Ex-MLB Pitcher Matt Mantei Allegedly Threw Wife to Ground Before Domestic Violence Arrest

Matt Mantei allegedly pushed his wife and threw her to the ground during a fight over a cell phone — before being arrested for domestic violence … according to an incident report obtained by TMZ Sports. We broke the story … Mantei was arrested…


Amy Roloff to Matt Roloff: You Betrayed Me!

Through the first two spring episodes of Little People, Big World, one clear theme has emerged:

Amy Roloff is not very happy.

On the first new installment of this TLC reality show, Amy talked openly about maybe moving far away from ex-husband — and on the second installment, she made it crystal clear why.

It really all comes down to Matt’s relationship with Caryn Chandler.

“Caryn is an employee and in a personal relationship with my ex-husband, so it is still hard to invite Caryn to some of the family events,” Roloff said last Tuesday night.

It’s both true and understandable:

Chandler has worked as the manager at Roloff Farms since 2006.

She started dating Matt shortly after he and Amy filed for divorce in May of 2016, prompting Amy to admit on air last week, even after all this time:

“I’d rather minimize the personal interaction [with them]. It’s not healthy for me.”

So Amy herself has spoken candidly about this awkwardness.

And now an insider has taken her feelings once step further, telling Radar Online just how much of a struggle it is for Amy to see Matt with Caryn.

“Of course Amy feels betrayed,” this Roloff source tells Radar, explaining:

“The way he’s treating Caryn is nothing like how he treated her during their marriage. It was like a blow to the chest.”

To be clear, Amy isn’t necessarily jealous of Matt and Caryn.

She has been dating Chris Marek for over a year now and is clearly very content in this relationship. (Just take one look at her Instagram page for proof.)

It’s just weird is all. That’s the basic point here.

Amy is fine that Matt has moved on because she’s done the same… but he’s moved on with someone she has known for over a decade and with whom she still must interact on a frequent basis.

“It really made Amy feel insecure about who she was and the type of wife she was,” Radar writes of who Matt has chosen to date, and how quickly he got together with Chandler once he was single.

Roloff admitted on the previous episode of her family’s reality program that she has to be “adult” in the way she handles Matt’s romance.

On plenty of occasions, such as family birthday parties, she’ll be in the same room or same vicinity as Caryn.

Still, this doesn’t mean “I have to accept” or embrace the development, Amy added last Tuesday.

Thankfully, however, she has had Chris by her side this entire time…

… and it’s clear this won’t be changing in the near or distance future.

“The good thing to come out this though is Chris,” Radar concludes in its report. “She met Chris, and he is so good to her and they are happy. He doesn’t take her for granted.”

That much is apparent.

Scroll back up to the first image in this article and you’ll see Amy and Chris sitting happily together at dinner.

The photo was snapped on the cruise this couple just took together, and it was accompanied by the following Amy-written caption:

The end to a wonderful time on a cruise w/ Chris and friends.

What a fun and great time on Royal Caribbean cruise. We’re heading back home today and looking forward to the next adventure.


Matt Roloff is Here to Clap Back Against Talk of Family Tension

Matt Roloff is a man on a mission.

Yes, the Little People, Big World patriarch wants you to tune in to his family’s long-running reality show.

But he doesn’t want you to do so because you are anxious to see a great deal of in-fighting among Roloffs, young and old.

Indeed, while most reality show try to sell drama in order to lure in viewers, Matt does not want to be like most reality stars.

In anticipation of new episodes returning this week to TLC, Roloff actually hurled some shade in the direction of Little People, Big World crew members, accusing them of editing footage to make it seem like his relatives don’t get along.

“We’ve been pushing the new producers to stop making our show negative and keep the family love and togetherness in the forefront,” Roloff wrote on Facebook, adding:

“For some reason, these new producers/editors that come in to work…don’t know the show and want to amplify the negative…

“I’m not sure we can take that kinda of editing much longer. Errrrr.”

Wow, did Matt really threaten to quit his own series?

We can’t imagine this really comes to that, but Roloff took to Facebook again on Wednesday in order to drive his whole family harmony point home.

“I love this little hang out time with Ember Jean,” Roloff wrote as a caption to the video from which we took the two screen captures above.

Fair (and obvious) enough, right?

But it’s what he wrote next that we took as a message he very much wanted to pass on to all friends and followers:

“The back story is … Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff were in the other part of the barn doing their interviews for lpbw and they asked me and caryn if we would watch Ember for an hour while there we in the next room.”

This may seem like a small point, but it was said with a purpose.

Among the reasons some Little People, Big World fans think there’s tension among various family members is because Matt is involved with Caryn Chandler.

Heck, he may even be engaged to Caryn Chandler!

Chandler formerly worked as a manager at the Roloff Farm, meaning she knew Amy Roloff pretty well back when she and Matt started dating.

You can imagine how that would be a little awkward, can’t you?

Nevertheless, Amy has handled everything with maturity and class, showing no signs of anger or jealousy.

(It helps, of course, that she’s seriously involved herself with Chris Marek.)

As you can see above, Amy and Matt really do get along just fine these days.

But so many critics out there refuse to believe it; they think Chandler is the source of major discord among the Roloffs.

This is why Matt added the note in his caption that Jeremy and Audrey gladly handed their daughter off to both Matt AND Caryn to babysit.

The couple must think pretty highly of Chandler is they’re willing to let her watch their only child, right?

We’re buying in. We’re on board.

The Roloffs may have the occasional disagreement, but they are clearly a tight clan that has overcome quite a few obstacles over the years.

And that’s why we tune in!

There’s plenty of melodrama out there.

Give us legitimate, heartfelt connections between loved ones any day over all the other scripted nonsense on reality television/

Don’t you feel the same way?


Matt Lauer FINALLY Ousted From Home by Annette Roque

In the wake of Matt Lauer’s firing from NBC and the horrifying revelations about his behavior, his marriage has fallen apart.

For months now, Annette Roque has wanted Lauer out of her house. Now, it’s reported that he’s finally moved out.

But Roque apparently had to take drastic measures.

Us Weekly reports that Matt Lauer has moved out, at long last.

But their source reveals that he wasn’t exactly eager to go.

“Getting him to move out was quite daunting because Matt was refusing to leave.”

Despite Lauer and Roque’s divorce being underway, it sounds like he didn’t want to budge from the family residence.

And he apparently had one reason for dragging his heels.

“It was all about Matt, who expressed concern about how it would look to the media in the wake of being fired by NBC.”

As absurd as it sounds that he could be preoccupied with his public image, despite everything, that does fit in with reports that he believes that he has a second chance at his career.

The insider continues, saying that Lauer seems to not understand how all of this is hurting his family.

“Annette was simply at a loss for words because she had hoped that he would recognize this was best for her and the kids.”

Ultimately, she had to take drastic measures. The source says that she had to threaten legal action — which finally got him to pack his bags.

“Matt will always be more concerned about public perception and obviously doesn’t want to make headlines for being forced out of the house.”

It’s so sad to hear that he cares more about his image than about right and wrong.

Even with his departure, he’ll still be part of the lives of their children.

“Annette told him that there would never be any limitations on access to their kids.”

But things between the divorcing spouses are different. The source reports that they hardly communicate anymore.

“It’s minimal on good days.”

And the source continues, saying:

“But mostly nonexistent.”

All things considered, very few can blame Roque for not wanting to speak to the man who cheated on her. And adultery is the least of his alleged wrongdoings.

There have been reports that say that, despite everything, Matt Lauer believes that he can make a comeback.

Sure, most would like to believe that the man accused of multiple affairs, sexual harassment visited upon his subordinates, and of raping a woman in his office is as broken and ashamed as some have claimed.

But considering that Lauer reportedly used NBC as a hunting ground for years, going so far as to have a remote lock installed for his office door, it’s easy to believe that his worldview is so divorced from reality that he thinks that he can have a career again.

Perhaps he is thinking of the long history of men accused of doing evil, unforgivable things who somehow continue to have careers.

Convicted rapist Mike Tyson has his own show on Adult Swim. Woody Allen keeps making movies to critical acclaim. Chris Brown is still selling music. Johnny Depp is starring in the new Harry Potter movies.

But as much as those men are despised by many people, they weren’t exposed during the #MeToo movement. Matt Lauer was. Many hope that this will make the difference, and that he’ll never be able to claw his way back into social acceptance.

Contrary to what the reviled former NBC host might like to believe, Today is doing just fine without Matt Lauer.

In fact, ratings are higher than they’ve been in 5 years.

It’s possible that, one day, people will wax nostalgic about how awkwardly charming they found Lauer when he covered the Olympics and will be willing to forget what he was doing to his colleagues when the cameras weren’t running.

At the moment, however, many people familiar with the allegations against him don’t even want to look at him.

Annette Roque and her children are better off without having to share their home with him.


Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler: Are They Engaged?

Little People, Big World is back! The show returned with its new season on Tuesday night.

Tori and Zach were just learning to be parents to their sweet newborn baby Jackson. Audrey was way big pregnant with Ember Jean. And Matt and Amy … seemed to be on each other’s last nerves.

But Matt posted a teaser on social media that has fans wondering if there’s some unexpected good news on the horizon. Are he and Caryn Chandler engaged?

If you watch Little People, Big World online, you know that tensions have never been higher between Matt Roloff and his ex wife, Amy Roloff.

Their marriage ended a couple of years ago, but they both still live on Roloff Farms — just a stone’s throw from each other.

It’s awkward as hell. Especially now that each of them have moved on.

Amy is with Chris Marek, despite the outrage of fans who seem convinced that the relationship is toxic … despite all evidence to the contrary.

And Matt Roloff has moved on and is dating his former employee, Caryn Chandler.

Matt Roloff posted this goofy, up-close photo, captioning it:

“Oh my goodness… wait until you hear… better watch new episodes this Tuesday.”

On the surface, that’s just a super vague teaser for the return of Little People, Big World.

But a number of fans have a particular theory about which news he is teasing.

One commented: “You are getting married! Right Matt!”

Another wrote: “Married your [girlfriend] I hope.”

Of course, not everyone jumping on that bandwagon was in a congratulatory mood.

“Matt is getting married,” one hater wroter before throwing some shade. “He can’t stand to be single.”

Some of the comments were just plain weird.

“Omg! Is your girlfriend pregnant? By the look on your face, that’s my guess.”

But they shouldn’t overshadow the kind, celebratory comments.

“So happy for you that you are finally with a lady that treats you with kindness and respect.”

The warm wishes continue:

“Wish you and Caryn much luck and love.”

A lot of very kind people are jumping to conclusions, but we don’t really see any indicators that he and Caryn are engaged just yet.

And even if they are engaged, we would be surprised to only just now learn of it this season on Little People, Big World.

Usually, that sort of thing leaks in a report — if it isn’t announced with glee on social media.

Still, it would be nice to see some levity 

When Matt condemned “unfair” editing of his family by new producers, it sounded like what reality stars often say.

But the season premiere did have an awful lot of tension.

Of course, considering that Matt Roloff banned Amy from a family gathering, maybe some of that negativity has less to do with editing and more to do with rising tensions between Matt and Amy.

And those tensions are likely to rise if Matt and Caryn do finally become engaged.

Amy and Caryn do not seem to get along.

But let’s all hope, for the sake of the Roloff family and for the sake of viewers who love the charming atmosphere of Roloff Farms, that cooler heads prevail.