Game of Thrones Picture Preview: This Means War!

Dany and Tyrion lost the battle on Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3.

But will they lose the war?

As depicted in the first promo for this Sunday's "The Spoils of War," Cersei will be intent on finishing the job when this HBO epic returns, while Dany admits her side is losing and Jon Snow continues to plead his case about the White Walkers.

Based on the following photos, Podrick will also return, as will a disgraced Theon, while Sansa will have a lot to ponder and Jaime will reunite with Bronn.

Check out a bunch of official network photos now!

1. Surveying the Kingdoms

Surveying the kingdoms
Cersei surveys the map and plots her next move in this scene from Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4.

2. Hey, It’s Theon!

Hey its theon
Is he actually taking action and not running away from a battle? Amazing!

3. Jaime and Bronn

Jaime and bronn
Jaime and Bronn are reunited… and it feels so good? Probably not for the foes of these two expert swordsmen.

4. What to Do Now?

What to do now
Dany and Tyrion need to reverse their recent fortunes. The former has admitted they are losing the war.

5. Heroes Collide

Heroes collide
Jon Snow and Dany have finally met. But will they be able to work out an alliance?

6. A Man Ashamed

A man ashamed
Theon abandoned his sister when she needed him most. Will he be able to come to her rescue?

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Teen Texting Slang 101: That Actually Means What?!

Everybody communicates through texting, but not everyone texts in the same way or for the same purpose.

Like, texting your boss is not like texting your family, and neither of those are the same as texting your friends … or potential romantic interests.

Because of the need for alacrity and the wider array of visual communication tools — like emojis — sometimes older folks are at a loss for what younger people are saying — especially if we're talking about a parent nosing through their teen's private messages that are none of their business.

Well, ever since the dawn of AOL Instant Messenger — remember that? — news articles have been publishing "translations" of what the youths mean when they use abbreviations and slang.

Attempts to help parents with their snooping are generally pretty ridiculous and often include awkward inaccuracies. Imagine how goofy and full of misunderstandings an article on Egyptology would look to an actual Ancient Egyptian.

Well, Millennials have never had to imagine that, because that's been the story of our lives since, like, 1997.

Yahoo! recently posted one of these guides that's not completely accurate.

But ours is. Take a look as we explain these acronyms and emojis.

1. 100

This just means that something is true or honest. It means that something’s “100%” accurate. That’s where the “100” comes from.

2. Eggplant

With the exception of Rob Kardashian, who once used the emoji to talk about literal food, everyone uses this to refer to a penis — or to sex, even if the sex in question won’t involve a penis. It could literally just be a reference to a hot guy rather than actual plans involving his penis.

3. Droplets

These *can* refer to ejaculation, but they can also just be the sweat droplets of someone who’s nervous around their crush or about a test. So no, parents, if they say “I gotta take a test real quick” followed by that emoji, it doesn’t mean that academics turn them on.

4. Peach

The peach emoji means a butt. It looks like a shapely butt and it always means a butt. Usually we see it in terms of people talking about how they or others look in various pants.


WTTP is an acronym for “want to trade pictures.” Generally speaking, most people aren’t going to use this because most people are too discerning to just randomly fire off some nudes at someone who can’t even use the words, but sure.

6. Turnt and Lit

Turnt and lit
Most people don’t say “turnt” anymore unless they mean it ironically. “Lit” is still a word, both basically just mean “turned up.” They CAN refer to intoxication or drug use, but generally they just mean that a party is exciting or wild.

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WWE’s Roman Reigns Says Undertaker’s Age Means Nothing … He Could Go Til He’s 80 (VIDEO)

The Undertaker sure as hell ain’t too old for WrestleMania … so says his opponent, Roman Reigns, who tells TMZ Sports ”The Deadman” could go til he’s 80!! The two are set to get it on at WrestleMania 33 in April — but some people are saying…