Kim Kardashian Makes Major Family Announcement

Kim Kardashian has something important to say.

In a public statement on Thursday, the former sex tape star told the world that “it’s time to move on.”

Was she confirming that Khloe Kardashian has finally decided to dump Tristan Thompson, about a week after learning that he’s been cheating on her left, right and every direction in between?


Nothing that dramatic.

Instead, Kardashian was announcing that she and her siblings have chosen to shut down all DASH locations.

If you’re wondering what the heck this refers to, well… that does a long way toward explaining why the storefronts will cease to exist.

“After nearly 12 years, my sisters and I have decided to close the doors of our DASH stores,” the mother of three wrote on her app of her family-owned clothing stores, adding:

“We opened our first store as a family in 2006 and since then we have made so many lifelong memories.

From opening locations in Los Angeles, Miami and New York, to having our Dash Dolls spin-off show, it’s been such a huge part of our lives.”

Concluded Kim in this post:

“We’ve loved running DASH, but in the last few years we’ve all grown so much individually.

“We’ve been busy running our own brands, as well as being moms and balancing work with our families. We know in our hearts that it’s time to move on.”

At one point, in an attempt to help DASH be a successful business, E! even greenlit a show titled DASH Dolls, which hilariously focused on the employees that worked in these stores.

It only aired one season.

Kim, of course, is right.

Kylie Jenner is the main name and face of a cosmetics company that has somehow been valued at a billion dollars.

Khloe Kardashian has her own denim line.

Kourtney, meanwhile, is about to launch a new line with younger sister Kylie, titled “KOURT X KYLIE.”

And insiders tell TMZ that Kim will soon come out with her own “intimates and swimwear” line.

This may explain why Kim has been posing in bikinis so much of late.

In a final tribute to the legacy of DASH, Kardashian also wrote the following yesterday evening:

“We love our DASH Dolls and are so grateful for the amazing memories – and we have to give a special thanks to the DASH employees and all of the incredible fans and customers who have supported us throughout the years!

“We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you to everyone!”

On top of their personal professional obligations, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters have other reasons to be occupied these days.

Other adorable reasons, that is!

Kim and Kanye West now have three kids under five years old at home.

Kylie gave birth to her first daughter in February.

And then Khloe gave birth to her first daughter just two weeks ago.

The sisters have come a VERY long way since they opened that first DASH location.

It’s actually sort of amazing all we’ve watched them go through in a decade-plus, isn’t it?


Kim Kardashian Drops Major Khloe Baby Bombshell!

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, Khloe Kardashian welcomed her baby girl while in the middle of her baby daddy’s cheating scandal.

Initial reports offered a few pieces of information, but were short on details.

Kim Kardashian was there, and now she’s revealing some vivid details about Khloe’s childbirth experience … and about the precious baby herself!

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter on Friday morning to gush about — and at — her sister, Khloe, the day after Khloe gave birth to Kim’s youngest niece.

“I’m so happy for you!”

Just as Kylie sent Khloe her “kongrats,” Kim is doing the same.

“Your baby girl is so beautiful!”

There will be more on the baby in a moment.

“You are so strong, you made that look so easy!”

Four years ago, Kim gave birth to North. Two years ago, she gave birth to Saint. Both of those were difficult pregnancies and childbirths.

When you have complications like those that Kim has experienced, we imagine that watching someone give birth without them would look easy. Relatively speaking.

Kim Kongratulates Khloe

Kim’s tweet continues:

“I can’t wait for our baby girls to grow up as best friends the way we are!”

Somewhere out there, Jonathan Cheban just clutched his heart and cried out in agony.

And here comes Kim with that childbirth detail:

“I’m so happy I was able to return the favor of holding your leg while you pushed LOL”

That’s very illuminating. Not all sisters get to actually help their sister with delivery, but now Khloe and Kim have both held each other’s legs while the other pushed.

Kim Kompliments Khloe's Baby

Kim followed up that congratulatory tweet with another.

“You guys she’s so gorgeous!!!!!”

There isn’t a clear antecedent to “she,” but it is nonetheless extremely clear that Kim is referring to Khloe’s newborn daughter.

While we all look forward to seeing photos of Kris Jenner’s youngest grandchild, experience tells us that we’ll likely have to wait a short while.

Whether we’ll learn the baby’s name before or after we see her cute little face is anyone’s guess.

At the time that her birth was revealed, Khloe had yet to decide upon her name.

Kim wasn’t the only family member who flew out to Cleveland for Khloe’s first childbirth.

And from what a source tells People, their goal was to get Khloe to move back to California.

“They’re trying to keep her emotionally stable.”

Surrounded by family, she can get the support that she and her baby deserve.

“The whole family is beyond pissed at Tristan.”

On Tuesday, multiple videos were released that show Tristan Thompson caught cheating on Khloe during her pregnancy.

The only reason that Khloe is in Cleveland in the first place is because that’s where Tristan lives.

“The goal is to get Khloe out of there as fast as they can without jeopardizing the safety of the baby after she’s arrived.”

It sounds like Khloe was more than open to returning to Calabasas.

“Khloe just wants to be home.”

It’s so beautiful and powerful that Kim and Khloe have been able to bond over helping each other to deliver.

And yes, holding the other’s leg is absolutely helpful.

We’re glad that Khloe had an easier time of it than Kim did.

But we’re of course heartbroken for Khloe that the surrounding circumstances are so difficult during what should be a happy occasion.

One fan responded to Kim’s tweets by asking if she had “beaten up Tristan” yet.

While we would never advocate violence, the fan’s feelings are understandable.


Prince William Drops MAJOR Hint on Royal Baby’s Gender

With Duchess Kate Middleton ready to give birth in the near future, this royal pregnancy is getting more and more attention.

And it appears that Prince William may have dropped a massive hint about whether they’re expecting a little prince or a little princess.

Is this a major royal gaffe?

Like a large number of people, Prince William is a fan of sports.

Specifically, he enjoys soccer, which is called “football” in … well, outside of the United States, where soccer is popular even among adults.

The Prince is a fan of the Aston Villa Football Club, and celebrated Jack Grealish’s successful and dramatic win for his side when he played against Cardiff City.

In his enthusiasm, it appears that he let something slip about his third child with Kate Middleton.

Referring to Grealish’s skill on the field and accomplishments during that particular game, William told fans:

“I’m going to insist the baby is called Jack.”

After a brief pause, in which he may have realized what he had said, he added:

“…Or Jackie.”

Is this a huge reveal and therefore a major royal gaffe?

It is difficult to tell, but many believe that Prince William accidentally leaked his child’s expected sex.

When one is excited, even a royal who has been schooled from birth to keep things private can have a loosened tongue.

That would certainly shoot down rumors that Kate Middleton is expecting twin girls. (Everyone loves a twin story)

But we should mention that it is also possible that was entirely joking about the name “Jack” and only threw in the “Jackie” line so that people would not jump to conclusions.

Obviously, that did not work out the way that he may have planned.

As for the name itself, well, regardless of the little one’s sex, Prince William is probably joking.

Even regular, non-royal people need to be thoughtful about the names that they give to their children.

If we all just picked the names of people we admire for our children, it could backfire when prospective employers refuse to interview someone named “Magneto” or decline to hire yet another “Carrie Fisher” because they already have a dozen and it’s already creating confusion at the office.

For royals, the pressures when it comes to names are even more intense. 

Look at William’s children’s names: George and Charlotte.

George is a traditional name in his family, and St. George is said to have slain Britain’s last dragon, and is the patron saint of England. 

Charlotte is another name from his family, most notably of Queen Charlotte of Mecklenberg-Strelitz. Also, the name Charlotte has its roots in Charles, the name of William’s father.

So it seems likely that whatever name they choose for this royal baby, it won’t be “Jack.”

(Probably for the best, since when people outside of the UK think of a famous British person by that name, they’re likely to think of Jack the Ripper)

This baby … who seems more and more likely to be a little prince … will probably have a name with a rich royal history.

A name deeply entrenched in British culture.

A name hich, zero offense to anyone named “Jack,” will probably have a less common air to it.

Now is more or less the right time for the couple to introduce a new child into the family.

Princess Charlotte just started preschool, so a new baby will be slightly more manageable.

And the child is also close enough in age to Charlotte and even George that they won’t feel like strangers from different generations.

They may or may not be playmates, but that will have more to do with personality and interests than it has to do with their ages.

We’re all looking forward to the birth of this next royal baby.

Even if it does end up being “Prince Jack.”


Audrey Roloff Shares Major Baby Milestone: Watch! Shriek!

Audrey Roloff returned to Instagram just in time.

As previously noted, Roloff took a three-week hiatus from social media last month in order to finish writing a book with husband Jeremy Roloff.

But she shared a new post just a few days after Easter, wishing folks around the Internet a very happy Resurrection Day.

We're very glad to have Audrey back in our virtual lives because she often shares inspiring messages about faith and family.

Moreover, the timing could not have been better for Roloff to jump back online… considering the milestone just achieved by daughter Ember Jean.

"The face of determination. Moments later she learned to crawl. She is one STRONG girl," wrote Audrey as a caption to the photo above.

Indeed, seven-month old Ember can now now get around on her own, marking one of the more exciting moments of any parent's life.

Thankfully, Audrey didn't merely capture this crawling on camera… she captured it on camera and shared the results with her followers.

"While we were gone… Our baby got a little bigger, and hair got a little longer," added Audrey in her return post last week.

She wrote those words not long after announcing that she and Jeremy were set to become actual, official, professional writers.

The past several months have given this Little People, Big World couple plenty to learn from and talk about in their memoir, from discovering they were pregnant… to struggling with parenthood… to watching their girl grow up each and every day.

"Our hope is that [our book will] encourage our generation to prepare for, pursue, and protect their love story," wrote Audrey upon first telling the public about her project.

No release date for it has been announced just yet.

But while we wait to read Audrey and Jeremy to share their words of wisdom, we can at least enjoy the following footage of Ember crawling.

Ready to join in Audrey's excitement?

Click PLAY now!

Audrey roloff just shared a major baby milestone

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