The Bachelorette Suitors: Meet Becca Kufrin’s Men!

The Bachelor ended with Becca Kufrin's heartbreak after the audience watched her brutal breakup just weeks after her proposal.

But now, she's starring on The Bachelorette.

And, if you don't mind learning a few The Bachelorette Spoilers, you can see a list of every single man identified who is set to appear on this upcoming season.

Will Becca be drawn to their winning personalities? Their handsome faces? Their impressive bodies? Their careers?

The Bachelor Nation is clearly rooting for her to find the happiness that she so richly deserves.

But there's no doubt that everyone's going to have an opinion on which suitor she should select.

Take a look and decide which man you think is the key to her happily ever after.

1. Lincoln Adim

Lincoln adim
Lincoln Adim is 26 years old and lives in LA, though his accent comes from growing up in the UK. He has a degree in biological sciences, works as an executive for Oracle, and is serious about fitness. As you may have noticed.

2. Chase Vergason

Chase vergason
Chase Vergason is a 27-year-old Florida Man with a degree in business management. He played baseball for the Gamecocks and is currently CFO at the real estate marketing firm of Vergason Sojourner & McWaters.

3. Ryan Peterson

Ryan peterson
Ryan Peterson is a 27-year-old who is originally from Boston, currently lives in Manhattan, and has previously lived on a boat. He has a BS in business management and previously worked at a fertility agency. He’s also worked as a landscape designer and contractor, but he’s known for being a free spirit. Again, he lived on a boat.

4. Darius Feaster

Darius feaster
Darius Feaster is a 27-year-old with an intensely impressive body. Yes, he played football in college at the University of Wisconsin, where he graduated with a BA in Business Management. Now he’s a sales rep for Allergan and lives in L.A.

5. Blake Horstmann

Blake horstmann
Blake Horstmann is a 28-year-old sales rep for Coors. He has a degree in marketing and communications. The Bachelor Nation may know him best from his first impression — when he showed up with a horse. Like ya do.

6. Clay Harbor

Clay harbor
Clay Harbor is a 31-year-old football player. Currently a free agent with the NFL, he has played for the Eagles, Patriots, and Lions. He is from Illinois and played college football at Missouri State.

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Lani Brown: Meet Tristan Thompson’s Alleged Bangee!

Give Tristan Thompson credit:

He knows how to pick his mistresses!

Okay, fine, nevermind: Tristan Thompson gets no credit, not when numerous outlets are reporting that he has cheated on Khloe Kardashian multiple times.

The most recent (alleged) time took place in late March, just a week or so prior to when Khloe was scheduled to give birth.

According to Page Six, Thompson took an Instagram model named Lani Brown back to his hotel in New York City after partying with her at a rooftoop lounge in Manhattan.

What did they do inside this hotel room? You may use your imagination.

Who is Lani Brown?!? Check out some of her more provocative images below…

1. Here She Is!

Lani blair
This is a photo of Lani Blair in a bikini. We can see why Tristan Thompson wanted to do her, but he shouldn’t have when you consider he was dating Khloe Kardashian at the time.

2. A Quick Bio

Lani blair picture
Brown is 28 years old and hails from the Bronx. She has over 362,000 followers on Instagram.

3. Anything Else?

Lani brown pic
Brown allegedly works at a strip club. It’s unclear whether she actually strips or simply serves food/drinks at the establishment.

4. Who, Me?!?

Lani brown photo
After her name became associated with Thompson in this manner, Brown made her Instagram account private. Could be a coincidence. Could also NOT be.

5. On Instagram

Lani brown on instagram
Lani Brown makes a living as a model on Instagram. It’s not hard to see why she would be popular on this platform.

6. At Work Perhaps?

At work perhaps
We’re not sure where this photo of Lani Brown was taken. But it appears as if she’s working as a cocktail waitress or something.

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KUWTK Recap: Kim Kardashian Brings Her Surrogate to Meet Her Family

Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans got to watch Khloe learn what gender baby she's expecting and got to watch Kourtney deal with her endless boy drama despite being a grown mother of three.

But Kim's storyline — aside from reacting to Kourtney's situation — had to do with her surrogate.

Before Chicago West was born, Kim brought out her surrogate to meet her family, and you can see that beautiful moment in the video below.

Kim kardashian konfesses

Sunday's Keeping Up With The Kardashians was a busy episode.

Kourtney Kardashian was preoccupied with Scott Disick drama to the point where she didn't seem "present" in the eyes of her sisters.

Kim addressed it to the confessional while Khloe confronted Kourtney about it.

This led Kourtney and Khloe to get into a spat, which resulted in Kourtney calling Khloe a "pregnant whore." Yikes.

Khloe, in the meantime, seemed visibly bummed out when she got the news that she was expecting a daughter. Apparently she didn't "feel like" she was having a daughter.

While the idea of one of the Kardashians having a trans son would be neat representation, this sounds like a case of Khloe just wanting to have a boy to be a little different from her sisters.

Surrogate lorena hugs khloe

The big moment, however, was when Kim invited her surrogate, Lorena, to meet her family.

This was an extra big deal because Lorena was still pregnant — so we get to see her baby bump (hi, Chicago!) while Kyie and Khloe both sport their baby bumps.

And Kris was there to take in all three of her grandbumps and, one imagines, run the numbers on how much she can make by managing the little ones' brands and careers.

(Of course Kris is a loving grandmother but, come on, folks, it had to be on her mind)

Take a look at Lorena's baby bump.

Kim kardashian surrogate lorena baby bump

Lorena admits that she is enjoying the surrogacy.

"I like being pregnant. I know it sounds really weird. The pregnancy itself, you know, it just feels natural, like I’m supposed to do it."

If the Kardashians were actually soap opera characters, that's the sort of line that would cause Kim — who chose surrogacy because it's unsafe for her to get pregnant again — to either weep or plot her surrogate's murder.

(Also, if this were a soap opera, Kanye would be inexplicably in love with the surrogate)

Instead, Kim just calmly snacks while leaning against the fridge and watches Lorena meet her family.

Kim kardashian eats

Honestly? The best part of all of that is the idea of introducing Lorena to the Kardashians by name.

It's good manners but, like, it's a safe bet that Lorena knows who Khloe is.

Lorena bonds with Kylie and Khloe in particular, of course, because they're all pregnant.

They're pregnant with three cousins who are each due within a few months of each other, in fact. That's a huge deal.

Also, it's kind of a reminder of how great Kylie looks without makeup.

Surrogate lorena and kylie jenner and khloe kardashian

(Obviously, Kylie can wear as much or as little makeup as she likes, but her preferred makeup style has always aged her and when she sports a more natural look, she looks younger and prettier and more like Kendall)

You know, it's always possible that Kim had some weird feelings when Lorena met her family.

Maybe she felt that she should be the one bonding with Kylie and Khloe during their first pregnancies.

But … she has been bonding with them. All throughout this experience. She's expecting, she just isn't pregnant.

As for Lorena, viewers never got a real look at her face — which is good, because she deserves peace — but she seemed absolutely charming.

Watch the video below!

Kuwtk recap kim kardashian brings her surrogate to meet her fami

The Bachelorette 2018: Meet the Contenders!

Who… will… it…be?!?

This is the question on the minds of all ABC viewers at the moment, as we near the end of Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s Bachelor season, which means we're about to embark on a new Bachelorette season.

Will the star of the latter in 2018 be a woman we've met previously on this network? A woman Arie scorned? A fresh face entirely?

Scroll down to meet the contenders and then let us know who YOU want to see as The Bachelorette…

1. All About Arie… Sort Of

Arie luyendyk jr pleads innocent
As previously reported, Arie proposes on The Bachelor finale… only to then dump his fiancee for his runner-up. How scandalous!


Arie luyendyk jr is the bachelor
Based on The Bachelor spoilers we’ve gathered, Arie will hand his final rose to Becca Kufrin. But will he end up with her?

3. In a Word?

Becca kufrin pic
No, Arie will dump Becca after just a few weeks, making her our top contender to be The Bachelorette. Makes for a pretty endearing backstory, right?

4. What About Lauren Burnham?

Arie luyendyk and lauren burnham
She’ll finish second on the finale, according to various reports, but will actually win Arie’s heart in the end… in controversial, possibly cheating fashion. So we can remove her name from The Bachelorette list.

5. Aren’t There Other Possibilities?

Tia booth
Absolutely. Tia Booth, for example, finished fourth on Arie’s season, but won over many viewers in the process.

6. And Kendall Long?

Kendall long
She was sent packing after a night in the Fantasy Suite with Arie, although she almost giggled when he dumped her. Perhaps because she knew something better was on the way?

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Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant – Meet the Controversial Cast!

Over the years, many critics have blasted MTV for the creation of the Teen Mom franchise.

These individuals have questioned whether it was a great idea to make celebrities out of young women who were expecting babies, thereby glorifying a development that may be the most challenging one a person can face.

It’s now clear that the cable network has considered these objections, weighed them carefully…

new teen mom

… and then totally and completely ignored such chatter for the sake of ratings.

On Monday night, MTV debuted the first teaser for Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, a redundantly named spinoff of Teen Mom; which, itself, was a spinoff of 16 and Pregnant.

(Remember the days when MTV actually aired music videos? Neither do we.)

According to the official network announcement, the series will track the lives of five expecting women and “show the highs and lows of their pregnancy journeys — and the unbelievable changes they endure after the babies are born.

“From excitement to fear, this group of girls will take viewers inside their emotional lives.”

Because this is exactly what vulnerable teenager who are about to become parents really need: to share their emotional lives with millions of strangers.

mom, baby

MTV goes on to write that “Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 women have shown us through the years… [that] worlds are about to change forever and [when] it’s time to “mom up.”

Yes, mom up.

MTV just turned parenthood into a catchphrase.

We’re shocking it didn’t include a hashtag along with it.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant will premiere on Monday, March 12 at 10/9c, following a new installment of Teen Mom OG.

Check out the preview below:

As for the young women at the center of the upcoming reality show?

Prepare to meet them below…

Ashley, 20: Described as a typical party girl in Las Vegas, she and her boyfriend, Bariki (Bar) recently found out they were having a baby.

Their own mothers are “constantly at odds,” MTV teases, which not only causes issues within their relationship, “but palpable friction between Bar and Ashley’s mom.”

Brianna, 17: She and her transgender boyfriend Danae have always had an up-and-down relationship. During one split, Brianna slept with an old friend and got pregnant.

However, now Danae is back in the picture and has vowed to raise the baby as his own… yet Brianna’s mom questions Danae’s ability to support her child.

Jade, 20: From an unstable relationship with her parents to her boyfriend Sean, Jade has always taken care of others, the network writes.

Now that she’s expecting her first baby, she’s aware that she’ll need her parents support more than ever and she’s worried that she won’t be able to rely on them.

Kayla, 18: Described as “the girl next door,” Kayla apparently had a rude awakening when she discovered she was expecting.

Kayla was raised by a single mother and therefore understands the sacrifices and struggles such a life requires.

While her own pregnancy wasn’t planned, Kayla was excited to have a baby with her long-time boyfriend, Stephan.

But now she’s struggling with the choice to stay in the relationship for the sake of her baby or raise the little one on her own.

Lexi, 17: From a small town, she’s the head cheerleader and she’s part of a supportive and loving family.

She also got pregnant by her boyfriend of four years, Kyler. 

As a result, she feels isolated from her friends and has become the subject of her small, conservative town’s gossip mill.

MTV asks: Will she be able to recover her reputation, or will she forever be known as the good girl gone bad?

Will you be tuning in for Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant?