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Floyd & Manny Painfully Awkward Handshake … at Lakers Game

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Manny went for the handshake. 

Floyd went for the dap. 

The result was …  well, it was a mess. 

Once again, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao came face-to-face at the Lakers game — in what seems to be more shameless promotion for an upcoming rematch. 

Floyd was sitting on the court at Staples Center in L.A. to watch the Lakers take on the Warriors (they lost) … when Manny came up from behind to say “What up.”

The handshake greeting was a disaster — but they got the point across. 

The big problem … Manny reportedly suffered an eye injury during his victory over Adrien Broner this past weekend — which could throw a huge wrench in the rematch plans. 

According to reports, Manny feared he suffered a detached retina in his left eye. Later, his manager said the eye was “fine” and he’ll be okay. 

Manny was wearing shades at the game — so you can’t see if the eye looks damaged on the surface. 

As we previously reported, Manny and Floyd have been teasing a rematch for months … and with both fighters looking pretty solid in their last fights, it seems a deal could be close. 

The two originally fought back in 2015 — with Floyd winning a unanimous decision in a pretty boring fight. 

We recently spoke with Manny who told us he had a bad shoulder at the time — and now that he’s fully healed, he’s confident he would whoop that ass. 

No deal has been made at this point — but we’re guessing it’s just a matter of time … considering the money these guys could rake in. 

There were other big stars at the Lakers game, too — incuding Halsey, Alexis Ren, Mahershala Ali and Jack Nicholson and LeBron James … who was a spectator last night due to injury. 

Get well soon!

Manny Pacquiao Home Burglarized Day After Broner Fight


Manny Pacquiao‘s Los Angeles home was burglarized less than 24 hours after the boxer defeated Adrien Broner.

Law enforcement sources tell us they got a call Sunday from someone on Pacquiao’s team regarding the crime. We’re told there were signs of forced entry and the home was ransacked. 

Pacquiao was not home at the time … he was still in Las Vegas. Pacquiao beat Broner by unanimous decision Saturday.

At this time, it is not known what all was taken from the boxer’s home. Cops do not have any suspects. 

Story developing …

Manny Pacquiao I Can Beat Floyd Mayweather Now … Because I’m Healthy


Manny Pacquiao says that if he faces off against Floyd Mayweather again things will be “different,” because his body is totally healthy, and he feels 20 years younger.

Translation: Manny thinks his shoulder held him back in the first Mayweather fight, and that he’d kick Floyd’s ass now.

We talked to Pac Man ahead of his big fight against Adrien Broner on Saturday, and although the Filipino legend was totally focused on AB, we asked him about a possible rematch against Floyd.

Manny was dominated by Floyd in their first fight, but many blamed a shoulder injury for the bad performance … an injury Manny says is now totally healed.

“I feel like I’m in my late 20s. The way I work hard, the way I move, it’s still the same, nothing’s changed.”

So, the question is, now that Manny’s found the fountain of youth, would the result be different if he and Floyd fought again? People think it might happen if he beats Broner.

“Of course, it’s different. It’s very big difference when you’re healthy or not healthy.”

Floyd, stop counting money and get in the gym, this guy wants you.

Manny Pacquiao Gets Anger Translator To Cuss Out Adrien Broner


President Obama had “Luther” … and now Manny Pacquiao has an anger translator of his own to tell us how he REALLY feels about Adrien Broner — and it’s hilarious!!!

Pacquiao is gearing up to fight Broner on January 19 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas — and if you know Manny, you know he ain’t exactly the greatest trash talker in the world. 

So, he brought in his good friend, Michael Blackson, on Thursday to tell us what he REALLY wants to say about his opponent … and yeah, there’s A LOT of cussing. 

For example, when we asked Manny how he felt about Broner predicting a knockout, MP politely told us, “That’s easy to say but hard to do.”

Okay … but what he REALLY meant to say … “We’re gonna fuck him up! Punch him in his eye! Punch him in his nuts! That short bitch is going down!!!”

There’s a lot more, it’s really funny … and obviously, salute to “Key & Peele.” 

Oh, one more thing — what is Manny eating these days to gear up for the fight? Fish eyes. Seriously. He loves ’em. 

Floyd Mayweather Face Off With Manny Pacquiao … at Clippers Game

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This is how it started last time …

Floyd Mayweather came face-to-face with Manny Pacquiao at an NBA game on Tuesday — begging the question … are they finally going to rematch?! 

Manny was a VIP guest during “Filipino Heritage Night” at the L.A. Clippers game at Staples Center … where Floyd happened to be sitting in his usual courtside seats. 

By the way, Floyd chartered his private jet from Vegas to L.A. specifically for the Clippers game — and then flew back immediately after it ended. 

Seems the point of the trip was less about taking in the game and more about that photo op with Manny to hype a potential rematch … a rematch they’ve been talking about for months. 

Remember, back in January 2015, Floyd and Manny had a similar face-off at the Miami Heat game — where they exchanged numbers and really kicked the negotiations into high gear. 

They ultimately fought in May 2015 … with Floyd getting the dub in a pretty underwhelming 12-round snoozefest. 

Manny has a big fight coming up against Adrien Broner on Jan. 19 — but he’s previously told us he wants Floyd after he gets through AB. 

As for Floyd, he just pummeled Tenshin Nasukawa in a bizarre New Year’s Eve exhibition match in Japan … and while many question if Tenshin took a dive, Floyd looked pretty good.

As for the game … Clips beat the Charlotte Hornets 128-109.