Princess Di’s Biographer Says Meghan Markle Will Help Royal Family’s Race Relations

Andrew Morton, author of the most famous book on Princess Diana, says Meghan Markle holds a very important key for Royal Family’s image. Morton tells us Meghan becoming a Duchess after marrying Prince Harry is a much-needed step…


Meghan Markle is a Total Bridezilla: Report

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are getting married one month from today.

Sorry, let us try that again, this time with the proper level of enthusiasm one should muster for such an announcement:


That’s better, don’t you think?

But even though one month is a very small period of time until the Royal Wedding bells ring, those close to Markle reportedly think it’s not small enough.

They wish the wedding were taking place tomorrow.

Because then they’d only have 24 hour left to deal what one source is describing as the ultimate Bridezilla.

Yes, this source is looking at you, Meghan Markle.

Meghan’s driving everyone crazy with her diva demands,” an insider tells Life & Style, adding of the bride-to-be:

“She’s a perfectionist, and she’s trying to control everything going on around her.”

This is the first time we’ve heard of Markle being described as basically anything other than kind, generous, loyal, lovely and loving.

Aside from those racist trolls who gave Meghan and Harry problems early on in their romance due to the former’s mixed heritage, Markle has received nothing but positive reviews for over a year now.

Everyone seems to adore her!

But weddings do have a way of causing such stress and tension for those prominently involved that it’s nearly impossible not to snap on occasion.

And those are just regular weddings; with, like 75 to 100 guests.

Markle and Harry will be getting married in front of thousands of people lining the London streets, as well as millions more watching from home.

According to this tabloid source, the former Suits actress feels a lot of pressure to follow “the rules of royal etiquette” on her big day, but is also “worried about her family being on their best behavior.”

This last part is a bit unusual, however, because we’re under the impression that almost no one from Markle’s family is invited.

Just last week, Markle’s controversial half-sister spoke out and complained about her lack of a wedding invite.

“Humanitarians move forward with love and kindness especially to Family,” Samanha Grant Tweeted about her snub, attempting to shame Markle into extending the invite.

So far, though, it has failed to work.

It is expected that Markle’s parents will be in attendance, with her mom actually walking her down the aisle instead of her dad.

This is because Thomas Markle is famously shy.

He and Meghan’s mother split a long time ago and Thomas now lives a very quiet life in Mexico. Sources have told The Sun that he’s afraid to face the “world’s glare” on May 19.

But face it he will, at least in some capacity.

Just like those complaining about Markle’s recent behavior, we’re guessing Thomas will be happy when the wedding day comes and then goes.

What about YOU?

Are you sick of all this Royal coverage?

Or do you wish there was even more of it?


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry First Date Details… REVEALED!

We know where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be on May 19, 2018:

Exchanging vows and saliva inside of St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, as the Royal Lovebirds get married in front of pretty much the entire free world.

But where were Meghan Markle and Prince Harry about two years prior to this historic date and occasion?

What evening out led to a love story for the ages that is set to culminate with a wedding ceremony guaranteed to move a nation to tears?

This is just one of the question laid out and then answered in Andrew Morton’s new book, “Meghan: A Hollywood Princess,” which purports to tell the true tale of how Markle won over Harry and, by extension, the planet.

According to an excerpt from the book, published by Australia, the actress met the prince in 2016 when she was in London to promote her USA Network series, Suits.

It’s very likely, Morton surmises, that Violet von Westenholz – a public relations maven at Ralph Lauren – played the role of matchmaker, considering her dad is friends with Prince Charles and that she worked closely with Markle on occasion.

After being set up with Harry, Markle allegedly expressed her shock and enthusiasm to agent Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne.

“[She] told me, ‘I’m going on a date tonight… With Prince Harry!’… She whispered it so quietly I had to ask her to repeat it,” Nelthorpe-Cowne said previously to the Daily Mail, adding:

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but I think she could barely believe it either. We were both extremely excited.”

As for the date itself and its aftermath?

This is what Morton claims to know about it:

– Markus Anderson, the brand ambassador for the Soho House in London, arranged for Meghan and Harry to have a private room at the famous restaurant.

– After it ended, “[Meghan] was telling me what a great guy he was,” Nelthorpe-Cowne has said. “When I asked if she would see him again she said: ‘Well, it looks like it.'”

– The stars saw each other two or three more times before Markle returned to Toronto to finish filming Suits.

– After that, Harry invited Markle to an African safari in Botswana.

This is reportedly when the romance was taken to a new level.

It’s one thing to have a few drinks, and maybe some sex, while in the same city of London.

But Botswana marked a legitimate vacation for the burgeoning couple, a chance for them to see if the relationship was more than just a fun fling.

Nelthorpe-Cowne, says she thinks this time in Botswana really brought the pair closer together and that Markle was talking about “the future” and “changing the world” with Harry when she returned.

Lo and behold… this is exactly what has transpired!

Harry and Markle have battled through nude photo scandals and the kinds of issues that would have brought them down in the past.

For example: she is divorced, American AND of mixed heritage.

But still: the stars have the blessing of Harry’s family and of Kesington Palace.

“Meghan is going to be a force,” a Royal insider recently told People Magazine of her influence on Harry, adding:

“She will help him really define his role and relate to the public in a way that he wouldn’t have been able to do before. It was worth the wait.”

We’ll say!

We can’t wait to see these two kids become husband and wife!


Meghan Markle: Shamed by Sister Over Wedding Snub

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows how stressful the invitation game can be.

Do you invite co-workers? Former co-workers? Friends of friends of friends of your parents?

It can turn into quite a mess… and that goes for nearly any bride, let alone the bride who will soon take part in the most famous wedding of the decade.

As reported a few weeks ago, invitations to the Royal Wedding have gone out.

They’ve been received by friends, by loved ones of Prince William and Meghan Markle and by nearly every high of state not named Donald Trump.

But a few people are noticeably absent from the list of impending attendees:

Members of Markle’s own family!

As we’ve detailed on many prior occasions, Markle is not especially close to some of her relatives, most specifically her half-sister, Samantha Grant.

The siblings are not close in age and were not raised in the same household, yet Grant has taken many opportunities to slam Markle over the last several months…

… and now she is doing so again.

Depending on which reports you believe, around 600 people will attend Markle and William’s wedding on May 19, while the reception afterward may include an audience of over 2,000 individuals.

But it doesn’t sound as though Grant is included on either of these lists.

And she wants the world to know about it.

“At issue is not a matter of closeness as more than 1000 complete strangers are invited. Family is family,” Grant tweeted on Wednesday, adding:

“I have an uncle I have only seen once but I would never say he is not family because we are not close. Humanitarians move forward with love and kindness especially to Family.”

This is quite the rich dig, many would say.

Markle, after all, it nearly as well known for her humanitarian and charitable efforts as she is for her role on USA Network drama Suits.

s, markle

Grant then followed up her diss with another Tweet that reads:

“Smoke and mirrors cannot hide the elephant in the room. Out of respect, tradition, and humanitarianism, the #Markles should be invited if 2000 complete strangers are invited.

“Our uncle who got her the internship, brother, me, best friend of 30 years Nikki Priddy, nephews. Fact.”

Perhaps Samantha should have considered this snub last year when she said of her half-sister:

“Hollywood has changed her. I think her ambition is to become a princess…The truth would kill her relationship with Prince Harry.”

s, m2

To Markle’s credit, she has never engaged Grant in any kind of back-and-forth.

We certainly can’t imagine her responding to these sorts of taunts.

Especially not when she has to concern herself these days instead with talk that Prince William has been cheating on her.

We strongly doubt that claim, which you can read more about via the link directly above.

But let’s just say this:

We actually believe it’s more likely that Williams stepped out on Markle than Meghan ever extends a wedding invitation to Samantha Grant.


Prince Harry to Meghan Markle: Don’t Ditch Me On Our Wedding Day!

We’re just weeks away from the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and you know what that means!

Yes, the internet is currently overrun with bonkers rumors about the couple melting down in spectacular fashion!

In the past month, the tabloids have really outdone themselves in terms of imagining totally implausible scenarios that might lead Harry and Meg to call the whole thing off at the last second.

They’ve claimed nude photos of Markle are making their way around social media and bringing tremendous shame to the royal family.

They’ve reported that Harry was caught cheating on Meghan with one of his most high-profile exes (the identity of the mistress varies from one publication to the next).

They’ve even published headlines insisting that Meghan’s sexts to Harry had been intercepted by a website with ties to ISIS.

Like we said, you almost have to respect the shamelessness that’s going on here.

With all that nonsense floating around the blogosphere, it’s sort of amazing that it’s taken some desperate BS artist this long to apply one of the most classic wedding scandal scenarios to Harry and Meghan’s big day, but we knew someone would get there eventually:

Yes, Woman’s Day Australia is reporting that Meghan is coming down with a serious case of cold feet.

A “palace insider” tells the magazine that Markle is now “questioning whether she can cope with the constant scrutiny that comes with her new life as a royal.” 

According to the tabloid, the first sign of trouble came when Meg declined to join the rest of the royal family for church services on Easter Sunday.

“It’s a sure sign Meghan needed some time out,” the source claims.

The insider adds that Harry is now “worried Meghan will struggle with royal life” and is “in a panic of his own as he worries about his bride.”

“He’s fiercely protective of Meghan and just wants the haters to back off and stop trying to ruin her reputation and their wedding day,” says another source.

Not surprisingly, a royal rep has dismissed the reports as “rubbish.”

In other words, being a rep for Buckingham Palace is apparently the easiest job in the world.

Just be ready with a British euphemism for “bullsh-t” and you’re golden.


Meghan Markle Dissed Trump, Dumped Ex-Husband “Out of the Blue,” Tell-All Claims

Meghan Markle is soon to be a member of the royal family.

And that means she’ll soon be subjected to a level of scrutiny that’s unfathomable to Americans who aren’t among the one percent of A-list celebrities.

We’ve known for quite some time that a Markle tell-all by famed royal biographer Andrew Morton is on the way, but early press about the book suggested it would contain very few salacious tidbits.

For the most part, Morton is respectful toward his royal subjects, and as a result, he’s been granted unprecedented access to the inner-workings of Buckingham Palace.

But he also has to sell books to a reading public with the attention span of a small rodent on bath salts.

Thus, he’s expected to deliver a handful of lightly scandalous insights into life behind palace walls, and based on newly-released excerpts, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess doesn’t disappoint.

It seems The Sun has been publishing tidbits all week, and they started things off on an endearing note with a portion about Meghan’s long-standing love for Princess Diana:

“According to family friends, she was intrigued by Diana, not just for her style, but for her independent humanitarian mission, seeing her as a role model,” Morton writes.

One associate of Markle’s is quoted as saying the actress “wants to be Princess Diana 2.0.”

A little weird for Harry, but we’re sure the Brits ate it up.

Naturally, Morton can’t ignore the elephant in the room regarding Meghan’s past.

We’re talking of course about the fact that Markle is divorced, which is apparently something that elderly Britons are having a hard time getting over.

One insider claims that Meghan dumped her first husband, Trevor Engelson, in brutal fashion:

“A wealthy entrepreneur friend claimed the marriage ended so abruptly that Meghan sent Trevor her diamond wedding and engagement rings back by registered mail,” Morton writes.

“Another (friend) confirmed that the decision to end the marriage was made by Meghan and had come ‘totally out of the blue.’” 

Aside from the inevitable details about Meghan’s sketchy sister, that might be as scandalous a passage as you’ll find in Hollywood Princess.

Of course, the detail that’s sure to win Meghan the most fans on this side of the pond comes to us courtesy of Markle’s days as a “briefcase girl” on the early 2000s game show Deal or No Deal.

Aside from Howie Mandel’s OCD, the stars of the show were a bunch of twenty-something models, so naturally, Donald Trump paid an unannounced visit to the set one day.

And it seems Meg wanted nothing to do with Ol’ Yellow Eyes:

“Fellow briefcase girl Tameka Jacobs told me, ‘He was super-creepy, but some girls were attracted to money and power and took his number,” Morton claims.

“Meghan was one of the girls who gave him a wide berth.”

Morton goes on to say that despite rumors to the contrary it seems unlikely that any Trumps will be invited to the royal wedding.

We’re sure that snub will go over well.

In other words, get ready for nuclear war with the UK, folks!

Should be a doozy.


Prince Harry: Caught Cheating on Meghan Markle! (Ridiculous Tabloid Claims)

We’re just weeks away from the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and just as expected, the rumor mill has kicked into high gear, and the tabloid media is going all-in with some truly hilarious headlines.

At this point, it’s like they’re just throwing darts at a list of old ledes and plugging Meghan’s name in like it’s Mad Libs.

Naturally, there have been reports of nude photos of Meghan making their way around social media.

And of course, there have been claims that Meghan is already pregnant with Harry’s baby.

But no list of bonkers fake scandals would be complete without a rumor that Meghan has called off the wedding after catching Harry cheating on her with his ex.

Yes, that’s the claim being made by Star magazine in the tabloid’s latest issue.

A “source” (who almost certainly doesn’t exist outside of the author’s head) claims that Harry has been “spending a lot of time” with ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas.

Interestingly, even Star stops short of claiming that a full-blown affair took place behind Meghan’s back.

But the magazine does maintain that the exes have remained “very close” and Cressida was invited to the wedding against Meghan’s wishes.

“Meghan would rather Cressida not be there, but the invitations are already out,” a fabricated insider tells Star.

“Harry didn’t realize it would upset Meghan, he wouldn’t want to do anything to wound the woman he loves. He promised he’ll be on his best behavior, and Meghan has accepted that… for now.”

Most of the rumors about Harry and Meghan will die down after the wedding, but you’ll probably be hearing fraudulent reports about Harry’s cheating for years to come.

The British press in particular loves a good royal infidelity claim.

There have even been reports of Prince William cheating on Kate Middleton, even though William looks like William.

Harry has long had a reputation as a ladies man, and before settling down with Meg, he was considered one of the world’s most eligible bachelors.

So the cheating rumors aren’t going away, even if Harry remains on his best behavior.

Of course, Meghan likely knew this was the sort of thing she was signing on for.


Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle: Let Me Show You How to Dress, Bish

Depending on which tabloids you believe, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are either bitter rivals or the best of friends.

In all likelihood, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but where’s the fun in that?

Last week, there were rumors of Kate planning Meghan’s bachelorette party.

We’d say it was a nice gesture that probably helped to make Meg feel welcome, but based on today’s news, we’re starting to think it was a Regina George power move.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Kate has been advising Meghan on royal fashion protocol, which we’re taking to mean she’s going through her the actress’ closet and tossing anything she deems offensively fug.

“Like Kate, expect Meghan to make the occasional nod to her husband’s fashion icon mother,” a royal source tells ET.

“Both Kate and Meghan will no doubt honor Princess Diana with designs that reflect her likes and style.”

The insider says Kate “has also been advising Meghan about royal fashion, what protocol is expected and how she may have to adapt in the future,” adding:

“She has provided Meghan with names of some of the favorite U.K. go-to designers on everything from dresses, coats and the all-important British hat,”

Ah, the Brits love their hats, do they not?

It’s like a hundred years ago, one of them went to the Kentucky Derby and said, “This. But at every formal occasion.”

Fortunately for Meg, the British fixation with fancy chapeaux might help her to avoid a potential crisis of decorum.

We’re talking, of course, about the uproar over Meghan’s messy buns.

We’ll give you a moment to compose yourself. Moving on…

“There is no royal protocol for hairstyle,” the insider tells ET.

“Kate often styles her hair in a casual ponytail at more informal events, and Meghan’s messy bun was an attempt to fit in with the young people she was meeting in a similar casual setting with Prince Harry.”

Yes, the Brits apparently are not thrilled with the sight of Meg’s messy buns.

Clearly, she should’ve stayed in America, where Kim Kardashian broke the internet by spilling champagne all over her ass.

Elsewhere in the pre-royal wedding gossip landscape, Us Weekly is claiming that Meghan’s shady siblings are starting to be a royal pain in the messy buns, and no one knows what to do about it:

“Meghan is really worried about some of these members of her family,” one insider tells the tabloid.

“She hasn’t spoken to them in years. She’s lost sleep over relatives who’ve screwed her over. It’s the one thing she’s struggled with most since meeting Harry, especially after the engagement.” 

Clearly, the only solution here is to round up Meghan’s relatives and have them made into hats.

And that’s how you diplomacy, folks.


Meghan Markle Nude Photos Released: Are They Real?

In less than two months Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry, thus becoming a member of the British Royal Family.

The last time an American married a royal, it resulted in a constitutional crisis and the abdication of the throne.

Needless to say, this is something of a big deal, and Buckingham Palace is keen to avoid any sort of scandal.

So the news that naked photos of Markle are currently making their way around the internet probably wasn’t greeted with tremendous excitement by the queen and company.

The alleged nudes appeared earlier this week on Celeb Jihad, a site that’s every bit as incendiary as its title would lead your to believe.

Fortunately, it seems those currently clutching their pearls across the pond can rest easy.

Those ho have seen the pics (which have since been deleted) say there’s solid evidence to indicate that they were doctored.

“These are fake photos,” a palace representative declared unequivocally today.

Of course, even if it turned out the pics were real, we highly doubt that would do much to interfere with Harry and Meghan’s relationship.

After all, she wouldn’t even be the first royal to have her private parts put on display for all the world.

That title belongs to Sarah Ferguson (aka the OG Fergie), who was photographed nude while sunbathing back in 1992.

The pics were published by the Daily Mirror, because British tabloids have a long and proud history of being gross.

Anyway, the bogus photos come at a time when everything else is coming up roses for Ms. Markle.

Earlier this week, Meghan and Harry mailed their wedding invitations, which means there’s no going back now!

Those who know the couple best say the invites were printed using American ink and English card stock in order to reflect the heritage of both partners.

Yes, Meghan has officially entered that strata of obscene wealth where people know what country produced the ink they’re using for their wedding invitations.

She has no time for your fake nudes, peasants!