Catelynn Lowell Addresses Haters: Mental Illness Does NOT Make Me a Bad Mom!

Over the course of the past 18 months, Catelynn Lowell has checked into rehab three times.

Sadly, she’s taken a fair bit of flak from insensitive fans as a result of her struggles with mental illness.

While it certainly wasn’t her intention when she first decided to seek help, Catelynn has become a sort of spokesperson for young mothers struggling with mental health issues.

Most have applauded Lowell for her willingness to share her struggle with Teen Mom OG fans.

But as is always the case in 2018, haters have come out of the woodwork with the apparent goal of raining on Lowell’s parade.

Fortunately, Cate has no patience for their trash-talk:

“You’re not the only parent struggling with mental health issues,” a Twitter user wrote this week.

“I am a single parent with mental health issues BUT, I still have to provide for my family and be there when my children need me.”

Catelynn was quick to clap back by pointing out that in seeking treatment, she was doing what was best for her family:

“I wasn’t ‘running away from my problems. I was FIXING them! Working HARD & getting on the right medication,” she tweeted.

“I wouldn’t wish this crap on my worst enemy! But I guess I’ll have haters no matter what! Just glad I got myself better and if ppl r mad then be mad I guess.”  

Catelynn further confirmed that her health is on the upswing these days by posting the photo below on Instagram:

“I love you so much!!!” she captioned the pic, in apparent tribute to her husband, Tyler Baltierra.

“And for all you haters vows say —in SICKNESS and in health . . . remember that . . . Because this man has done that for me beyond what could imagine.”

We’re sure Catelyn understands the frustrations of moms who are struggling but can’t afford in-patient treatment.

But at the end of the day, she’s making no apologies for taking steps to ensure her own health and the happiness of her husband and daughter.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more of Catelynn’s courageous struggle.


Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra: We Want to Teach Your Kids About Mental Health!

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have had quite a year.

There may have been more ups and downs in the past 12 months, but the beloved Teen Mom OG couple deserves praise for consistently turning negatives into positives.

Unfortunately, the most noteworthy recent development for the young couple is a tragic one:

Catelynn suffered a miscarriage, and the trauma of the event took a tremendous psychological toll on both her and her husband.

Lowell checked into rehab to be treated for various mental health issues in the aftermath of the shocking loss.

Clearly, it’s difficult to find any sort of silver lining in such a painful series of events, but it does seem as though Cate and Tyler have both emerged from the wreckage with a better understanding of theit minds’ inner workings.

And fortunately for fans, the Baltierras are seeking out ways to share what they’ve learned with the world:

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, Catelynn and Tyler appeared on Kailyn Lowry’s podcast this week, where they discussed a wide array of topics, including their plans to help fans who are coping with issues similar to their own.

“We’re talking to MTV and trying to come up with a couple different pitches for a mental health special,” Tyler said.

“Ironically ‘Teen Mom’ has had a lot of mental health [issues] that have been covered on a lot of the stories. We really want to do a public thing, possibly with Dr. Drew [Pinsky].

“The hard part is crafting a message and making it be genuine and not just trying to cash in on this thing we’ve got going on,” Baltierra added.

As for her struggles with PTSD and depression, Catelynn said she’s turned a corner as of late:

“I feel way better,” Cate said.

“I did a whole med switch and genetic testing. I found out that the medication I was on for five years doesn’t even work for me.”

She added:

“They put me on different medications and they seem to be working really well. It all stems from the trauma of my past so I’m going to have to keep digging into that.”

And it seems Cate and Tyler feel their both in a position where they can turn their attention to helping others.

As longtime Teen Mom OG fans know, the couple made the painful decision to place their youngest daughter, Carlee, up for adoption before she was born back in 2009.

While they still believe they did what was best for their baby, the decision has clearly caused the couple a good deal of pain over the years, as they’ve struggled to maintain a relationship with Carlee, despite the fact that they’re not her legal guardians.

Now, Catelynn and Tyler are hoping to channel that pain into a second children’s book, this one focusing on the unique challenges fced by adopted children.

“Me and Catelynn have been talking lately about doing an adoption book for kids who are adoptees and for kids who have siblings that have been adopted,” Tyler said.

“I think it would be cool to explain to the kids, in their language, how [adoption] works.”

Watch Teen Mom OG online to relive the rocky road that brought the Baltierras to where they are today.


Amber Portwood: Suffering from Mental Health Issues During Pregnancy

Amber Portwood is not in a good place right now.

But then again, she’s never been in a good place, not once in all the years we’ve known her, so it’s to be expected at this point.

After years of dealing with drug addiction and massive anger management problems and, you know, prison, not to mention the supreme creepiness of Matt Baier …

She’s been through a lot, to say the least.

So now that she’s settled down a little bit, since she’s cut Matt loose and found a new creeper to play house with and since she’s pregnant again, you’d think things would be easier, right?

At least a little bit.

But if you honestly thought that, then you must not be too familiar with Ms. Portwood.

While it looks like she gets along better with Andrew Glennon than she did with Matt, we don’t imagine that will be the case forever — Andrew has two exes with restraining orders against him, so a happy ending with Teen Mom’s OG felon doesn’t seem likely.

And while it may look like she’s in a better situation to have a child now than she was when she was a broke teenager, it really doesn’t feel that way.

After all, she doesn’t really parent the child she already has, and we all saw how maternal she was when she did have custody of Leah.

Spoiler if you missed the first few seasons of Teen Mom: most inanimate objects appear to be more maternal than Amber.

Look, the point is that it’s all just bad, everything about this whole situation is bad and weird and scary.

And in a new interview Amber just did with People, she’s opening up about how bad things are for her these days.

In the interview, Amber revealed that she “had a concern” with her depression recently, and after speaking with her doctor, they concluded that “it was a concern that postpartum [depression] was something that could happen because of how I’m doing right now.”

She explained that she wants to “nip it in the bud before anything gets too bad or you go into a really deep depression, which is not good for me right now, obviously.”

So she began taking antidepressants, which she said is “just something you have to do to make yourself feel better, and you have to make sure it’s safe for the baby and just move forward from that.”

First of all, it’s sincerely wonderful that Amber took the steps to get help if she’s been feeling depressed. Lots of antidepressants are perfectly safe during pregnancy, and it’s a great thing that she’s taking care of herself like this.

Obviously there’s no shame in admitting you’re struggling, and if she does develop postpartum depression down the line, she’s got a head start on battling it.

It’s also good that she seems to be wising up a little when it comes to her health.

Last year, after Amber broke up with Matt, she made statements about how she’d stopped taking her medications because she thought it was just her situation that was making her feel depressed.

Except she’s said many times that she’s bipolar, which isn’t something you just get over by getting out of a bad situation — not that depression is either, but bipolar disorder is a lifelong thing.

She’s also said before that the medications she normally took weren’t safe for pregnancy, but maybe since she’s already on antidepressants, she’ll consult her doctor about any other meds she made need after having the baby.

Maybe this is the first step to a whole new and improved Amber!

We can dream, right?

Oh, also in the interview, she specified that she’s 33 weeks pregnant right now, which means that she conceived within the first few weeks of dating Andrew.

What a world.


Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Reveal Heartbreaking Mental Health Problems

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been through so much in their lives.

Just way, way too much.

Catelynn has April for a mother, and we’ve seen April be mentally and verbally abusive to her on several occasions in the early seasons of Teen Mom.

Tyler has Butch for a father, and we know it wasn’t easy on him to watch his dad go in and out of jail for literally his entire life.

But because they had such intense issues with their own parents, they were able to make the remarkably responsible, admirable decision to place their daughter Carly for adoption when Catelynn became pregnant at 16.

Unfortunately, even though it was the right thing to do, it was still obviously incredibly painful for them, and it’s clear that they still struggle with their decision somewhat, even today.

When they had their second daughter, Nova, Catelynn developed some serious postpartum depression, so much that she had to check into a treatment center.

And then when she and Tyler decided to try for another baby, she ended up having a miscarriage, which was very hard for both of them.

It was a big trigger for Cate’s depression, and she actually began considering suicide because of it, and so back to rehab she went.

Meanwhile, Tyler struggled at home, dealing with his own grief while caring for Nova and running their household.

Like we’ve said, these two have been through a lot.

But Catelynn’s been home from rehab for a few weeks now, and it looks like she and Tyler are dedicating themselves to raising awareness and bringing attention to the kinds of mental health issues they’ve been dealing with.

They’ve been talking about it on the show, of course, and on social media, and now they’re taking the time to do interviews on the subject.

Earlier this week, they made an appearance on a podcast called Voices for Change 2.0, and they really shared a lot.

And here we were, thinking their story couldn’t get any more heartbreaking …

During the podcast, they both revealed the mental illnesses they’ve been diagnosed with, with Catelynn explaining that she’s dealing with a few different things.

“It’s panic disorder, PTSD — I like to call myself a trauma survivor — and it’s depression, but it’s co-occurring depression or something like that,” she said.

“It will go away and it will come back with the panic disorder.”

She also said that it “kind of surprised” her to be diagnosed with PTSD, but that “it makes a lot of sense too.”

Honestly, if you’ve watched those first few seasons of Teen Mom, a diagnosis of PTSD makes perfect sense.

From the way she was raised to that super painful adoption, it’s actually pretty surprising she didn’t get that diagnosis sooner.

As for Tyler, he revealed that he first felt depressed when he was just 11 years old.

A big issue for him was his father “going in and out of prison all the time,” but he said that “at 11, though, that’s when I attempted suicide and failed.”

If you blocked that horrible story out of your head, he’s been very open about his suicide attempt in the past — he tried to hang himself but it didn’t work, and he had to walk around school with rope burns around his neck.

“After that my mom started to take me to therapy,” he recounted. “I was on anti-depressants a bit.”

But in the past few months he’s been going back to therapy, and he said that people there told him that he could be bipolar.

“That was pretty shocking to figure out,” he admitted, “but also it made a lot of sense back to when I was younger … But that was a lot to obviously digest that day.”

During the podcast, Catelynn also discussed why she felt comfortable airing so much of what she’s been through in the past few months on Teen Mom OG.

“I talked a lot about it with my therapist when I was in treatment,” she said, “my whole thing about me being vulnerable and sharing it. I could have said no to the producers and the people who work on the show and they would have totally understood.”

“If I was like, ‘Listen, I’m going through a rough time and I’m not filming it and I don’t want it to be aired,'” she said that MTV would have respected her wishes.

“But my whole thing is, if I can save somebody’s life and show them that it’s OK to not be OK sometimes and there’s things that you can do to get help, that’s the only reason I did it,” she continued.

“I wanted to bring awareness to the mental health issues and show that it’s real.”

She said that “Some people think, ‘Oh, you’re depressed, get the hell out of bed,’ but no, that’s not how it works. I just wanted to shine a light on that.”

It seems like she’s doing a great job so far, and we couldn’t be prouder of them both for taking care of themselves so well!


Farrah Abraham Shuts Down Mental Illness Claim: My Mom is Pure Evil!

In a recent interview, zero-time mom-of-the-year Debra Danielsen claimed that Farrah Abraham is suffering from multiple mental illnesses.

While mental illness doesn’t deserve its stigma, offering an armchair diagnosis of your famous daughter is … inexcusable.

Farrah is now responding by firing back at her mother.

As you may recall, Debra shared her “compassionate” words about Farrah in an interview.

“If you have Borderline Personality Disorder, if you have narcissism, any of these kinds of things, they’re all highly treatable.”

Whether or not you imagine that someone is having symptoms of something, it’s irresponsible to assign them a diagnosis. Um, especially in an interview.

“All is not lost, but I will say that deep down inside I know my daughter. She is kind, loving and she is sweet and very compassionate.”

Despite her upbringing, we guess.

“I think she works extremely hard, I think she just needs to step back a moment, and take some time and get healthy and take time for her so she can heal.”

Farrah tells People that it is “sad to hear my own mother would say these untrue things about her own child.”

We should keep in mind that Farrah has claimed that Debra has Asperger’s … which is also not an okay thing to guess in an interview, and seems better designed to malign the autistic community than anything else.

But Farrah goes in on her mother’s words.

“It’s evil and alarming. After all these years, I still have her best interests at heart.”

Evil is a very strong word, but honestly … people don’t use it enough. Not for the right things, anyway.

Farrah is perhaps not the best judge of what is and is not reasonable, but she’s right about this being a crappy stunt to pull on her mother’s part.

Farrah goes on to reveal how she views her mental health.

“Clinically & honestly, none of my TV show therapists & personal therapist have all said I’m balanced.”

That’s … an interestingly worded statement, but we think that she means to say that her therapists all say that she’s fine.

We’re not saying that they really said that, we’re just saying that this is what Farrah meant to say. Obviously, we don’t know what her therapists have told her, only how she’s apparently interpreted it.

“I started therapy in my past at the age of 14 due to my mother and I not getting along as our family therapist sided with me about my safety and my life choices that my mother has never been supportive or caring to help guide her own children.”

In the past, Farrah has accused her mother of terrible abuse. Which might explain some of Farrah’s … quirks … but not excuse things like Farrah’s race-fueled rants.

Farrah then shares that her therapists “have come to the conclusion my mother is jealous” of Farrah.

“I always wish my mother the best as I attended her wedding supporting her.”

As Farrah continues to talk about her mother, her sentence structure takes on exciting new forms.

“Saying horrible things about your own child after I’m the only one who has ever strived to overlook her demons she fights daily against.”

You know, Farrah’s said that she’s going into scripted television now that she was fired from Teen Mom OG. “Farrah Abraham: Demon-Slayer” sounds like an amazing trainwreck that I would watch every week. Just saying.

Farrah continues.

“This brings sadness to our family and I wish her all the best for the sake of my health & safety I wish her all the best.”

So … she wishes her mother the best … for the sake of her own health. Not very selfless, but that probably is healthy if Farrah means it.

That said, Farrah says that she and her daughter are getting the hell out of Dodge.

“I hope she has enjoyed the Teen Mom MTV ride that Sophia brought to her life as I’m moving on from that toxic environment she dwells in.”

In other words, Farrah plans to cut off Debra from her granddaughter after this.

“I hope she ceases talking about me since she does not love me she does not need to speak about me to stay relevant in a disgustingly hateful way. God Bless.”

Don’t worry, Debra … at least you’ll always have your bond with Amber Portwood, right?


Farrah Abraham: Suffering from Multiple Mental Illnesses?

Whether you love her or hate her, one thing is certain about Farrah Abraham: she's been through some stuff.

She got pregnant at 16 with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Derek Underwood, and during the pregnancy, Derek passed away in a car crash.

After that happened, she didn't get a ton of emotional support from her parents, and we saw how much it all affected her in therapy sessions featured in those early seasons of Teen Mom OG.

We also saw her mother, Debra Danielsen, slap her, and while the incident itself wasn't filmed, we also saw the aftermath of an incident involving Farrah, Deb, and some police officers.

You remember — they got into some sort of fight, Farrah called 911, and when officers arrived to their house Deb answered the door holding a knife, because cooking waits for no one, not even the law.

Farrah has maintained that she suffered horrific abuse during her childhood, but her parents have denied it — it really is a mess.

And now, Debra is introducing another little piece of this sad puzzle: she's claiming that her daughter suffers from both borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.

Debz made an appearance on a webshow called Shot Topics, where she discussed Farrah, Teen Mom, her wedding, and more.

To start, she was asked about Farrah being fired from the show — she says she actually found out about it from the tabloids, which is a neat way of learning your daughter pretty much cost you your job.

She also says that she doesn't know much about the whole thing, since her relationship with Farrah is a little tough right now, but she does know that "she terminated any relationship or agreement" in regards to filming those adult webcam shows.

And that's strange, since that pretty much seemed to be the reason she cut ties with MTV, because she wanted to be able to work in the adult industry.

But still, Deb says that the reason she's not doing Teen Mom is that she wants to focus on scripted television, which should be a fun adventure for all of us!

Later, she starts talking about how it might have been a good idea for Farrah to take a step back from filming anyway, so she could focus on her own wellbeing.

From there, she starts making some general statements about mental illness, how there's nothing shameful about it and how treatment can help so much, which is a wonderful sentiment to express.

It's also pretty clear who she's talking about.

"If you have borderline personality disorder, if you have narcissism, if you have any of these kinds of things," she says, "they're all highly treatable."

"All is not lost, but I will say deep down inside I know my daughter, she's kind, she's loving, she's sweet and very compassionate."

She adds that she thinks Farrah works hard, "she just needs to step back a moment and take some time and get healthy and take time for her so she can heal."

When asked specifically if she thinks Farrah has those disorders, she said that she does.

It's kind of a weird thing to reveal about your daughter in an interview, but Farrah once claimed Debra has Asperger's, so maybe that's just a fun family activity for these people, you know?

Whether or not Farrah really does suffer from borderline personality disorder and/or narcissistic personality disorder, it seems pretty clear that Deb is right about one thing.

The girl could definitely use plenty of time to focus on herself and work through some stuff away from cameras, whether the cameras are for Teen Mom or porn or anything else.

Farrah abraham suffering from multiple mental illnesses

Farrah Abraham: Having Mental Breakdown After Being Fired from Teen Mom OG?!

As we just saw on Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham and MTV have severanced their relationship.

Basically, she was told that if she wanted to continue filming the show, she'd have to stop doing her webcam shows — and it seems pretty clear now which career path she chose.

It's been a while since all this actually happened — nearly five months — but Farrah still has some pretty strong feelings about what happened.

And honestly, the girl does not seem well.

1. First Things First

Farrah abraham red hair
So let’s kick this off by talking about the actual scene, which began with executive producer Morgan J. Freeman sitting down with Farrah to “look at just sort of how people are treated.”

2. SO Compassionate

Farrah lynn abraham
Morgan started to tell her that having “compassion and understanding” while filming was important, but she cut him off with “I am so compassionate. I am so understanding. I am working my ass off, just like everyone.” And that last part may be true, but Farrah Abraham calling herself compassionate and understanding is really just so crazy.

3. Poor Kristen

Farrah abraham blonde photo
The big issue here seemed to be Farrah’s treatment of a specific producer, Kristen, who Farrah refused to work with. Morgan called her attitude “very challenging,” to the point where “the amount of work that goes into keeping you happy with crew has bubbled up to a point that we have to figure out if we move forward.”

4. "F–king Shoot Me"

Farrah abraham a picture
She basically told him to just figure it out, and he responded by telling her that for some reason, out of all the moms on all the shows, she was “the only one that’s a problem.” To that, compassionate and understanding Farrah said “I’m sorry. F-cking shoot me for being who I am.”

5. Difficult

Farrah abraham see through lingerie picnic
He said that what she was was difficult, and she actually denied that with a straight face, because obviously there’s no limit to her delusions. Hilariously, she added that she doesn’t “need anymore drama.”

6. The Next Issue

Farrah abraham camgirl
But Farrah’s terrible attitude wasn’t the only problem — Morgan also said that “there’s been friction” concerning the “adult activities” she’d been promoting. Meaning, of course, those webcam shows she’d been doing.

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‘America’s Most Wanted’ Host John Walsh Wants Mental Illness Registry for Guns

The host of “America’s Most Wanted,” who also helped create a national registry for sex offenders, says the same system is needed for mentally ill people looking to buy guns. We got John Walsh Saturday at LAX and asked what he made of Florida’s new…


‘America’s Most Wanted’ Host John Walsh Wants Mental Illness Registry for Guns

The host of “America’s Most Wanted,” who also helped create a national registry for sex offenders, says the same system is needed for mentally ill people looking to buy guns. We got John Walsh Saturday at LAX and asked what he made of Florida’s new…


Tori Spelling: Family and Friends Worry After Mental Breakdown

Tori Spelling began the month of March with what’s been described as a mental breakdown, with police called for a domestic disturbance.

While reports vary on whether or not Tori was actually hospitalized and given the help that she needs, it appears that she’s in a bad place.

This whole situation has her family and friends very, very worried.

Two calls to emergency services in as many days?

Yes, appaently Tori called 9-1-1 the night before about a possible intruder — but it was just her husband, Dean McDermott. The next day, police were called about alleged psychological issues.

Those who care about Tori Spelling feel that this is cause for concern, reports Us Weekly.

Their source elaborates:

“Her friends and family are all very, very worried.”

And from the rest of this report, it sounds like there’s a lot of cause for concern.

According to this source, those close to Tori think that her marriage is taking its toll on her well being in multiple ways.

Some say that her nervous breakdown was caused by a fight with Dean.

But the source says that she won’t even hear suggestions of a split.

“You would think the cheating, money problems, and constant arguing would be enough for Tori to decide to divorce Dean, but she refuses to even discuss it.”

Apparently, she is preoccupied with how ending her marriage might look to judgmental members of the public.

“Tori believes a divorce would label her as a failure.”

Some people really buy into the stigma about divorce.

Behind closed doors, however, the source claims that the couple is having serious financial issues.

“They are heavily in debt.”

Also behind closed doors, it seems that Tori is reportedly frustrated by her husband’s lack of employment.

“Tori has had enough of Dean’s moaning about not being a working actor and is demanding he get a real job to support their family.”

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be happening.

Per the source, Dean “will start a cooking school or take up another professional hobby, then give it up.”

Oh dear.

Remember, Tori and Dean aren’t just supporting themselves. They have five children, the oldest of whom is only 11.

(Liam is 11, Stella is 9, Hattie is 6, Finn is 5, and Beau just turned 1 on March 2nd)

Worst of all, she’s reportedly considering a sixth child. Given her circumstances, that’s getting her slammed by critics.

Reportedly, Tori and Dean are relying heavily upon Tori’s 72-year-old mother, Candy Spelling.

“Candy pays for all of the kids’ expenses.”

While Candy can certainly afford to take care of the needs of her grandchildren (her estimated net worth is over half a billion), no adult likes being dependent upon their parent’s support.

And it’s said that Tori in particular is preoccupied with what the world thinks of her and of her marriage.

“She is more concerned with perception than her own relationship.”

The source echoes what many fans are feeling upon learning all of this:

“It’s just very sad.”

It’s good to hear that, no matter what shenanigans Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott get into, their children’s needs will continue to be met by their grandmother.

A lot of critics don’t feel sympathy for Tori, since she made money as a celebrity and also comes from a lot of money and has still found herself in this financial predicament.

(People living paycheck to paycheck don’t tend to have a lot of sympathy for people who somehow blew through millions of dollars)

Even so, at least for the sake of her five children, let’s all hope that Tori can get through any psychological and financial issues.

And let’s also hope that they can rake in some money that doesn’t come from a relative. That might do some good for more than just their finances.