Kim Kardashian Tasks Crew Member to Serve as “Selfie Assistant”

Kim Kardashian is a liar, folks.

Kim Kardashian is a faker.

Kim Kardashian is dishonest and misleading and she has now admitted as much hereslf.

On tape, no less!

Are we being a tad bit dramatic? Maybe.

But the Keeeping Up with the Kardashians clip featured here depicts Kim sitting around with sister Khloe and mother Kris and explaining that her wrist hurts and she forgot her brace.

The social media mainstay must snap a few selfies, though, however. She simply must.

So… what does Kim do about it?

She asks E! crew member Paxy to take a mini break from her duties and to hold Kim's phone in the air to make it appear as if she is snapping a selfie.

See! We told you she was a liar!

Khloe and Kris initially scoff at this set-up, but then the latter comes around a bit.

"It'll protect Kim's hand without missing a beat on social media," Kris tells the camera. "I'm definitely gonna poach Paxy to be my selfie assistant."

Be sure to watch the clip all the way through in order to hear a pretty funny comment about why Kris is encouraging her daughter to keep taking these kindsof photos.

Elsewhere on this Sunday's new episodes, Scott Disick will yell at Kourtney and lots of other things will happen that were definitely not pre-arranged and written by producers.

Click PLAY on this page's video to watch Kim make someone else snap her selfie.

For shame, right?

Kim kardashian tasks crew member to serve as selfie assistant