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Miranda Lambert Officer Hubby is Off Foot Patrol … Thanks to Media Attention


Miranda Lambert‘s police officer husband is learning the hard way — ya can’t marry someone famous without taking on their fame … and his 9-5 is exhibit A. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Brendan McLoughlin — who normally patrols Times Square on foot — has been temporarily reassigned to a more covert position because the media has been hounding him in public while he’s clocked in. 

The newfound attention makes sense. Miranda just announced she secretly married Brendan, who appears to have come out of nowhere. And, seeing how Times Square is typically a free-for-all for cameras, it’s a no-brainer he’d have a tough time at work now.

In fact, Brendan was photographed with Miranda a few days ago — wearing their wedding bands, no less. If he can barely get a break on a Saturday, M-F won’t be any easier.

As for what triggered the reassignment … we’re told a major TV news outlet showed up on the front steps of the NYPD’s Midtown South Precinct office Monday asking to speak with Brendan. He didn’t come out to chat, and the reporter was turned away.

We’re told the brass saw the handwriting on the wall — especially with Brendan out on the street. Our sources say, Brendan will be placed on driver duty for the time being — he’ll drive his superiors around for a few weeks while things die down.

Mark that down as just one more thing the newlyweds have to deal with — not to mention the distance between their respective home bases. That’s amore, though.

The NYPD had no comment.

Kellyanne Conway Jussie Smollett’s a Liar … And the Media Fell for It

A key Donald Trump staffer has just invoked Jussie Smollett‘s name, slamming the media for believing him.

Kellyanne Conway just appeared on CNN and was being grilled over who’s a bigger liar — Trump or former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe?

Conway, Counselor to President Trump, shot back, saying McCabe — who was fired for leaking info to the media and then lying to authorities about it — and Smollett were birds of a feather.

She went on to skewer the media for immediately jumping to embrace Jussie’s story as fact.

Bears’ Cody Parkey Ducking Social Media … After Blown Kick

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Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey — aka “doink doink” — says he still feels HORRIBLE after that game-losing field goal in the playoffs … which is why he’s steering clear of Twitter. 


The 26-year-old appeared on the “Today” show Friday morning and said he can still barely believe he missed that 43-yarder against the Eagles with time winding down in the 4th quarter. 

“I’m disappointed,” Parkey said … “I let the fans, my teammates and the whole organization down.”

“But, I’ll continue to keep my head held high because football is what I do, it’s not who I am.”

Of course, Parkey was booed off the field after missing that kick — and the hate online has been ruthless. 

“I haven’t been on social media or anything like that,” Parkey said. 

He added, “I feel worse than anybody about missing that kick because I wanted to make it more than anybody … but at the end of the day, I’m gonna hold my head high.”

We got Parkey leaving the show and asked him if he felt safe going back to Chicago — and the good news, he doesn’t seem worried. 

Donald Trump Wishes Haters, ‘Fake Media’ … Happy New Year

Donald Trump pretended to send well wishes to people who oppose him … but let’s be honest, it was aggressive and mean-spirited.

Trump wished Happy New Year 2019 to his haters and the “fake news media.”  He also made it clear … the only people who would have an awesome 2019 were those who were not suffering from a fake disease — Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Trump has been playing Kevin McCallister in “Home Alone” … hunkering down in The White House over the holidays and complaining none of the Democratic leaders came to visit and break the deadlock that has shut down the federal government.

Trump’s 2019 is about to get way more difficult, because Democrats take over the House of Representatives Thursday.