This Kardashian Family Photo Raises Two Major Questions

The Kardashians and Jenners have unveiled a new holiday card…

… actually, allow us to amend this statement:

Most of the Kardashians and Jenners have unveiled a new holiday card.

In an image shared across the social media accounts of all featured above, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian all are posing for the camera.

(Most are doing so in very serious and dramatic fashion for some reason, too.)

But no Internet user out there cares very much about these women.

They only care about the one woman NOT in the picture.

We speak, of course, about Kylie Jenner.

Just like she was absent from the Kardashian Christmas card, despite rumors that she would reveal her pregnancy on the final version, Kylie is absent from this family photo as well.

And lest you think her absence is just something celebrity gossip sites are fixated on, as we attempt to stir up controversy where there is none, consider what Kourtney wrote as a caption on Instagram:

When you can’t find the rest of the family for the photo …

This is clearly a reference to Kylie’s whereabouts.

The 20-year old is expecting her very first child with semi long-time boyfriend Travis Scott.

But Kylie is yet to say a word about the bun in her oven, choosing instead to basically go radio silent on Twitter and Instagram ever since the news went viral.

This decision has irritated her followers, many of whom just wish to send Jenner their best wishes. They cannot do so, however, until she actually verifies the pregnancy herself.

Heck, the choice to keep mum has even led to a few crazy theories, such as some speculating that Kylie is Kim’s surrogate… and others thinking she has already had the baby.

We doubt either of these rumors are true.

But Kylie is Internet savvy.

She should realize that her ongoing silence on the issue is simply generating more and more chatter.

Why doesn’t she just set the record straight? Why doesn’t she confirm the news and announce her due date and watch the congratulations roll in?

There are two possibilities:

  1. She is just incredibly ashamed over this whole development and remains in some kind of denial.
  2. This is all part of a media strategy to be mysterious and quiet and then spring her baby bump (or the baby itself!) on folks once anticipation has reached its peak level.

For the record, we hear Jenner is due in February and is having a girl.

Elsewhere, with Khloe also expecting and Kim said to welcome her third child via the aforementioned surrogate, there’s a new rumor out:

Could Kendall Jenner ALSO be pregnant?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The above selfie has people wondering because maybe, possibly there’s a baby bump there.

The model, though, has denied this crazy theory, joking online in response that she just “likes bagels” and, we guess, recently ate some.

We likely believe her.

But take another look at the family photo at the outset of this article.

Kendall is standing in the back, her belly covered up by the relatives in front of her.

Could this be because she’s hiding something?!?

We’re just asking.


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Briana DeJesus Hints at Major “Future” with Javi Marroquin

Are they or aren't they?

Are Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin still together or have they broken up?

The Teen Mom stars did NOT spend Christmas together, prompting chatter about a possible split…

… and now DeJesus has spoken out very clearly in response to these rumors.

Scroll down to see what she said and to learn the status of this controversial couple:

1. Was It a Merry Christmas for the Couple?

Was it a merry christmas for the couple
Yes. But that doesn’t mean they spent the holiday together. As you can see here, Javi enjoyed some time with son Lincoln during the big day.

2. As for Briana?

As for briana
She opened presents and celebrated Christmas with her two daughters, Stella and Nova. Why did Javi not at least stop by? It remains unclear.

3. Adding Fuel to the Speculative Fire?

Briana dejesus car selfie
Briana’s mother, Roxanne DeJesus, WENT OFF on Javi via Twitter, writing in a since-deleted message: “How many times can you say ‘I’m being deployed’ and not get deployed. Stop using deployment as a tool for sympathy. But it’s a good storyline. GTFOH [sic]…” Wow, huh? Harsh.

4. What Fans Have Been Saying:

Kailyn lowry javi marroquin briana dejesus split
“Hope you and Bri are together,” one commenter wrote to Javi in response to the ongoing chatter, adding: “You deserve happiness and someone to treat you right. She definitely seems like she won’t take you for granted like Kale [sic] did! Happy for you guys!”

5. Broken Up?!?

But broken up
Briana has heard all the rumors. She’s read all the reports. And she teased her response via this Instagram post.

6. The Clap Back:

Javi marroquin briana dejesus selfie
DeJesus gave Us Weekly the exclusive interview in response (Where’s the love for THG, Bri?!?), in which she said the following: “Javi and I are still together. We are making plans toward our future. Our relationship has been great thus far and I believe we both see long term potential.”

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Roloff Thanksgiving Photo Raises One MAJOR Question

The cast of Little People, Big World had a whole lot to be thankful for this year.

Over the past six months, the Roloffs have welcomed two precious and healthy babies into the world:

A boy named Jackson Kyle, welcomed by Tory and and Zach back in May; and a girl named Ember Jean, welcomed by Audrey and Jeremy in September.

Just as special for this family, nearly everyone was available for Thanksgiving on Thursday, gathering at matriarch Amy’s home for a lovely feast.

The eldest female Roloff shared the above photo on her Instagram account and included with it the caption below:

My kids. This is what I’m thankful for. Love them forever and always. So happy to have Molly in town and Joel arrives Wednesday.

Jackson is sleeping. There is always something/someone to be thankful for in our lives!

What a sweet picture, right?

No Internet user is denying that (how could they?!?), but some have analyzed Amy’s words, along with an image/caption posted by Tori, and wondered something about the TLC stars.

First, Tori’s photo:

Now, Tori’s caption:

My people… the Roloff boys really know how to pick ‘em. I love the holidays and how they bring us all together! Love you sisters and MIL! #seestorsfolife

Notice how Amy referred to everyone as her “kids?”

And how Tori used the word “sisters?”

These references have left some astute followers curious as to whether Jacob Roloff has proposed to girlfriend Isabel Rock.

Chatter over the status of these love birds has been going strong ever since Isabel said she’s facing a “life changing decision” a few weeks ago.

Considering how long these two have been together and how in love they appear to be, it wouldn’t surprise us at all if Jacob had popped the question and Tori really does have another official “sister” in the family.

(Or will in the near future, that is.)

Many Little People, Big World viewers are just happy Jacobi s back in his family’s good graces.

He was estranged for them after he quit the show last summer and accused his relative of being phony.

But he’s since admitted that was a tad bit immature and has been spending more and more time with everyone of late.

Does this mean we’ll see Jacob on future episodes of Little People, Big World?

That’s another question we can’t help but consider.

One thing is for certain:

Jackson, Tori and Zach will be on the new season.

Another thing is for certain: they are a certifiably adorable family!

The same can be said for the entire Roloff clan, really.

While you marvel over the above Thanksgiving photos, take a look at a full album of cute snapshots below!


American Music Awards: Red Carpet Hits… and Major Misses!

The American Music Awards claim to recognize the very best in music,

But we're here to recognize the very best (and worst!) in fashion… within the music world.

Which attendees at the event dominated the style game? Who needs to take a longer look in the mirror next year around this time?

Scroll down and decide now! 

1. Selena Gomez at the 2017 AMAs

Selena gomez at the 2017 amas
This is quite the look on Selena Gomez, huh? She rocked it on the red carpet of the American Music Awards.

2. Kelly Clarkson at 2017 AMAs

Kelly clarkson at 2017 amas
We love you, Kelly Clarkson! And we love your look at the American Music Awards.

3. Pink at 2017 AMAs

Pink at 2017 amas
Rock on, Pink! The beloved singer does her thing here on the American Music Awards red carpet.

4. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at 2017 AMAs

Nicole kidman and keith urban at 2017 amas
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban always looks great on the red carpet, don’t they?

5. Demi Lovato at 2017 AMAs

Demi lovato at 2017 amas
Whoa there, Demi Lovato! The singer is showing a lot of cleavage here on the red carpet.

6. Jenna Dewan Tatum at 2017 AMAs

Jenna dewan tatum at 2017 amas
Jenna Dewan Tatum posed on her own, in amazing style, at the American Music Awards.

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Briana DeJesus Throws MAJOR Shade at Kailyn Lowry on Twitter!

At one point, they were rumored to be friends.

When Briana DeJesus joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 for the show's most recent season, Kailyn Lowry seemed to be the only veteran cast member who didn't have a problem with it.

That all changed when Briana began dating Javi Marroquin, Kailyn's ex-husband and the father of her second child.

These days, Bri and Kail are bitter enemies, and it seems there's no end to their feud in sight.

Check out our rundown of the latest shots fired in this increasingly brutal war or words:

1. Briana & Javi: Getting Serious?

What started as a fling appears to be developing into a serious relationship. Briana and Javi have been exchanging flirty messages on Twitter, and Kailyn is understandably less than pleased.

2. Kailyn Lowry: Not Having It

Kailyn at teen mom 2 reunion
Kail has moved on from her marriage to Javi, and she’s doing her own thing these days. But it seems she’s not a fan of the way Bri and Javi have been flaunting their happiness (or feigned happiness) publicly.

3. Is It All a Game?

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus on instagram
Some fans suspect Bri and Javi aren’t serious about their relationship and are only posting about it so frequently in order to get under Kail’s skin.

4. Bri to Javi: Let’s Get Married!

Bri to javi lets get married
For some fans, the final straw was this tweet, in which Bri made reference to an earlier conversation that she and Javi had had about getting married.

5. Briana: Just Kidding About the Marriage Thing

Briana just kidding about the marriage thing
In response to disbelief from fans, Bri later clarified that she was just joking about the marriage comments.

6. But the Feud Is Real

Briana de jesus
Shortly thereafter, Briana kept the feud fires burning by calling Kailyn out with some screenshots of a text conversation between Lowry and Marroquin.

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