Meghan Markle: Latest Wardrobe Malfunction Baffles Entire World

Before she married Prince Harry, Meghan Markle could do no wrong.

Now that she’s been saddled with a royal title, however, it often seems that she can do nothing right.

To be clear, nothing about Meghan’s behavior has changed.

It’s just that now she’s expected to meet the standards of a bunch of stuffy, pearl-clutching royal traditionalists every time she leaves the house.

As a result, headlines about Meghan breaching royal protocol are not uncommon these days.

Of course, these breaches are generally quite tame, such as the time Meghan’s curtsy was not up to the standards of some Brits.

Even the reports of Meghan’s “wardrobe malfunctions” are generally pretty lame.

The Royals have really delivered in the accidental nudity department in the past, such as when topless photos of Kate Middleton made their way across social media.

But with Meg the British tabloids get all fussy over stuff like this:

Meghan Markle Wardrobe Malfunction

This is like a game you might find on a child’s placemat at an especially perverse family restaurant: Find the Wardrobe Malfunction!

Give up yet?

Part of the problem is that you probably spent too much time focusing on the breastal region. 

We’re not perv-shaming you; that’s just one of the most common areas for clothing snafus.

Meghan Markle Wardrobe Malfunction 2

This time, however, the glitch was much further south — and much, much less interesting.

As you can see, Meghan has some splotches on her tights.

That’s it.

Seriously, there are people on social media trying to make a big deal out of it.

Granted, it’s puzzling — how did those splotches get there?!

But the answer is probably something disappointingly pedestrian, like someone spilled a cup of coffee or Meghan stepped in a puddle.

There was a time when spilling your drink on a Duchess was enough to earn you a trip to the guillotine, but sadly, the Brits don’t behead people for clumsiness anymore. Snowflakes.

Some folks have pointed out that Meghan didn’t wear pantyhose before she got married, which means the tights are likely a concession to the royal family’s penchant for ultra-conservative attire.

But we doubt Meghan just went around spilling drinks on her feet in the pre-Harry era of her life.

Maybe that’s one of the more underappreciated ways in which royal life is stifling — you can’t even walk around with wet feet!

This has been another installment of Ridiculously Boring Wardrobe Malfunctions, starring Meghan Markle. 


Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle: Quit Stealing My Spotlight, Bish

Ever since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry back in May, the former actress has been the toast of London.

In fact, you could call her the Queen of the British Empire, were it not for the fact that that title is already held by an iconic nonagenarian who doesn’t seem to keen on the idea of relinquishing it anytime soon.

Of course, barring a series of violent tragedies that would make George R.R. Martin blush, Meghan will never actually be queen, as her husband is third in line for the throne.

Prince William, however, will likely wear the crown one day, which means Kate Middleton will join him as one of the world’s two most visible monarchs.

And if recent reports are to be believed, Kate is very much looking forward to the time when she can steal her spotlight back from Meg.

Yes, the news of Meghan’s pregnancy came just a few months after her wedding, and insiders say Kate feels as though she’s been shoved to the margins.

Of course, patience is Kate’s best-known virtue — she didn’t earn the nickname “Waity” for nothing — but when it comes to reclaiming her spot as the queen bee of Kensington Palace, Kate is not biding her time.

Royal watchers have noticed that the Duchess of Cambridge has been attending more events, posing for more pics, and rocking more daring fashions in recent weeks.

“A couple of years ago, you might have seen her being a little bit timid,” Royal expert Susan E. Kelley recently told Vanity Fair.

“Now, she seems like she’s in a more take-charge position,” Kelley added.

“I’m beginning to see the person who’s going to be queen emerging.”  

Of course, given the timing of Kate’s emboldened stance toward the media, it’s not hard to see why so many have jumped to the conclusion that she’s responding to the increased attention toward Meghan.

Insiders have noted that in many ways, Meg is the ideal royal spouse, having entered the role with years of media experience and a long history of philanthropic work.

British tabloids have described the relationship between Meghan and Kate as a rivalry, but that seems inaccurate.

Even if Kate is stepping her game up in response to the increase in attention toward Meghan, that doesn’t mean she feels threatened by the former Suits star.

It’s entirely possible she welcomes a little friendly competition.


Meghan Markle: Driving Royal Staffers to Quit with Her Diva Demands?

While rumors say that Kate Middleton resents Meghan Markle stealing her spotlight, it turns out that Meghan has gotten on the last nerve of others in the Palace.

Meghan and Harry lost three of their employees in a very short time.

A report says that Meghan may be causing this “stampede” with her insistence on following her own path instead of royal protocol.

According to a report by the Sunday Express, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s household has lost yet another staffer.

Samantha Cohen was the couple’s private secretary.

She has now departed from the post.

She was preceded in that job by Edward Lane Fox, who also left that position by his own choice.

And on Saturday, someone walked out who worked even more closely with Meghan.

Meghan Markle’s personal assistant was known only by “Melissa.”

Melissa has spent the past six months at Kensington Palace with Meghan.

Among her duties was having a very direct role in key elements of preparing for the Royal Wedding in May of this year. 

Well, Melissa has now reportedly resigned.

Some have interpreted the loss of three members of the Royal couple’s staff as a sign that something is wrong.

According to how a source characterized matters to the Sunday Express, this is very unusual.

“To lose one member of the household could happen to anyone,” the insider admits.

Two is happenstance. But three?

“To lose three in a few months is starting to look like a stampede,” the source says.

Maybe that is a little dramatic, but that does seem like a lot of turnaround for one couple’s household, right?

So … what’s sending these staffers running for the hills?

Allegedly, Meghan Markle’s independent attitude is driving away the household staff.

As an actress, Meghan was a public figure long before she began dating Prince Harry.

And, like most humans, she has a personal sense of style.

She remains dedicated to that style even as a duchess, and is resistant to certain Royal traditions that would dictate how she should dress.

Meghan wants to dress like herself.

She doesn’t feel a need to be dressed in outfits that are virtually identical to those worn by Duchess Kate.

We are meant to believe that Meghan’s sense of autonomy is viewed as “tiresome” by household staffers.

In June, Meghan wore an off-the-shoulder blush colored Caroline Herrera gown to attend the Trooping of the Colour event.

(Gosh, Britain has goofy names for things)

She has also worn purses whose straps cross the body rather than a simple clutch.

Additionally, Meghan didn’t wear pantyhose for the engagement announcement.

All of that is beautiful and even stylish, but flies in the face of stuffy Royal traditions.

We’re not sure what to make of these reports.

Meghan seems to be a genuinely likeable person.

The narrative that she’s “difficult” and resistant to conforming to expectations is tempting, because she’s an American, but that doesn’t mean that it’s true.

And it’s difficult to imagine that Meghan and Harry’s secretaries are so personally offended that Meghan’s formal attire isn’t boring enough that they quit.

There can be real drama surrounding the Royal Family.

But that doesn’t mean that every story has a scandal just beneath the surface.

Sometimes, people just quit.


Meghan Markle: How She Got Owned by The Queen on Her Wedding Day

According to a new report, someone out there thinks Meghan Markle has a pretty serious attitude problem.

And here’s the thing:

That someone is NOT Meghan Markle’s half-sister.

And it’s not Meghan Markle’s father, either.

An insider tells The Sun that Markle wanted to wear a tiara with emeralds on her big wedding day back in May, but she was told this was an unacceptable choice.

Meghan had her “heart set” on this accessory, writes Robert Jobson in his new book, and she “hit the roof” when the Palace denied the request.

“The provenance of the tiara could not be established. There were concerns it could have come from Russia originally,” explains a source on why Markle was unable to don the item.

This same source adds that Queen Elizabeth herself was none too pleased with her pending daughter-in-law’s reaction to the flap.

“There was a very heated exchange that prompted the Queen to speak to Harry,” claims this report.

“She said, ‘Meghan cannot have whatever she wants. She gets what tiara she’s given by me.'”

This is how Markle ending up rocking a diamond and platinum bandeau tiara when she exchanged her vows on May 19.

The book goes on to detail how the Queen also wondered why Meghan needed a veil for the wedding, given it was to be her second marriage.

“The message from the Queen was very much Meghan needed to think about how she speaks to staff members and be careful to follow family protocols,” alleges this insider, who says Markle has been accused on numerous occasions of mistreating employees at the Palace:

“Meghan can be difficult. She has very high standards and is used to working in a Hollywood environment.”

Allow us to pause here and say: LOL!!!!!

The implication is somehow that the environment on the set of the USA Network drama Suits, on which Markle starred for seven seaons, was more professional/formal than the environment at Kensington Palace.

Throughout her time in the spotlight as Prince Harry’s girlfriend, fiance and now wife, Markle has mostly received rave reviews.

She seems very respectful and comes across as a very positive presence in general.

But she has run in to a few problems of late, from accusations that she sucks at bowing on a national stage to allegations that she far too often thumbs her nose Royal Protocol.

And her terrible relatives, of course, think she’s a phony liar.

Jobson’s book is titled “Charles at 70” and mostly focuses on the life of Prince Charles.

But it does touch on the relationship between the Queen and Markle and says while they clash on occasion, as documented above, they get along at other times because they both love dogs.

That’s pretty cute to note, isn’t it?


Prince Charles: Meghan Markle Is WAY Cooler Than Kate Middleton!

Well, it’s official.

Pretty much everyone on the planet agrees that Meghan Markle is the coolest of the Royals.

That’s not a knock against Kate Middleton or anyone else who may have been in the running.

(To be clear: Prince William never stood a chance.)

In fact, Kate deserves credit for recognizing that her association with Meghan only serves to make her cooler.

She’s like the Scottie Pippen to Meghan’s Michael Jordan, eternally content to play second fiddle and bask in the glow of a living legend.

There are probably several good reasons that no one has previously used a ’90s NBA metaphor to describe the pecking order of the British Royal Family, but we’re standing by our sh-tty analogy.

Anyway, you might be wondering who decides this hierarchy, and there’s no clear answer.

For the most part, we suppose it’s the British public and the tabloid press, but there are also voters in this popularity contest whose ballots are weighted far more heavily than those of the plebes.

These people are super-delegates in the world’s most inconsequential election — Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and … well, we guess that’s about it, actually.

It’s been rumored for quite some time that QE2 prefers Harry and Meghan to the “lazy” William and Kate.

And now, it seems Charles is seconding that opinion:

According to a new profile in Vanity Fair, Charles likes to throw subtle shade at Will and Kate.

He often boasts, for example, that at the age of 68, he’s quicker on his feet and better “prepared” for most social functions than either of them.

Conversely, both he and wife Camilla Parker-Bowles are often effusive in their praise for Meghan.

“They clearly really like each other,” one royal insider tells the magazine.

“There is real warmth and support. Camilla has been very helpful to Meghan.”

That’s gotta sting a little bit, but we’re sure Will and Kate are taking it in stride.

After all, Will never had a shot at being the cool one in the family, and the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly gets along swimmingly with her new sister-in-law.

In fact, Kate is hosting Meghan’s baby shower — and insiders say she’s more than happy to continue dishing out assists after the royal bundle of joy arrives.


Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle: Your Baby Shower’s Gonna Be a Rager!

As you’ve likely heard by now, Meghan Markle is expecting her first child.

This means, of course, that her loved ones will be hosting a baby shower — and by “loved ones,” we’re referring to her Meghan’s in-laws and not the awful members of the Markle family.

Granted, a Markle shower would be quite the amusing trainwreck, especially the part where everyone reads their top one hundred complaints about the way Meghan has chosen to live her life.

But at the end of the day, the Windsor clan will probably host a more enjoyable soiree for the guest of honor.

Not surprisingly, Kate Middleton has reportedly been placed in charge of the festivities.

“[Kate]’s a complete perfectionist and has already begun planning the celebration months in advance,” a source tells Life & Style.

“Duchess Kate considered having the shower at Soho Farmhouse, but thinks it’ll be easier to host it at her Kensington Palace apartment.”

The insider goes on to describe Kate and Meghan’s relationship as “togetherness at its finest,” noting that Middleton “has been Meghan’s rock during the pregnancy.

“[Meghan] has been turning to Kate for all kinds of baby advice,” says the insider. 

“It’ll mean the world to Meghan — and Prince Harry — once they find out that Kate’s gone out of her way to organize the shower.”

We’re guessing it’s sort of assumed that Kate is gonna go all out.

She’s literally a duchess who used to be a professional party planner.

Would be a bit of a disappointment if she just hung some streamers and picked up a veggie platter from whatever the London equivalent of Wegman’s is.

As for the details, the insider says it’ll be a star-studded affair that should make Meghan feel right at home:

“It’ll be a daytime event,” says the source.

“Guests, including Meghan’s pals Jessica Mulroney, Priyanka Chopra, Serena Williams and Amal Clooney, will be treated to an American-style feast.” 

American-style? So a buffet line of steam trays filled with sandwiches and tacos in which the bread and tortillas have been replaced with fried chicken?

Sounds effing delicious. How do we score an invite?


Prince Harry Snaps Truly Breathtaking Maternity Photo of Meghan Markle

Prince Harry may have a second career ahead of himself.

If the Royal ever gets sick of being a really handsome person who appears in public to raucous applause and excited stares, he could look into becoming a photographer.

The gorgeous father-to-be proved on a stop in New Zealand this week that he clearly has the talent for it.

While on the last stop of his well-received tour with pregnant wife Meghan Markle, Harry snapped a picture of his lovely Duchess at the Redwoods Treewalk Rotorua.

As you can see below, the snapshot is simply stunning.

It features Markle cradling her baby bump while standing among the massive 117-year-old Redwood tree all around her.

Shared by Kensington Palace on its official Instagram account, photo credit is given to the “Duke of Sussex,” making it evidence who was behind the camera.

Check out the viral image for yourself here:

“Thank you New Zealand for the most wonderful last week of our tour. It has been a privilege to meet so many friendly Kiwis,” reads a statement from the couple in the caption.

It adds:

“Australia, Fiji, Tonga and NZ – we leave feeling inspired and reminded of how every single one of us can make a difference.”

The beloved couple also included a quote from Kate Sheppard, a prominent member of the women’s suffrage movement in New Zealand:

“The rain that refreshes the parched ground, is made up of single drops.”

Beautiful, right?

For the most part, Harry and Meghan have enjoyed a wildly successful trip abroad over the past few weeks.

It actually kicked off right around the time they announced they were expecting.

Yes, at one point Meghan may have delivered a terrible curtsy while meeting a king and a queen.

At another point, she may have accidentally flashed her underwear.

But the Duke and Duchess mostly carried themselves very well and simply increased their impressive popularity around the globe.

Prince Harry, meanwhile, shared his first-ever Instagram story in New Zealand a few days before taking the special photo featured here.

We saw it wheb Kensington Palace posted a shot of Abel Tasman National Park from the sky.

Despite the gloomy weather, the beauty of the land was apparent in the image of a lake surrounded by mountains.

“Traveling to the beautiful Abel Tasman National Park,” read this caption, along with a helicopter emoji and a photo credit to the Duke of Sussex.

Seriously, the guy’s got skills.

Perhaps he ought to be hired to take his very own baby photos this spring.

Just an idea.


Meghan Markle Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction, Shows Her Underwear to the People of New Zealand

Ever since she married Prince Harry back in May, we’ve been hearing a lot about Meghan Markle’s various gaffes and faux pas.

Meghan’s breaches of royal protocol are generally pretty tame, of course.

Take, for example, the time Meghan failed to curtsy properly.

Only the very stuffiest of royal traditionalists would ever get upset over something so patently ridiculous.

Meg’s latest slip-up is a bit more scandalous than all of that, but while it may have caused much pearl-clutching among elderly residents of the UK, it probably won’t make many waves on this side of the pond.

Meghan Markle Wardsrobe Malfunction

That’s it, folks.

That’s the “wardrobe malfunction” that supposedly has Buckingham Palace up in arms.

Meghan is wearing a sheer skirt during an appearance in New Zealand, and while a faint outline of the royal knickers is visible, this certainly is not the sort of thing that’s likely to spark a national incident.

And so, it’s time once again to play our favorite game, Is Meghan Being Judged More Harshly Than Her Royal Peers and Predecessors?

To be fair, it’s not as if the UK tabloids have ever been especially nice to Kate Middleton.

In fact, they had a field day when nude photos of Kate made their way onto social media.

But it often feels as though they weren’t quite so quick to find fault with every little thing Kate did, the way they do with Meghan.

There are numerous reasons why the press might be giving Meg a harder time.

They range from the nefarious (low-key racism) to the benign (Meg is an American and a former actress).

It’s even been suggested that the media dislikes Meghan’s awful family and they’re projecting those feelings onto Meg herself.

That’s a depressing possibility to contemplate, as it basically means that Meghan’s family is winning.

They’ve set out to destroy her, and if the press is judging her more harshly 

Of course, it’s entirely possible that we’ve devoted way too much thought to this brief glimpse of Meghan’s underwear.

This has been Deep Thoughts About a Pseudo-Wardrobe Malfunction.


Meghan Markle Accused of Making “Worst Curtsy” in Recorded History

Meghan Markle played a lawyer on the USA Network hit drama Suits.

But criticism continues to pour in regarding the Duchess of Sussex, most notably that she simply cannot play the role of a Royal with the proper respect it deserves.

Over the past several weeks, sources have come down hard on Markle for snubbing various Palace traditions, typically ones associated with fashion and decorum.

And now it seems as if certain people are also taking issue with the way Markle is acting overseas.

The expecting mother and Prince Harry have mostly been receiving rave reviews for their behavior on their ongoing tour — but Markle is coming under fire at the moment for how she greeted Tonga’s King Tupou VI and his wife Queen Nanasipau’u last week.

Specifically, how weakly sue curtsied on front of the powerful couple.

Here is a still shot of the bow in question:


Did Markle get down low enough?

Did she hold her form for long enough?

Did her facial expression make it clear she just wasn’t that into the gesture?

All of the above, Twitter users appear to be saying. Here is a sampling of their most harsh responses to Markle’s lame curtsy:

Those were the two worst curtsies I think I’ve ever seen!

I wonder if maybe she wasn’t sure if she should curtsy? Either way, you gotta commit.

I saw this video on Instagram. Gives the impression she did not know if she should curtsy or not.

That seems plausible, right? It can be tricky to remember all the customs of various nations, especially for someone not raised in such an environment.

In case you somehow haven’t heard, Markle is pregnant.

So it’s also possible that she only gently curtsied in order to protect her fetus.

We really can’t say for certain at the moment.

However, a so-called etiquette expert named William Hanson told The Daily Mail that Markle has a lot to learn about how a Royal should act overall.

He says she sticks her hands into her pockets on far too many occasions.

“We know that Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pioneering a new, relaxed, tactile branch of monarchy, but having hands in the pocket is a step too far,” this random critic says, adding:

“There is good casual and there is bad casual.

“Placing a hands in the pocket is too relaxed and unprofessional.”

Markle, of course, is no stranger to criticism.

Just ask her awful half-sister.

We doubt she’ll respond to the backlash she is garnering here, especially because Hanson admits that her actions aren’t actually a big deal.

Not in the grand scheme of life, that is.

“Will the world end? No,” he concludes to The Mail. “It is just a small blip in Meghan’s usually delightful manners that can be easily corrected for future engagements.”