Nathan Griffith to Jenelle Evans: Quit Lying and Just Be a Good Mom!

So hey, who do you think is more trustworthy, Jenelle Evans or Nathan Griffith?

If that question makes you want to scream and cry and rip your face off, you’re not alone.

After all, Jenelle and Nathan are both terrible in their own, special ways.

With Jenelle, we’ve seen her bad behavior in action for years on Teen Mom 2 — her frequent arrests for drugs and assaults, the way she constantly chooses men over her children, the horrible way she treats her mother, that bizarre habit she has of being completely and totally delusional.

We could go on and on, obviously.

But while Jenelle is awful, Nathan is no gem himself. He’s got several DUIs, not to mention all those domestic violence charges, and the way he treated Jenelle when they were dating was just reprehensible.

It’s really, really hard to support either of them for any reason whatsoever.

Still, we’re going to have to go ahead and declare ourselves Team Nathan for the moment, as shameful as that may be.

See, the Teen Mom universe is still reeling from that great big fight Jenelle and Nathan had over the weekend, the one that was so bad that it stopped production on the Teen Mom 2 reunion show.

When we first heard about the fight, sources claimed that the issue began when Jenelle saw Nathan’s girlfriend, Ashley Landhardt, hug her mother.

Jenelle went off on Ashley, Nathan stepped in to defend her, and then Jenelle called in David Eason, all while a gaggle of Teen Mom kids were playing nearby.

In that original report, Jenelle came off as pretty unhinged, just like always, but she hopped on Instagram on Sunday to explain her side of the story.

In her version of events, Ashley attacked her out of nowhere, and she was so aggressive that MTV security had to pin her against the wall to stop her from coming after her.

Poor Jenelle, the perpetual victim, was simply trying to give her son a hug, but Nathan wouldn’t allow it, even though Kaiser was screaming for Jenelle and David throughout the fight.

She was hurt because Nathan was trying to keep her from Kaiser, and because her mother had hugged her ex’s new girlfriend when she hadn’t hugged her.

It sure is tough to be Jenelle.

But after she posted her video, Nathan posted one of his own.

And it sounds like he remembers things going down differently.

According to Nathan, Jenelle’s claim that Ashley attacked her is “a straight lie,” and what really happened was that Jenelle came up behind Ashley to tell her “I thought you didn’t want to film, bitch.”

He says that Ashley actually didn’t film anything, and she has no interest in doing so — she hasn’t signed a release, so he can’t even mention her name on the show. She was just there to support him.

It’s not really clear why Ashley filming would be a big deal anyway, since goodness knows Jenelle’s had plenty of significant others who were eager for MTV stardom.

But anyway.

Nathan says that he tried to pull Ashley away from Jenelle, and that he told her not to engage with the drama, but Jenelle wouldn’t leave them alone.

Things got so bad that he asked a producer for security to take her away from them, but that never happened — he thinks it’s because he’s a guy and Jenelle, the person doing the attacking, is female.

He says that Jenelle chased them down the hall, and when they got to the area where his mother, Doris, was, she started yelling at her, too.

He also calls her out for insisting on MTV paying for her to stay in a rental home while the rest of the cast members (including her own children) stayed in a hotel because she was concerned about her safety following the Las Vegas shootings.

You can’t make this stuff up, friends.

From there, Nathan reveals that he actually brought his own drug tests for Jenelle and David to do on the show to prove that they’re clean, but they refused.

That part makes sense, obviously — don’t act like you’d agree to a drug test under those bizarre circumstances — but he did say that it may have been because David “looked higher than a f-cking kite.”

Then, in a rare moment of wisdom, he says that “Everybody just needs to get along. Everybody needs to surround this kid with love.”

“I don’t care what we had in the past, these kids just need love, and they’re going to absorb all this hate and all this violence around them, and you can’t raise kids like that.”

“She needs to be drug tested,” he insists, “she needs to start taking responsibility of these children and start being an involved parent that doesn’t worry about herself or what’s going on in everybody else’s life.”

How’s that for some real talk?

Next, Nathan addressed Jenelle’s claims that Kaiser was crying for David — he said that never happened, that he did cry for Jenelle a few times, but only because he wasn’t giving him what he wanted at the time.

After the fight, he says that Kailyn Lowry didn’t even film her segment because she didn’t want her kids to be around that kind of nonsense.

And during it, Chelsea Houska offered to take Kaiser into a separate room and take care of him until Jenelle could be calmed.

Because everyone is cool, it seems, except for Jenelle.

Then Ashley herself steps in and confirms his story, adding that she has no problem with Jenelle, and she just wants Jenelle and Nathan to be able to co-parent peacefully.

Someone leaves a comment on the video, suggesting that Jenelle is being so difficult because she’s still in love with Nathan, and she seems to agree.

We’d have to agree too — Jenelle seems pretty darn jealous in all this.

And Nathan’s story seems a whole, whole lot more believable than hers.

Your move, Jenelle!


Ariel Winter: Mother Accuses Her of LYING About Childhood Abuse!

Apparently it wasn't enough for Crystal Workman to slut-shame Ariel Winter, her own daughter, on national television.

Now, in yet another interview with Inside Edition, Crystal Workman is back and trying to drag Ariel Winter's name through the mud, accusing her of lying — among other things.

At you watch the video (below), you have to ask yourself — what exactly is Crystal's goal, here? What does she hope to achieve?

Ariel winter crystal workman split 2Crystal workman on inside edition

Ariel Winter has been in the acting business since she was just a little girl.

Based upon every description that we've ever heard, Crystal Workman was exactly the worst sort of "stage mom" that you might imagine.

We've heard descriptions of Ariel being taken to parties and told to mingle with adult professionals late at night when she had to get up early the next day.

One of her teachers recalls how she would order an extra meal in her own name so that she could sneak food to Ariel, whose diet was apparently extremely restricted to prevent her from gaining weight — even as a young child.

Even more seriously, Ariel has also accused her mother of abuse, from emotional torment to physical violence.

All of this was enough that Ariel, when she was ready, sought to become an emancipated minor at 14. At 15, she was finally free, and her older sister was awarded guardianship.

That's a rare opportunity — the majority of abused young people either run away or endure it until adulthood (or even after turning 18), because legal emancipation requires money and support that most people have. And, in most cases, social services can do very little to intervene.

Ariel very likely has a long road to total recovery from her traumatic childhood, but now she's an adult with a loving boyfriend and a strong career.

And a killer body that she doesn't mind showing off for the camera.

Ariel winter on lake tahoe

The last time that Crystal Workman railed against Ariel Winter in front of the cameras, it was mostly so that she could try to slut-shame her daughter for daring to show some skin.

First of all, everyone has the right to show off parts of their meat prison — and Ariel is an adult and her photos are all Instagram-appropriate.

Second of all, Ariel's curvy figure and proud photos have done wonders for body positivity.

You might say that Ariel Winter's been waging her own crusade against body-shaming.

Crystal Workman also tried to shame Ariel for cutting ties with her, as if that isn't the exact right thing to do in the case of a toxic relationship.

We saw what was essentially Crystal whining about being "homeless" (she was living in a storage facility with a bathroom after selling her home), as if Ariel or her sister should have reached out to her to help.

There are people out there who will reach out and financially support abusers. Tyler Perry does this.

We're glad to know that Ariel Winter isn't one of them.

Ariel winter shows off her peach

In the video below, which came out yesterday, it looks like Crystal Workman is specifically trying to refute details that Ariel Winter shared about her childhood abuse.

We know that this will come across as truly shocking, but … the person who's accused of abuse denies it and says that their accuser is lying.

Truly unprecedented, we know.

"She continues to attack me. It's heartbreaking."

Yeah. We'll play you a sad song on the world's smallest violin.

"I think she wants the headlines. I think she craves attention. If that means throwing your mother under the bus and hurting her and breaking her heart, she’s going to do it."

Well, "craving attention" is kind of the job of a celebrity, but especially an actor who needs attention and demand in order to get work and promote their show.

But we kind of feel like Crystal is projecting a little, here.

It looks like Crystal wants headlines, which is why she's giving out these interviews.

Ariel winter black swimsuit

Now, Crystal Workman isn't necessarily a woman with a firm grasp on reality. She may actually believe a lot of what she's saying.

But we find it hard to believe that she genuinely expects that if she just keeps negging Ariel and calling her a liar in the news, Ariel will finally throw up her hands and go "fine, I guess we're family again."

What seems more likely to us is that maybe Crystal is hoping that people will feel sorry for her and that her interviews will pressure Ariel into giving her what would amount to hush money.

At least, that's what this looks like. We make no claims to have read Crystal Workman's mind.

(And we wouldn't care to if we had that power)

But Ariel has accused Crystal of abuse and let's be very clear about one thing: victims owe their abusers nothing.

Watch this video and let us know what you think that Crystal is after.

Ariel winter mother accuses her of lying about childhood abuse

Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: The Lying Game

MJ wanted to have her first child, and she wanted to shout it from the rooftops after downing ten shots while renovating her home. 

When Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 10 got underway, MJ wanted to make sure her home was finally completed, and she felt like her designer would be integral to completing all of it promptly. 

Reza showed up and said that the whole group would come together to get the painting completed and that’s exactly what happened. 

Everyone aside from Asa was invited to help out with the big event, and everyone wanted to know why Asa was not asked. MJ opened up about her lies and that it was time for her to move on from Asa and all of her crazy drama. 

Vida showed up and started throwing shade at Tommy because she still thought he was the wrong man for her daughter and that he was not up to the challenge of being a father. 

This sent the drink-fueled renovation efforts into overdrive. MJ started bawling like a child when her mother refused to take $ 100,000 from her for retirement. 

MJ thought it was disrespectful, but if she really had that amount of money to give away, you would think she would have had decorators in to deal with all of the paint. 

Before long, MJ had a go at Tommy for saying he felt like they were not ready to have a child because there was still a lot of growing up to come. 

MJ yelled that she knows men who would knock her up in thirty minutes, so she clearly had an idea that Tommy was going to bail at the last minute. 

Destiney managed to get through to Tommy, and he revealed that he was worried about the child growing up without a parent. If you watch Shahs of Sunset online, you will know that his mother died of cancer when he was thirteen. 

In the end, MJ essentially dumped him and said she was going to get knocked up. It was embarrassing, but should we have expected anything other than this to happen?

Meanwhile, Shervin dropped the bomb that he cheated on Annalise multiple times and his friends were so mad. They were concerned that Annalise was moving across the world to be with him. 

He seemed to think the fact that she was on another continent while it happened made it okay, but it most definitely did not. Annalise should run and never look back. 

Once a cheat, always a cheat and she is setting herself for disaster and embarrassment. MJ will likely drop the truth to her because she cannot seem to keep her mouth shut about anything these days. 

Finally, Mike got some traction with his shoes for toddlers. Shoe Palace agreed to stock them in their stores on a trial basis, and he was ecstatic. 

What did you think of all the drama?

Sound off below!

Shahs of Sunset airs Sundays on Bravo!


Tom Brady: Caught Lying About Floyd Mayweather Friendship?

As expected, Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor Saturday night in a fight that was far more entertaining than it had any right to be.

Of course, now that his career in the ring is over, Mayweather will likely spend the rest of his days engaged in the other kind of battle he’s become famous for.

No, we’re not talking about the many incidents of spousal abuse he’s been arrested for over the years.

We’re talking about the odd, passive-aggressive verbal sparring between Floyd and random celebrities that seems to take up much of the boxer’s time.

The most high-profile example in the past year saw Floyd getting dissed by former friend Justin Bieber, who decided to cut ties with the Money Man as a result of Mayweather’s ungodly ways.

(Strip clubs and Moet don’t jibe with the Biebs’ newly Bible-thumping lifestyle.)

Now, Floyd is in a tift with another talented, but widely-despised pretty boy.

And amazingly, he’s found a frenemy who might be even more universally-disliked than Bieber.

Asked about his celebrity friends in a recent interview, Mayweather stated that he and Tom Brady are pretty much besties.

“That’s a close friend of mine. Tom Brady is a very, very close friend,” Mayweather said.

“An unbelievable guy with unbelievable talent…he’s a great guy. Actually, Tom Brady texted me yesterday.”

In case you didn’t get the point that he and Tom are bros for life, Mayweather continued:

“We have a cool friendship. He texted me and asked me ‘How’s everything going?’ And I texted him back: ‘Everything is cool, how you doing? How’s the family?’ And he said, ‘Everything is going A-OK.'”

Wow, sounds like they’re pretty tight.

Unless, of course, you ask Tom Brady about his supposed BFF.

Fortunately, that’s just what a pair of Boston radio hosts did this week, and the results were hilariously awkward.

After repeating that he’s only met Floyd “a couple of times,” Brady responded with a curt “no” when asked if he and Mayweather are friends.

“No, I met him a couple of times,” Brady said, clearly dying to move on to a new topic.

“I think he’s a great fighter. That was a great fight the other night.”

We hate to side with Floyd on … well, on anything, really, but Mayweather is probably telling the truth here.

TMZ is reporting that Floyd was spotted video conferencing with Brady during a press conference just before his fight with McGregor.

For boxers, every fight is one of the biggest days of their life, so if they’re video chatting with you the night before, you’re probably more than just some dude they met a couple times.

In all likelihood, the Patriots QB is just trying to manage his public image after the debacle that ensued last summer when the world learned that Brady and Donald Trump are friends.

Anyone who watched the Deflategate press conference knows old Tom Terrific isn’t the most media-savvy guy on the planet but watching that guy who used to make inappropriate comments about your wife at cocktail parties become the most powerful man in the world is enough to teach anyone a lesson.