Kenyon Martin: Lil B’s Based God Curse Isn’t Real, ‘He Don’t Mean S**t!!’

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Kim Kardashian Reads a Kanye Mean Tweet to Jimmy Kimmel!

We all love those "celebrities read mean tweets" segments that Jimmy Kimmel does. Honestly, we sometimes wonder if some of the hateful tweets are really just attempts to get on TV.

Well, to celebrate Jimmy Kimmel's birthday, the show put together mean tweets about Jimmy Kimmel — giving him a taste of his own medicine — and had his various celebrity friends read them to him.

There are a lot of gems, here. But what might be the best one is Kim Kardashian reading a mean tweet about Jimmy … written by Kanye West.

Kimmel mean tweets chris hemsworth

Ray Romano is Kimmel's birthday guest, and the tweet that he read was:

"Jimmy Kimmel needs a kick to his d–k hole."

That would take some impressive aim.

Michael Keaton, one of those rare actors who's played both a superhero and supervillain (Batman and also The Vulture), read the first of many tweets that shame Jimmy's appearance.

"I thought I saw Jimmy Kimmel @ Home Depot. Turns out it was just a sloppy dude with big dimples."

That's not actually one of the meaner ones.

Halle Berry, who is looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous as always, reads: 

"@jimmykimmel you are a jackass d–k sucker keep your mouth shut and do your little Tv show or get the f–k out of our country."

That bit of nuanced opinionating sounds political in nature.

Blackish star (and former Law & Order star) Anthony Anderson shared a strangely introspective hateful tweet:

"@jimmykimmel you represent everything I hate about myself. You bloated douche bag."

Kimmel mean tweets kristen bell

Controversial radio host Howard Stern jumps in, after wondering how he managed to get roped into doing this bit:

"Is Jimmy Kimmel crosseyed or just ridiculously ugly?"

He dismisses that particular mean tweet as "stupid." He's right.

David Spade seems a little too enthusiastic as he reads:

"@jimmykimmel go suck a gorilla d–k u dumb fatass."

Honestly, all that we can think about when we see David Spade is his feud with Danielle Bregoli.

Kimmel mean tweets larry david

Chris Hemsworth reads a backhanded compliment, though he's distracting in his handsomeness … and in that he trips over one word.

"@jimmykimmel is a comedy god. Like a deformed, lame, hideous god, such as ancient Greece's Hephaestus. But that ugly bozo was still a god."

As you'll see in the video below, Chris really struggles with the name Hephaestus. Way more than anyone should, since most people learn about the Olympians in elementary school. Maybe not in Australia?

(Since Thor: Ragnarok was absolutely incredible and probably the best MCU film to date, we'll give Chris a pass on that)

Speaking of stars of excellent media, Kristen Bell reads a tweet that body-shames Jimmy Kimmel in more ways than one:

"@jimmykimmel R u kidding me w that flabby body? What the f–k – get 2 the gym man. Do u really shave ur pits??? Scary!"

That's rude. Also hair-removal doesn't have to be gender-based.

(You know she's starring on The Good Place, which was so good that I binged the first season in one day … whoops)

Kimmel mean tweets jon stewart

Jon Stewart, who's not doing much recently other than getting roasted by Kathy Griffin on Twitter over his response to the Louis C.K. revelations, reads:

"Jimmy Kimmel is that same fat kid from Win Ben Stein's Money who grew up to become that fat kid from Win Ben Stein's Money."


Larry David's might be the funniest (as you'll see, he just about loses it) but also one of the meanest:

"This is going to sound fantastic, but I forgot Jimmy Kimmel's name so I googled 'Ugly late night talk show host' and I got him, top link."

Kimmel mean tweets kim kardashian

There are plenty of others, including actors Liam Neeson and Jennifer Lawrence and convicted rapist Mike Tyson.

But who really got our attention was Kim Kardashian.

Most of these stars were reading tweets from random, quasi-anonymous internet strangers.

Kim Kardashian, however, was reading a tweet from a fellow celebrity … who is also her husband.

Kanye West's words, as read by Kim:


Kim seems to think that it's a fair point.

Watch the full video below!

Kim kardashian reads a kanye mean tweet to jimmy kimmel

Bijou Phillips Apologizes to ‘Mean Girls’ Star Daniel Franzese Over Gay Shaming

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Teresa Giudice’s Friend Threatens Paparazzi with Ass Beating for Mean Questions

Teresa Giudice’s posse was ready to open a can of whoop ass on our guy for asking her if she’s broke … and safe to say our guy learned his lesson. Teresa and her crew were leaving Catch Monday night in WeHo when our poor bastard faced the wrath…


Which Duggar Girl Has Been Labeled “The Mean One”?!

The Duggar clan is unlike just about any other family on television.

Obviously, with 19 siblings, they’re much larger than any other famous brood, and while that may be what attracted viewers in the first place, it’s not what keeps them tuning in.

No, to understand why Jim Bob, Michelle, and their children have become such subjects of fascination (and, in some cases, derision), one must examine their unique family dynamic.

On television, we generally only see the sunny side of life on the Duggar compound, and viewers might be left with the impression that the siblings get along with one another and their parents at all times.

Of course, that’s simply not the case.

Jim Bob clashes with his daughter’s husbands to the point that he’s been unable to keep the conflicts out of tabloid headlines.

As for the siblings that keep fans tuning into Counting On … well, they may do a better job of hiding it, but it seems they butt heads just as hard.

In fact, fans have gone so far as to dub one Duggar girl the “fundie Regina George,” in reference to the famous Mean Girls villain.

Due to a take-charge attitude that some viewers interpret as domineering or manipulative, Jessa Duggar has been dubbed “the mean Duggar.”

Most fans don’t point to any one incident in particular as evidence, but instead claim that Jessa is simply ruder and less sympathetic than her sisters.

“Sorry not sorry I really have no tolerance for Jessa,” an anonymous commenter wrote on the Duggars Facebook page this week.

“She’s a mean girl and on the show she tries to hog up most of the conversation and likes everything centered around her. More Jana and less Jessa please.”

But if specifics are what you’re after, there have been plenty of incidents over the years that have led fans to the conclusion that Jessa isn’t the kindest soul on the compound.

For starters, we’ve seen Jessa exploit Jana Duggar on multiple occasions, often corralling her older sister into performing childcare and duties and household repairs.

Jessa has admitted to Counting On cameras that it’s a pattern of behavior that dates back to her early childhood.

“I think as I started to get a little bit older, I also had a very strong personality so I would sometimes protest the ideas that [Jana] had,” she said on one episode.

“She’d be like, ‘We’re going to do this,’ and I’d be like, ‘No we’re not.'”

Some fans believe that Jessa’s vanity is her greatest sin, and they point to incidents such as the time she attempted to steal the spotlight following Amy Duggar’s wedding as proof.

Just one day after the ceremony, a collection of never-before-seen photos from Jessa’s wedding appeared online.

“We all had such a wonderful time at Amy’s wedding,” the official Duggar facebook page stated.

“All of this excitement has caused Jessa to pull out her pictures from her wedding and post 100 of them on her website.”

Many fans thought it was a transparently passive-aggressive move.

There are several more incidents, such as the time that Jessa bragged on Instagram that a stranger paid for her order at Starbucks as part of the “pay it forward” movement that was taking place at the time.

Asked if she returned the favor by paying for the next customer’s order, Jessa did not reply, and she eventually just deleted the post.

But the worst allegations have to do with the fiery rhetoric Mrs. Seewald uses on social media.

Jessa has compared abortion to the Holocaust and gleefully informed her followers that they’ll soon be burning in hell.

Of course, in cases like that, she’s just vocalizing what all of her siblings believe.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Jorge Nava: Anfisa Arkhipchenko Got Mean After i Bought Her New Boobs!

90 Day Fiance has shown us a lot of toxic couples who should never so much as pass each other on the street, let alone marry. Most of them realized that and bowed out before tying the knot.

Some couples with toxic relationships married. Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko seemed wrong for each other, for so many reasons.

But they recently sat down and discussed exactly where their relationship went wrong. As it turns out, there was so much more to it than money. The video below shows them argue about exactly what else gave them so much trouble.

Anfisa arkhipchenko and jorge nava

Money was always a big deal for Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Jorge Nava's relationship.

That's not really an assumption.

Jorge was a "wealthy' American who became infatuated with Anfisa thanks to Instagram.

Anfisa was very open about her desire to be pampered and treasured by her affluent husband, earning her the "gold-digger" label by may fans of 90 Day Fiance.

We've known for a long time that trouble started to emerge for this couple when Anfisa discovered that Jorge wasn't as wealthy as he had claimed to be, and that he was in debt.

Despite all of that, the couple remained together after getting married.

In fact, Anfisa Arkhipchenko celebrated her one year anniversary, telling her haters exactly what she thought of them for saying that her relationship was doomed. 

And yet, during the Tell All special, things seemed to be almost at their worst ever between Anfisa and Jorge.

(We say "almost" because of that time that Anfisa hit Jorge)

Anfisa arkhipchenko and jorge nava picture

During one of the portions of the 90 Day Fiance Tell All special that we didn't get a chance to talk about (because there was so much!), Anfisa and Jorge pretty much went off on each other from separate couches.

Jorge and Anfisa had broken up prior to the Tell All and, strangely, it wasn't domestic violence or finances that had been their last straw, but a fight between Jorge's sister and Anfisa.

As you'll see in the video below, Jorge claims that Anfisa seemed to change for the worse, in terms of her attitude towards him and their relationship, after he paid for her to get a boob job.

We should clarify that Jorge uses different terminology, which TLC elected to bleep.

It gets worse and, though Jorge accuses Anfisa of cheating on him, he comes across sounding like the bad guy.

Anfisa arkhipchenko and jorge nava picture

Jorge Nava accuses Anfisa of cheating.

How does he claim to know this?

Well, he says that he went through Anfisa's text messages.

He says that she didn't know that he knew her password, and would look through her texts when she was asleep.

Paola Mayfield, watching this from another room with other stars of 90 Day Fiance, says what we're all thinking:

"Oh my gosh, what a creepy relationship."

Paola is right. That is an abusive behavior and there is, quite frankly, no excuse for doing that.

And by the way — Jorge describes "flirty" texts without providing any actual evidence of any actual cheating.

After all of that, he seems to want to imply without actually saying so that Anfisa is a sex worker.

While there's nothing actually wrong with sex work of any kind, Jorge seems to be saying this just to hurt her feelings or embarrass her.

Anfisa arkhipchenko on her birthday

That sounds like a thoroughly toxic relationship, right?

Well, somehow, between that Tell All special and now, the two of them appear to have gotten back together.

At least, their recent Instagram activity strongly suggests that they're an item.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko's name on Instagram is "Anfisa Nava."

Maybe they really are trying to make it work, but … we can't imagine how.

Jorge nava anfisa arkhipchenko got mean after i bought her new b

Ariel Winter: I Don’t MEAN to Show My Butt All the Time!

Ariel Winter is known for her acting skills, her outspoken feminism, and also for being gorgeous.

She shares a lot of photos and she’s in the public eye a lot, so her looks get noticed. It helps that she wears a lot of stuff that shows off her curves.

But now Ariel Winter says that she doesn’t actually mean to be showing her butt as much as she does. Which is a bit of a surprise.

It might seem like Ariel Winter has been on television forever, but the Modern Family star is 19 years old.

She just happens to have been a child actor before she was an adult actor.

Almost ten months ago, Ariel Winter stirred up controversy by dating Levi Meaden, who turns 30 one week from today.

(Ariel and Levi just head their 9 month anniversary last month)

Even though they’re both adults, neither of them are old enough to be each other’s parent or whatever, their relationship got and still gets a lot of criticism.

Especially after Levi moved in with Ariel.

In part, maybe it’s because of their age gap, though less than 11 years isn’t the hugest age gap in the world, especially considering that they’re both hot.

(You know that it makes a difference in everyone’s minds if they’re both hot)

We suspect that the biggest “outrage” behind Ariel dating Levi isn’t their age difference or their disparate levels of fame.

It’s that a bunch of people thirst after Ariel and are mad that she’s dating somebody else.

Ariel Winter hasn’t been shy about showing off her butt.

It’s not unusual for her to just let her peach hang out in a bikini.

(Social media is a true gift)

But while we’ve also seen her badonkadonk whens he’s sporting daisy dukes and not much else, apparently she doesn’t just wear daisy dukes as an excuse to flaunt her butt.

In fact, the glimpses of her butt cheeks that people get when she’s wearing those cutoffs aren’t intentional at all.

Recently, Ariel Winter was spotted in daisy dukes while out and about.

They did basically nothing to conceal her butt, of course. That posterior cannot be tamed, clearly.

But yesterday, Ariel tweeted out that this isn’t deliberate.

“I literally do not try and show my ass when I wear shorts…my ass just eats them up and then I don’t notice…awkward af.”

(Note that “af” means “as f–k,” basically just meaning “very” in youthful parlance shared by Millennials and those members of Generation Z who are of tweeting age, though Ariel is definitely a Millennial)

In the past, Ariel has made some stellar points about body positivity, slut-shaming, and very specifically about how showing her butt isn’t a big deal.

And she’s right, it isn’t.

Barring some really rare birth defects or truly tragic accidents, everybody has a butt.

Yes, even the folks who lament that they “have no ass.” They have a butt, it’s just not particularly large or shapely.

Though Ariel Winter’s twerking shows that she knows the effect that her butt can have, she’s defended herself and her shorts-wearing before, saying that she’s not a whore for wearing short-shorts, basically.

That’s true. The clothing that you wear doesn’t make you promiscuous or a sex worker. And neither being promiscuous or sex workers are a bad thing.

We would point out that we’d advise everyone, not just Ariel Winter, to be conscious of how much of their bodies their clothing might reveal.

Show as much as you like, sure, but if you don’t want the parking lot to see your derriere when you put away your groceries, keep that in mind when you pick out your outfit for that day.