Luann de Lesseps Slams Dorinda Medley’s Claim About Rehab Stay!

At the reunion special for The Real Housewives of New York City, a number of the stars aired what they claimed was the "truth" about the countess — Luann de Lesseps.

Now, Luann is getting the chance to respond to those accusations and to set the record straight.

As you'll see in this video, she's starting with Dorinda, who claimed that Luann entered rehab just to stay out of jail.

Dorinda medley at the rhony reunion 2018

At the reunion special, Luann was absent — and therefore, she was not there to defend herself.

Dorinda Medley jumped at the chance to gossip behind Luann's back.

"Luann didn't go to rehab because she had some huge revelation," Dorinda claimed to Andy and the entire audience.

She went to rehab because she needed to stay out of jail," Dorinda accused.

"And," Dorinda threw in. "it was practically court-ordered."

Luann de lesseps a selfie

On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Luann how she would like to respond.

"I was not court-ordered to go to rehab," Luann begins.

She has a lot more ignorance to clear up.

"I went on my own recognizance, first of all," Luann says.

"So," Luann summarizes. "Dorinda doesn't know anything about me."

That much is very obvious.

Luann de lesseps in cowboy hat

Luann makes it clear why she chose to enter rehab.

"I went because I felt that I needed to go and take care of myself," Luann explains.

"And," she continues. "I take it very seriously."

That has been very clear, for months.

"It's 51 days today, by the way," Luann tells the audience. The audience applauds.

Good for Luann! Sobriety can be difficult, even for celebrities. This is especially true for stars who use alcohol as a coping mechanism for stress.

Ramona singer on e

Luann then responds to a claim that Ramona Singer made at the reunion, that she had been "out of it" at the Beacon following rehab.

"Ramona, look at me, with those eyes," Luann says. "I was never at the Beacon this summer so that is a total lie."

"And at Chris Birch's party," Luann continues. "I was not kicked out, Ramona."

Luann adds: "So you've got to stop making stuff up to make yourself look better, Ramona."

As a final jab, Luann tells Ramona: "It's not going to happen."

Luann de lesseps on watch what happens

The video closes on Jerry O'Connell doing his best impression of Ramona Singer.

But the real takeaway is that Dorinda made a real butt of herself in front of fans with claims that she absolutely cannot substantiate.

If Luann did enter rehab with the intention of avoiding prison time, it was a two birds, one stone scenario — because she's clearly serious about her sobriety.

In the mean time, Dorinda is just leveling accusations based upon what might as well be spectral evidence. The fans know that, and they're not loving it.

Some even commented that Dorinda seemed fun when she first joined the series, but now she appears to be toxic.

We get it — they're Real Housewives. Feuding, gossiping, and assuming the worst go with the territory. But attacking someone's sobriety seems like a low blow.

Luann de lesseps slams dorinda medleys claim about rehab stay

Ramona Singer: If Luann Were a REAL Addict, She’d Need More Rehab!

We know that this will surprise exactly zero viewers of The Real Housewives of New York City, but Ramona Singer has some strong opinions about one of her fellow Housewives.

Specifically, she gets asked how she feels about Luann de Lesseps going to rehab again following a relapse.

Ramona thinks that it couldn't have been for long enough, and thinks that Luann is sending a harmful message to "serious" addicts.

Ramona singer on e

The hosts of E!'s #DailyPop asked Ramona Singer how proud she is of Luann de Lesseps.

Ramona hesitated before even answering.

"I think someone who gets out of rehab after two weeks," Ramona says, trailing off. "I mean are they really well?"

Her words and tone suggest that she believes the answer to be no.

"What kind of message," Ramona asks. "Are you sending to other people who have serious alcoholic problems?"

Ramona singer is not impressed

Ramona has doubts about the efficacy of a two-week stint in rehab — like the one that Luann took after she relapsed and got drunk.

"I don't think anyone can get better after two, three weeks," Ramona says dismissively.

Ramona does acknowledge that this was not Luann's only time in rehab.

"Obviously," Ramona admits. "She went in a few months ago for 30 days."

Ramona says that she worried at the time that it would not be enough, telling E! that: "I said to one of her friends, 'Please have her stay for two months.'"

Ramona singer bethenny frankel spar over potential boyfriend

Ramona also addressed Dennis Shields' tragic death and how Bethenny Frankel is coping with the sudden passing of her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

"I just feel bad for the children," Ramona says after a moment when asked about the situation.

Obviously, children are the least equipped to process tragedy and trauma — and they are always, always the innocents.

"He left four children behind, and that just breaks my heart," Ramona says. "It breaks my heart."

The hosts ask her if she has spoken to Bethenny on the subject.

"I've texted her," Ramona says of Bethenny. "I texted her my condolences."

Ramona singer nearly cries

Look, we're no experts on addiction or recovery or rehab or sobriety.

But … neither is Ramona Singer. Sorry, not sorry.

Different people respond to treatments — of any kind — at different rates.

And there is a massive difference between someone's first visit to rehab after realizing that they need to change their life, in contrast with someone heading back for a stint in rehab after a relapse.

That said … studies have shown that just two weeks without alcohol can allow the brain to recover and make changes to being without booze.

Luann de lesseps season 10 pic

There is also a huge difference between someone going to rehab to change their life — which is what Luann did — and someone going to rehab to save their life.

Luann's issues with alcohol could have killed her, but it sounds like she was more concerned about her health and behavior.

In contrast, some attend rehab because they are worried that their next dose of a substance will be their last.

That sort of situation can lead to a much longer stint in rehab, as a single relapse could easily be fatal.

In Luann's case, she drank in response to a sudden and painful stressor, and then she checked into rehab. She was being smart.

Ramona singer if luann were a real addict shed need more rehab

Luann de Lesseps: You Will Not BELIEVE How Much I Drank When I Relapsed!

Money can't buy you class. Fortunately, money can buy you a second stint in rehab in case you fall off the wagon.

That second scenario is exactly what happened to The Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps.

Now, she's revealing exactly how much she drank in one night when she unfortunately relapsed. And the details may shock you.

Luann de lesseps season 10 pic

Luann sat down with noted talk show villain Megyn Kelly to reveal exactly what prompted her return to rehab.

Like most people who abuse any kind of substance, she was self-medicating. In this case, to cope with a very unpleasant instance of the past haunting her.

See, her ex-husband Alexandre de Lesseps was suing her, accusing her of stealing from their children. And she found out about it in the worst way.

"I found out about this whole story," Luann told Megyn. "That I was getting sued, in the press."

"That was devastating," Luann explained. "I felt betrayed, I felt so hurt by that. I had my heart set on that house, my heart. I was devastated and I lost it."

Luann de lesseps is looking good

Luann told Megyn and also E! about how she coped with that heartbreak by drinking.

You can see her say this in the video that we've included.

"When I fell off the wagon," Luann says. "I mean, I think I had two watermelon martinis."

That doesn't sound like much at all — but she was only just beginning.

"I had at least two bottles of rosé," Luann reveals. "And I got into a six-pack of beer in one night."

Despite all of that, Luann enjoyed herself at the time: "I mean, and I was still dancing in the kitchen in a bikini."

Luann de lesseps in cowboy hat

Luann knows that alcohol has a devastating impact on her health, her mental state, and even on her looks.

"At this point, I feel like I’m almost allergic to alcohol," Luann told Megyn.

Luann feels this way "ecause I can’t be like most normal people and have a glass or two of wine."

"I’m like, I’ll drink the whole bottle and then I’m looking, where can I get another bottle?"

Drinking a bottle at a time on its own isn't necessarily a warning sign, but feeling like they then need more? That's not healthy.

"It just doesn’t work for me," Luann says of cutting herself off. "I’m just not wired that way."

Luann de lesseps mug shot

Luann also spoke about how her life has been transformed by her sobriety.

"I have this whole new life now," Luann gushes.

This is why, even if she enjoys drinking when she does it, she wants to leave it as part of the past.

“I go to AA meetings, and I follow up my treatment now that I’m back from rehab," Luann says. "I take it very seriously."

It's good that she takes it seriously. Luann was arrested for kicking a police officer last year. That could have ruined her whole life.

Luann de lesseps a selfie

Now, what Luann had to drink would leave some people passed out and sick.

Others could drink it without any memory loss or a hangover. Why? Because people's bodies are different.

What makes drinking dangerous for Luann isn't the amount, but the fact that she cannot stop. As she says, she can't just have two drinks.

This is not uncommon in addictive behaviors. There are people who can gamble and stop, and there are others who lose control. 

That Luann realizes this about herself and treats alcohol as an allergy and is so honest and direct about confronting this tells us that she will hopefully be alright.

Luann de lesseps you will not believe how much i drank when i re