The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 8 Recap: Petty Mess

Dorit Kemsley is not a great singer. 

That much was revealed when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 8 got underway. 

PK was still talking about his big birthday bash and confirmed that Boy George thought she was a terrible singer. 

Surprisingly, Dorit did not seem to care about what her husband was saying and continued with her day. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you will likely recall Dorit throwing a party and performing with Boy George as a gift to PK. 

You would think PK would have been nicer about the whole thing because his wife went above and beyond to make his day special. 

Dorit met up with Kyle Richard and Lisa Vanderpump, and they got talking about the lawsuit against Ken Todd. 

Lisa was quick to point out that that the lawsuit had been dropped, and all seemed right in the world. 

Then, Dorit let Kyle know she was mad that she got involved in everything that happened with Teddi. Dorit later claimed Lisa Vanderpump did not love Kyle the way Kyle loved her. 

It was an awkward scene, and Lisa was not impressed and subsequently made her exit from the situation because she was angry at the way things went down. 

Lisa dished in a confessional that she was upset at the way her supposed friends took no interest in the lawsuit being dropped. They are supposed to be her friends. 

Dorit then told Kyle that Vanderpump had told her things about her childhood, and Kyle was not amused because she felt like Vanderpump had betrayed her. 

There are reasons for keeping things on the down low from close friends, and it seemed bizarre that Kyle would turn on her friend that way. 

Later, Dorit, Kyle, Vanderpump and Erika Jayne made their way to Teddi’s beach house to have a little break from the outside world. 

Lisa was quick to bring up the whole lunch date that went awry. Dorit and Kyle countered that Lisa was only mad because the attention wasn’t on her. 

“If Dorit was sitting there crying, would you have gotten up and left?” Kyle asked Lisa as the argument intensified. 

“I don’t know,” Vanderpump admitted. 

It’s random that these two were even arguing in the first place, but at least they put their feuding aside before the night was over. 

Something tells us Dorit will continue to stir the pot. She didn’t mix it nearly enough at the beach house because it’s not like we got another argument between her and Teddi. 

Maybe that’s being saved for an upcoming episode, but the show needs some drama. You know times are tough when even Kyle and Lisa V are getting into petty arguments. 

It’s like the producers are trying everything to inject some life back into the show. The cast could be doing with a refresh, and that’s not to say Teddi should go. 

Teddi is the most down-to-earth housewife in the history of the series and does not seem to be as excited about wealth as her fellow cast members. 

Nothing is happening on the show anymore that’s worth talking about. Not even Lisa Vanderpump’s witty one-liners can save it at this stage. 

Maybe Brandi Glanville should re-join the cast, and we would have a show worth watching again. 

What do you think of the latest drama? Does the cast need to be revamped?

Hit the comments. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues Tuesdays on Bravo!


Jessa Duggar’s House Is a Mess and Fans Love It

All of the Duggars work hard to project a wholesome public image, but the burden of “keeping up appearances” falls especially hard on the women of the family.

The expectation is not only that they’ll marry young and reproduce endlessly, but also that they’ll slide effortlessly into the role of docile and uncomplaining houswife.

For the most part, they’ve fallen in line with expectations, but even the Duggars aren’t immune to the times and the ways in which they’re a-changin’.

The consensus amongst fans seems to be that the most outward form of rebellion is obviously Jinger Duggar’s decision to wear pants in direct defiance of her family’s strict dress code.

Of course, there are some who believe that Jana Duggar’s refusal to marry just any old dude her parents set her up with is the ultimate middle finger to her upbringing.

But while Jinger and Jana may receive the most attention for asserting their independence, their sisters appear to be defying parental expectations in more subtle ways.

Take Jessa Duggar’s housekeeping for example:

Now mind you, we’re not engaging in any mess-shaming here. 

Jessa shared the above photo on her own Instagram page in order to prove a point about the demands of parenting and the importance of prioritizing.

“This is real life, y’all. 1.) 6+ loads of laundry piled on the guest bed… can we just take a moment to celebrate the fact that it’s CLEAN laundry,” Jessa captioned the pic.

Yes, it’s the little victories that count most in life.

In fact, we’re firm believers that if any of your laundry is clean, you’ve earned a lengthy nap.

Jessa went on to reveal several of the more uncleanly corners of her home via photos and descriptions.

(“Side table that probably hasn’t been dusted in at least 6 months. Henry’s dried spit up on my side of the bed, that I’ve slept on for who knows how many nights.”)

So what’s the purpose of revealing her sloppier side to fans?

Well, Jessa says she’s hoping to convey this simple message:

“Some of y’all may be thinking, ‘C’mon now, it only takes a few min to dust or wipe down a mirror…’ I know, it is so. My reminder today has been that the same is true of the needs of the little people in our lives,” she wrote.

“I might think ‘I don’t have time right now.’ But it only takes a few min… here and there.”

She added:

“Not trying to pit a clean house against interaction with kids– sometimes both are possible, tho often they do seem in opposition to one another.

“Just remember, whatever projects are pulling at your time and attention today, don’t forget to make time for the people around you. These are the memories that will last forever. “

If you’re like us, it may leave you feeling like you’re not alone.

Check out the gallery below for a full rundown of Jessa’s mess.

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to watch Counting On online to seek out more relatable imperfections from the Duggars.


Beyonce: How DARE Amber Rose Mess with Me Right Now!

This is a beautiful time in Beyonce’s life. She’s due to give birth to her twins any minute now, she’s as beloved as ever …

And Amber Rose, of all people, had the nerve to try to rain on her parade.

Earlier this week, Amber tweeted a message that read “Hey @Beyonce I got a secret. I am Becky with the Short Hair. #iaintsorry #muvalemonade.”

She’s referring, of course, to Beyonce’s legendary Lemonade album, and her “Becky with the good hair” lyric — this Becky apparently being Jay Z’s alleged mistress.

After the album was released, fans went crazy trying to track down Becky. Fashion designer Rachel Roy was a suspect, as was Rita Ora.

But Amber here is saying that she’s the woman Jay Z had his rumored affair with … classy, right?

It really, really is not.

After the Beyhive came down hard on Amber, she deleted the tweet and made a strange video claiming that she’d been hacked, but she didn’t seem all that sincere about it.

If we had to guess, we’d say she felt the need to make a joke to get herself a bit of attention and it backfired.

And according to a source who spoke to Hollywood Life, Beyonce herself isn’t too thrilled by Amber’s antics.

The source claims that Beyonce is “furious” about the tweet because people keep asking her about it “and the timing is the worst.”

“She’s in her last trimester with the twins and not supposed to be having any kind of stress,” the insider explains, but “not she’s got to deal with people whispering” about her husband hooking up with Amber Rose.

“She’s trying to keep calm, but it’s upsetting. The last thing any wife wants is to picture their husband with another woman.”

“Beyonce hopes it was just a hack like Amber said,” the source continues, “but she doesn’t necessarily buy that excuse.”

“She thinks it was done for attention and that’s just shameful.”

Isn’t it though?

“Amber should know better,” the insider concludes, “she’s a mother too, it’s just a horrible thing to do.”

We’re with Beyonce — it really does seem like Amber is just doing this for attention. It wouldn’t be the first time she went out of her way to get people to talk about her.

There’s a small chance that she actually could be Becky. She did date Kanye back when he and Jay Z were close.

But let’s be real: what’s the most likely scenario here?

Do better, Amber.


Leah Messer: Yup, I’m a Hot Mess!

Leah Messer’s drama-filled days are well and truly behind her and the Teen Mom 2 star is looking to the future as she continues to change her life for the better. 

If you told us a year ago that Leah would be turning her life around, we would have definitely laughed it off because of all the crazy things she was doing. 

Leah recently took to Instagram to reveal that her children had tired her out during their visit and admitted that she’s a “hot mess mom.”

The part in which she calls herself a “hot mess mom” probably refers to how tired she was after the visit.

Well, we hope that’s what she meant by it. 

“This was after all the kiddos left. This momma was exhausted, but so happy they all had a great time at their slumber/birthday party!” Leah revealed on Instagram. 

Ever since Teen Mom 2 Season 7 aired, fans have questioned Leah’s parenting after a string of events that played out on the show. 

One of them involved Leah allegedly not feeding her children breakfast before school.

It sounds completely terrible, but Leah seemed to think all of this hate was down to the editing. 

I mean, she does have a point.

The reality TV cameras probably film her for many hours a day, so producers will want to make a story out of that footage. 

It appears as though Leah’s story for that season was to show off that she was a terrible mother. 

If you recall, Jenelle Evans has also blasted the editing in the Teem Mom franchise. 

With Leah turning her life around, she recently confirmed that there would be little to no drama for her on the upcoming season of the hit series. 

Messer will be returning to school at some point in 2017. 

On top of that, she is launching a new business with two friends. That business will be in the lipstick industry. 

Leah took to Instagram to show off just how resilient the lipstick is. 

A video posted by Leah dawn (@leahdawn92mtv) on

What do you think about all of this?

Sound off below!


Lala Kent on Quitting Vanderpump Rules: I Was a Mess!

Back in August, Lala Kent hinted that she'd quit Vanderpump Rules while beefing with a fan on Twitter.

Of course, members of the SUR staff are always threatening to storm off (Frankly, we were looking forward to never hearing Stassi talk about her birthday ever again.), so no one really took it seriously.

This week, however, the sad news was confirmed:

Lala is leaving Vanderpump, and SUR, and hopefully James Kennedy, behind.

Though not quite a one-season-and-done like the forgotten Vail Bloom, but Lala's time on the show was still very brief.

Even so, she says parting ways with the series was difficult:

"It's very weird because I've been doing this for a year and a half, so to know that my time is up, it's bittersweet for me," Lala tells E! News in the clip below.

She added:

"I think just the negativity finally got to me. I'm not good at separating real life from work, so it started trickling into my everyday relationships with people who have nothing to do with the show and once that started happening that was like not OK anymore."

Lala didn't exactly confirm rumors that her relationship Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Hayes Pullard played a role in her decision to  leave the show, but she hinted that there's some truth to those reports:

"The hardest part for me was when they started making accusations about a relationship that I really wasn't in," she explained.

"When that trickles into my real life and I am going to the person I am in love with venting about these crazy people, it really did take a toll on my relationship with my boyfriend." 

Lala also revealed that we will get to see the moment that she quits SUR on this season of Vanderpump:

"It's sad. I haven't seen the episode, but I do come back one last time to say my final goodbye," she told us.

"I was a hot mess, Lisa Vanderpump was a hot mess, it was weird."

Lala, we hardly knew ye.

Check out the full interview below:

Lala kent on quitting vanderpump rules i was a mess

Kylie Jenner Undergoes a HOT MESS Makeover, OUCH!

Kylie Jenner’s style is going down a road we think is best avoided. 

In her recent Instagram posts, she’s shown wearing a black bandeau bra with oversized aviator sunglasses. 

While that in itself isn’t evidence enough to call her “hot mess,” that dry, damaged, rooty, nasty-lookin’-weaved hair surely is. 

The only thing certain about this pic is that she’s about that hot mess life. 

It positively reeks with it. 

Honestly, what’s she even doing with this hair? 

The color’s terrible, it looks like it’s slicked with some kind of gunk, and can you even imagine trying to get a brush through that business? 

We can’t … and we won’t even try.  

The only thing she’s really got going for her with this look is her body – which is undeniable hot, with a serving of mess on the side.  

Girlfriend, however, should really start rethinking her entire look

It might be 80 degrees on the left coast, where she spends most of her time, but for someone whose family is so ensconced in the fashion world, she should really know better, and realize that she’s not exactly rocking a fall look. 

Kylie’s not a stranger to breaking all the rules, but some are in place for a reason – and Kylie looking like it’s mid-July 2001 is the rule that broke Anna Wintour’s back. 

Rethink it, girl, and go back to a place where things looked a little … uh, “neater,” shall we say? 

Kylie’s looked much better before – and unless she’s allowing Tyga’s essence to pervade every inch of her being she can recover. 

If that doesn’t frighten you to a level beyond all comprehension, perhaps you’ve not been paying attention. 

It wasn’t too long ago, after all, that Kylie looked like this: 

There has to be hope coming back from the garish, cotton-candy meth blonde, right? 

She’s a Kardashian, after all – and how would it even be possible for Kris Jenner to allow one of her children to walk around looking like an advertisement for What Not to Wear? 

Only one thing is certain – if this new look is the effect of Tyga on Kylie’s sense, she better do everybody – including herself – a solid and get far, far away from this mess before it implodes in front of her very eyes.