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Tyga Sued Allegedly Ripped Off Songwriter For ‘Swap Meet’


Tyga‘s being sued for allegedly ripping off another rapper for his song, “Swap Meet.”

Pretty Maw, a rapper/songwriter, claims in a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ … Tyga stole portions of her song, “17th,” and used them without paying up.

P.M. claims she and Tyga had a deal in which he would pay her “a fixed monetary amount” for his use of her song, along with royalties from “Swap Meet,” which was released in Sept. 2018. His song has more than 7 million views on YouTube. 

She says not only that, Tyga induced her into allowing him to use her image and likeness for his song.

Pretty Maw does not list the similarities between her song and his, but says “Swap Meet heavily samples” her work.

She’s asking for money and an order stopping Tyga from ripping her off. We’ve reached out to Tyga … so far no word back.

Getting sued is nothing new for the rapper — he had a few lawsuits to deal with last year … including one for allegedly bailing on a gig in Dubai, and another for allegedly not paying rent.

He also filed a $ 10 mil suit of his own.

Just wait ’til Soulja Boy hears about this one.

Blac Chyna Alexis Skyy Won’t Ever Meet Dream … ‘Cause Whatever She’s Got with Rob Won’t Last


Alexis Skyy will NOT meet Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian‘s baby girl — EVER — ’cause there’s a rule in place to prevent that.

Sources close to Chyna tell TMZ that she and Rob have an agreement to not introduce any significant others to their daughter, Dream, within the first 6 months of dating. This is an increasingly common restriction in custody cases, and for good reason. It’s not good for a child to develop attachments to people who come and go … especially after their parents break up.  

The operative word in this case is … relationship. Our sources say, Chyna believes Alexis and Rob are not actually into each other and are only publicly flirting to get under BC’s skin. She’s convinced that whatever is going on between Rob and Alexis … it will NEVER last 6 months.

As one source told us, Chyna thinks Alexis is hanging with Rob ’cause she’s clout chasing. FWIW, Alexis went on a follow frenzy shortly after Rob called her his WCW, and shortly after her and Blac Chyna’s scuffle last weekend … following just about all of Rob’s sisters.

As we’ve told you … Chyna confronted Alexis at a house party last week to call her out about past interactions Alexis had with Rob, that Chyna found inappropriate … especially since BC and Rob were still together at the time.

We’re told Chyna knows Rob and Alexis have fooled around in the past, but she doesn’t think anything meaningful transpired between them since then.

R. Kelly Joycelyn Savage’s Fam Want to Meet … Sans Kelly, Of Course

The family of one of R. Kelly‘s alleged sex slaves is demanding a meeting with their daughter … but ONLY if her alleged captor isn’t there. 

A family attorney for Joycelyn Savage‘s parents fired off a letter to Kelly’s attorney, Steven Greenberg, Monday morning that spelled out a request for an in-person meeting between Joycelyn and her folks, Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage. They don’t want R. Kelly there.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, the Savages’ lawyer says some of Kelly’s former associates have made threats against Tim and Jonjelyn, which they say are now being investigated in Henry County, GA. This appears to be a different criminal investigation than the one that’s already underway in nearby Fulton County, GA.

The Savages also make another thing clear … they’re terrified for their lives and refuse to meet with Joycelyn in Chicago without the presence of law enforcement.

The Savages say they want to meet with Joycelyn to determine once and for all whether her relationship with Kelly is in fact consensual. Ideally, they’d like to meet in Atlanta … but say they’re willing to meet in Chi-Town, only if it’s at the State Attorney’s Office.

You’ll recall … this is just the latest attempt by the Savages to make contact with their daughter, which began long before “Surviving R. Kelly” aired on Lifetime. 

Chrissy Teigen Meet Mini-John … But, Which One’s Better???

Chrissy Teigen‘s throwing a birthday bash for her hubby John Legend tonight, and she’s asking for help from her fans on what to wear … for her son.

Chrissy shared a couple beyond adorable shots of the couple’s 7-month-old son Miles in a black tuxedo and a white one, adding … “need your help dressing mini-john. Which one!”

She also added a poll — which as of now has nearly 400,000 votes — and the baby white tux is ahead big time with 67 percent.

John’s 40th bday was actually in late December, but the family’s celebrating Saturday night … and there’s no doubt Miles’ outfit will be a hit.

No word if Luna is dressing as mini-Chrissy … but we wouldn’t doubt it.

UFC’s Al Iaquinta Conor’s a Washed Up Bum ‘Meet Me in the Alley’


Al Iaquinta is ready to take Conor McGregor‘s head off — telling TMZ Sports he’ll smash the Irishman if they ever step into the Octagon together … insisting Conor’s run at the top is OVER. 

Of course, “Ragin” Al defeated Kevin Lee at UFC on FOX 31 — and now the #4 lightweight fighter tells us he’s earned a shot Tony Ferguson, the #1 contender … which would open up a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov

Al fought Khabib at UFC 223 in April when he stepped in for Max Holloway on 1 day’s notice. Al went all 5 rounds with Khabib but lost by unanimous decision. 

Al says he looked WAY better against Khabib than Conor did when they fought in October — and says he strongly believes Conor has simply “lost it.”

But, more importantly, Al says his track record shows that he can wreck people when he gets more than 24 hours to prepare — and would LOVE to prove it in a fight with Conor. 

And, if you think it’s all about the money, Al says that’s BS — he’d gladly step into an alley for a chance to beat down McGregor for free. 

Hailey Bieber Meet My Christmas Baby … Oscar Bieber!!!

Justin and Hailey Bieber are now a family of three … after the addition of an adorable little pooch just in time for the holidays.

Hailey shared the big news on Instagram Saturday, posting a pic of her “Christmas baby” on her story … a puppy named Oscar Bieber. It’s hard to say for certain, but it looks like he’s a Maltese Yorkie.

Hailey also shared a vid of the lil pup on her bed playing around with Justin and a pic of Oscar sleeping … yep, pretty frickin’ cute.

The recently wed couple have really been enjoying the honeymoon phase lately — kissing at hockey games, shirtless piggyback rides, etc. — so it’s only natural to take their marriage to the next level and get a dog.

Hopefully they have time to add Oscar to the family Christmas card.