Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez: Yes, They Are (Maybe) Back Together!

Nothing should really surprise Teen Mom 2 viewers at this point.

Anyone may feud with anyone else at any time and, as has been made apparent, anyone may hook up with anyone else at any time.

Heck, Javi Marroquin burned through Briana DeJesus, Kailyn Lowry and current baby mama Lauren Comeau in a matter of months.

Now, we've received word that Lowry has run back her romance with third baby daddy Chris Lopez, despite some very harsh words exchanged between the two over the past several months.

Heck, Lopez exchanged a few harsh words about Lowry's on-air actions not long before this reconciliation rumor spread around the Internet.

Scroll down to find out why at least one source believes Kailyn and Chris have found their way back into each's others arms and beds…

1. Wait… They’re Back Together?

Holding lux
After this week’s Teen Mom 2?!? We can understand why many folks could have this reaction, considering Kailyn and some friends took little Lux on a trip to Hawaii during the July 16, 2018 episode and Lopez was PISSED about it.

2. Lopez vs. Lowry

Chris lopez and lux
During the vacation, Lopez allegedly tried to contact Lowry often, basically accusing her of stealing their kid away without telling him about it. “Chris texted me. Chris saw that I was in Hawaii and now all of a sudden he’s asking where his son is,” Kailyn told her pals.

3. How Dare He?!?

Chris lopez son
“But before I came here, he never asked me one time how his son is doing,” Lowry continued. “So now he wants to know and now all a sudden he wants to see his son this week while I’m here. That’s horrible.”

4. Sierra Agrees!

Kailyn lowry and baby lux at the beach
Lowry’s close friend, Sierra, was on the trip and took her pal’s side. “He’s seen him twice,” she said of Lopez. “Acting like he’s a parent when he doesn’t give two sh-ts. And now, all of a sudden, he wants to see the kid. He’s trash.”

5. Excuse Me, Kailyn?!?

Lopez was watching all of this unfold on the episode. And while it was filmed many months ago, he still blasted his baby mama and her friends, mocking the way she once referred to him as an Instagram parent.

6. Tell Us More, Chris!

The “bird” in this case is Sierra, who Lopez clearly does not appreciate speaking so ill of him in front of millions of viewers.

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David Eason Confirms Jenelle Evans Pregnancy! Maybe!

You've heard this before, we know.

You've heard this for certain three times before and reportedly, like, dozens of times before.

For whatever reason, the Internet is obsessed with Jenelle Evans being pregnant or possibly being pregnant.

It's gotten to the point where Jenelle herself even jokes about the state of her womb, while rumors crop up on a nearly weekly basis that she's carrying baby number-four.

So… why does this time feel different?

Why are we writing about this again?

Because a VERY reliable source has seemingly signaled that Evans really is pregnant this time around… or has he?

Scroll down and come unpack the mystery with us:

1. Is That a Baby Bump?!?

Jenelle evans and david eason on july 4
Eason shared this picture of himself and Evans on Facebook to show the world how they celebrated July 4 as a couple. “You make it easy, lovin’ up on you,” he wrote as a caption, adding “#ToTheMoonAndBack.”

2. America, Schmamerica…

Eason and evans pic
… all Facebook users who saw these new photos just honed in on Jenelle’s belly and wondered if a baby was inside. “Guess that cat is outta the bag now. Jenelle Eason is pregnant,” wrote one commenter.

3. Wait… Really?!?

“Yea 13 weeks,” Eason actually wrote back, following this remark up by adding “Dang busted” and later even confirming that it will be a girl.

4. Or… Not Really?!?

Jenelle eason and david eason pic
Eason isn’t exactly known as the most honest person on the planet. Plus, he likes to f-ck with people in general. So we’re hesitant to celebrate too hard here simply based off of a couple Facebook comments.

5. And What About His Edit History?

Jenelle evans kissy face with david eason
Oh, yes, we’re diving in deep here, people. If you click on the “edit history” of this “13 weeks” remark, you see that Eason previously changed it from “yea 6 months” to “yea 13 weeks.” Is this proof that he’s just messing around? Pretty darn close to it, we’d say.

6. Look, Jenelle Already Has Three Kids

Jenelle evans just chills
She and ex Andrew Lewis welcomed son Jace into the world eight years ago, while she and ex-fiance Nathan Griffith are the parents to four-year old Kaister and she and Eason are the parents to a daughter named Ensley.

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Briana DeJesus Thinks Javi Maybe Cheated on Her

The bombshell has been dropped.

But the ramifications are still being felt.

With Javi Marroquin expecting his second child at some point this year or early next year, many fans out there are sending the Teen Mom 2 star their best wishes.

But others are craning their necks and looking toward Briana DeJesus.

Considering the timing of her relationship with Javi, combined with the timing of he and Lauren Comeau getting back together, one obvious questions remains:

Did Marroquin cheat on DeJesus with Comeau?

Briana has been asked this question, among others, by Radar Online.

Scroll down for her response…

1. Their Flame Burned Fast and Strong

Javi and briana
Marroquin and DeJesus dated for just a few months, from the end of 2017 through the very beginning of 2018. They seemed to split up on mostly amicable terms.

2. But What Happened?

Javi briana
Why did the relationship end? We’ve never gotten an exact answer, with Briana only giving the vaguest of quotes at the time of the split.

3. It Was Just This Simple, Apparently:

Briana and javi make it official
“Javi and I are not together anymore,” Briana told Blasting News in January. “Our future just doesn’t line up. He doesn’t want me to get my surgery for a breast lift, lipo, and tummy tuck … because it’ll look bad on his name at work. Also, I don’t plan on moving in with him in the summer, and for these reasons, he broke up with me.”

4. But Was It Really That Simple?

Javi and briana
Javi got back together with Comeau, who is also dated last summer, just several weeks after breaking up with Briana. That’s when they got back together IN PUBLIC, at least.

5. In Private?

Briana with javi on instagram
Had they started bumping proverbial uglies while Javi was also giving it to DeJesus? The timeline may add up, now that Lauren is expecting a baby with Marroquin.

6. Briana Reacts!

Briana d pic
This is what she told Us Weekly upon first learning Javi was going to be a father again: “I’m happy for them. I wish them nothing but the best.”

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Adam Lind: Arrested! Again! For Maybe the 27th Time!

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but…

… Adam Lind is in trouble with the law.

Absolutely and totally stunning, we know.

According to Radar Online, the VERY often-troubled ex-husband of Chelsa Houska was arrested in South Dakota and placed behind bars for a “new violation of a stalking protection order.”

These were the words used by Officer Kastner of the Minnehaha County Jail, per the aforementioned celebrity gossip website.

“He had two warrants, both served on him. His court date will be tomorrow, Tuesday, May 29,” Officer Kastner added of Lind, who no longer appears on Teen Mom 2.

The rarely-law-abiding former MTV personality has far bigger things to worry about right now than camera time anyway, considering he was also arrested in January for drug possession.

Shortly after this incident, Houska was awarded sole custody of Aubree, the eight-year old daughter she shares (shared?) with Lind.

The Minnehaha inmate listing report says that Lind’s alleged charges include “violation of a stalking protection order,” “violation of protection or no contact order,” and “non-support of a minor child.”

No bond was listed in this document, meaning Lind cannot be released from prison until a bail amount is set by the assigned judge.

The guy could be in serious, serious trouble.

Details are scarce regarding what, exactly, transpired in this case — but Lind was taken into custody at 3:37 a.m. on Memorial Day.

Was his frequent ex-girlfriend Brooke Beaton the subject of Lind’s reported stalking?

We can’t say for certain, but she filed a restraining order against Lind several years ago and he’s been accused of stalking her in the past.

Due to his pending and numerous legal issues, Lind is not permitted to see Aubree at the moment outside of supervised visitation.

Based on court documents obtained by Radar in January, Lind’s parents are still allowed scheduled visits with their granddaughter, but their son most be monitored at all times when in the presence of his child.

We’re not sure of the status right now when it comes to Lind’s second daughter, a young girl named Paislee, who he procreated along with ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbut.

She has said in the past that Lind was rarely on time with his child support payments.

This is also not surprising.

Meanwhile, Houska has a career to worry about these days.

With Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry hurling shade back and forth and allegedly getting into a fight during a recent reunion taping, this veteran reality star has threatened to leave Teen Mom 2 altogether.

Chelsa says the cast-on-cast violence is just getting to be too much for her.

Can you blame her if she really does quit the show?

After dealing with Lind for all this time, Houska must be ever so sick and tired of all the drama.