience with them, as well as his story, which is now known to be one of the ‘catch and kill’ pieces.

“Mr. Sajudin hopes the truth will come out in the very near future.”

As for why he waited until now to speak out, Held says Sajudin could have been sued for the amount of $ 1 million for violating his contract.

“He’s a blue-collar worker and a million dollars would have ruined him for life,” Held claims.

Sajudin’s is reportedly one of AMI’s “catch and kill” stories, obtained by the company for the sole purpose of preventing other outlets from making them public.

“Source shall provide AMI with information regarding Donald Trump’s illegitimate child,” reads one portion of the contract obtained by CNN. 

According to the agreement, AMI doesn’t owe Dino any compensation, as his revelations were never printed in any of their publications.

Thus far, Trump has yet to speak out on the doorman’s allegations.

But if we know our president, a tweet or twenty are on their way.