Jamie Lynn Spears Welcomes Baby Girl!

Back in December, fans rejoiced at the news that Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant with her second child. Now, she’s announced even more good news.

And we don’t just mean her sister Britney Spears’ new GLAAD Award — though she did give her big sis a shout-out over it.

Jamie Lynn Spears has welcomed the birth of her baby girl!

Speaking to People, Jamie Lynn Spears spoke of her second daughter, Ivey Joan Watson.

“We are beyond excited to welcome this beautiful baby girl to our family!”

This newborn baby is the second daughter that Jamie Lynn has had with her husband, Jamie Watson.

“Her middle name, Joan, is to honor my Aunt Sandra, who passed away 10 years ago from ovarian cancer.”

That’s so sad. And so sweet.

“She was the most graceful woman I’ve ever known.”

It’s always good to have an inspirational namesake.

On Instagram, Jamie Lynn linked to the People article, writing:

“Baby Ivey Joan Watson is here!”

Ivy is such a beautiful name, and she’s giving it a unique twist to differentiate it from the type of plant by adding that “E.”

Also, despite her explanation for the middle name, it’s worth noting that Joan Watson is the name of Lucy Liu’s iconic character on the CBS series, Elementary.

When the news broke, some fans immediately began tweeting that perhaps this is not a coincidence.

The People article also includes the exact details.

Ivey Joan was born on Wednesday, April 11, at 10:02 a.m. It’s kind of rare to have such specific numbers from the initial announcement.

(That’ll be helpful for a fan if they’re into astrology and want to do a horoscope for a baby they’ll never meet)

This sweet baby girl was born in Covington, Louisiana, weighing 7 lbs., 8 oz.

That’s above average but not especially large for a newborn.

She measured 19½ inches in length at birth, if the body lengths of newborns born to former Nickelodeon stars who were once the sisters of celebrities are a thing that interest you.

But, as we mentioned, this was not even the only highlight this week for the extended Spears family.

Though Britney is known for not always attending events to which she has been invited, she arrived at the 2018 GLAAD Media Awards.

And she brought her unnecessarily attractive boyfriend, Sam Asghari, as her date.

In addition to receiving the 2018 GLAAD Vanguard Award for her role in accelerating acceptance for the LGBTQ community, Britney also “caused” a bit of a disruption.

She didn’t actually do anything other than accept the award.

But other attendees were so excited to see her that there was reportedly a bit of a commotion that slowed down the presentation of awards.

Hey, who wouldn’t be thrilled to bask in Britney’s presence?

Jamie Lynn already has a daughter named Maddie.

Just two months ago, Jamie Lynn was celebrating the anniversary of her daughter’s miraculous recovery from a frighteningly close brush with death.

Maddie is incredibly resilient and pulled through, making an impressive recovery and even returning to school within days.

We’re sure that, having reflected on nearly losing her daughter, Jamie Lynn will pull out all of the stops to make sure that nothing like that can happen to Ivey Joan.

Just as she’s gone above and beyond to ensure that Maddie remains safe.

Congratulations to the Watson family on their newest addition!


Jamie Lynn Spears: Grateful for Daughter’s “Miracle” Recovery, One Year Later

One year ago, Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter was injured in a horrifying ATV accident. Flipped upside down and trapped in the water, she was unable to breathe for a couple of minutes.

That accident landed her in the hospital. Many feared that she would either die or had received so much brain damage that the Maddie that her family knew would no longer exist. Instead, Maddie made a full recovery.

On the one year anniversary of that tragic accident that could have been so much worse, Jamie Lynn Spears is looking back and counting her blessings.

Posting this black-and-white throwback photo, Jamie Lynn Spears writes:

“1 year Miracle Anniversary…. THANK YALL for your prayers during that time, and THANK YOU GOD for my beautiful family.”

She follows that with some very prayerful emojis.

Even with Maddie’s full recovery, the terrible ATV accident and the hospital stay that followed have to have been the darkest, most frightening moments in the lives of her family.

Odds are that everyone is still processing what happened and feeling grateful for every day that passes.

Just a couple of months ago, Jamie Lynn Spears was reflecting on the accident. That’s no surprise.

It will weigh on her mind for years to come. Likely, for decades.

On February 5th of 2017, Maddie was riding a Polaris off-road vehicle during some sort of hunting trip.

(Jamie Watson is big on hunting for various fowl such a ducks, and is often accompanied by Maddie and the dogs)

Maddie was apparently driving an ATV, which is the sort of thing that would raise some eyebrows because many feel that she’s really young to be doing that, even on private property.

It was, perhaps, because of Maddie’s youth — or perhaps it was a situation that could have happened to anyone — that the vehicle flipped over in the water.

That alone is already dangerous. To make matters worse, people were initially unable to free Maddie from the vehicle.\

As a result, she was underwater for minutes.

Maddie was airlifted from Kentwood, Louisiana to a hospital where her condition was reported as being “extremely serious.”

Fans of the Spears family watched the news with horror and those of the praying sort got to praying for Maddie to beat the odds.

And Maddie did.

She’s totally okay. She went to school for Valentine’s Day.

Normally, human brain can only survive for a few minutes until oxygen deprivation begins to take its toll.

Some believe that Maddie’s recovery was a miracle. Her mother certainly refers to it as such.

Others point out that being submerged in water — particularly cold water, as it surely would be in February — is something that a child stands a better chance of surviving than an adult.

(We could get into the science of why cold water is “safer” even though it can also be deadly, but there have been children fished out of icy water who make amazing recoveries)

Maddie’s recovery is joyous news for the entire Spears family.

But not the only good news on the horizon. Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant with her second child, which means that Maddie is going to be a big sister!

If you’ll recall, Jamie Lynn’s first pregnancy was controversial. She was 16 years old at the time, and the star of Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon, a TV series by Dan Schneider who also created shows like iCarly and Victorious.

We hope that Maddie and her growing family remain safe and healthy.


Jamie Lynn Spears: Pregnant With Second Child!

Big news from one of the music world’s most famous families today:

Jamie Lynn Spears has announced that she’s expecting her second child!

The announcement comes courtesy of Spears’ Instagram page, which featured the above photo alongside the following caption over the holiday weekend:

“Looks like we are starting off 2018 with another big milestone…sooo happy to announce that Maddie is FINALLY going to be a big sister,” Jamie Lynn wrote.

“2017 was filled with some of the biggest challenges of my life, as well as some of the biggest blessings, so I made a choice to lay low this year to focus on truly becoming my best self as a person and as an artist.”

She added:

“During that time, I continued working on my music and telling my story, which has created some of my most honest work and I [CAN’T] wait to share that with you all very soon. 2018 is going to be filled with many milestones both personally and professionally.”

“I appreciate each of you for your patience and support through I[it] all. 2018 has a lot coming, so GET READY,” Spears concluded.

Naturally, Jamie’s iconic sister, Britney Spears, was quick to share the news and offer her congratulations, tweeting:

“Maddie is going to be the best big sister!!! So happy for you @jamielynnspears!!!! Love you all sooo much!!!”

Spears gave birth to her first child, daughter Maddie Briann, back in 2008.

At the time, there was quite the uproar, as Jamie Lynn was just 16 and the star of a popular Nickelodeon kids’ series when she announced that she was pregnant.

It’s been a challenging year for Jamie Lynn, who experienced a near tragedy in February of 2017.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Maddie was in an ATV accident that nearly claimed her life.

The vehicle on which she was a passenger flipped over into a pond, and Maddie was stuck underwater for several minutes.

She was hospitalized for the next five days, the beginning of a long and difficult rehabilitation process.

The girl has since made a full recovery, but Jamie Lynn says the trauma of the incident remains with the entire family.

Maddie is said to be wildly excited about the prospect of becoming a big sister.

Our sincere congratulations go out to Jamie Lynn and husband Jamie Watson!


Jamie Lynn Spears Reflects on Almost Losing Daughter in Tragic Accident

It was been 10 months since Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter was injured in an ATV accident. Since then, Maddie has made an impressive recovery.

Now, Jamie Lynn is celebrating milestones in her life on social media, and reflecting on Maddie’s recovery and Maddie herself.

This is so heartwarming..

Maddie Aldridge’s tragic ATV accident could have cost the girl her life.

Maddie was driving an ATV — sometimes, that’s what you do when you’re part of a wealthy celebrity family and your aunt is some sort of deity-made-flesh — when it flipped upside-down in the water.

They were initially unable to free Maddie, resulting in her being trapped underwater for a couple of minutes, constrained by her seatbelt and by the protective netting on the vehicle.

It was an absolute nightmare for Maddie and for her parents.

Britney Spears asked for prayers from fans for her niece’s recovery. Initially, things looked grim.

As we all know, prolonged oxygen deprivation can have fatal results. And, even if Maddie survived, there was a chance that she’d lose things — motor skills, speech, memories — because of brain damage.

We are all so thankful that she made a full recovery. Maddie even returned to school less than two weeks later.

Still, it was a frightening time, and one that Maddie — and her family — will never forget.

Jamie Lynn Spears has been celebrating the 12 Days of Jamie Lynn Spears, reflecting upon her life’s major milestones.

She posted this photo (above) with the caption:

“The hardest milestone me and my family have ever faced was almost losing our beautiful Maddie.”

Obviously. It’s heartbreaking just to think about.

“But thanks to God and the two angels in this picture we were able to celebrate Maddie turning 9 years old all together.”

During the two days that it took Maddie to wake up, her parents and other loved ones must have been wondering if Maddie’s 8th birthday would be her last.

“This milestone became a true miracle, and we are forever grateful for that.”

Jamie Lynn Spears also reflected on Maddie’s greater impact in her life.

“Some milestones we never see coming, but I’m so blessed that I­t­ did. Maddie is the biggest blessing in my life so far #12DaysofJLS”

That’s a very cute way of reminding the world that you got pregnant as a minor.

In fact, Maddie was still starring on Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 at the time when she became pregnant.

We should also point out that she calls Maddie “the biggest blessing in my life so far.

You can just call her your biggest blessing and lat it be understood that she’d be tied with any other children you might have down the line.

(Remember, Jamie Lynn Spears is only 26)

But Jamie Lynn gets points for accuracy.

Don’t worry, folks — not all of Jamie Lynn’s milestones are as dramatic as teen pregnancy or as heartbreaking as her daughter’s brush with death.

She’s also given a shoutout to her engagement, followed by her 2014 marriage, to her sister Britney Spears, and to her time on Zoey 101.

And, lest we forget, she also reminds us that she was on All That.

Gotta love those Nickelodeon classics, right?


Laura Lynn Cross: High School Teacher Gets Knocked Up with Student’s Baby, Arrested

Laura Lynn Cross, a former high school teacher in Ohio, has been arrested on sexual battery charges after she gave birth to the baby of a 17-year old student.

The 36-year old Cross didn’t merely sleep with the unnamed pupil, either.

According to WEWS and other news outlets, the ex-educator starting “grooming” the then-14-year old to be a potential baby daddy back when she first started sleeping with him in 2013.

The sexual relationship between Cross and this young man is said to have taken place between August 1, 2013 through September 6, 2016.

A few months before it started, the boy’s father approached authorities with concern over how close his son had grown to his teacher.

But no action was taken at that time.

Cross quit her job as an English teacher at Buchtel High School in Akron in January of 2015.

Back when the boy was in eighth grade, Cross invited him to go swimming in her pool before he later starting staying the night in her home.

teacher and student

Cross eventually convinced the pupil’s mother to permit her son move into her house in a court-approved “partial parental custody” arrangement.

She reportedly convinced the mother, who had custody of the teenager, that she could “mentor” the boy.

Cross gave birth to her baby in 2015, but managed to keep the child a secret until the boy’s father learned of the toddler and alerted police officers.

She has since been arrested and charged with three counts of sexual battery and is prison on $ 100,000 bond.

“It was a straight failure from the system. From the school and the police, definitely,” the boy’s father told local TV channel News 5 Cleveland.

hot teacher

He added:

“She had a hold on my son and [the police] told me he’s not co-operating with us so we no can do nothing with it…

“She’s a school teacher. To get aroused by a child, basically, you have to be a sick individual.”

The Akron school system says officials are “doing our [their] own internal investigation going back to 2012 to determine what exactly happened and when it happened.”

Well, we think we know what happened. We did learn our birds and our bees back in the day.

But when it happened and whether Cross violated any laws?

We’ll let the authorities straighten all of that out.