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‘Red Sonja’ Star Brigitte Nielsen If Bryan Singer’s Guilty Remove Him Now, Or Big Mama Will


Brigitte Nielsen — the OG “Red Sonja” — isn’t calling for director Bryan Singer‘s head just yet, but says she absolutely will … IF troubling new pedophilia allegations turn out to be true.

We got Brigitte — who costarred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the ’85 action flick — leaving Craig’s in WeHo, and asked what she made of Singer still directing the reboot … after The Atlantic published a bombshell report in which 4 men claimed Singer had either molested them years ago when they were minors.

The Danish-born actress wasn’t fully aware of the scandal, but invoked the #MeToo movement and told us if Singer turns out to be guilty — he’s gotta get the boot. 

Sonja went so far as to say she’d cut him herself, if the studio didn’t do it.

Little background: the fictional Sonja character is a victim of sexual assault, a fact that helped fuel the outrage over Singer possibly directing the film.

Singer is denying all the allegations and calls the Atlantic article a “homophobic smear piece.” He has not been charged with any crime. For now, Brigitte is willing to reserve judgment until Singer is proven guilty of anything.

Millennium Media, which is making the film, and producer Avi Lerner are taking a similar approach … saying Singer will not be fired based on mere allegations.

Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Nia Guzman’s Home Burglarized … While She Was Next Door!!!


Chris Brown and his baby mama are both having a difficult week, because a day after Breezy was arrested for allegedly raping a woman in Paris, Nia Guzman had her Los Angeles home burglarized … TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to Chris’ baby mama tell TMZ … someone entered Nia’s apartment Tuesday night and stole a ton of designer bags and shoes belonging to Nia, her oldest daughter and the former couple’s daughter, Royalty

And, get this … we’re told Nia was visiting her mom in the apartment next door when the heist went down.

Our law enforcement sources confirmed the burglary … and we’re told LAPD is investigating, but there aren’t any suspects or leads yet.

It’s interesting … we’re told Nia believes someone’s been watching her routine, because they struck while she was at her mom’s place. We’re told Nia left the lights and TV on while she stepped out, but her door was unlocked. 

As for Chris … he’s been released from custody in France and plans to sue his alleged rape victim for defamation.

Tisha Campbell-Martin Watch Out, 2019 … Mama Said Knock You Out!!!


Tisha Campbell-Martin‘s done being a doormat — she’s heading into 2019 with some badass moves, so any haters or dark clouds, in general, better steer clear!!!

We got video of the “Martin” star putting in some serious work during mitt drills with her trainer, Jason Ross, from X2U Fitness. An easy way to tell Tisha’s serious about her workouts … check out her breathing and how she seamlessly ducks and pivots after mixing jabs and combinations.

Tisha’s been boxing since she was 18 but we’re told she recently rebooted her training sessions.

She could use the stress-relief after a tumultuous 2018. As we reported, Tisha pulled the plug on her marriage with Duane Martin almost exactly a year ago.

It’s been a rough go since then, but just know Tisha’s ready to kick ass going forward.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Makes Zero Effort to Contact Family … Says His Baby Mama


Tekashi69 is ghosting his kid since getting locked up — making no attempt to reach out to her, according to the child’s mother.

We got Sara Molina, 6ix9ine’s baby mama, out in NYC and she says it’s been radio silence since the feds took the rapper into custody, and he was indicted on racketeering charges. As we first reported, his 3-year-old daughter, Saraiyah, didn’t get any Christmas presents from dear ol’ dad.

That might be understandable — since he’s behind bars — but Tekashi’s GF, Jade, got to unwrap a G-Wagon. She also got a Rolex for her 22nd birthday. Sooo … not a great look for him with the fam.

The fact he was all cozied up with Jade during a recent visit … has also gotta sting for Sara.

You’ll recall, just last October Tekashi seemed to be embracing his role as Saraiyah’s papa. A lot’s changed since then — but still, Sara stopped short of trashing her baby daddy.

In fact, she has some advice for him on how best to use his time in lockup. Hint: It doesn’t involve handsy photo ops with Jade.

Omarion It’s Fine If My Baby Mama Hooks Up With Lil Fizz … Just Don’t Do It At The B2K Reunion!!!


Omarion says he’s not losing sleep over his baby mama’s situation with Lil Fizz … just as long as they don’t get down on the B2K reunion tour!!!

Omarion sat down with our Raquel Harper for Tuesday’s episode of “Raq Rants” on BET, and he made it clear he’s not trying to get involved in his BM’s love life … but if Apryl Jones bangs his bandmate on tour, Omarion says that’s a different story!

Omarion’s ex was snuggling up with Lil Fizz on New Year’s Eve, leading to speculation over their relationship. Judge for yourself, but Apryl and Fizz look pretty close … even if they say they’re just friends. 

Whatever’s going on … Omarion’s making it clear he doesn’t want any drama during B2K’s upcoming tour

For the full interview … watch “Raq Rants” Tuesday at 11 PM on BET. On the West Coast, if you have Dish or DirecTV, it’s on at 8 PM.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Baby Mama Home Ransacked After Huge Fight She Alleges Ron Broke In

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has been named a “person of interest” in an alleged burglary at the home of his baby mama, Jen Harley, hours after the couple broke up following a nasty fight at a Vegas club … TMZ has confirmed. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Ronnie and Jen got into a huge fight a little after midnight during a NYE party. We’re told Jen set off the fight when she spilled a drink on Ronnie’s shoes, and Ron eventually stormed off.

We’re told when Jen got home later that night, she found her home ransacked … someone smashed a flat-screen TV, a vase, pictures and glass frames. Jen told cops she believes Ronnie broke in and started wreaking havoc, because whoever did it let themselves in. Ronnie and Jen do not live together. 

Law enforcement sources say Ronnie is not a suspect, because there are no witnesses or video evidence he committed the alleged burglary, but we’re told cops would like to speak with the “Jersey Shore” star. 

As for the night’s timeline … we’re told Ronnie and Jen started fighting at 2:15 AM, police arrived at Jen’s home at 3:32 AM, but Ronnie was not there. 

Ronnie and Jen put their seemingly endless amounts of drama aside for some cute Christmas photos with their 8-month old daughter, but their relationship didn’t make it to the New Year.