Amy Roloff and Chris Marek: Fans Think They’ve Broken Up!

Once again, it seems that Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff just can’t win.

When she’s “too close” with her boyfriend, she gets dragged for “living in sin.” by people who hate her relationship and don’t seem to like her that much, either.

But now that she’s taken a photo in which Chris Marek is conspicuously absent … fans can’t help but wonder if there’s trouble in their relationship.

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff created a beautiful family together.

But literally all marriages end — either in death or a break-up. Amy and Matt are divorced.

Though they both still live nearby and both are very close to their children and two grandbabies (and Matt and Amy even partied together for the sake of their son), they have both moved on with their lives.

Matt Roloff has moved on with girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

And Amy Roloff has, as fans are well aware, moved on with boyfriend Chris Marek.

Amy Roloff shared this cute photo featuring herself and four friends, captioning it:

“There are treasures in life that are precious and one of them are friends. Good time w/ these friends just hanging out and listening g to local music at Pizzario Hillsboro.”

It’s always nice — for those of us who aren’t bitter that Amy has the audacity to enjoy her life after divorce — to see Amy having a good time with what she refers to as “Amy’s Second Act.”

But some fans noticed that the pic was different than most of those that Amy shares of her social life.

Because Chris Marek was nowhere to be seen.

As absurd as it sounds, people took to the captions to ask why Chris Marek, who’s usually by Amy’s side, was missing in action.

“Where is Chris on valentines day? Hmm,” one commenter wrote.

This photo was taken days before Valentine’s Day, but thanks for playing.

“Where’s Chris?” another asked, followed by another: “And Chris??”

You can almost feel their eagerness to hear of a breakup, or at least a squabble.

Others played something of a guessing game, suggesting that maybe Chris Marek had taken the photo.

For what it’s worth, Amy clarified that Chris Marek had other friends.

The fact that she even needed to respond to those questions is … absurd.

Couples don’t need to be joined at the hip at all time.

Amy Roloff doesn’t need Chris Marek as an escort wherever she goes, and the same is true of Chris.

They love each other and have a happy relationship, and can do separate activities at night. They should be able to do so without anyone freaking out.

You know what’s really at work here?

Aside from divorce-shaming and misogyny, we mean.

Some people, though they at least have enough shame to not admit it, “don’t trust” Chris Marek because they don’t think that Amy Roloff — as a little person — should be of interest to someone of Chris’ height.

That sounds to us like bigotry, pure and simple. Amy is a real person with real feelings. Chirs Marek sees her for who she is.

He doesn’t need some ulterior motive to date a woman who has a disability.


Amy Roloff Dragged for Living “In Sin” with Chris Marek

It’s official: 

Amy Roloff cannot win.

In fact, it’s becoming more and more clear with each photo she shares:

Amy Roloff can only lose. Badly.

No matter what Amy posts to her Instagram account, followers find some kind of issue to take up with the Little People, Big World star.

For example, to kick off February, Roloff uploaded an adorable throwback image of her and her twin sons… from WAY back in the day.

And somehow, for some reason, Internet users found to pick apart this totally adorable snapshot.

The most surprising aspect of that nitpick, however, is that the picture in question did NOT feature Chris Marek, a man Amy has been dating for over a year now.

Despite the long-term and serious nature of their romance, fans simply cannot accept Marek in Amy’s life.

They are somehow convinced he’s using Roloff for fame and fortune – despite Amy really not being all that famous or all that rich.

And despite Marek showing no signs that he’s anything but head-over-heels in love with Roloff.

The latest instance of Amy sharing a seemingly harmless photograph, only to be on the receiving end of great disdain for some reason, is the picture above.

It was snapped during Super Bowl Sunday and it features Amy and Chris hanging out with some friends.

Captioned Roloff:

Friends watching the Super Bowl game! Yeah some of us rooted for the Patriots … but those Eagles? They were spectacular. What a game.

And then there was J.T.! Justin Timberlake you were awesome! Fun times w/ friends and a little football.

The the only problem we see with this message is that Justin Timberlake wasn’t really all that awesome.

However, a few other critics found another reason to slam Amy in this instance:

Because it implies, apparently, that she’s living with Marek!

One troll told Amy that Chris isn’t right for her because, well, he doesn’t look enough like her.

No, really. This was an actual criticism of the couple:

lookalike slam

But the critique that took the cruel and hilariously misguided comes from someone who accused Amy of living “in sin” with Chris.

This same person says both individuals are bad Christians who should not be fornicating and who may very well “burn” in Hell.

We’d say this response is funny, because it sort of is.

But it’s really more disturbing than anything, wouldn’t you agree?

sin post

Who looks at photos such as the ones above and comes up with THAT as a reply?!?

Whose mind thinks that way?

It really is pretty sad.

We hope Chris and Amy continue to ignore the haters and to carry on with what appears to be a very strong and happy relationship.

Get to know Marek a little better via the following gallery of photos and facts and please join us in condemning ridiculous critics such as the person above:


Amy Roloff & Chris Marek: Are Fans Finally Accepting This Couple?

Little People, Big World fans seem to love giving Amy Roloff a hard time, whether it’s accusing her of “exploiting” her son Jacob or asking if she banned her ex Matt Roloff from family gatherings.

But every hater’s favorite topic seems to be her boyfriend, Chris Marek. They either thing that she’s betraying Matt by dating again or that she’s some love-blind fool under Chris’ sway.

But Amy Roloff shared this sweet selfie, and it looks like some minds are finally changing about Amy’s “second act.”

Amy Roloff provided a little context behind this sweet selfie with her caption:

“Changing it up. Chris took the selfie.” [smiling emoji]

We’d say that he did a pretty good job with that selfie. Amy continues:

“Date night. Thai food and seeing a local play in downtown Hillsboro. Love it! #amyssecondactcontinues #datenightsaregreat #lovelocal”

That sounds like such a nice evening!

Amy Roloff received some really positive comments from fans.

“Great couple thanks for sharing with us.”

That one’s pretty run-of-the-mill, and Amy does get positive comments like it a lot.

“I love Thai food! Sounds like a great evening, have fun!”

Thai food is great. (In fact, Amy’s post reminded me to ask some friends if our dinner tonight should be Thai)

Another fan defended Amy from the hate that she so often receives.

“Great picture. You deserve to be happy in spite if all the rubbish haters post.”

Most significantly, it seems that Amy’s happiness has won over one of her relationship’s detractors:

“Amy, I always wanted you to get back together with Matt, but now that I see you with Chris, you look incredibly HAPPY. That is what is important!!!”

Sadly, not everyone who follows Amy Roloff has seen the light about her relationship.

“At least the kids seem to recognize wedding vows, even if their mother gave up. My own opinion. Not hating Amy, we have to live our own lives, but too bad the parents couldn’t hold it together.”

Weird to read a message by someone who thinks that divorce is a genuine wrongdoing instead of an unpleasant fact of life for, you know, half of all marriages.

“Goodness, I was really praying God would restore your marriage. I hate this.”

They hate what? Amy’s happiness?

“Look at his face….I’m sorry I don’t trust his face and we as women should watch out for each other and boost each other up. She’s too good for him! What’s so wrong w that????”

And, finally:

“Chris is a creep.”

We have to talk about the fans who say that they’re “just looking out” for Amy, like she’s a college freshman dating her married professor and not a grown-ass adult and grandmother who knows what she’s doing.

For a long time, we’ve had the sick feeling that some of Amy’s haters who can’t stand her relationship with Chris Marek are actually concerned about a little person dating someone who isn’t disabled.

Maybe, even if it’s deep down on a subconscious level, these haters don’t believe that a man of Chris’ height could find a little person attractive. That’s … a horrifying way to view the world.

One of the comments under the adorable selfie seems to confirm that tragic worldview:

“You saying ‘she’s happy’ is an assumption and judgement all in one. I remain leery of men taking advantage of kind ppl like Amy.”

And there you have it, folks.

At least some of the people who love to give Amy a hard time are concern-trolling her because they infantalize her because she’s “kind” (so, probably because she’s a little person).

While we were delighted to see that a fan had come to understand that Amy’s making choices for her own happiness, it’s clear that some others haven’t yet come to understand.

And that probably won’t change until they stop seeing the Roloff family matriarch as a helpless child without any judgment and see her as a real woman with real feelings.

None of us really know Chris Marek. But Amy Roloff does.


Chris Marek: Is He Using Amy Roloff for Fame and Fortune?

Amy Roloff is once again facing heat for…

…. posing for photos with her long-time boyfriend?

Sadly, yes. For this singular reason.

As we’ve documented on The Hollywood Gossip for several weeks, fans of Little People, Big World can’t seem to fully accept Amy’s romance with Chris Marek.

The two have been together for nearly all of 2017 and Marek has given social media users no reason to doubt his intentions when it comes to Roloff.

But this doesn’t mean they haven’t gone in search of some on their own.

Just over a month ago, for instance, Roloff shared what appears to be a simple, basic, harmless, cute picture of herself and Marek.

Yet a few followers didn’t take it that way.

“Big mistake, believe me, Amy can do better [than] him, he’s just in it for the game [and] getting his face out there,” wrote one critic as an example.

What prompted this line of thinking?

We truly have no idea.

But it forced Amy to come out and defend Marek, as she even took a shot at her own reality show in the process:

“Try not to make quick assumptions about anyone from what you see on an edited show.”

Then, just a few days ago, Roloff again posted some sweet pictures of herself and Marek, only to be told by some troll that she should “dump” Chris and “find someone new.”

We remain confounded by all this disdain – but also almost impressed by the lengths users will go to in order to try and prove their misguided points.

Take the very first photo above, for example.

This is what Amy wrote as a caption to it:

What a great week bf Christmas week with getting together w/ good friends! This time of year reminds me What is beautiful about life – the gift God gave to us in Jesus, moments w/ friends, people you love, family, gathering around the table sharing , making moments to remember.

Have a good week ahead everyone.

And, amazingly/hilariously, this is what someone wrote in response in the Comments section of Instagram:

“Amy, Chris nearly blocked your head out!

“Your[sic] in love… but doubt he is! More in love with himself and the show. Please Amy watch for the red flags! Don’t want to see you get hurt!”

Yes, this person is accusing Marek of purposely using his head to block Roloff’s face in the aforementioned image.

This person is then insinuating that this is a sign Marek is only dating Amy because she’s rich and famous.

The argument is obviously preposterous simply on its own.

But let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

First, Amy isn’t all that rich and famous.

We don’t mean that as any kind of insult; it’s simply a fact.

We’re sure she’s doing perfectly well for herself, but we can’t imagine she’s banking anything deep into seven figures per year or anything.

Second, Marek is a very successful real estate agent and has been for years.

He has no need to dig for any gold.

But try telling this to abusers of the World Wide Web.

“What a delusional person she is,” one hater actually wrote about Amy, adding:

“Left the old short man for a tall homeless unemployed tall ugly man… split after she took all of his money and property.”


For the record, not that this even needs to be said:

Amy did not take all of Matt Roloff’s money; and Chris has a home and is employed.

But thanks for playing, loser Internet person.


Amy Roloff: SLAMMED for Cozy Photos with Chris Marek!

Amy Roloff shared some lovely photos of Christmas parties with friends — and, of course, with boyfriend Chris Marek.

Some fans had some wonderful things to say. Unfortunately, others saw photos of holiday cheer and felt nothing but disdain for Amy and the relationship that brings her so much joy.

Why can’t people just let her be happy?

As always, Amy kept positive in her Facebook post in which she shared a series of pics from what sounds like a busy evening.

“I love this time of year – Christmas!”

Christmas is all but impossible to ignore, no matter where you go. (Anybody else still need to wrap presents?)

Like we said, Amy has been very, very busy:

“From Christmas party w/ friends and giving, to another charity event for a NICU for a local hospital in honor of a special young girl to Portland’s zoo lights to joining friends on their new floating home watching Portland’s Christmas Ships float by.”

That’s a lot of partying and also some very wholesome charity work.

“And still more Christmas days left.”

Gosh, with all of the events she’s been going to, you’d think that she’s sound less enthusiastic. But she keeps on going!

Though she doesn’t address Chris Marek directly, she does talk about how much she enjoys spending time with her friends.

“Love Giving Friends & being reminded all the time of our greatest gift of all – Jesus!”

She follows that with a heart emoji, a pine tree emoji, and then a wrapped present emoji.

“Still on my mind are those facing a hard time during this time of year more so as well.”

It’s so good to remember those who are less fortunate. Of course, Amy does more than remember them — she’s known for her charitable work.

Her message concludes:

“Let’s show them love. Continue Blessings to you all where ever you may be.”

Fan reactions were … mixed.

Somehow, Amy Roloff’s relationship with Chris Marek continues to be intensely controversial. Amy has had to stick it to haters in defense of her boyfriend too many times since the pair started dating.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t discouraged people from saying the most hateful things.

And, as you read these, keep in mind that they wrote these on Facebook, where their names are attached to their words.

“You need to dump Christ and find someone new.”

We are 100% certain that she meant “Chris,” and only accidentally wrote that very different message.

“I still don’t trust this guy!”

Well, fans don’t have to. Amy does, and that’s what matters.

“Watched your family for many years. Not happy with your actions. We have no idea what happened when the [cameras were] not on. You and your x need to look into what you are doing. Why the network keeps going into your broken life.”

That’s wild.

So, while some people seemed scandalized that Amy Roloff has a boyfriend or even that she got divorced in the first place, others were supportive:

“I wish you all the best Amy as you deserve to be happy and it shows. You have a wonderful family 2 adorable grand children, and your boyfriend Chris seems to make you smile and glow.”


“I watched it for years. Matt did not deserve Amy. I am glad she is happy. She has friends and she is enjoying life. I am glad she is standing her ground. Keep your eye on [Caryn]. She is out for what she can get. Merry Christmas Amy.”

Caryn Chandler is, of course, Matt Roloff’s new girlfriend. We don’t know this fan’s characterization of her is fair, but it’s refreshing to see some fans being nice to Amy, at least.


Chris Marek: Who is Amy Roloff’s Boyfriend?!?

Fans of Little People, Big World have been following the love life of Amy Roloff very closely for about a year now.

Divorced from the father of her four kids, Amy has moved on with a seemingly very nice man named Chris Marek.

They spend holidays together. They go on road trips together. They seem very happy together.

But what do we really know about Chris Marek? Let's take a deeper dive, shall we?

1. When Did He Start Dating Amy?

When did he start dating amy
In late 2016, by most accounts. He first met Amy’s children in March of that year and, according to the kids themselves, he was welcomed with open arms.

2. It Seemed Pretty Serious Pretty Early

This is a photo of the couple from Valentine’s Day. Amy was gushing about Chris early on and had no problem going public with the romance.


Number blessed
“I couldn’t be more blessed,” Amy wrote as a caption to this photo of her, Chris and friends during a dinner party. The couple has turned Wednesday evenings into a night to spend time with each other and close pals.

4. What Does He Do for a Living?

What does he do for a living
Marek has been a real estate agent in Oregon for over 18 years.

5. Was This Always His Job?

Was this always his job
Nope! Marek worked for a period of time as a photographer and still likes to take pictures in his spare time.

6. What Else Does He Like to Do?

What else does he like to do
Hike and ride around on his motorocycle. He’s even gotten Amy up on the latter a few times!

View Slideshow

Amy Roloff: Is She Ready to Marry Chris Marek?

Amy Roloff’s relationship with Chris Marek has somehow proven to be controversial, earning her some totally unwarranted hate.

But the Little People, Big World star doesn’t let the trolls keep her from enjoying her romance.

Are Amy and Chris preparing to take this to the next level and get married?

Little People, Big World is more than just an entertaining reality series about a captivating and often relatable family.

The Roloff family’s show has educated audiences about dwarfism and, more significantly, served as a positive portrayal of little people that is often hard to find on reality television.

(Or elsewhere, really. It’s Little People, Big World and Game of Thrones and … that’s about it for positive portrayals)

In particular, the Roloff family represents a powerful contrast from the various Little Women reality shows, whose stars tend to exhibit bad behavior.

We’re not minimizing the important of a series like Little Women: Atlanta. People need to understand that little people are, you know, people. They might drink and swear and whatever.

But little people don’t just exist for the entertainment of those of us who can reach things on high shelves. Their height doesn’t have to be a punchline.

And while the lives of the Roloffs — who are affluent reality stars who live on a farm — aren’t in any way typical, Little People, Big World does wonders in that it shows little people living their relatively normal lives and loving their family members.

Amy Roloff may no longer be married to Matt Roloff, but the two new grandparents are both central figures on the series.

Two years after Amy and Matt Roloff ended their 26-year-marriage, Amy started up a relationship with Chris Marek.

Chris Marek is not a little person, and Amy has admitted that she never really expected to find herself in a relationship with a man who wasn’t her size.

We imagine that part of that was a sort of creeping self-doubt and insecurity about whether or not a man could find her attractive. A lot of women with different disabilities feel this way.

(And have to fear chasers, who actively seek them out and may fetishize them)

But part if it must have been wondering if she could find a man who, though not a little person, would understand her and be willing to adjust his lifestyle to mesh with hers..

(Because everyday tasks and home furnishings that are convenient for little people may be inconvenient for others)

But something about Amy and Chris just works so well. The two of them have been doing weekly soup nights with friends for over a year. They go on vacations together. Amy Roloff even dressed up and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters with Chris.

But Amy Roloff has been slammed for hitting the road with Chris, because it was “too close” to Audrey Roloff’s due date.

Sometimes it seems like, no matter what Amy Roloff

Again and again, Amy Roloff has had to defend Chris Marek against haters and trolls who see her happiness and spit on it.

Some of these critics think that Chris is just chasing fame by being with Amy, though Amy has shot down this “theory.”

Interestingly, Matt Roloff doesn’t seem to get any of that vitriol even though he also divorced Amy and is also dating someone — Camryn Chandler, a family friend.

It may just be that, to a small but vocal and hateful group of Little People, Big World fans, Amy Roloff can’t do anything right. They even grandma-shame her over sweet baby photos.

We — and most fans — don’t actually think that there’s anything wrong with Amy’s relationship with Chris. But we have to wonder how far they plan to take their runaway romance?

Amy Roloff has become a grandmother this year. As she dotes on her grandbabies, fans want to know if she and Chris are prepared to tie the knot.

There’s nothing quite like becoming a grandmother to remind people that you’re not getting any younger.

Fans, who are delighted that Amy Roloff is still living on Roloff Farms and able to be so close to her family (despite some accusations that she’d moved away, right after her grandbabies were born), would love to see her and Chris do something official.

They seem closer and closer as time goes on, and now they’re celebrating holidays together. They’re really starting to look like a family.

That said, we don’t know what Amy has planned or what she’s ready for. She was married to Matt for nearly three decades. Marriage is a huge decision, at any age.

We’re sure that Amy Roloff’s supportive fans will be happy with whatever Amy chooses for herself.