Kylie Jenner Covers LOVE, Internet Asks: Where the Eff is Your Baby Bump?!?

Kylie Jenner is alive and well, folks.

The 20-year old reality star, who rarely lets a day go by without sharing a new photo on Instagram, has been largely absent from the social media platform over the past few weeks. 

Moreover, Kylie is nowhere to be found on the latest Kardashian Christmas card.

Following weeks of teaser images released by the famous family, most followers assumed the card’s photo shoot would culminate in the reveal that Jenner is, indeed, pregnant.

Alas, it did not.

But Kylie did make a separate appearance this week, as she shared the cover of the latest LOVE magazine on her aforementioned Instagram page.

She included with it a caption that reads:

“Merry Christmas! Thank you @thelovemagazine @kegrand for this special cover shot by @kendalljenner & interview by @krisjenner #love19.”

Yes, sister Kendall snapped this picture and mother Kris conducted the featured interview.

It’s pretty clear at this point that Kylie is being as careful as possible about who she lets into her inner circle while she’s expecting.

Which is totally fine, of course.

Kylie is very much allowed to announce her pregnancy on her own terms, whenever and however she pleases.

But she has to understand that her 100 million-plus social media followers are growing anxious, especially because they’re used to Jenner sharing every aspect of her life with them…

… and also because Khloe Kardashian has confirmed her pregnancy.

When will Kylie finally do so?!?

At least one fan is banking on this week.

“ok bet. new year, new baby has got to be kylie… can’t go out with a better bang than revealing your hidden pregnancy as the ball drops,” Tweeted @donniedarkhoee, adding:

“couldn’t imagine anything more extra considering they played us so hard on christmas. she’s about to claim a whole new year.”

Others, meanwhile, think the child has already been born. HA!


As mentioned previously, we can’t blame or judge Kylie for how she handles her pregnancy.

At the same time, we also can’t blame fans for giving her a hard time.

When you’re someone such as Kylie Jenner – whose best known attribute is simply sharing private news and photos with the public – you have to expect some backlash when you choose to go silent over such a significant issue.

The only conclusion we can draw from her silence is that Jenner isn’t excited to be a mother.

There’s no way she and Travis Scott planned this, right?

Or… wait… might Kylie be FAKING the pregnancy?!?

There are a few clues that could back up this likely misguided theory. To wit:


Javi Marroquin Cries Over Kailyn Lowry: I Still Love You!

Did you catch the season finale of Marriage Boot Camp last night?

Lots of stuff went down: as always, the couples were faced with the big decision of whether or not to stay together or go their separate ways.

And even though we've known for a while now how things ended up for Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin, it was still tough to watch it all go down.

What happens is the cast members all have to consider if they want to give their spouse (or significant other or whatever) a ring, signifying their desire to work on the relationship, or if they want to give them a big bunch of nothing.

They make their choice, and then they meet up at what looks like a big fancy wedding altar — no pressure though.

When Kailyn and Javi get up there, they're asked if they have anything else they'd like to say.

Javi begins, telling her "This experience has been a crazy ride."

He's not lying.

"Here, it makes me think of our wedding, and it just brings back old memories, I guess," he says, tearing up. "So if we understand each other and communicate, we're not gonna work out."

Obviously he meant that if they don't understand each other and communicate, they're not going to work out, but the guy is obviously very, very nervous, so hey, mistakes happen.

When it's Kailyn's turn to speak, she says "So, Javi, you're the father of my son, I know you're a hard worker, I know at one point, we were in love, but I just don't feel like we're there anymore."

And that, friends, cuts Javi like a knife. You can see it all over his face, and it hurts.

Still, with tears literally streaming down his face, he opens his box to reveal a ring. Even after everything, he still wants her.

"I just want to be able to try, one last time," he says, his voice shaking with emotion. "From the bottom of my heart, I love you.'

Then it's Kailyn's turn to open her box. And … well, things don't go Javi's way, we'll say that.

We all know what happened after this. They went home, they never got back together, and she got pregnant with another man's baby.

He began dating her co-worker, and now they're not getting along at all, not even a little bit.

It's all a great big mess.

Check out the super emotional moment in the clip below:

Javi marroquin cries over kailyn lowry i still love you

Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer to Tell Their Love Story in MTV Special

A typical episode Teen Mom 2 offers much to feel discouraged about and little in the way of edification.

However, the show offers the occasional break from all the bickering and bleakness when it focuses on Chelsea Houska and her happy home life.

Chelsea married Cole DeBoer last year, and together, they've defied the odds and formed a stable relationship that's built to endure the dual pressures of fame and one truly psychotic ex.

Now, Chelsea and Cole will be telling their tale in a TM2 spinoff special focusing on their love story.

It's a romantic saga that fans can't wait to relive…

1. The Happy Couple

Cole deboer and chelsea houska lookin good
Chelsea and Cole are unique in the world of Teen Mom 2. Under the glaring spotlight of fame they’ve built a marriage based on trust, loyalty, and mutual respect.

2. Mrs. DeBoer

Chelsea houska and cole deboer wedding throwback
Chelesea and Cole tied the knot in October of 2016. They welcomed their first child together just two months later.

3. Lil Watty

Chelsea houska with baby watson deboer
Watson DeBoer entered the world in January of 2017. And with that, the DeBoers became a whole and happy family of four. Of course, there are still complications…

4. Lind-sanity

Adam lind chelsea
The DeBoers are still forced to contend with the chaos that her baby daddy Adam Lind brings to their lives, but it seems that even a meth-smoking ex isn’t capable of throwing their ship off course.

5. Fan Favorites

Cole deboer and chelsea houska one year anniversary
It should come as no surprise that Chelsea and Cole have been granted their own hourlong special. For many fans, Chelsea’s ability to find love after her disastrous relationship with Lind has made her living proof that fairytale endings are possible.

6. The Reaction Online

Chelseak houska takes a selfie with cole deboer
Fans were overjoyed when word got out that Chelsea and Cole would be the subject of the next TM2 special. Especially since many assumed the news would outrage one of the show’s most reviled stars…

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