‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Star Tom Wopat Pleads Guilty to ‘Annoying’ Female Cast Members

Ex-‘Dukes of Hazzard’ star Tom Wopat is dodging possible prison time by pleading guilty to a lesser charge in his felony indecent assault case from last year. Wopat pled guilty to annoying or accosting a person, and got a year of probation. TMZ…


‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Star Tom Wopat Pleads Guilty to ‘Annoying’ Female Cast Members

Ex-‘Dukes of Hazzard’ star Tom Wopat is dodging possible prison time by pleading guilty to a lesser charge in his felony indecent assault case from last year. Wopat pled guilty to annoying or accosting a person, and got a year of probation. TMZ…


Duggar Family Members: Who Will Actually Break Free?

The notion of Duggar family members “breaking free” has been a topic of discussion for quite some time inside fan circles.

But will it actually happen, and who will be the one to do it? Moreover, what does it even mean to break free in their case?

Below, THG staff writers break down who they believe is most likely to escape the cultural shackles of the famous TLC family.

Some of our selections and reasons behind them may surprise you … or in the case of one recently-married Duggar, probably not.

JILL DILLARD by Emily Trainham

When you think about which Duggar might be most likely to break free from the chains of that oppressive, creepy, molester-friendly family, Jill may not be the first person that comes to mind.

But if you just think about it for a minute, it’ll all come together.

For one, Jill’s been rebelling quite a bit against Duggar tradition lately. Like, the girl wore shorts this summer. Ones cut above the knee, even.

She’s also been photographed in an actual swimsuit instead of the traditional Duggar swimsack. She’s practically a stripper now by Jim Bob’s standards.

For two – and this is the real reason we see Jill breaking free – have you been keeping up with the shenanigans of Derick Dillard?

The way he’s going, we imagine he’ll be officially starting his own cult soon, and she’ll be too busy mindlessly supporting her husband and insisting everything is fine to remain an active member of the family. 

This transition has already started, really, since Derick got himself and Jill fired from Counting On.

Since then, they’ve appeared to spend less and less time with the rest of the Duggars, for obvious reasons.

As such, it’s easy to imagine that soon they’ll cut ties completely.

After all, bashing transgender people, begging fans for money, and gallivanting around impoverished countries in an attempt to look like decent people doesn’t leave much time for extended family!

So will Jill leave the rest of the Duggars in some inspiring, badass way?

Nah. But trust, she’s on her way out.

JOSIAH DUGGAR by Tyler Johnson

When a young man gets married, folks often talk about him “settling down.”

But when Josiah Duggar married Lauren Swanson earlier this month, it may have been the beginning of his effort to break free from the constraints that have held him down so long.

For years, Josiah has been regarded as one of the most rebellious members of the Duggar clan.

As long as he was living under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, however, there were limits on how much he could flout their belief system.

But for the Duggars, getting married is second only to cranking out kids in terms of milestones that mark one’s passage into adulthood.

Certain freedoms are afforded to those who have carried have taken steps toward their God-given duty to sire a small army.

That’s why Jinger Duggar is allowed to wear pants and move to a different state, while her older sister Jana is forced to do her gardening in a floor-length denim skirt.

For the most part, acts of rebellion by married Duggars have been exceedingly mild.

But those who know Josiah best say he can’t wait to prove to the world that he’s his own man.

Our own Duggar insider has called Josiah “the most likely to break out” and defy his overbearing father.

My guess is that now that Josiah has found himself a wife, it won’t be long before he begins to assert his independence.

He’ll probably start with something rather subtle, a small tattoo of his favorite Bible verse, but even that will be enough to give Jim Bob conniptions. And I’m sure it will all be incredibly fun to watch. 

JINGER VUOLO by Free Britney 

Sometimes, the most obvious answer isn’t the best. Sometimes conventional wisdom needs to be challenged and paradigms reexamined.

Not here. It’s always been Jinger and always will be.

Card-carrying members of Duggar Nation have known this for years. She’s been the family rebel since the concept was a mere pipe dream.

Sensing her independent streak, fans started an online movement, Free Jinger. (Our only regret is that there is no sister site Free Jana.)

Jinger hasn’t and will probably never throw two middle fingers in Jim Bob’s face or flaunt her freedom in ways that will disrespect him. 

But make no mistake, she is her own woman. By design or serendipity, she has taken heed – with an assist from her husband, Jeremy.

Let Jinger Be Jinger. That might as well be Jeremy’s mantra, as he’s helped her push back against Duggar norms from the day they met.

Vuolo is former pro soccer player from the Northeast, and a pastor with less stringent lifestyle views (and a Calvinist, to Jim Bob’s dismay).

Our point? The proof is in the pudding, honestly.

Since marrying him, Jinger Duggar moved out of state, waited over a year to get pregnant, and started wearing whatever she wants.

Enough said.

JASON DUGGAR by Simon Delott

If you’re only a casual Duggars fan, you might be shuffling through the different Duggar offspring in your mind, trying to remember which one is Jason.

Jason, folks, only turned 18 in April. He is not yet married.

As of early 2017, he co-owns a house with his father (though he is of course not allowed to live there, as an adult living independently might make independent choices).

He also wants to be a videographer. This is why I’m just optimistic enough to say that Jason has a shot at breaking free. 

If he’s serious about this calling, the Duggars might actually let him receive a real education in the matter.

Even if they don’t send him off to college (where he might encounter different people and new ideas, the horror!), there is reason for hope.

Just the process of learning videography in any setting aside from a tech room at a megachurch could broaden his horizons.

If he’s really passionate about this, then once he’s married, he and his obedient, Jim Bob-approved Handmaid’s Tale reenactor of a wife could move anywhere to pursue his career. 

And even if Jason focuses exclusively on Christian organizations and Christian video projects, he could still realize that there’s more to the world than the ideological prison in which Jim Bob and Michelle kept him for the first two decades of his life.

Be free, Jason. Be free.


Richest Members of the Kardashian Clan: Ranked! (And Kim’s NOT Number 1!)

Were it not for the seminal (tee-hee) cinematic masterpiece known as the Kim Kardashian sex tape, there would be no Kardashian media empire to speak of.

A decade after the film's release, however, Kim is no longer the most bankable member of America's second-most famous family of fame-obsessed egomaniacs.

Yes, proving once again that the Kard clan has far more staying power than its harshest critics feared, the younger sisters of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe are raking in bank and showing no signs of slowing down.

And as if that weren't enough, now a whole new generation of Kardashian-Jenner offspring has caught the attention of millions of social media users.

Will all that clout translate to future earnings?

Tough to say, but here's who's at the top of the Kardashian money heap as of right now:

1. Kendall Jenner: Estimated Net Worth, 18 Million (and Rising)

Kendall jenner models in manhattan
As Steve Harvey reminded us, during the Kard clan’s recent appearance on Family Feud, Kendall was the highest paid model in the world in 2017. But walking the runway doesn’t pay what it used to.

2. A Financial Plan of Attack

Kendall jenner as a model
But even though she’s currently the lowest-earning among her sisters, those who analyze this sort of thing closely say Kendall might be the most financially savvy.

3. Branching Out

Kendall jenner miss vogue australia cover
The biggest money may be in reality TV and social media influencing, but Kendall is looking at the big picture and refusing to put all her eggs in one basket. Will it pay off? Well, whatever happens, she’s not dependent on the E! Network and Instagram for her cashflow.

4. Kourtney Kardashian: Estimated Net Worth, 35 Million

Kourtneys tequila and bikini sunrise
Yes, the mother of three is worth almost twice as much as Kendall. Her work might not be as high-profile, but those who know Kourtney best say she stays on her grind 24/7.

5. The Family Business

Kourtney kardashian in a black dress photo
Kourtney’s earnings come primarily from her work on Keeping Up With the Kardashians (she’s an executive producer, as well as one of the show’s stars) and her social media endorsement deals with brands like Lyfe Tea.

6. Fun Fact:

Kourtney kardashian doing the angelina leg photo
Kourtney was actually the first member of the family to make a foray into reality TV. In 2005, she starred in a single season of the season of show Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, in which heirs and heiresses were made to work as ranch hands. And you thought you knew everything about the Kards!

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Paris Jackson Claps Back at Family Members Who Think She’s Going to Die

While Paris Jackson's fans have been thrilled to see her locking lips with Cara Delevingne and generally living her best life, some people have been worried.

In fact, a report came out claiming that Paris' own family fears that her behavior is putting her in danger and even that her premature death is imminent.

Now Paris has recorded a video, and she's clapping back at her own family members.

Paris jackson wild hair

So, remember that time that Paris Jackson nearly plummeted to her death?

We pointed out that she was careful to very deliberately not fall from the roof, but apparently the image of that video, which Paris herself elected to share, is haunting her loved ones.

Page Six reports that Paris Jackson's family fears for her life.

They even compare her near-tragedy to the time that Michael Jackson dangled baby Blanket from a window.

"But this is worse than that because I still think Michael had control of Blanket and they weren’t nearly as high up as Paris is in this video."

Even though Paris was totally okay, it has people worried that she's in a self-destructive spiral. Some might say that she's just … 20.

"She’s lost it. She really has."

The relative goes on to say:

"Everyone saw that video, and even though we all knew that she’s now OK, watching it was so traumatic that nobody wants to show it to either Katherine or Joe."

Paris jackson mirror selfie

Well, not all celebrities look at stories about themselves.

And even the stars who do look into what people are saying about them don't always comment on it publicly.

But Paris Jackson saw it. (She even reveals, in the video, how she saw it)

"So apparently people think I’m about to die."

She states that pretty matter-of-factly in this video, which was recorded while she was in a car with a friend.

"My therapist texted me about it laughing though, so that’s good."

We're glad that she has such a good relationship with her therapist.

Prince michael and paris jackson

Paris continued in a second video (also below), saying:

"So I guess to the family members that are talking to all of these news outlets saying they’re worried for me:"

And she has a serious question for family members who would rather be a source than speak to their own relative.

"When is the last time you called me?"

Oh. That's a good question.

Paris jackson cara delevingne photo

Paris isn't done.

And she even has an example of someone who knows her well enough to not be concerned.

"Prince isn’t worried. Why? Because we talk all the time. We hang out."

By Prince, she of course means Prince Jackson, her brother.

"If you’re worried about me, call me."

That sounds like good advice.

There's no telling whether or not someone will take her up on that.

For one thing … no one wants to admit to having been the source that spoke out.

Paris jackson sideboob tattoo while tree hugging

Paris Jackson is a sweetheart and she's just a very nice person. She's an environmentalist and she's deeply spiritual.

On top of being a very free spirit, she is 20 years old. Those of us who are risk-averse may cringe at the idea of getting anywhere close to a rooftop's edge, but Paris was careful. She trusts herself.

It seems a little much to blow one incident out of proportion … especially behind Paris' back like that.

That's not how families are supposed to treat each other, right?

As always, we wish Paris the best.

Hear her speak in her own words:

Paris jackson claps back at family members who think shes going