Jada Pinkett Smith Pens Emotional Message: Marriages Change …

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been dogged by multiple rumors during their long, long marriage.

Now, in an emotional post about crumbling marriages shared beside a photo of her own family, Jada is reflecting upon the pain that marraiges can bring.

And she talkes about how a once-healthy marriage can change.

In a very thoughtful Instagram post, Jada Pinkett Smith addresses her fans and followers.

“I’ve been watching a lot marriages dissolve around me,” she reflects.

That happens — especially when you get to a certain age. It’s the less cute version of when you’re thirty and it seems like at least 20% of your friends have kids.

Jada’s post continues: “It’s been really painful.”

“Marriages change,” Jada acknowledges.

“Sometimes,” Jada says of marriages. “They need to be reimagined and transformed.”

But Jada does admit that: “Sometimes they are simply over …”

That is certainly true. If a relationship cannot adapt to changes, then it falls apart.

“But either way,” Jada writes. “I pray that folks going thru this painful transition find the patience and the love within to not throw the ‘babies’ out with the bath water.”

She concluded with a very simple hashtag: “#family.”

Jada also opened up on Instagram about forgiveness, sharing a Pillowtalk video in which she reflects upon the topic.

“Forgiveness …” Jada begins. “My power to forgive others came from forgiving myself by looking into the shadows of my own heart.”

She takes a spiritual tone, saying that sometimes people need divine help just to heal from the trauma that they have endured.

“But…” Jada writes. “There are acts committed against us that are so horrific our only choice is to give it to the Mother/Father to fill us with a healing needed to find the ‘God Love’ within that gives us the ‘Self Love’ we need.”

Whether or not you would use the same sort of diction choices that she makes, we all know that people can have serious self-love problems after being grievously wronged by others.

Jada doesn’t speak about specific wrongs, but instead coaches her fans and followers on the concept of letting go.

Jada absolute acknowledges that “to forgive” is a “delicate process.”

For some, impossible. Some religious traditions all but mandate forgiveness, but there are others that emphatically do not.

But Jada wisely points out that forgiveness does not mean accepting a person back into your life.

“Also,” Jada says. “I had to realize that just because my heart may embrace and forgive … doesn’t mean that person should be standing beside me.”

Jada and Will have faced divorce rumors for years. Honestly? It’s probably because they’re a Hollywood couple who have been together for a long time.

A lot of people see the divorce rate (and, let’s be real, probably their own relationship troubles) and expect a couple who are so visible and whose lives and careers are so full of potential temptations. They expect a divorce.

But it seems like, just as Jada and Will mastered parenting to raise their amazing children, they also really have a hang on marriage.

It’s great that Jada is imparting wisdom upon her fans and followers.


Chip Gaines Admits Marriage’s Imperfections in Valentine’s Day Post

Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines are pretty much the definition of relationship goals, right? Which is why Chip’s Valentine’s Day message has left some fans scratching their heads.

Usually, Valentine’s Day is all about romanticizing love and relationships as much as possible.

Instead, Chip seems to be focusing on the imperfections. Is he on to something here?

Considering the way that Chip and Joanna Gaines have shot down marital trouble rumors in the past, you’d think that they either have a picture-perfect marriage …

… Or that they, at least, want everyone to believe that everything is all smiles and rainbows or whatever.

A lot of fans grew suspicious when they heard that Fixer Upper was ending after 5 seasons. It’s a hugely popular series, and most networks and stars keep a show going until it stops being profitable.

To borrow the words of Bo Burnham, most television shows don’t stop beating the proverbial dead horse until it stops spitting out money.

But you know what? A couple of married stars quitting a show doesn’t have to be a marital spat. Maybe they made “enough” money — if there is such a thing. (To be clear, they are each worth like $ 8 million)

Their actual stated reason was just that they wanted to spend more time with each other and their family. That sounds healthy enough to us.

Chip tweeted out his unorthodox Valentine’s Day message, early Wednesday morning.

“No such thing as a ‘perfect marriage.'”

But Chip reveals what he believes to be the secret of making a marriage work.

“For me, its always been simple: commitment.”

Well that makes a lot of sense. That doesn’t just mean not cheating, but being committed to their emotional and romantic bond and their relationship and family and life together.

“Every morning I wake up committed, and pray that she chooses the same. And so today, again, I choose my beautiful bride.”

He clearly takes his marriage voews seriously.

“To have and to hold.. till death do us part. #HappyValentinesDay sweet girl!”

Of course, Chip and Joanna are expecting their fifth child.

The Gaineses are already parents to Drake, age 12, Ella, age 11, Duke, age 9, and Emmie Kay, age 7.

Preparing for a fifth child is a lot, but the couple can certainly balance that while continuing to grow their home improvement empire.

They’ve even made time for adorable little gags, like the way that they showed off their baby bump.

It’s always a sign of a healthy couple when they can joke and have fun while celebrating good news.


So, in light of their relationship, we think that Chip and Joanna are being realistic about the struggles of being a couple who’s been married for a long time.

You’re going to disagree. You’re going to get on each other’s nerves. You’re going to catch yourself imagining a different life.

All of that will happen whether or not you argue. It’s part of being a person.

What matters, and this is really what Chip’s tweet is getting at, is how committed you are to your bond with your partner. Or partners, for that matter.

What’s more, the fact that Chip is openly discussing the imperfections in his and all marriages is a healthy sign.

That means that he feels so secure in his relationship that he doesn’t hesitate to mention that not everything’s picture perfect.

In a Valentine’s Day message, no less.

These two seem to have things all figured out.


Sister Wives: Is the Show as Dead as Kody Brown’s Marriages?!

Things aren’t looking so good for the Sister Wives crew …

Or, well, they haven’t been looking good pretty much since the first moment we were introduced to them, so maybe it would be more accurate to just say that things are looking worse.

Way, way worse.

We’ve been hearing for months and months now, maybe even years, that the four wives of Kody Brown — Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn — are unhappy with him and with their situation.

Combine that with all the cancelation rumors that had been going around about the show before the trailer for the new season dropped, and it’s clear that things aren’t well in the Brown family households.

It’s a lot for one family, right?

Even one family that’s sort of branched out into four different families, because polygamy.

And now, according to a sad new report, things are about to get even worse.

As the Sister Wives insider explains, ratings were down last season, and TLC was “less than impressed” by the amount of viewers the family was pulling in.

So this time around, for the current season, “Kody told them he’d be willing to have the network slash his family’s pay from $ 180,000 for each adult to $ 180,000 total if it meant they could make season 12.”

“He put everything on the line to convince them it could still work.”

It seems like there could be a little bit of negotiation somewhere in there, right? If Kody did offer that pay cut, then that’s $ 720,000 less that the adults are making this season.

But then again, maybe it was smart for him to get as much money as he could for a show that’s been doing so poorly that it’s been on the brink of cancelation for over a year now.

“Three years ago,” the source says, “the show could command 2.5 million viewers, but now fans are leaving the show in droves.”

“TLC has broken the news to Kody that it plans to cancel Sister Wives after the current season because ratings have been so tepid. Kody can kiss any hope of a Season 13 goodbye.”

And it’s not just his reality television career that’s failing — another source claims that his “spiritual marriages” are also close to being canceled.

“His only real connection seems to be with Robyn now,” and “the other wives have all but given up on him.”

“They mostly see him as an ex-husband who turns up to help with the children,” the source adds.

It turns out that this issues are sort of tied together — in the beginning, Sister Wives viewers were intrigued by what seemed to be happy family living the polygamist lifestyle.

But now, “TLC has discovered you can only pretend things are all rosy for so long. Fans now realize the Browns are anything but a happy group.”

The plan going forward, the insider says, is to develop a new show focusing on the Brown children — so sort of like how 19 Kids and Counting morphed into Counting On.

If this were to happen, then Mariah, the only child of Kody and Meri, would be heavily featured, because “she’s a favorite with fans because of her maturity.”

“But will Meri will make the occasional appearance on the show, there are no plans to feature Kody,” because “for him, things are very much over.”

Is anyone else disappointed that since the show would be canceled, we won’t be able to see episodes featuring the drama caused by the cancelation?


21 Ridiculously Short Celebrity Marriages: Who Lasted 55 Whole Hours?

From 55 hours to just under a year or two, here are 21 of the shortest celebrity marriages in the history of Hollywood.

These were basically over before the ink was dry on the prenup.

1. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

Kevin federline and britney spears photo
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline made it only two years. Which was by FAR the longer of her two marriages, but that’s not saying a whole lot.

2. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander

Britney spears and jason alexander
Britney Spears and Jason Alexander’s quickie wedding in Las Vegas lasted a mere 55 hours before it was annulled.

3. GG and Shalom

Gg and shalom
Shahs of Sunset stars GG and Shalom made it a whole five weeks in early 2017. Guess that’s what happens when you marry on a lark (and are clearly not on stable ground relationship-wise).

4. Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

Kris humphries and kim kardashian
A mere 72 days after saying “I do,” Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian said “I don’t anymore.” Their divorce took 581 DAYS!

5. Jeremy Renner, Sonni Pacheco

Jeremy renner sonni pacheco
Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco made it a whole 10 months. That’s almost a year!

6. Jennifer Esposito and Bradley Cooper

Jennifer esposito and bradley cooper
Jennifer Esposito was married to Bradley Cooper for 4 months before she filed for divorce declaring the marriage “wasn’t right.”

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