Mama June Shannon: Secret Boyfriend’s Identity Revealed!

You know how the world recently learned that June Shannon has a secret boyfriend who taught her how to love again?

Mama June gushes about him and the two kiss on the From Not to Hot season 2 trailer, but his actual identity has been kept pretty hush-hush.

But now we know his name … and a lot more about him.

While it’s great that June’s new size 4 figure is helping her find happiness, for a lot of viewers, the news that June Shannon was dating again brought up … mixed feelings.

After all, June was infamously seen cozying up to Mark McDaniel … a convicted sex offender whom June’s own daughter, Anna Cardwell, accuses of molesting her.

The only good reason anyone can think of for a mother to spend time with the man who molested her then-8-year-old daughter while her then-three-year-old daughter (Lauryn) was also on the bed is if she had been planning to murder him.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was canceled over that scandal. It was years before the final episodes were aired and before June Shannon made her (real) reality television comeback with From Not to Hot.

Thankfully, Mama June does not appear to be repeating such an unimaginable mistake.

RadarOnline reports that Mama June’s new boyfriend is Geno Doak, a 42-year-old carpenter. 

June had previously stated, without naming her beau, that the two had met through mutual friends.

Apparently, that also involved her hiring him to fix up her home in Hampton, Georgia.

Geno Doak is also a single parent, as he has one son and two daughters.

What’s more — these two have dated before. Way back in 2015, in fact.

As we previously reported, Mama June hasn’t been able to resist gushing about her then-mystery boyfriend.

“He is very, very awesome,” she told E!

Well, she definitely sounds enthusiastic about the guy.

“He actually restored my faith and the girls’ faith in men.”

That’s pretty profound. Before you question why a girl as young as Alana might need her faith in men restored, remember that she has eyes and has also probably noticed her mother’s relationships over the years.

June also talks about what makes her love Geno.

“It’s the little things…he is above and beyond anything that I could ever expect.”

She talks about how this happy romance got started.

“We honestly were just wanting to be friends and things just worked out.”

A lot of relationships begin that way.

RadarOnline confirms that Geno Doak will appear on the second season of From Not to Hot, by the way.

We’d figured as much.

But we already knew that June’s ex, Sugar Bear, and his new wife would be appearing on the new season, too.

And apparently June does not give one flying flip what he thinks about her new relationship.

“As long as I’m happy and the girls are happy at the end of the day, that’s all that matters to me.”

It sounds like she has her priorities in order.



Mama June Shannon Flaunts Her Size 4 Body!

Some people lose weight for themselves, Some people lose weight for their health.

But, really, what’s the point of losing a massive amount of weight if you don’t trot yourself out to show it off?

That’s exactly what Mama June Shannon is doing at the Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta premiere. And she even brought her daughters with her.

June Shannon’s weight loss journey has taken her so far!

Surgeries to limit how much food she can eat, another surgery to remove nine pounds of excess skin …

(Dramatic weight loss like hers can leave a lot of rolls of leftover skin; yet another sick joke that the human body plays)

… combined with diet and exercise gave her a stunning physical transformation.

In fact, her transformation is so complete that, in her show’s new season, June is going to be a beauty queen!

Of course, Mama June has more reasons to smile than just her total body transformation.

There is, as we’ve recently seen, a new man in her life.

We don’t know much about him yet, but June Shannon’s secret lover taught her how to love again, apparently.

In the teaser for her show’s new season, we found out very little other than that he exists.

Oh, and that June is apparently a terrible liar, because she kissed the guy and then tries to tell her daughters that they haven’t kissed yet.

Like … her kids had already seen it. Their house has windows.

So, Mama June Shannon strutted her stuff in a form-fitting blue dress at the premiere for Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. It’s pretty standard for reality stars to promote their “sister shows.” It’s good for the network.

But premieres aren’t just a time to mingle with other whatever-list celebrities, folks.

They’re a time to get photographed. They’re a time to build your brand and remind everyone else that you exist and, oh by the way, you have a show, too.

Mama June didn’t come alone, either.

She may have left her mystery man at home (well, not at home — you get the idea).

But she brought her family, including the daughter who made her whole family famous in the first place.

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson is growing up so quickly!

Kids will do that.

Her lustrous red outfit wasn’t quite her mother’s dress, but that’s okay. Not everybody dresses up; this was not the Golden Globes.

And honestly, we’re glad that neither of them were wearing black, because between June’s cobalt dress and Alana’s burgundy, we were living for their bold color choices.

Honey Boo Boo wasn’t June’s only daughter there, however.

From left to right, you’re looking at June Shannon, Alana Thompson, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, Lauryn’s one-month old daughter, Ella, and Joshua Brandon Efird.

On the first season of From Not to Hot, Mama June lost 300 pounds, which is how she now fits into a Size 4 dress.

She can’t exactly lose another 300 pounds, which is why the second season is going to focus on her new life. On her continued dieting and exercise, on her romantic life.

And, again, on her journey to become a beauty queen. It’s going to be wild.

We can’t wait.


Mama June Shannon: My New Boyfriend Taught Me How to Love Again!

Mama June Shannon is coming back with a second season of Mama June: From Not to Hot!

This time, she’s taking a stab at becoming a beauty queen. Yes, the erstwhile pageant mom is going to become a pageant contestant, putting to the test her new figure.

And she’s also seeing a mystery man. And though we have to wait to see him on the show, June can’t help but gush about him.

In the first season of Mama June: From Not to Hot, we saw a lot more than June Shannon’s weight loss struggle and powerful transformation.

Obviously, that was the primary, ongoing storyline — but this is reality television, folks. Not a medical documentary.

It followed June’s personal life and her “private” drama.

Including her ex’s engagement and marriage, which visibly rocked her to her core.

But now, it looks like it’s Mama June’s turn at finding new romance.

Mama June Shannon returns for a second season, and in one part of the big teaser, we see her daughters watching as she kisses an unidentified mystery man.

Apparently, June tries to avoid kissing and telling, but her daughters aren’t fooled.

Pumpkin says:

“I don’t know why mama is trying to say, ‘oh, I didn’t kiss him, I didn’t kiss him.’ We’ve seen it with our own two eyes.”

But … who is he?

Though Mama June’s taste in men in the past was so bad that Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo was literally canceled when she started dating a sex offender, June tells People that this guy’s the real deal.

“It’s hard to be able to trust somebody, and it was a lot of walls that he had to break down with me and the girls, honestly …..”

Well, given her romantic history, that makes sense.

“He’s my rock and my best friend. We’re together 24 hours a day.”

In case the 24/7 togetherness makes you worry, June clarifies that this isn’t something super clingy.

“I mean it’s kind of weird that we don’t really have to do anything. We can just chill at the house, or chill with the kids, or just go to the store.”

That’s a sign of a healthy relationship — platonic or romantic.

“I’ve never been able to enjoy somebody as much as I have him.”

That sounds wonderful … but also sad.

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson tells Life & Style that she’s delighted for her mother’s new relationship.

“I feel very happy because I’ve never seen her smile this much, I swear — ever in her life. She’s always grinning. Always grinning. She always says it’s the little things that matter and he does the little things.”

That’s great but, again … imagine never having seen your mother truly be happy before. That’s heartbreaking.

Mama June discusses the idea of marrying this man.

“For the first time in my life, I would say the [m-word] and Mama June in the same sentence — but a piece of paper isn’t going to change my love for him and it wouldn’t, ever.”

“Nowadays, you don’t have to get married to show that you love somebody,” June continues. “A piece of paper doesn’t show that.”

Of course, when asked if they would televise the wedding, Alana exclaims:

“You know you would!”

Honestly, we don’t know if June is commitment-shy or just leery of giving this mystery man access to her finances.

She is, after all, a millionaire. But then, prenups exist. So maybe she has her own reasons and shouldn’t be rushed, folks.

“Nowadays, you don’t have to get married to show that you love somebody. A piece of paper doesn’t show that.”


Cardi B & Offset Respond to Baby Mama Claims: She’s Lying!

Remember how Cardi B and Offset’s wedding could be worth $ 1 million as a TV deal?

Well, one woman’s claim — that Offset is responsible for getting her pregnant — threatens to put those plans on hold.

Offset denies it, and so does Cardi B. Is this woman a schemer? Nuts? Or … telling the truth?

Cardi B and Offset are a — if not the — 2017 breakout power couple of the music industry.

Offset is part of the southern hip-hop group, Migos. And thanks to her smash hit, “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi B doesn’t really need much of an introduction.

Their engagement news was exciting (and came the same year that they became an item), but one woman is making herself part of that story by claiming that Offset knocked her up.

At the very least, this woman — Celina Powell — does appear to be pregnant.

She even posted this photo of her sonogram as evidence.

Offset's Alleged Baby Mama Ultrasound

Celina included a caption to her photo:

“The past few months have been a complete mess … but I finally found enough strength to open up about what’s going on.”

At the beginning, it seems like an ordinary pregnancy announcement.

“Yes I am expecting and yes she’s a GIRL. My whole life is changing and right now it’s definitely for the better.”

And here’s where she drops the bomb shell:

“I’m not sure what the future holds but I hope @offsetyrn and I work this out for the sake of Karma Lee Cephus.”

Celina even admits that her track record doesn’t inspire confidence when it comes to her naming her baby daddies.

“I know y’all like ‘this b–ch done faked hella pregnancies’ but this time there’s NOOO doubt.”

Apparently some men who are not Offset have suggested that they might be the father, but Celina is quick to “correct” them on Twitter.

“All these WEIRDOS claiming my child. But I guess you need a come up. MY child dads is @OffsetYRN point blank period.”

Yes, what kind of weirdos would possibly make wild claims about a child’s paternity! We can only imagine Celina’s shock and indignation.

Speaking of Celina Powell’s indignation, she also attempts to paint Offset as a deadbeat dad, tweeting:

“At the end of the day, I’m still going to go thru this pregnancy by myself.”

Which is, apparently, how she decided on her baby’s name.

“I wish things were different but that’s exactly why my child’s name is KARMA. But I’ll nevaaa leave your side baby, unlike your daddy..”

(If you’re gonna name your baby after just retribution, you might as well go all the way and name them “Nemesis.” Or not)

So, what do Cardi B and Offset think about all of this?

Not much, apparently.

TMZ reports that Cardi B and Offset aren’t buying it, and that Offset says that he’s never even met this woman.

And apparently the alleged FaceTime video that appears to show Celina and Offset talking is the result of a prank call.

We have to imagine that, though Offset is no stranger to baby mamas, Cardi B takes comfort in the knowledge that Celina Powell has claimed other famous men as her baby daddies in the past.

Namely, Fetty Wap and Chief Keef.

Clearly, Cardi B and Offset have a pretty solid relationship.

Not only does she appear to be unfazed by allegations about Offset’s wandering penis, but she feels so comfortable with him that she doesn’t mind pretending to film a sex tape with him.

That infamous Cardi B sex tape was actually just the two of them messing around and dry-humping on camera.

Honestly? They seem to have such a cute relationship. Good for Cardi.


Mama June: I’m Gonna Be a Beauty Queen!

It feels like it's been forever since we last got a substantial update on Mama June, doesn't it?

In reality, it's only been about six months since we saw the finale of her new reality show, Mama June: From Not to Hot, the one that documented her weight loss journey.

In episodes that aired back in the spring, we saw June get gastric sleeve surgery. The surgery, along with diet and exercise, led to her losing around 300 pounds.

Initially, she wanted to lose the weight to get one of those "revenge bodies" to throw in Sugar Bear's face — remember, they split up after he cheated on her several times.

At the time, he had just proposed to a woman named Jennifer Lamb, and June wanted to look extra amazing at their wedding, so she really did put a lot of work into her weight loss.

She went through the first surgery, then two more surgeries to remove excess skin. If you saw the show, or even if you just saw photos from those procedures, you know that it was rough on her.

But she lost the weight, she looked great at Sugar Bear's wedding, and she's managed to keep all that weight off for nearly a year now.

You know what that means?

It means it's time for a brand new season!

WE tv just released a teaser for the second season of Mama June: From Not to Hot, and it's … well, it's probably not exactly what you'd suspect.

The teaser starts with a shot of a tiara, and in the caption of the video, the network wrote "Mama June is hitting the pageant circuit!"

Could it be? Could June be following in Honey Boo Boo's footsteps? Could she really be entering the world of beauty pageants?

Looks like it. There's really no other way to interpret all this.

"To be a pageant queen, one needs refinement, poise, charm," a fancy Englishman explains in a voiceover while June acts like June.

Just in this short little teaser, we see her burp, fart, and blow an air horn while good ol' Jennifer Lamb tries to talk to her.

"Mama June's hitting the pageant circuit," the voiceover announces, as she asks "Why the hell not, y'all?"

Why the hell not, y'all, indeed.

We don't have an exact premiere date yet, but come January 2018, Mama June will find her way back to our televisions.

… Yay?

Check out the teaser below:

Mama june im gonna be a beauty queen