Meghan Markle Rocks Sexy Santa Outfit, Reminds Us Prince Harry Is a Lucky Man

Before Meghan Markle met Prince Harry and became future royalty, she was just another Los Angeles-based model and actress with dreams of success and stardom.

Sure, she enjoyed some pre-Harry success and lived out every young girl’s dream of starring in a USA Network legal drama, but like so many others struggling to make it in Hollywood, Meghan had to pay her dues.

And in her case, that meant holding a briefcase and pretending to be amused by Howie Mandel.

Fortunately, Deal or No Deal was taken off the air due to a government probe into the inhumane demands of its producers.

Or it was canceled because everyone got sick of watching a super-elaborate version of “guess how many fingers I’m holding behind my back.”

We forget which.

Whatever the case (pun fully intended), there’s been a resurgence of interest in the show now that one of its former models is soon to become a royal.

And this week, the retroactive ogling has taken on a seasonal tone, thanks to this photo of Meghan wearing a sexy Santa outfit.

Unlike the other girls, Meghan seems to be genuinely enjoying Howie’s antics in this pic, which is a testament to her acting ability.

It’s also a reminder that Meghan is the opposite of a stuffy royal, which is probably exactly why Harry was drawn to her.

And of course, like the now-famous photo of her in college, this pic reminds us that Meghan hasn’t aged, and presumably will never age.

That’s also a pretty nice bonus for ya boy Harold.

In a way, we suppose being a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal is pretty good preparatin for life as a royal.

You have to spend a lot of time standing around and pretending you’re not bored out of your mind.

You have to feign joy whenever the peasants get all excited.

And of course, you have to await the deaths of those more powerful than yourself, so that you can move up the briefcase girl line of succession.

We’re pretty sure that’s how it works.

The important thing is, Meghan proved that the always-questionable sexy Santa get-up can work under certain circumstances, and for that, we thank her.


The Voice Recap: Lucky Number 3 for Adam Cunningham?

With the finale fast approaching, it’s time to whittle down The Voice Season 13’s final 10. 

With Adam Cunningham circling the drain over the last few weeks, we think it’s fair to assume that will not be changing this week. Viewers cannot connect with him, and that has nothing to do with his vocals. 

Let’s break down the performances of the night and see how everyone stacks up. 

Davon Fleming (Team Jennifer) – “Hurt”

Davon’s rendition of this Christina Agulera classic was flawless. He hit all of the high notes with ease, and there were no signs of it slowing down. The coaches seemed shocked by the power of his voice, and it will be fun to see what he does next. 

Adam Cunningham (Team Adam) – “Maybe It Was Memphis”

Adam is struggling to garner the votes he needs to stay in the process, and his latest performance was breathtaking. To try and win some new fans, he changed his voice up. 

It worked, and his sound was more like someone you would expect to win a show like this. Will it help with votes? We can hope.

Noah Mac (Team Jennifer) – “Ordinary World”

Noah stalled this week. His performance was still decent, but his take on this Duran Duran classic was rather bland. His confidence seemed to take a knock, and that seems like a step back for him. 

Losing confidence during the lives is a big no-no, so he needs to get it together soon. 

Shi’Ann Jones (Team Jennifer) – “Diamonds”

Shi’Ann’s voice has been all over the place during her time in the competition, and it was at its worst this week. This Rihanna classic was butchered by the teen, and she even struggled to hit some of the notes. 

Could this be the end of her time in the competition?

Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake) – “Call Me”

Chloe has been the one to watch pretty much all season long. This Blondie hit is a great song, and she managed to make it her own with some subtle changes that proved she is an elegant performer who wants to win. 

Keisha Renee (Team Blake) – “All By Myself”

Keisha opened up this number in a soft tone that became a full-blown scream by the end, but that benefited her for this song. Keisha knows how to make a song her own, and she did so in winning fashion. 

Ashland Craft (Team Miley) – “I Hate Myself for Loving You”

This performance was not memorable in the slightest. From her nerves to her pitchy vocals, there was nothing that made this exciting. Have we seen everything Ashland has to offer?

Brooke Simpson (Team Miley) –  “Amazing Grace”

Brooke’s performance gave me chills. She owned the stage with her voice and her moves. The song choice was on point, and she battled to make it one that everyone would remember when it came to voting. Well played. 

Red Marlow (Team Blake) –  “That’s What I Love About Sunday”

Red Marlow effortlessly beat out Adam Cunningham for the best voice of the night, and that was not going to be an easy task. Blake is the perfect coach for Red because they can both learn a lot from each other. 

Addison Agen (Team Adam) – “Lucky”

The performances came to a close with a solid number from Addison. She went the acoustic route, and it benefited her voice. Every note was hit with ease, and you could tell she knew she had wowed the crowd with that grin at the end. 

Okay, so who will go home? Will Adam beat the odds and be sent to safety?

Hit the comments!


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