Megan Fox Mom-Shamed Over Her Sons’ Long Hair

In the past, Megan Fox has come under fire for letting her young sons be themselves.

Now, the mom-shamers are back and attacking her over a precious photo of her boys at the beach.

What the trolls can’t handle is that her sons have long hair.

Megan Fox is getting shamed for the photo that you’re about to see.

All because her sons have long hair.

Plenty of men have long hair. But there are people in this world who insist that the toxic cultural forces of the 1950s were right, and that all men must have short hair.

More to the point, there are some people whose ideas of hair length and gender are so inextricably linked that, in their twisted minds, a person with long hair is a girl.

Here is the great yet “controversial” photo of 5-year-old Noah and 4-year-old Bodhi.

It’s a precious photo and they both look happy, and yet some people just couldn’t keep themselves from mom-shaming the star.

“Megan why your boys look like they r girls?”

They literally just have hair.

“Lol … poor things look like little girls …”

Fun fact! Boys and girls both come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, and being mistaken for one or the other is not a source of shame.

“Poor boys they look like girls.”

We should mention that the spelling on a number of these comments was especially bad.

“Why don’t u cut boy’s heir?? U r crazy about baby girl.”

The fake sympathy continued.

“Poor darlings they look like they’re wearing wigs!”

But that wasn’t the worst of it.

Some of the comments became even nastier.

“‘My boys are girls, I’m progressive.’  Yeah progressively assisting suicide and mass delusion!”

First of all, that’s … not the statement that Megan Fox was making. Boys with long hair are, in fact, boys.

Second of all, since this person decided to bring up trans children, suicide risk plummets for trans kids who are accepted and loved for who they are by their families.

But that’s … not really relevant to this photo.

Megan Fox positive comments on sons' hair

Before you lose all faith in humanity, there were plenty of positive comments.

In fact, we would say that most of the comments were affirming or simply direct praise.

“i love that you’re letting your kids choose how they wanna look.”

In addition to posts that ignored the criticisms posted by trolls, some took things a step further and ridiculed the haters.

“WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! It’s hair! Men/boys have sported long hair since the beginning of time.”

Nice to see some anger on the right side of the comments for a change.

“You sit here and wave your fingers at men for body shaming women and here you are shaming kids.”

That’s a very good comparison.

“STFU and back the hell up. These are not your kids, their hair has ZERO impact on you, but your words… have impact on them.”

Photos of Megan Fox’s kids are rare, and we have to wonder if mom-shaming plays a role in that.

If every time that she shows a picture of her children, she gets accused of being part of the “trans illuminati agenda,” she’s going to give fans fewer glimpses into her life.

Some mom-shaming comes from a place of genuine concern. Questions like “is that baby old enough for solid food” usually come from a place of love or curiosity.

But these particular trolls seem to be trying to induce Megan to cut her boys’ hair short to meet their arbitrary definition of masculinity.

It’s absurd. And cutting your child’s hair shorter than they’d like it because of some internet comments is not something that a good parent should do.

The world has always known that Megan is hot. Only in recent years have fans discovered that she’s also an amazing mom.


Megan Barry: Nude Photos of Nashville Mayor Found on Bodyguard’s Phone?

Earlier this month, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry confessed that she engaged in an extramarital affair with Sgt. Robert Forrest, the man she paid at the time to serve as her personal bodyguard.

In making this admission, Barry said she intended to remain in office.

But a new piece of this burgeoning scandal may make it difficult for her to do so.

“I know that God will forgive me, but that Nashville doesn’t have to,” Barry said during a news conference three weeks ago, adding:

“And I hope that I can earn their trust and I can earn your trust back, and that you will forgive me.”

Barry, who is in the middle of her first term, said the affair began a few months after she started her job.

Both Barry and Forrest were married at the time of their relationship, which both now insist is over.

However, the controversy surrounding their dalliance may only be beginning… and this is why:

On Thursday, state investigators discovered one naked photo and one partially nude photo of a woman on Forrest’s cell phone.

According to court documents, these photos were snapped while Forrest’s timesheet stated he was working… and also during the time in which he and Barry were knocking proverbial boots.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has NOT identified the woman in the photos…

… But an agent says (via a sworn affidavit) that the black purse in one snapshot matches the black purse Barry is seen holding in a different photo found on Forrest’s phone.

These two pictures were shot last May and October, on days that Barry’s travel schedule shows she was on separate Washington trips.

In response to this latest aspect of her scandal, Barry said she’s unaware any such photos of her exist and that the allegations surrounding them are “very troubling and infuriating if true.”

We’re not really sure what she means.

We think she’s saying that she never posed for said photos or have anyone permission to include them in emails.

(Authorities discovered the snapshots while coming through Forrest’s email, which included 260 deleted chats between Forrest’s phone and Barry’s phone number, as well as 35 deleted call logs.)

“While I have not seen the photos in question, if they were of me, they were taken without my knowledge or permission and a complete invasion of my privacy,” Barry said in a statement this week.

Forrest was paid overtime on each of the days the photos were taken, according to the court documents.

And this is where the scandal moves from something for celebrity gossip websites to laugh over to something for that may cause authorities to file charges.

Was Barry using tax payer money to finance her affair?

Did she give preferential monetary treatment to her lover?

(Forrest’s overtime pay increased by 83% since Barry took office, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says. The agency compared that with a colleague whose overtime increased 49%.)

“Nothing in the affidavits released today … indicates that I have committed any actions that violate the law,” Barry said in her statement Thursday.

She added: “If any violations of the law occurred, they were in violating my personal rights.”

Yeah, that’s it, Megan Barry.

You’re the victim here.


Megan Fox Shares Rare Photo of Daughter, Internet Dubs Her “Most Attractive Baby Ever”

There’s little to no debate over the looks of Megan Fox.

If she isn’t the best looking female on the planet, she’s probably in your top five or 10.

Even in a beanie, the actress is simply sizzling.

But while nearly everyone’s accepts and acknowledges the beauty of Megan Fox, a new discussion has broken out over someone very close to this gorgeous star.

Specifically, her daughter.

Fox and husband Brian Austin Green have three kids together, all of them boys:

Five-year old Noah, three-year old Bodhi and Journey, who is almost a year-and-a-half old.

Back in August, Fox actually gave us a look at all three kids, sharing a rare family snapshot that got the Internet all abuzz.

But now the former Transformers star has given folks something to discuss other than her penchant for sometimes dressing Bodhi up like a girl.

And that something is this:

Has she given birth to the most attractive tiny human in the history of mankind?

This question is being bantered about on social media because Fox surprised Instagram followers this week upon posting the picture above.

It features her and Journey and it includes the simple caption “clone wars.”

The toddler is clearly very cute. No one can deny this.

And no one is trying to deny this, as evidenced by such user comments as the following:

foxy reaction

But at least one person has come out and made an even stronger statement.

“I think this is the most attractive baby I’ve ever seen,” says the person below, which is really a pretty bold sentiment if you think about it.

The most attractive baby EVER?!?

attractive kid

The challenge here is attempting to come up with Journey’s competition for such an honor.

We mean, all babies are really very cute. And this is especially the case when they’re born to celebrities because most celebrities are very good looking.

Because Fox is considered one of the hottest women on the planet, it does stand to reason that she would give birth to other very pretty or handsome little people.

However, this logic doesn’t always apply.

Few people would label Lauryn Shannon as “sexy” or “beautiful” or “above average” and yet, LOOK, she recently welcomed a precious kid into the world.

So it’s hard to say, you know?

Are Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green parents to the cutest child EVER?!?

It’s very possible that fans also reacted positively to Fox’s post because she made a joke/reference to Star Wars.

And people do love Star Wars.

Still, we don’t want to take credit away from Journey, who is so gosh darn cute that most people are able to look right past his silly name and just focus on his face.

We’ve collected photos below of other celebrities and their offspring to help answer this newly pressing question.

Click below, scroll around and then decide: Who is the absolute cutest of the cute?


Megan Fox to Brian Austin Green: Hey, Thanks for All the Sperm!

Is this gorgeous couple ready to pop out yet another child?

Brian Austin Green confessed to wanting, after having four sons, to have a daughter.

And Megan Fox follows up with a humorous post that thanks him for providing her with his DNA. You might need some context for this.

Megan Fox has a fun sense of humor and she’s a fantastic mom.

A decade ago, we might not have believed that we’d one day make that statement, but here we are.

(To be fair, a decade ago, Megan Fox was still largely defined by her role in Michael Bay’s twisted abomination of a Transformers franchise. There are good Transformers stories out there, folks, but you won’t see them in theaters)

Megan Fox, as a mother, is sort of goofy and New Agey about things like pregnancy.

Before Megan Fox gave birth to her third baby, a boy named Journey, she bought a new house because, and we’re not making this up, Megan believed that her unborn child didn’t like the old house.

Like we said, goofy and New Agey.

Of course, Megan Fox has come under fire for her parenting before.

But just by folks who wig out if they see a boy wearing a dress, because fabric has genders or whatever.

Our favorite bit of backlash over Noah’s enthusiasm for Frozen was truly next-level:

“Putting your son in a dress conforming to the gay trans illuminati agenda. Burn in hell witch! You’re sickening!”

That level of belief in multiple conspiracy theories and bigotry combined?

That’s art.

So, on the subject of being a parent, Brian Austin Green was recently interviewed by Dax Holt.

And … Brian Austin Green really wants a baby girl, you guys.

The couple have three sons together:

-Noah, who is 4.

-Bodhi, who is 3.

-Journey, who is about 1.

Brian Austin Green also has a 15-year-old son, Kassius, from a previous marriage. So he has four sons.

Naturally, Dax asked if he was in the market for more.

“I don’t know. I have four boys now, a fifth is a basketball team. So, that would kind of be awesome.”

We didn’t know that basketball teams had five people, so you learn something new every day! Even if it’s sometimes about sports.

“I want a girl. I really want a girl.”

That sounds like something that shouldn’t matter, but whatever.

“I’m worried that if I try I’ll just get another boy. Not ‘just’ ‘cause I love my boys, but I’ll have another boy, and I don’t know if I’m ready for five.”

If you’re ready for five children, you’re ready for five girls or five boys. They both eat food and sleep in beds. Apart from social factors, they’re not that different.

Megan Fox took to Instagram shortly after the interview aired to share her take on it.

“Thank you for donating your DNA to the shared dream of birthing our own colony of teen heart throbs. #mcm #colonymission”

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green got back together a while ago and are both parents, so it’s pretty clear that Megan is joking.

It is, first of all, just a funny caption to write.

Also it’s entertaining to imagine them breeding a small army of future boyband singers and models and what-not.

(With Megan Fox’s genes? Nobody would stand a chance)

But thanking Brian Austin Green for “donating his DNA” is just a couple of rephrases short of “thanks for all the sperm,” which is objectively funny.

Again, though, they’re still in a relationship so this isn’t the thing where people refer to their exes as “sperm-donors” because that’s their only role.

Honestly, rumor about a decade ago didn’t paint a picture of Megan Fox that at all resembled the Megan Fox that we now know and love.

Of course, that “image” that we saw of Megan Fox was built off of her struggle to get along with Michael Bay, who turns out to be as bad at social interaction as he is at making an intelligible, coherent film about giant robotic aliens that turn into vehicles.

(He’s a douche, basically)

Honestly, we love updates on Megan Fox and her family. There’s always something entertaining.


Megan Fox: Under Major Fire for Photo of Son in a Dress

Megan Fox is one of the hottest women on the planet.

But the actress is taking heat at the moment for something that has nothing to do with her looks…

… and everything to do with judgmental parents around the Internet.

On Monday night, Fox surprised followers on Instagram when she shared a collage of four photos:

One featured herself. The other three featured her sons, each given his own adorable portrait.

This was one of the extremely rare times Fox has given the public a glimpse at her immediate family members – and it may be one of the last times after some of the feedback she’s received.

First, here’s a look at the montage of cute images:

Very adorable and seemingly harmless, right?

Apparently not; not to a certain section of the World Wide Web.

The top-left photograph features four-year old son Bodhi in a Princess Elsa outfit.

Yes, Bodhi is a boy. Yes, this is a Princess Elsa dress, to be specific. And, no, as you might unfortunately expect, many social media commenters responded to this ensemble in negative fashion.

To wit:

Fox slams

“Another Hollywood weirdo mom… so disgusting you allow your son to wear princess dresses,” wrote another critic, while yet another took things to a whole new level with the following take on the issue of child cross-dressing:

Putting your son in a dress conforming to the gay trans illuminati agenda. Burn in hell witch! You’re sickening!

Look below. We’re not kidding.

Someone really did (hilariously) say this:

idiot on insta

It’s nothing new, of course, for parents to judge other parents.

Anyone with a child in elementary school or middle school can relate to what Fox is going through, while plenty of other celebrities have also felt the brunt of stranger criticism online.

Jessica Simpson was slammed for dressing her daughter like a mermaid.

Kelly Clarkson heard it from a bunch of losers after giving her child Nutella.

Thankfully, Fox does not seem like the sort of star who will care very much what other people have to say.

She may not even find out, considering how infrequently she uses social media.

Moreover, there were just as many folks out there who showered Fox (and husband Brian Austin Green) with support and praise.

“What’s not to understand?” one commenter wrote in reply to some of the criticism, adding:

“Children play dress up. He’s been photographed wearing a Peter Pan costume, a Snow White one too… If I’d had a costume when I was a kid, I would have been Wolverine.”

Another chimed in as follows:

“The fact that people are complaining about Noah wearing a dress is so disgusting.

He’s a CHILD!! He’s just playing. Stop forcing stereotypes onto everyone.”

Do you have an opinion on this topic?

Share it below!


Megan Fox Shares Rare Picture of Kids: Cuteness. Overload!

For years, Megan Fox was criticized for showing too much skin in various magazine pictorials.

But not even the harshest critic could accuse this actress of showing off her kids on too many occasions.

As much as perhaps as big-time star in Hollywood, Fox has kept her three children very far away from the spotlight, rarely sharing an image of them online and certainly never selling any images to any supermarket tabloids.

We’re guessing Fox would prefer to star in another Michael Bay-directed Transformers movie again than even contemplate doing such a thing.

Late Monday, however, the beautiful brunette shocked her Instagram followers by posting a snapshot of her three sons, all of whom she procreated along with Brian Austin Green.

Fox did so via a gorgeous collage that features one Polaroid of herself; one of four-year old Noah; one of three-year old Bodhi; and one of 11-month old Journey.

It may be of interest to some to note a couple things:

1. Green is holding the youngest of the three boys in one of the pictures.

2. Noah is wearing a Princess Elsa dress in honor of Frozen. (Why do we feel like some folks on the Internet will find fault with this?)

Fox did not include a caption with the precious portrait.

Fox and Green almost never share pictures such as these.

However, they will occasionally post on social media in order to gush about their brood.

In November 2016, for example, Green returned from a seven-month Instagram hiatus to say nice things about his kids and to also compliment Fox in the process.

“My wife makes beautiful babies,” he wrote at the time, referring specifically to little Journey.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star filed for divorce from her husband of five years in August 2015.

However, they reconciled the following year … just before Fox gave birth to Journey.

Even during their split, it was clear Green and Fox were still hanging out and getting along, considering Fox announced her pregnancy only a few months after the couple’s supposed break-up.

In other words:

Just like any two people who end a romance, but still have feelings for each other and/or who got very drunk one night in each other’s presence, the stars had unprotected sex during an alleged break and… bam!

Journey was born about nine months later.

But it’s all worked out for the best.

Fox and Green seem very happy as a couple and these three adorable kids have a stable, healthy household in which to grow up.



Sue Bird Comes Out as Gay, Confirms Romance with Megan Rapinoe

Sue Bird, one of the best female basketball players of all-time, has come out as gay.

In an interview with espnW, the WNBA legend revealed publicly for the first time what she says family members and friends have known for a very long time.

“I’m gay,” she told the website simply.

Moreover, Bird said she is dating U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe (below), who came out herself way back in 2012.

“Megan’s my girlfriend,” said Bird, who starred in college for the University of Connecticut.

“These aren’t secrets to people who know me. I don’t feel like I’ve not lived my life. I think people have this assumption that if you’re not talking about it, you must be hiding it, like it’s this secret.

“That was never the case for me.”

Bird was the first overall pick of the 2002 WNBA Draft. She led UConn to an undefeated season that year and was named College Player of the Year.

She’s been selected to nine WNBA All-Star teams, led that league in assists on three occasions, earned two WNBA titles and four Olympic Gold Medals.

In 2011, she was voted by fans as one of the WNBA’s Top 15 Players of All Time and was voted one of the WNBA’s top 20 players of all-time.

He resume is unassailable.

Bird is not the first big-time women’s basketball player to come out as gay. Elena Delle Donne made a similar announcement last summer, for example.

And another former top pick, Brittney Griner, also opened up about her homosexuality in 2013.

Even prior to this public announcement, Bird stood in strong support of those who blazed a trail for her.

“It’s more about stigmas than anything else, and I think with those stigmas you have people who are going to be judged,” Bird told USA Today’s Sam Amick last year.

She elaborated at the time:

“I think on the men’s side, they’re not quite there yet. Jason Collins, for him to do that, particularly in the basketball world, he was the one who kind of broke down the barrier.

“And maybe in the future, it’ll change.

“But I think right now there’s still that stigma. I would love for it to change, because it’s really not that big of a deal in all reality.”

Why did she make this confirmation right now?

“It’s happening when it’s happening because that’s what feels right,” Bird told ESPN.

“So even though I understand there are people who think I should have done it sooner, it wasn’t right for me at the time. I have to be true to that.

“It’s my journey.”