Bridalplasty Murder: Man Convicted of Killing Lisa Marie Naegle

In December of 2016, former Bridalplasty contestant Lisa Marie Naegle was found brutally murdered.

It has been nearly two years, but the murderer has been convicted.

He was the last man with whom she was seen alive.

People reports that a man named Jackie Jerome Rogers has been found guilty of Lisa Maria Naegle’s appalling murder.

The court found that on the night of December 18, 2016, he murdered Naegle in his car.

Investigators believe that he killed her by striking her at least eight times with a hammer while the two of them were both in the vehicle.

He then buried her body in a shallow grave in his own backyard.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office confirmed the results of Rogers’ trial.

Naegle and Rogers had been having an affair at the time.

Rogers was 34 and her former student.

Just hours before her grisly murder, the two attended a friend’s birthday party at a restaurant in Torrance, California.

That, investigators discovered, was the last time that anyone but Rogers saw Naegle alive.

On Monday, September 24, Rogers was charged with First-Degree Murder.

Though Naegle became famous for her role as a reality star contestant on Bridalplasty, in real life, she had a job.

She worked as a nurse.

When she did not show up for work the following, that set off alarm bells with her coworkers and family.

Friends attempted to file a missing person’s report right away.

Unfortunately, they were told that they needed to wait 72 hours before an adult’s absence became an emergency.

As we now know, Naegle was already dead at the time.

Still, even before the police investigation began, friends and family had a lot of questions for Rogers. 

He claimed to have left Naegle at the restaurant because he felt tired.

That did not add up.

Then, video surveillance showed that Naegle had left the restaurant with Rogers.

Naegle footage

Rogers changed his story, claiming to have dropped off Naegle at a gas station.

No one was buying it.

Rogers became visibly upset at this point.

It can seem cruel that it took nearly two years for Naegle’s murderer to be convicted, but the justice system rarely moves swiftly.

We hope that this news gives her family the closure that they need.


Marie Avgeropoulos, Star of The 100, Arrested for Domestic Violence

Marie Avgeropoulos has a last name that is difficult to pronounce.

But it’s easy to see the sort of trouble she may now be in.

The actress, who has been a regular on The CW’s The 100 since its premiere in 2014, was arrested in Los Angeles last week and charged with domestic violence against her boyfriend.

According to TMZ, who broke this news, a man called the police early on the morning of August 5 and claimed that he had been struck by his girlfriend during a verbal dispute.

The the cops arrived on the scene, the man had marks on his body and Avgeropoulos was taken into custody.

As you can see in the mug shot above, it appears as though Avgeropoulos reacted in tears to the incident.

She reportedly urged the police not to take her away once it became evident that an arrest was likely imminent.

An insider also told TMZ that Avgeropoulos was on a new medication and mixed it with wine at dinner prior to the couple’s alleged altercation.

This mixture “resulted in a bad reaction.”

This same boyfriend had called the police in the hopes that officers would “diffuse the situation rather than arrest her,” TMZ reports, revealing he also “begged cops not to take her away” and “even bailed her out.”

That may be true, of course.

But it may also still be true that Avgeropoulos broke the law.

The 32-year-old Canadian actress has yet to address the alleged incident via her social media accounts.

She did not attend the 2018 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, where The 100 was nominated for Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show.

Avgeropoulos was released on $ 50,000 bond.

The 100 chronicles the surviving population living on a space station, called the ARK, which sends a group of 100 delinquents down to earth.

These individuals set out to see if earth might still be inhabitable because supplies are running low on the ARK.

Avgeropoulos has also appeared on such other television programs as Cult, Human Target, Fringe, Supernatural and Eureka.


CW’s ‘The 100’ Star Marie Avgeropoulos Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence

An actress who plays a post-apocalyptic juvenile delinquent on TV allegedly went nuclear on her BF in real life and got busted by cops. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Marie Avgeropoulos — who stars as Octavia Blake on CW’s hit sci-fi…


Alice Marie Johnson Thanks “War Angel” Kim Kardashian

She's been a sex tape star, a fashion maven and an Instagram model.

But Kim Kardashian now has a new title:


It's not one we ever thought would be bestowed on her and it's not one we're using facetiously.

On Wednesday afternoon, President Donald Trump commuted the setence of Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year old from Alabama who was jailed for life back in 1997 due to a first-time drug offense.

Kardashian learned of this punishment in October and has since dedicated a significant amount of time to helping free Johnson from jail.

She even met President Trump at the White House last week in order to talk about Johnson and prison reform.

This is a real issue and Kardashian just produced a real result: Johnson is a free woman.

Talking to reporters after leaving prison for the first time in over two decades yesterday, Johnson said tthe following:

“I feel like my life is starting over again."

She later referred to Kim not just as her "angel," but as her "war angel," adding:

"She has truly been relentless in her fight for me… this is not a publicity thing for her. She has never stopped fighting for me. She's an incredible woman, an amazing woman."

Johnson also details in the video below how Kardashian was actually the person who told her she was about to go free, a stunning development for someone who thought her life was over forever.

"BEST NEWS EVER," Kim Tweeted after learning Johnson would be released from jail, later adding:

I’m so grateful to President Trump, Jared Kushner and to everyone who has showed compassion and contributed countless hours to this important moment for Ms. Alice Marie Johnson.

Her commutation and forthcoming release is inspirational and gives hope to so many others who are also deserving of a second chance.

I hope to continue this important work by working together with organizations who have been fighting this fight for much longer than I have and deserve the recognition.

Says a very emotional Johnson below, having been reunited with her family

"I will not waste this second chance in life."


Alice marie johnson thanks war angel kim kardashian