Mario Singer & Kasey Dexter: Cops Called After Cheating Allegations, Fight

We all know that Romana Singer is New York’s biggest pot-stirer. She’s not afraid of a little trouble or confrontation.

But her ex, Mario Singer, is currently having a whole host of problems in his personal life, and Ramona isn’t to blame.

Mario left Ramona for his mistress, Kasey Dexter, and it is not working out. In fact, it’s apparently so bad that the police were called.

According to a police report obtained by RadarOnline, police were called when Mario Singer and Kasey Dexter got into an explosive argument.

“Singer advised that he got into a verbal altercation with his live-in girlfriend,” the responding officer wrote.

See, the context is that Mario issued an eviction notice to Kasey upon discovering that she had allegedly cheated (via spy camera!).

“Mario stated since the [eviction] notice, [Kasey] has been acting erratic and belligerent.”

Technically, eviction isn’t always something that happens between traditional landlords and tenants, but it sounds like this was more of a squabble.

“Mario further stated he was worried that the altercation could become physical.”

The officer spoke to Kasey, who was apparently very worked up over the situation.

“Several times during my interaction with [Kasey] I had to tell her to calm down and let me speak.”

It’s not always easy to transition from a heated argument to a calm report.

“[Kasey] remained uncooperative during my investigation.”

If Mario wanted a girlfriend who was more mature, perhaps he shouldn’t have cheated on Ramona with a woman 30 years younger and then run off with her.

Kasey apparently did divulge some personal information to the officer.

Including revealing that a major point of contention was “her infidelity within the relationship.”

The good news is that the officer confirms that the altercation did not become physical.

If a couple yells at each other, their relationship is probably toxic and they should likely break up. 

But if there is physical violence — and it has been alleged that Mario has been so violent in the past that it resulted in Kasey getting a fractured hand — that’s much more serious.

All the same, the officer requested that Mario spend the night at a friend’s house.

We wouldn’t quite say that Ramona got the last laugh, but it is notable that Mario’s relationship that began with cheating has now run aground due to … you guessed it, alleged cheating.

RadarOnline‘s source confirms that Kasey stepped out on Mario.

“She did cheat on him. She felt so alone in the relationship.”

And, as the insider reveals more, it sounds like this relationship was doomed from the start.

“She wanted to get married and have children, but he told her, ‘Don’t ruin your body.'”

If you want different things in life and have totally different priorities, you might not make the happiest couple.

It also sounds like he wasn’t honest with her.

“He would tell her they would travel everywhere, but he gave her false promises.”

That is a story that we’ve all heard in countless tales of affairs that started full of hope and romance and ended full of bitterness.

Though the reports of past abuse between Mario and Kasey are alarming, perhaps their toxic relationship is finally at an end.

Ramona may take some satisfaction from this knowledge. She’s no stranger to schadenfreude.


Mario Batali Seen Out for First Time Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations Wearing Yeezys

Mario Batali looks quite comfortable despite multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him … and the shoes could be the reason for that. The celeb chef was spotted out in NYC Wednesday looking chill in his signature clothing style — fleece…


Mario Batali: Fired From ABC’s The Chew Amidst Growing Sex Scandal

The narrative arc of Mario Batali’s fall from grace is one that’s become tragically familiar in recent months.

On Monday, Batali stepped away from his various business ventures following allegations of sexual assault and harassment from several female staffers.

The celebrity chef issued a boilerplate apology in which he accepted blame for his actions, while simultaneously defending himself against the more egregious charges.

As time went on, the accusations against Batali continued to increase in both number and severity.

As more women came forward, the evidence against the 57-year-old food icon mounted, culminating in claims from a former employee who says he looked on in horror as Batali kissed and groped an unconscious woman.

The incident was allegedly captured in footage taken by a security camera.

Yesterday, Batali’s most high-profile employer, the Disney-owned ABC network, announced that it would the chef and restaurateur had been fired from his role as one of the hosts of the daytime, food-focused talk series The Chew.

“Upon completing its review into the allegations made against Mario Batali, ABC has terminated its relationship with him and he will no longer appear on The Chew,” said an ABC spokesperson.

“While we remain unaware of any type of inappropriate behavior involving him and anyone affiliated with our show, ABC takes matters like this very seriously as we are committed to a safe work environment and his past behavior violates our standards of conduct.”

To many, the news of Batali’s misconduct is sadly unsurprising.

However, to those familiar only with the more family-friendly side of the Croc-clad chef, as presented on television and in social media, the allegations against Batali surely come as a shock.

Within the NYC restaurant scene, Batali had a reputation for crude comments and predatory behavior.

In a scathing New Yorker piece published earlier this week, author Helen Rosner recounts several tales of boorish behavior from Batali that failed to raise eyebrows in the pre-Weinstein era.

“You will eat your pasta or I will rub the shrimp across your breasts,” Batali casually told a friend’s wife at one meal.

At the same meal, the chef reportedly remarked to a waitress, “It’s not fair I have this view all to myself when you bend over. For dessert, would you take off your blouse for the others?”

It remains to be seen if Batali will face any criminal charges.

But whatever his future holds, it appears that the celebrated chef’s kitchen career is now decisively over.

And the world of fine dining is all the safer for it. 


Mario Batali: Celebrity Chef Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Steps Down

Mario Batali is famous for his work as a chef, for his television appearances, and for his signature look.

And now his name goes on the long, long list of powerful men accused of sexual misconduct.

Batali has issued an apology and announced that he is stepping back from his restaurants and television work.

You don’t have to be someone who cares about celebrity chefs to at least vaguely recognize the name Mario Batali.

He’s a chef, a restaurateur, and also a television personality.

He has the sort of classical culinary training that one would expect from a chef.

But he is also considered an expert on the history of Italian cuisine. 

Mario Batali owns or co-owns restaurants in major cities across the US and also spanning the globe.

He’s had a Food Network series and has also acted as a guest and cohost on other shows related to his area of expertise.

Batali is perhaps most recognizable for his signature look, which features a fleece vest, shorts, and then either orange crocs or, in more recent appearances, Adidas Yeezy footwear.

Unfortunately, you know the drill, folks: it sounds like there was a side of Batali that the public never saw.

Four women have come forward and accused him of sexual misconduct.

Eater New York reports that they interviewed dozens of people who’ve worked with Mario Batali over the years in order to confirm the accusations against him.

What they found does not paint a pretty picture.

One woman said that Batali “grabbed both of my breasts” while at a party.

Another accused the celebrity chef of “put his hand on half of my butt and he squeezed it.”

These examples are on top of a described pattern of inappropriate behavior, which included frequently using innuendo in the workplace.

The accusations include asking questions about the sex lives of his female employees and also asking about their underwear.


The list of jobs in which asking about a woman’s underwear or sex life are appropriate is very, very short.

It’s mostly just certain types of modeling and certain types of sex work.

The list of jobs in which it’s okay to grab a woman’s butt or breasts without her permission is even shorter, at exactly zero.

The public expects some bad behavior from chefs — prima donna nonsense, flaring tempers, storming out and breaking dishes. None of that’s acceptable, but some people think that they have to put up with it if they want a “genius” chef.

(Note: if an artistic genius of any kind is acting like that as an adult, they’re a genius and a dickbag; you don’t have to put up with nonsense to get fancy food)

The Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group has announced that Batali has agreed to step away from his businesses — including restaurants and TV appearances (though the TV part had already been decided by ABC and others).

Batali has issued an apology:

“I apologize to the people I have mistreated and hurt.”

That starts off vague, but he does more or less admit to the allegations.

“Although the identities of most of the individuals mentioned in these stories have not been revealed to me, much of the behavior described does, in fact, match up with ways I have acted.”

When you compare that to Al Franken’s resignation statement or Matt Lauer’s “apology,” Batali appears to be owning his behavior better than many of those who were named before him.

“That behavior was wrong and there are no excuses.”


“I take full responsibility and am deeply sorry for any pain, humiliation or discomfort I have caused to my peers, employees, customers, friends, and family.”

While no apology magically undoes wrongdoings as serious as Batali’s, a good apology is still nice to hear.

Eater New York reports that they interviewed dozens of people who’ve worked with Mario Batali over the years in order to confirm the accusations against him.

What they found does not paint a pretty picture.


Celebrity Chef Mario Batali Accused of Sexual Harassment, Stepping Away from Restaurant Biz

Mario Batali is accused of “inappropriate touching” by 4 women — 3 of them former employees — and the allegation is forcing the celebrity chef to step away from his restaurant empire. One of Batali’s accusers called him ”creepy” and said…