Mackenzie McKee Pays Heartbreaking Tribute to Dying Mother

Back in January, Mackenzie McKee revealed that her mother, Ange Douthit, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

In the months since, she's frequently updated fans on Ange's condition, and while Mackenzie is generally optimistic, she's also realistic.

No one in Mackenzie's family is under any delusions about what the future holds, but rather than give into their grief, they've opted to make the best of every remaining day with Ange.

Fans have drawn inspiration from Mackenzie's love and gratitude for her mother, as well as for Ange's strength and determination to continue living in the present moment.

This week, Mackenzie shared the most recent update on Ange's ongoing battle, and fans have reacted with a tidal wave of kindhearted and supportive sentiments.

1. Mackenzie and Ange

Mackenzie mckee with mom
Mackenzie first shared the sad news of Ange’s diagnosis back in January. Since then, the strength that both mother and daughter have demonstrated has served as a source of inspiration for millions.

2. A Moving Story

Mackenzie mckee and angie douthit
These days, Ange is facing the end with her daughter by her side. Fans have marveled at the courage demonstrated by both women.

3. Sharing Their Strength

Mackenzie mckee with angie douthit
While many families would no doubt prefer to keep such struggles private, the McKee-Douthit clan has been happy to serve as a source of strength to others who might be struggling.

4. The Latest

Mackenzie mckee image
Yesterday, Mackenzie offered fans an update on her mother’s condition and revealed a special way in which she and other family members are paying tribute.

5. Give Her an Amen

Mackenzies mckees mom
“The doctor gave my mom 4 to 13 months, today marks 6 months…. can I get an AMEN, a retweet, a hallelujah #alwaysbekind,” Mackenzie tweeted.

6. Strength and Kindness

Mackenzie mckee is strong
Yes, it seems “always be kind” is Ange’s motto, and now, her daughters are using those words to pay a very special tribute to their beloved mother.

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Ryan Edwards: STILL Cheating on Mackenzie Standifer With Shelby Woods?!

It's been a little over a year since Ryan Edwards married Mackenzie Standifer, and we probably don't need to tell you that he hasn't been the greatest husband in the world during that time.

Ryan has been arrested; he's had restraining orders issued against him; he's fallen off the wagon; he's been verbally abusive to his pregnant wife.

And of course, Ryan has been caught cheating on Mackenzie multiple times.

Edwards has a lengthy history of infidelity, but even the professional baby daddy's most ardent critics thought he'd stop screwing around after Mackenzie stuck by his side during the year from hell.

Sadly, it seems we all overestimated Ryan …

1. Shelby and Ryan

Shelby woods and ryan edwards
Shelby Woods briefly dated Ryan in between his relationships with Maci Bookout and Mackenzie Standifer. Now, it looks as though Edwards never quite got over his former flame.

2. Not to Be Trusted

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
Ryan married Mackenzie just over a year ago. But in that short time, he’s been accused of infidelity on numerous occasions.

3. Tinder Trouble

Tinder trouble
First, Ryan was caught communicating with other women on Tinder, using an account that falsely stated his age as 25. (He’s actually 30.)

4. Let ‘Em Know

Let em know
Shortly thereafter, Shelby took to Twitter to let the world know that Ryan was still hitting her up on a regular basis.

5. Hey, Sis

Hey sis
“Sometimes I just wanna be like, ‘Hey sis, your husband is still hitting me up,'” she tweeted on April 15. “Buuuuut then I remember how delusional you are so I don’t waste my time.”

6. Not One For Taking Hints

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
Sadly, it seems Ryan didn’t get the message that Shelby isn’t interested.

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Mackenzie McKee Reveals Tragic Update on Mom’s Cancer Battle

If you’ve been keeping up with Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom 3 fame, then you know that things haven’t been great for her recently.

And that’s because things haven’t been great for her mother, Angie Douthit.

At the beginning of the year, Mackenzie and her family revealed that Angie had been diagnosed with stage four brain and lung cancer.

Back then, we heard that there were several tumors in her brain, and so many masses in her lungs that doctors stopped counting them.

Angie had gone to see a doctor in the first place because she thought she had bronchitis — since she was always very healthy and never a smoker, lung cancer didn’t seem to be even a remote possibility.

But, as so many of us have unfortunately learned, cancer is the worst, and it can hit anyone.

And it seems like it’s hit Angie particularly hard.

Last month, Mackenzie informed her social media followers that in addition to the brain and lungs, cancer had also recently been found in her mother’s bones.

In a brand new update, it sounds like things have gotten even worse than that.

The update was written by Angie, but Mackenzie posted a screenshot of it to Snapchat, and that’s how we’re getting a look at it.

In the post, Angie wrote that she’d gotten a phone call from her oncologist to discuss new test results.

“This is difficult to write because I wanted to be telling you this morning that the cancer was gone and I was completely healed, but God has a much different plan.”

Instead, she said that “It turns out I have two diffferent cancers. I not only have non small cell carcinoma lung cancer, I also have small cell lung cancer which is aggressive and that is why it has spread.”

Because of that, she’s getting a chemo port, and she’ll start “the dreaded IV chemo” on Monday.

Apparently she’s on a chemo pill now, and she’ll stay on it, with the addition of the port and the IV medication.

“I’m really their Pioneer Woman now,” Angie explained, “as they’ve never seen someone have both, who is a healthy, young non smoker.”

Seriously, can you even imagine running marathons and dedicating so much to your health and fitness and never, ever smoking, then getting two different types of lung cancer at once?

It must be so difficult for the Douthit family right now, especially since Angie also said that both types of lung cancer only have a prognosis of 12-18 months with treatment.

“I didn’t sleep at all last night praying and telling God my heart,” she wrote. “My family is very upset and sad. But you know what? My God is way bigger than cancer.”

“He loves me and has a plan for my life. I know he was asked because I was asked, just yesterday, to speak at two more churches.”

“And,” she continued, “I have 3 new grand babies on the way who need their Nannie.”

As if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, she then asked anyone reading her message to pray “that chemo will not weaken me or make me sick,” and “as silly as this seems, please pray that my eye lashes and eye brows won’t fall out.”

“That’s all I have left!”

She also asked everyone to “pray that I won’t be afraid of the chemo,” and insisted that “I want to live, but I want God’s will more.”

It sounds like her faith is a big comfort for her right now, and how wonderful is that?

Although her prognosis isn’t good and things seem to be getting worse, it sounds like she’s at peace with it all, at least as much as she can be.

And that’s not nothing, you know?


Mackenzie Standifer Debuts Baby Bump … But Is She Still With Ryan Edwards?!

It’s been two months since news of Ryan Edward’s arrest brought the Teen Mom OG star’s whole world crashing down.

Just one day after news that Ryan had been picked up for a probation violation came reports that he had once again been caught cheating on Mackenzie Standifer, his wife of one year, who is currently pregnant with his girlfriend.

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Edwards’ ex, Maci Bookout, had filed for a restraining order after being threatened by Ryan.

Needless to say, all of this hasn’t made for a terribly tranquil pregnancy for poor Mackenzie.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that Ryan’s beleaguered wife has decided to take a hiatus from social media.

But Mack didn’t just delete her account, like most social media stars who have had enough.

No, she wisely realized that an Instagram page with a six-figure following is valuable virtual real estate.

So she gifted the page to her friend, photographer Christian C. George.

And as a reward for not unfollowing him as soon as Mackenzie jumped ship, George offers up the occasional gem, such as the photo above.

That’s the first pic of Mackenzie’s baby bump, posted by George this afternoon.

“When Mack told me about how much her quality of life improved since letting go of social media a couple of months back I didn’t totally understand,” he captioned the pic.

“I see social media as a marketing tool and an additional stream of revenue for influencers. However, what price was she paying? Since I took over Mackenzie’s account- I expected people to unfollow (because after all they didn’t follow me- they followed her).”

George went on to say that he’s learned some lessons from walking a mile in Mackenzie’s shoes:

“What I didn’t expect was the trail of bullying to continue,” he wrote. “These are examples of the messages I’ve received:

“‘You’re f—ng ugly just like Mackenzie, your pictures suck and so do you, you’re trash, why did your ugly face show up on my timeline today.’

“It’s unfortunate that these types of cyber attacks actually exist. I’m choosing to find peace with Jesus, and thanking Him for His Amazing grace and truth!”

Then Christian encouraged you to “learn more about” him, but let’s be honest, that’s not what you came here for.

Anyway, it’s nice to see that Mackenzie is doing well (no word yet on whether she’s still with Ryan), and it’s kind of cool that she discovered such an innovative way to put her old IG account to good use.

Very savvy. Maybe she is the right person to replace Farrah Abraham, after all!

Watch Teen Mom OG online to relive the wildly bumpy road that brought Mackenzie to where she is today.


Mackenzie Standifer Quits Social Media, Dumps Ryan Edwards?!

Mackenzie Standifer has put up with an awful lot during her brief marriage to Ryan Edwards.

But now it seems she may have finally become fed up with his many awful tendencies.

Ever since Ryan was arrested back in March, he and Mackenzie have both been laying low on social media.

But now, Standifer has taken things a step further.

She appears to have quit Instagram completely, and some Teen Mom OG fans believe they've picked up on subtle signs that she and Ryan are no longer together.

Here's what we know so far:

1. Happier Times

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
In the wake of his March arrest for a probation violation, Mackenzie initially stood by her man. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of Ryan’s downfall.

2. Repeating a Pattern

Ryan edwards is mad
The day after the arrest, it was revealed that Ryan had been using an online dating profile to try and cheat on Mackenzie. It was not the first time he had done so.

3. It Gets Worse…

Ryan edwards with mackenzie
That same week, the public learned that Ryan’s ex, Maci Bookout, had been granted a restraining order after revealing that Ryan had threatened to kill her husband.

4. A Painful Separation

Ryan bentley
There was a time when Ryan wasn’t even allowed to make contact with his son, Bentley. A judge has since lifted that order of protection, but Ryan’s vistation rights remain in jeopardy.

5. The Future

Ryan edwards a photo
It’s unclear what’s next for Ryan. He could still be facing jail time, and he’s in for a hell of a custody battle with Maci.

6. Mackenzie’s Next Move

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer photo
Mackenzie is five months pregnant with Ryan’s baby (his first, her second), and fans have been encouraging her to kick him to the curb. Now, it seems she may have done exactly that …

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Mackenzie Ziegler Blasts Dance Moms: I Had No Childhood!

While Abby Lee Miller struggles through her chemo treatments, another former Dance Moms star is telling all about her experience on the show.

13-year-old Mackenzie Ziegler is following in big sister Maddie’s footsteps; she has written a book!

In Kenzie’s Rules for Life, she talks about missing her childhood while dancing on TV, and she slams Dance Moms as a toxic environment.

RadarOnline reports on some of the contents of Mackenzie’s tell-all book. Within the pages, Mackenzie confesses that she felt inadequate and insecure during her reality television career.

“I didn’t feel like I was good enough.”

That’s a normal feeling to have, but for a young child to experience it while being thrust into the spotlight is … sad.

“I was also really nervous about people watching me on TV.”

Of course! She was a child. She is still, for that matter, a child. She’s barely a teenager.

“Would they laugh at me? Would I look really stupid up there?”

Dancing in a room full of dancers is one thing. Doing so on television is another.

“I know the cameras would be following us around and catching everything I did and said. I was embarrassed and really insecure.”

Like her sister Maddie Ziegler’s tell-all book, Mackenzie’s does not mention Abby Lee Miller by name.

But you can see “vague” hints that appear to refer to her.

“I always felt like I had to live up to people’s expectations of me.”

A number of people suspect that Mackenzie is referring to Miller, here.

“I thought everyone was constantly judging me, watching each move and tearing it apart, nitpicking everything I did, and laughing at me behind my back.”

Yeah, that definitely sounds like how Miller came across on the show.

“The competitive dance world and reality TV can get a little crazy.”

Mackenzie also mentions that she basically missed out on a lot of important parts of being a child.

“It was pretty much my answer to every party, play date, after-school activity, you name it: ‘Sorry, I have dance.'”

Strange that we live in a world where you (correctly) can’t send your child to work in a mine or a textile factory, but kids can be trotted out on TV and dance themselves into exhaustion.

“I started to regret not being a ‘real kid’ with a real life. I felt like I had no childhood, and it made me sad and angry.”

Those feelings sound very justified.

To make matters worse, Mackenzie reveals that she was the target of online bullying over social media.

“People would be so cruel to me in comments.”

For one thing, they would make unfavorable comparisons between her and her sister.

“They would compare me to my sister, saying that I wasn’t as pretty or as talented as Maddie.”

Vicious and inexcusable.

“They called me fat; they said I was ugly and had big bunny teeth that stuck out.”

I cannot imagine saying these vile things to anyone, let alone a child.

“They made fun of my costumes and my routines, called me a crybaby and a loser.”

Absolutely despicable.

“I felt like I was constantly being attacked. It made me paranoid and insecure.”

That kind of experience can haunt you for life.

Mackenzie says that it took almost her entire run on Dance Moms to work up the courage to put her foot down and leave the series.

“I was over it.”

By the way, are you aware that Mackenzie herself was not paid for her time on the show? She’s worth 2 million, thanks to other appearances and endorsements and tours.

“I felt like the constant competition life was getting to me too much.”

Absolutely understandable.

“It wasn’t fun for me anymore; I was ready to move on and do something else.”

Good for her.

“It was me knowing I was capable of doing so much more in my life and feeling ambitious and a little ‘itchy’ to branch out. I was ready to move on.”

Considering that Maddie’s book also did not mention Abby Lee Miller by name, we assume that Mackenzie avoided naming her from the start.

That is for the best, since Miller has been diagnosed with cancer. Releasing a book that bashes someone while they’re in the hospital fighting for their life would be all kinds of awkward.

That said, Miller did shade Mackenzie over allegedly vaping, but that’s a far cry from actively bashing someone.

We hope that Abby Lee Miller makes a swift and full recovery.

We also hope that Mackenzie Ziegler continues to see success — and that she gets to, at least, have an almost normal adolescence since she was robbed of a childhood.


Amber Portwood: Good Riddance to Farrah, But I Don’t Know About Mackenzie McKee

Early Tuesday morning, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood welcomed her baby boy.

While she’s excited and busy with her new baby, Amber always has time for her longstanding feud with Farrah Abraham.

And she’s speaking about Farrah’s firing … and her replacement.

Amber Portwood spoke to HollywoodLife.

“Everyone knows why Farrah’s not on the damn show.”

While the exact story varies depending upon whom you ask, Amber is definitely not buying the “Viacom hate crimes” angle.

“She pushed her limits every season, she knew that she did.”

Farrah was reportedly a nightmare for producers and others responsible for making the show.

Amber says that, eventually, enough was enough.

“And you can’t keep doing that.”

Drama is the fuel that keeps reality television going, and Amber acknowledges that Farrah was nothing if not wildly dramatic.

“Yeah, it works for a little while, it brings some ratings.”

Amber explains that there are limits to how much of a real-world disaster you can be and still have people willing to work with you.

“But when you keep pushing back and it’s a big network, you can’t go too far.”

Eventually, like a bear being harassed by a racist squirrel, MTV got tired of it.

“This is bigger than her.”

But since Farrah has been claiming that this was all about her sex work, Amber thinks that Farrah may genuinely believe it.

“I think she didn’t realize that and she got booted for it.”

But Amber won’t lose any sleep over Farrah’s departure.

“I’m just fine with it, s–t. I don’t care.”

That’s fair.

Reportedly, Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee is replacing Farrah on Teen Mom OG.

But Amber says that she is in the dark — or at least that she cannot confirm anything.

“I don’t know what’s going on with that.”

Obviously, the stars aren’t going to comment until the network makes things nice and official.

“Again, everything’s up in the air.”

Amber does suggest that MTV’s cameras may have included her giving birth to her newborn boy.

“I can’t say that yet. I really don’t know if my birth will be filmed because I may have him before the due date, so it’s getting crazy.”

Amber’s due date was May 13, so she’s absolutely right.

But we do wonder if cameras are rolling.

The biggest thing in Amber’s life right now has nothing to do with her past, present, or future castmates.

She just gave birth!

As Amber revealed back in December, her son’s name is James Andrew Glennon.

Huge congratulations to the whole family — Amber, Andrew, baby James, and of course, Leah!

When Amber went into early labor over the weekend, we knew that the countdown had begun.

Obviously, Amber Portwood has had her issues over the years … and even recently.

Among other things, her anger issues have made her interesting to watch on television, even as they have alarmed viewers.

A lot of fans are also concerned about her whirlwind romance with Andrew Glennon. Some even worried that he used her emotional vulnerability to become her rebound.

But she seems to be much happier with her current situation than she has been in a while.

And congratulations for the birth of her son are absolutely in order.


Mackenzie McKee Gives Heartbreaking Update on Mother’s Cancer

Mackenzie McKee has some seriously tragic news for us this weekend.

Back in January, as you may recall, the Teen Mom 3 star announced that her mother, Angie Douthit, had been diagnosed with stage four brain and lung cancer.

The family started a GoFundMe account to help cover medical costs, and in the description for the fundraiser they explained that she had tumors that “cover almost the entire brain,” and that she had several masses in her lungs.

The diagnosis was especially shocking because Angie’s always been very healthy — she never smoked, she didn’t drink, she ran marathons.

Mackenzie said at the time that she’d went to the doctor because she thought she had bronchitis.

In the months since her diagnosis, Angie has been going strong.

She’s been giving some inspirational speeches and spending lots of time with family, judging by Mackenzie’s Instagram post.

But now, in another post, we have a new update on how she’s doing.

And unfortunately, it’s bad news.

“O mom, you are so amazing,” Mackenzie begins her post. “Idk how you are touching lives all around the world of people who have never met you but you are.”

“You have such a strong message to share and you are not scared to shout it to the rooftops.”

“You don’t deserve this, none of it,” she continues. “So happy, so healthy, and so faithful to God.”

“Stage four cancer in your lungs, in your brain, and now in your bones. And not once have you questioned Gods love for you.”

Yep, you read that right — now, in addition to the brain cancer and the lung cancer, Angie also has cancer in her bones.

Mackenzie goes on to explain that they just got the bad news a few days ago, and that this whole nightmare has been “exhausting and expensive.”

So to help with some of the costs, she’s asking her fans to consider purchasing one of her “fitness at home workout programs,” the workout and nutrition guides she sells on her site, Body by Mac

To her mother, Mac writes “One thing you wish people would do is to remain healthy and to #alwaysbekind. You helped me with my #bodybymac 3 month program and have always been my number one cheerleader through this all.”

And so this weekend, if you buy one of her programs, all that money “will go towards the cost of all travel expenses and medication because you’re so good and telling people to stop complaining, get off their butts, and get active.”

“So here is to donating and getting healthy at the same time.”

It’s definitely a sweet gesture, and it really seems like Mackenzie is doing everything in her power to help her mother right now.

Remember, although we know who she is and although she starred on an MTV show, Teen Mom 3 only got one season before it was canceled, and that was back in 2013.

We know that the moms’ salaries get increased every season, and that when the shows started out, they didn’t make too much at all, considering.

For reference, Briana DeJesus reportedly made $ 20,000 for her first season of Teen Mom 2, which isn’t a lot, considering the other moms brought in around $ 300,000.

Add in those three kids of hers, and there’s a good chance that Mackenzie doesn’t have any of her MTV money left, and that she’s trying to capitalize on the fame she has with her workout programs.

We can’t blame her for that, and if she’s also using that fame to try to get donations to help her mother?

We certainly can’t blame her for that either.

Honestly, Angie’s prognosis doesn’t sound good, but it’s clear that she’s still in good spirits, and that really is amazing.

So let’s all send our best wishes to this family, OK?


Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: Still Together! Still Ridiculous!

Things have been pretty rocky lately for Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer.

Rockier than they were when they got married while he was high on heroin, even.

Yep, for the past month or so, Ryan’s life has been falling apart in a pretty major way — again, even worse than it already was.

In March, he got arrested for violating his probation, because it turns out that he’d been arrested last year for simple possession of heroin.

We’re still not clear on exactly how he violated the probation — Mackenzie has said that the whole thing was a misunderstanding and that he wasn’t technically arrested at all, and other sources have claimed he either failed or missed a drug test.

What we do know is that he was arrested at his home, he got a brand new mug shot, and that may not have even been the worst thing that happened to him that week.

The same day we found out about the arrest, a woman came forward to claim that she’d been talking to Ryan on Tinder.

It was confirmed that the phone number the woman had belonged to Ryan, so that means he’s been cheating or trying to cheat on his pregnant wife.

Because, oh yeah, it just so happened that Mackenzie’s pregnancy was revealed on Teen Mom OG exactly when all this other nonsense was happening.

One more thing — during this super eventful time, Maci Bookout also started the process of obtaining orders of protection against him for herself and her children.

She did this because she said he’d been harassing her and threatening to kidnap their son. Her husband filed an order of his own because Ryan had actually threatened to murder him.

Shortly after all of this, Mackenzie left their Chattanooga home for New York.

We don’t know why or for how long, but it didn’t look like a great sign.

Last we heard, the couple was on the brink of divorce because “neither one of them can stand each other,” and that when it comes to their relationship, “things are way worse than they seem.”

But as one source explained it. “she just sticks around for the paycheck,” so maybe as long as Ryan has a job on Teen Mom he’ll have a wife.

With this latest development, it’s looking like that last thing may be the case.

Earlier this week, a car dealership in Chattanooga shared a photo of Ryan and Mackenzie in front of a new truck they’d purchased — a custom Ford F-150.

They thanked the Edwards family for their purchase and told them to “please let us know if you need anything at all in the future!!”

This is interesting for a number of reasons.

One, it means that they’re definitely together right now.

Two, this is the first new photo of Mackenzie since we learned she was pregnant. She’s wearing a very loose shirt so we can’t see any baby bump, and she may not even have much of one yet, but still, it’s worth mentioning.

Three, Ryan and his wife are about to have a baby and this is the vehicle they decide to purchase? Seriously?

Four, isn’t it so great that this guy who’s been known to drive while on heroin purchased this huge truck? Seems like a great idea for everyone.

Stay safe, Ryan and Mackenzie! And also everyone who may be driving in or around southeast Tennessee!


Mackenzie Standifer to Dr. Drew: Ryan Edwards Doesn’t Need Your Help!

Part two of the Teen Mom OG reunion special will air on MTV this Monday, and judging from a newly released preview clip, it’s a doozy.

The segment – obtained by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup – shows an irate Mackenzie Standifer butting heads with Dr. Drew Pinsky during a discussion about Ryan Edwards’ heroin addiction.

The trouble began when Pinsky pointed out that by failing to properly follow his doctor’s orders Edwards is putting himself at risk for a relapse.

Standifer talked over Pinsky for a few awkward seconds before the doctor attempted to bring some order to the conversation by asking, “Are you ready to listen to me?”

“Excuse me? No, I’m not,” Mackenzie replied, dialing the sass factor up to 11.

Drew pressed on because allowing himself to be shut down by an irritable 21-year-old would make a pretty crappy therapist.

He reminds Mackenzie that in his ongoing custody battle with Maci Bookout, Ryan has claimed that he’s currently being treated for his addiction.

By refusing to take his Suboxone as prescribed, however, Ryan is being negligent about his treatment.

Pinsky pointed out that as a result, he can’t, in good conscience, advise Maci to trust her child to Ryan’s care.

“Then, I could argue to Maci that he’s under doctor’s prescription, he’s following it to the letter and you can check with that doctor and that doctor will take responsibility for any problems,” Dr. Drew explained.

“But if [Ryan’s] taking [the medication] ad-lib, I can’t vouch for that.”

That’s when Mackenzie clapped back with an argument that makes it sound as though she doesn’t fully understand whats being said here:

“I don’t think you can vouch for anything Ryan does, honestly,” Standifer snapped.

“But that’s just my opinion.”

We can see why Mackenzie saw fit to question Pinsky’s judgment.

After all, what could a medical professional who specializes in addiction possibly have to say about Ryan’s substance abuse issues?

Going forward, she might want to be a little nicer to old Doc Drew, however.

After all, when she inevitably divorces Edwards, she’s gonna want Pinsky on her side.

Watch Teen Mom OG online to relive all the madness of this season before Monday’s wild conclusion.