Javi Marroquin: Is He Cheating on Lauren Comeau With Madison Channing Walls?!

Following a period of time in which he often appeared to be juggling multiple women at once, Javi Marroquin is now engaged to Lauren Comeau.

Sometimes former players are able to grow up, settle down, and make reliable spouses.

But it's equally possible that Javi still has some wild oats to sow.

Either way, fans will be scrutinizing his every move — especially when he spends the weekend partying with a very recent ex.

Check it out:

1. The Happy Couple

Lauren comeau with javi m
Javi is currently engaged to Lauren Comeau. The couple recently bought a house and are currently expecting their first child together.

2. Making It Work

Javi with lauren comeau
Javi and Lauren have certainly had their share of ups and downs, but these days, they both seem excited about the prospect of starting a family together.

3. Moving Fast

Lauren comeau big baby bump
Javi and Lauren certainly haven’t wasted any time since getting back together in March.

4. The Big Announcement

Javi and laurens big announcement
In fact, the news that they’re expecting a child came just a few weeks after they confirmed their reconciliation.

5. All Talk?

Javi marroquin turns serious
Javi says he wants to devote himself fully to being a husband and father, and he says Lauren is the one for him.

6. Changing His Ways

Javi marroquin and lauren comeau selfie
But until recently, Javi was playing the field in a big way. In fact, it appears there was some overlap between his most recent relationships.

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Javi Marroquin: I’m Getting in on Farrah Abraham’s Big Fight! [Exclusive]

Farrah Abraham will make her boxing debut in just over two weeks …

Who's excited?

We know that Farrah has been training hard for this for a long time now, and that she'll be going up against Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander from the first season of Flavor of Love.

And now we know another very interesting bit of information about the fight.

So what does Javi Marroquin have to do with it?!

1. We See You, Javi!

Javi marroquin turns serious
This is Javi — we all know Javi!

2. Awww

Kail and javi wedding
He made his Teen Mom 2 debut pretty much right when he made his debut in Kailyn Lowry’s life, and he’s been around ever since.

3. No Big Deal

Javi cant even deal
In fact, after his intense breakup with Kailyn and his subsequent relationship with another cast member, Briana DeJesus, he’s actually one of the most prominent dads on the show.

4. Busy Busy

Javi marroquin and lauren comeau selfie
And yeah, he’s got a lot going on right now.

5. Baaaaaaaaby!

Lauren comeau with javi m
He and Kailyn share a son, and he’s about to have another with girlfriend Lauren Comeau.

6. Thanks!

Javi hates kailyn
But, wouldn’t you know it, he’s still finding time to do us fans a solid!

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Javi Marroquin Achieves #PeakBro Status, Opens CrossFit Gym

If you’re anything like us, you’ve avoided CrossFit and its enthusiasts with the sort of aggressive disdain that most folks reserve for sanctimonious vegans or people who love to tell you about their dreams.

But for reasons we don’t fully understand, the fitness brand is wildly popular these days, and Javi Marroquin is looking to capitalize on the trend.

Javi took to Instagram this week to announce that he’s opening his own CrossFit gym in Smyrna, Delaware, which is apparently a place.

Marroquin announced the news with a triumphant video addressed to his followers.

“DREAM COME TRUE!” Javi captioned the announcement below.

“So I’m taking a big leap here and going to open up my own business,” he continued.

“This has always been in the back of my mind for years.

“I was always scared to take the first jump and go after it. After talking with my family and loved ones, @crossfitkillshot will be opening soon in Smyrna, DE!”

Javi elaborated on the news in the video itself, adding:

“I am going to go ahead and open my own CrossFit affiliate called CrossFit Killshot,” said an exuberant Javi.

Marroquin goes on to encourage fans to follow the IG page for his new business venture, adding:

“Stay tuned for more updates.”

Sounds pretty straightforward, but to be honest we have a lot of questions:

Is Javi prepared for his insurance to skyrocket after a soccer mom from Dover inevitably takes a kettlebell to the skull?

And what in the hell inspired the douchetastic name Killshot?

Is it inspired by Eminem’s Machine Gun Kelly diss track of the same name?

If so, we’re gonna have to go ahead and encourage all Delaware residents to boycott Javi’s gym on general principle.

But the most important question of all, of course, is — what does Lauren Comeau think of all this?

As you’re probably aware, Javi and Lauren are expecting their first child together, and they recently bought a house.

So even though they’re not officially man and wife, their finances are pretty well intertwined.

Hopefully, Javi consulted Lauren before jumping into this thing.

Sounds like a no-brainer, but all those years of six-digit reality show earnings may have blinded him to the financial concerns of regular folk.


Javi Marroquin to Kailyn Lowry: I’m So Sick of Your Sh-t!

Javi Marroquin may finally have had it with Kailyn Lowry.

The MTV veteran sounds like he's sick and tired and truly done with his ex-wife.

What has prompted Javi to arrive at this point?

Why does he sound angrier than ever at the woman with whom he shares a son named Lincoln?

Marroquion is more than happy to explain down below, as both he and The Hollywood Gossip give readers some background on why the exes are – yes, once again – at major odds…

1. A Letter of Love?

Letter of love
More like excerpts of hate! This is what Marroquin thinks of Kailyn’s new book, the cover of which we’ve posted above. He has Tweeted his response to a few passages in it.

2. Wait, What is This Book About?

Kailyn lowry at home
“The book was an apology letter to [third son] Lux for basically the mess he was born into and how bad I feel,” the mother-of-three told Radar Online in January, adding of her other sons and motivation in general: “But now it’s to all three of them. I feel bad and I’m nervous about how a lot of my decisions will impact them or affect them. So I’m apologizing to all of them and I want them to know how much I love them and I’m working now to pick up the pieces.”

3. Okay, Fair Enough. What Does This Have to Do with Javi?

Sorry kai
A lot, considering he’s the father of Lincoln. The couple was married from September of 2012 through December of 2015, having been through many ups and downs in their marriage and then afterwards as well.

4. But Weren’t They on Pretty Good Terms of Late?

Javi and kailyn on mtv
It seemed that way. Heck, they even HOOKED UP earlier this year!

5. So, Why Are They Feuding Now?

Javi kailyn and kids
Lowry writes in her new book that she knew her marriage to Javi was doomed from the start, saying at one point: “I knew going into the marriage with Javi that I would regret it.” Harsh, right? Also: pretty stunning.

6. What Else Did She Write?

Kailyn and javi arguing
“We were fighting constantly and not even sleeping in the same bed. I was overcome and filled with doubt at all times. I was trying to convince myself that things would get better in time, but they never did.”

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Kailyn Lowry: I Knew I Never Should Have Married Javi Marroquin!

Kailyn Lowry has always been open about her feelings … super, super open.

And now, in her upcoming book, she's being more open than ever.

In some new excerpts from the book, titled A Letter of Love, she writes about her relationship with Javi Marroquin, and how it's evolved over the years.

Let's just say that this girl is holding nothing back …

1. These Crazy Kids

Kail and javi wedding
Have Kailyn and Javi ever just had a calm, non-dramatic relationship? No, right?

2. A Romance for the Ages

Javi on teen mom 2
They met in 2011, when Javi kept creeping on her while she worked in the mall, and things just gotten crazier and crazier since then.

3. Moving Fast

Kailyn javi photo
They got married in September of 2012, and just over a year later, their son, Lincoln, was born.

4. Not So Great

Javi marroquin and kailyn lowry picture
Things were never really good between them, or at least they weren’t on Teen Mom 2. He seemed a little too controlling, and they just never really seemed to have fun together much at all.

5. So Sad

Kail on teen mom 2
In 2015, she got pregnant again, but she ended up having a miscarriage, and in his grief, he blamed her for it.

6. The End

Javi kailyn and kids
That was the final nail in the coffin — or one of them, at least — and they filed for divorce that December.

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Javi Marroquin: I Slept With Kailyn Lowry While I Was Dating Briana DeJesus!

If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, we probably don't need to tell you that Javi Marroquin gets around.

Or perhaps we should say he used to get around.

These days, Javi is engaged to Lauren Comeau and the couple has a baby on the way.

But in his wilder days (read: about six months ago) Javi was hooking up with anything and everything.

We've known for a while that Javi hooked up with Kailyn long after their marriage came to an end, but now Marroquin is finally spilling details about the affair.

And the timing of the whole thing is raising some serious questions and re-igniting old feuds …

1. Javi Spills the Tea

Javi spills the tea
On a preview for the upcoming Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Javi opens up to hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa about his brief reconciliation with Kail.

2. Party of Three

Party of three
We already knew that Kail and Javi hooked up. What’s most interesting about the latest revelations is the timeline.

3. The Interview

Kailyn lowry on podcast
Javi says he and Kail hooked up while he was at her house to do an interview for her podcast.

4. The Disagreement

Kail on teen mom 2
Kail disagrees with Javi about the exact timing of the affair (she insists it did NOT take place after their interview) but she doesn’t deny he was involved with someone else at the time.

5. Briana Drama

Briana dejesus and lollipop
Javi had to think hard to remember who he was dating at the time, but eventually, the truth came out.

6. Laying It On the Line

Laying it on the line
Yes, Javi hooked up with Kail while he was still dating Briana, and we have the intensely awkward video of Marroquin confessing to his infidelity …

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Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau: Check Out Our New House!


Things are pretty darn serious between Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau.

Because they're expecting a baby at some point in the near future? Yes, that is a pretty good clue.

But we also say this because Javi and Lauren just moved into their very first home together. This is where they will raise their son and where Javi's son with Kailyn Lowry, Lincoln, will also spend a lot of time.

Ready for your first look inside, courtesy of Javi and Lauren's Instagram feeds?

Let's do this, Teen Mom 2 fans!

Scroll down now!

1. Javi and Lauren at Home

Javi and lauren at home
Javi and Lauren aren’t just hanging out anywhere in this photo. They are in their brand new house!!!!

2. Tall Ceilings!

Tall ceilings
First World Problems? Javi does some work here on his very tall new ceilings.

3. Living Room and Upstairs

Living room and upstairs
This is a nice look at the open floor plan, which includes a look at the walk upstairs from the main living area.

4. Freshly-Painted Kitchen!

Freshly painted kitchen
Best boyfriend ever, Lauren wrote after Javi surprised her. We think Briana DeJesus might disagree.

5. Crossfit Time!

Crossfit time
On her way to do some crossfit, Lauren gave us this glimpse at the carpeted upstairs.

6. Home Movie Theater

Home movie theater
Wow. Not a shabby way to watch some television in your own house, huh?

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Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau: Is the Baby Coming Soon?!?

While Javi Marroquin continues to clash with his ex-wife over their past, many questions continue to be asked about this reality star’s future.

Specifically, about his future with Lauren Comeau.

The couple, of course, stunned celebrity gossip followers back in late May when they announced they were expecting a baby.

This news came mere months after Javi split from Briana DeJesus and also stopped hooking up (again) with Kailyn Lowry.

Marroquin and Comeau had met at a wedding last summer and actually dated briefly in 2017… until they reportedly broke up because Javi slept with another woman.

We haven’t been here to judge, however, simply to wish these two and their impending child the best.

Perhaps Javi really is a changed man and will dedicate himself entirely to this new family. You never know, right?

Along with the baby bombshell, meanwhile, has come various speculation regarding Comeau, considering she’s now very much involved with a prominent MTV personality.

As we’ve posted about over the past few weeks…

will she appear on Teen Mom 2?

… will she and Marroquin get married?

… heck, are they already married?

Now, based on the photos above and below of Comeau, we can add another inquiry to this list:


Taking to both basic Instagram and her Instagram Stories page over the past week or so, Comeau has shown off her baby bump on multiple occasions.

And it ain’t small!

All Comeau and Marroquin have said thus far is that their son will enter this world at some point in 2018.

That much is clearly true, but the size of Lauren’s precious tummy makes it appear here as if their son may enter the world at some point in the fall of 2018.

We make note of this partly because it’s very exciting and it will be cool to meet yet another baby produced by a member of the Teen Mom 2 cast.

But also because Comeau’s due date does make one wonder when she and Marroquin got it on and whether he cheated on DeJesus with his baby-mama-to-be.

The timeline does cause fans to ponder this possibility.

Whether or not Javi stepped out on Briana, though, he and Lauren appear to be going strong.

They are posing together in a number of Instagram photos, often with Marroquin and Lowry’s son, Lincoln.

Lauren has also now moved to Delaware and is shacking up with her famous lover.

At some point, Javi swears, wedding bells will even ring for the eventual parents.

“Definitely in the future I will propose,” the MTV star recently told Radar Online, quelling rumors that they were already betrothed.

He says it will happen, he promises, but he and Comeau have something else to concern themselves with in the meantime.

Or someone else, we should say:

“The focus is on the baby first.” 


Kailyn Lowry: Javi Marroquin Is SUCH a Creep!

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have such a strange relationship, right?

One day they’re married, the next they’re not, they’re sleeping together the day after that, then the next day he’s breaking into her house and she’s filing orders of protection against him.

OK, maybe it didn’t happen that fast, but all of those things have definitely happened, and that’s simply too much drama for one relationship.

Kailyn and Javi have had plenty of ups and downs since their divorce, and really, it’s difficult to keep up with their feelings for each other.

Even though they share adorable little Lincoln, they definitely didn’t get along while he dated Briana DeJesus late last year, but they seemed to patch things up after Briana was out of the picture.

Well, they did more than just patch things up for the sake of their son — they actually hooked up for a while, believe it or not.

But shortly after that, Javi impregnated his old girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, so what is even happening?

Are they still getting along? Are things super tense again?

We’re not sure, but judging by this fascinating little story Kailyn told on Twitter recently, they’re not on the greatest terms for sure.

It all started when a particularly savage Teen Mom fan tweeted that “Without MTV, Javi wouldn’t have gotten to screw any of these girls.”

“Desperate to spread it because he’s on tv,” this person said of Javi’s girlfriends. “Not a real celebrity either.”

“Without the show he’s just another ugly with zero style, fish lips, tiny weenie, bad tattoos, and those ugly white socks.”

Someone else pointed out that Javi managed to land girls before appearing on the show, most notably Kailyn herself, and that “He seemed like a good stable guy years ago but his reputation nosedived really hard this year.”

Boy, did it ever!

Juggling three girls at the same time and knocking one of them up will do that.

The original tweeter wrote “It creeped me out when he kept bugging her at her job to date him like he was hungry to be on tv.”

Remember, on Teen Mom 2 the story was that Kailyn was set up with Javi by a friend, but they’ve since admitted that they met while Kailyn was working a side job at Express.

He showed up, asked her out, and when she said no, he kept returning to the store and asking her out until she finally said yes.

Romantic, or shady?

Kailyn actually responded to these tweets, and the way she tells it … yeah, it seems pretty dang shady.

“When i met javi he lied to me and told me he didn’t know who i was… creeped his twitter and sure as sh-t he had tweeted me a week prior,” she claimed.

“That was after he got picked to do True Life and the girl refused.”

Amazing, right?

Javi pulled a Matt Baier before Matt Baier even pulled a Matt Baier? He was going to be on True Life?!

It’s all such good, juicy information, but it does raise one significant question: if Kailyn knew all of this, why did she go on to marry him?

As she explained in a later tweet, “I was young and ignored red flags apparently. What most would call desperate.”

At least she’s honest!

After that, Javi felt the need to jump in, telling her “Stop tweeting about me. Stop seeking validation. Move on please. Like we’re grown now … That’s for the birds.”

But he deleted that because, as he explained to a follower who asked, “We’re too grown to be going back and fourth.”

“I’m enjoying my life as privately as I can. I don’t need to be looking for validation from social media. I’m past that stage of my life.”

First of all, “back and fourth,” LOL.

Second of all, how rich is it that Javi, who appears on two separate segments of Teen Mom 2, who has dated two separate moms on Teen Mom 2, is talking about living his life “as privately as I can”?

This is the most entertaining development in the Teen Mom universe since we saw Briana screech like a banshee at the reunion taping, and that’s saying something!


Javi Marroquin & Lauren Comeau: Are They Already Married?!

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau’s relationship has fallen apart and been rebuilt more times than a set of Jenga blocks.

Perhaps that’s why these days, Javi and Lauren are moving at a speed generally associated with couples who feel they have something to prove.

Lauren is pregnant with Javi’s baby, and now they’re rushing headlong into a traditional family arrangement, as though they didn’t just get back together while Javi was hooking up with multiple different women.

Not only are Javi and Lauren engaged, it now looks as though they’ve bought a house together.

It also looks like they’re trying to keep that fact under wraps for reasons that remain mysterious.

As Starcasm reports, Lauren posted a photo of the couple’s new home on Facebook earlier this week.

“It’s closing day!!!” Lauren captioned the image.

“Beyond excited (and thankful) to start this chapter in our new home,” she added.

Interestingly, the post was up for less than a day before Lauren deleted it.

The situation has led many fans to speculate that the couple is keeping some sort of secret.

Deepening the mystery is an image from Lauren’s latest Snapchat video:

Javi's Sister

That’s Javi’s sister, Lidia, who apparently wound up at the same stoplight as Lauren recently.

Note the caption, in which Lauren refers to Lidia as her “SIL” or sister-in-law.

Now, it could be she was just speaking presumptively, as — if everything goes according to plan — Lidia will be Lauren’s sister-in-law in the near future.

Still, the caption was enough to get fans talking.

Even if Lauren and Javi aren’t secretly married, it looks more and more like they’ll be tying the knot very soon.

And not surprisingly, fans are encouraging the future Mrs. Marroquin to proceed with caution.

As you may recall, before she was his fiancee, Lauren was something of a bargaining chip for Javi.

When he unexpectedly visited Briana DeJesus in Miami, Javi informed his then-girlfriend that he has a side-piece who’s willing to move to Delaware to be with him.

That girl was later revealed to be Lauren.

It now looks as though Javi got Lauren pregnant, then decided to get back together with her, not the other way around, as the lovebirds would have us believe.

Not the most auspicious start, but we wish Javi and Lauren the best of luck. They’re gonna need it.