Punxsutawney Phil: Groundhog Day Soothsayer Set to Nail 2017 Forecast … Maybe

Punxsutawney Phil, the prognosticator to end all prognosticators, is getting hyped as s–t to make his annual Groundhog Day prediction.

What will he tell us early Friday morning?

The man, the myth, the Rust Belt legend without whom Groundhog Day would not be a thing is just hours away from doing HIS thing:

Making his annual prediction at daybreak LIVE from the western reaches of Keystone State, to lay out how 2018 will shake out weather-wise.

Will there be a shadow sighting, thus signaling six more weeks of winter? Or no shadow, and therefore, an early spring on the horizon?

Only Punxsutawney Phil knows for sure.

February 2, of course, is when this affable, rotund mound of profound knowledge emerges from Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pa.

He either sees his shadow or he doesn’t. It’s as simple as that, yet the stakes at the midway point of winter (exactly!) could not be higher.

A hell of a lot is riding on this s–t, given that if there is a shadow sighting, we’re looking at six more weeks of bitter cold and icy precipitation.

No shadow? Then it’s early spring, people!

Awesome as that sounds (and increasingly likely, if you buy into the whole Chinese climate change hoax), we wouldn’t wager on this.

Historically, the odds just aren’t that great.

In 120 years, Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an “early spring” a sparing 18 times, not a shock since he lives in the Northeast U.S.

Not to mention, one of those times was 2013, when record snowfall totals proceeded to pound much of the U.S. not even a week later.

On the flip side, he’s been on top of this s–t since.

Following the aforementioned debacle, which even led to a lawsuit by one Ohio county, he came back with back-to-back shadow sightings. 

Both preceded extremely wintry weather in 2014-15. In 2016, Phil did not see his shadow and North America saw its warmest winter ever.

Last year, he again saw his shadow and winter roared on with a vengeance as predicted. Suffice it to say, P-squared is back, b-tches.

Hopefully, Punxsy decides to turn in early and get some rest tonight, because we need him to bring his A-game tomorrow morning.

Happy Groundhog Day!

The current forecast for Friday a.m. in the Weather Capitol of the World is mostly cloudy and a chilly 14 degrees, for what that’s worth.

How it plays out is anyone’s guess, so just sit back, think about your favorite lines from Groundhog Day the movie and bask in the glory.

Early spring or not, this quintessentially American holiday is a great chance to get outside, have fun and enjoy the spectacle of winter.

Come on, it’s the second day of February, probably the most dismal point in the entire calendar year. We all need this right now.

And for that, we thank Phil.



Chris Lopez Attacks Kailyn Lowry on Twitter: Maybe I’ll Bang Briana DeJesus!

Kailyn Lowry just can’t seem to escape the drama these days.

Between her ongoing feud with Briana DeJesus, her complicated situation with Javi Marroquin, and her issues with her other baby daddies, the girl basically spends her days dealing with one mess after another.

And now it seems her various conflicts are overlapping, with one foe using another’s name to taunt Kailyn on social media.

As you may have heard, Kail is having problems with the father of her youngest son.

Chris Lopez is fighting her for custody of baby Lux, and it appears that the battle is getting uglier by the day.

Fortunately for Kailyn, Chris has been shooting himself in the foot by going after her on social media.

He’s already got a hard road ahead of him as a sketchy dad who initially wanted nothing to do with his son.

Now, he’s making himself look even worse in the eyes of any family court judge by savagely attacking Lux’s mom on Twitter.

According to In Touch Weekly, in a since-deleted tweet, Lopez wrote that he planned to “hit up” Briana DeJesus in order to get revenge on Kail.

As we mentioned earlier, Kailyn and Briana are bitter rivals, and their hostility toward one another was already exacerbated when Briana dated Javi Marroquin, Kailyn’s ex-husband and the father of her second son.

Some of his followers joined in on denigrating Kail in brutal fashion.

“Don’t even give that b-tch a life,” wrote one.

Not surprisingly, Kail’s legion of faithful fans quickly jumped to her defense.

“She gave him life lol,” wrote one, adding:

“You think this non-factor got 13k followers by himself? 13k and 99.9% of the time he gets no likes or responses. If you were able to add and weren’t blind you possibly [could] put 2+2 together.”

Lopez was quick to respond:

“These 13k followers don’t mean a thing tho lol I honestly liked it better when y’all didn’t know who I was,” he shot back.

Another follower was quick to suggest that Lopez make better use of his time:

“Instead of trying to hit Bri up to piss Kail off, go work and get yourself a lawyer to see you child,” he tweeted.

Lopez responded to that tweet as well, writing:

“It was a joke lol I don’t want that girl relax DUDEEE,” apparently in reference to Briana.

In all likelihood, Lopez was just joking about dating Briana.

But it’s simply not a good look to throw shade at a single mom who recently tweeted about struggling with body shaming and other negative aspects of life in the public eye.

If Lopez is serious about wanting to be a bigger part of his son’s life, he should probably put down the phone ASAP.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on the drama-packed life of Kailyn Lowry.


Gal Gadot in 2020? Maybe, Based on This Speech…

Really, Oprah Winfrey in 2020?


That opinion is SO a few days ago.

On the heels of her powerful speech at the Critics Choice Awards in Santa Monica on Thursday night, we're pretty sure the public has now moved on to another candidate…

…Gal Gadot!

The Wonder Woman star was honored with the #SeeHer prize at the event for “pushing boundaries” and “changing stereotypes” while portraying a character on the big screen.

She was introduced by her Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and then blew all viewers away by talking about the parallels between the world of her superhero character and the role of an actor.

To wit:

“As artists, and as filmmakers, I believe it’s not only our job to entertain, but our duty to inspire and educate for love and respect,” she said.

And then she continued, picking up momentum:

“In the past weeks and months, we’ve been witnessing a movement in our industry and society, and I want to share this award with all the women and men who stand for what’s right:

"Standing for those who can’t stand or speak for themselves.

"My promise and commitment to all of you is that I will never be silenced, and we will continue to band together to make strides, uniting for equality.”

Gadot has been very outspoken when it comes to the #MeToo movement.

She reportedly refused to film Wonder Woman 2 until Brett Ratner was removed from the project, following accusations of misconduct against the producer.

“Although this is progress, there is still a long way to go," Gadot also said yesterday, vowing she “will never be silenced" and concluding:

"We will continue to band together to make strides uniting for equality."

Amen, right?

This speech came during the same week that Oprah also went viral for earning many standing ovations during her time on stage at the Golden Globes Awards.

Relive her stirring words here…

… watch Gadot's full speech below…

… and then join us in wondering:

Oprah/Gadot in 2020?!?

Gal gadot delivers powerful speech sticks it to oprah not really

Bella Thorne: In a Love Triangle … or Feud … or Maybe a Threesome?

Just this week, Bella Thorne has found herself in the center of a love triangle … or a feud … or possibly a threesome.

We’re not sure which.

And, frankly, we’re not even sure if she knows. Even with these photos, it’s complicated. Let’s take a look.

So, remember this guy? Bella Thorne’s new man?

He’s a rapper whose name is Blackbear.

As of early August of this year, these two were “acquainted.”

Neither of them ever actually confirmed if they were dating or not. But Bella’s 19, and that’s an age where “dating” is a label that you can give or take. You know, depending upon how formal you want your relationship to be.

But that was back in August, and it looks like Blackbear is yesterday’s news as far as Bella’s life is concerned.

We’ll explain who Tana Mongeau is in a moment, but here we see her with Bella Thorne.

That’s not generally how people kiss, but they’re clearly feeling all kinds of affectionate at what looks like a party.

(Honestly, face-licking is pretty standard fare at parties when you’re 19 or so. And they’re both 19)

Both Bella and Tana shared that first photo on Instagram.

But Tana shared a few more.

Before we get into this story, you should take a look. For context reasons.

See! They really do know how to kiss!

By the way, if Bella Thorne is wearing the outfit here that we think that she is, all that she has on under that jean jacket is a fishnet top and a pair of pasties over her nip nops.

If those pasties are even still on. We don’t know for sure!

Regardless, it’s great to see Bella Thorne rocking fishnets again and living her best life.

Sometimes, you laugh while you’re making out. Or having sex.

In both cases, the odds of that are considerably greater if you have an audience.

(These two clearly had an audience)

Anyway, we promised that we’d let you know who Tana Mongeau is.

Tana is a YouTuber. She’s actually only been actively uploaded to her YouTube channel for a couple of years, but she has a boatload of followers.

And no, it’s not just because she’s hot.

(Though yes, successful YouTubers as a general rule tend to be hotter than those who are Twitter-famous or Tumblr-famous. It’s a visual medium, folks)

Actually, Tana is really great. In an age where YouTube stars like PewDiePie keep being revealed to be racist douchebags, she makes a habit of standing up to other YouTubers.

In fact, she engaged in a seriously bitter feud with a YouTuber who used both the n-word and the r-slur regularly in his posts. He defended it saying that it was “for comedy,” but she didn’t back down.

The creepy guy even went to one of her shows just so that he could drop the n-bomb at a meet-and-greet, to her horror.

Anyway, Tana’s awesome.

We don’t know if she and Bella Thorne are, like, dating or if they just hooked up at a party.

(Like face-licking, that’s really not unusual. Again, that’s exactly what being 19 is for. Especially if you’re hot)

The pictures did not go unnoticed. Obviously.

Blackbear, who may have been Bella’s boyfriend or maybe was just a hookup or whatever, was among the people with eyes and internet access who took notice.

It probably didn’t help that Bella captioned her photo “Mmmmm tastes like candy.”

Or that Tana captioned hers “mineeee.”

Like, Tana sounds like she’s laying claim to Bella.

So, Blackbear tweeted an image including a headline about their kiss and a pic of the kiss itself, but in a roundabout way he said that it was “irrelevant.”

From just that, there’s no way of knowing whether he meant that the kiss was irrelevant to his relationship with Bella or whether Bella and Tana’s kiss wasn’t news or whether Bella and Tana themselves were irrelevant to the world or to his life.

But both young women replied to Blackbear.

Tana Mongeau tweeted:

“How irrelevant is it to u if ur tweeting about it tho.”

That’s a fair point. And a relatively gentle rebuttal.

Bella Thorne was a little less delicate:

“You didn’t seem upset when we talked 30 min ago about having a threesome lol.”

There’s no way of knowing whether this is a genuine conflict involving, ugh, hurt feelings … or if these are just three friends throwing some barbs at each other on Twitter.

But whatever’s going on, we wish Bella and Tana the best with … well, whatever they have going on.

Also, every bit of this only compounds or joy that Bella Thorne is done with Scott Disick.


Kevin Hart Apologizes to Wife: OK, Maybe I Did Cheat …

Well, this is disappointing …

You know how, over the summer, there were a whole bunch of rumors that Kevin Hart cheated on his wife, Eniko Parrish?

First, in July, a video was released that showed Kevin sitting in a car with a young woman, and people immediately assumed that something scandalous was taking place, despite the fact that in the video, nothing inappropriate ever happened.

He responded with a meme that read “At the end of the day you just gotta laugh at the BS,” and for the moment, that was that.

Then, last month, his wife Eniko made a mushy Instagram post that seemed to confirm rumors that he’d started hooking up with her while still married to his previous wife, Torrei Hart.

In the post, Eniko thanked Kevin for “8 years together,” apparently failing to recall that he and Torrei had only been divorced for six years.

When people called out that sketchy math in the comments, Eniko got defensive, explaining that “Their marriage was broken way before I came into the picture.”

“They were separated living in separate homes. I was never a secret.”

Torrei responded — all of this went down in the Instagram comments, remember — by complaining that they’d all “made successful strides to become a loving co parenting family, but you have now left it open for my character to be questioned.”

“You, Kevin, and I know the truth. Either respond truthfully or don’t respond at all.”

Eniko then disabled the comments for her post, and once again, Kevin made a post of his own to tell everyone how he was just laughing everything off.

He asked why writing a book about his life and doing multiple stand-up specials wasn’t enough to stop rumors and comments — but he never addressed the actual issue.

This little scandal was unrelated to the first, but still, bad timing, right?

Taking both stories into consideration, this has been the summer of “Kevin Hart: Cheater or Nah?”

And now, in a shocking new video he made and posted to Instagram, it looks like he may, in fact, be a cheater.

The video was made as an apology to his wife and children for a mistake he made — he didn’t describe the mistake in detail, but it’s pretty easy to read between the lines here.

“I’m at a place in my life where I feel like I feel like I have a target on my back,” he explained. “And because of that, I should make smart decisions.”

“And recently, I didn’t.”

Uh oh …

“You know, I’m not perfect,” he continued. “I’m not going to sit up here and say that I am or claim to be in any way, shape, or form.”

“And I made a bad error in judgment and I put myself in a bad environment where only bad things can happen and they did.”

“And in doing that, I know that I’m going to hurt the people closest to me, who I’ve talked to and apologized to, that would be my wife and my kids.”

Kevin added that “it’s a sh-tty moment. It’s a sh-tty moment when you know you’re wrong and there’s no excuses for your wrong behavior.”

“At the end of the day, man, I just simply gotta do better.”

But, and here’s where it gets extra interesting, he said that “I’m also not going to allow a person to have financial gain off of my mistakes and in this particular situation, that was what was attempted.”

“I said I’d rather fess up to my mistakes.”

So what happened?

A new report from TMZ explains that an unnamed woman has certain damning video clips of herself with Kevin … and she’s been demanding money from him in exchange for keeping those videos to herself.

One of the clips features the woman with Kevin in a club, and they’re said to look pretty intimate with each other.

Another doesn’t feature any faces, but it does show a bed, and you can apparently hear some creaking and some possible sex noises.

Yet another clip shows two people in a bedroom, and the people who’ve seen the footage say that one of those people does kind of look like him.

One of Kevin’s reps stated that “Someone tried to set Kevin up in a failed extortion attempt. As law enforcement is involved, we cannot comment further as it could affect the investigation.”

So it seems like Kevin made the public apology video before anyone else could get this story out.

What a mess …


Khloe Kardashian: Am I Engaged to Tristan Thompson? Maybe!

Doesn’t it feel like it’s been ages now that we’ve been waiting on an engagement announcement from Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson?

Which is weird, considering they’re just now celebrating their one-year anniversary.

Usually, out in the real world, couples would just start getting comfortable with each other at this stage, and most people wouldn’t dream of expecting an engagement this soon.

But this is a Kardashian we’re talking about.

And Kardashians aren’t exactly known for living in the real world.

It especially makes sense that people are anxiously awaiting to hear of an engagement, considering Khloe’s romantic history.

Remember, she was married to Lamar Odom just about a month after meeting him.

On top of that, Khloe seems more comfortable and in love with Tristan than she has with any of the other guys she dated after Lamar.

Like, yeah, there may have been engagement rumors when she was with French Montana, but they were less like legitimate possibilities and more like nightmares.

Throw in the things she’s actually said about Tristan — she’s admitted that they’ve talked about getting married and starting a family, and she’s even said she’s not taking birth control — and for real, when are they going to make this official?

But judging by a little throwaway statement Khloe made in a new interview, it looks like there’s a chance a wedding is already in motion.

Because OK, you know how for the past several months now, Khloe’s worn what could very well be an engagement ring?

Even as early as March, she was spotted rocking a diamond ring on that very important finger.

Well, for this interview with Extra, she was wearing such a ring, and she was asked if it was a “hint.”

“No,” she answered. “There’s a ring on both fingers so, ya know, just to keep you guys guessing, you never know.”

One, it’s unspeakably rude to be so vague while responding to such an important question.

Two, though she did begin her answer with “no,” she didn’t actually say “no, I’m not engaged.”

Three … come on, Khloe.

This whole entire family’s entire existence is about living their lives in front of us all, how is she going to be engaged without telling anyone?

Kim worked through the trauma of being robbed at gunpoint on camera, Kris dealt with the pain of ending a marriage that lasted over two decades on camera.

Is this girl seriously trying to hide something as innocent as an engagement?

Do better, Khloe.

You owe us that much.