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Michael Jackson Documentary Accusers Arrive for Screening

The explosive Michael Jackson documentary is about to be unveiled, and the 2 accusers at the center of the doc — Wade Robson and James Safechuck — just entered the theater for the premiere of “Leaving Neverland.”

Both men say MJ molested them when they were kids. The Michael Jackson Estate has come out swinging, calling both men liars and even excoriating HBO for agreeing to run the documentary.

Police were out in force in Sundance for the premiere, but only a handful of protesters were present.

We got Robson — who has become a famous choreographer with credits that include directing Britney Spears music videos — Thursday on his way to Sundance, and he did not necessarily endorse a mute Michael Jackson movement. He said his participation in the movement goes way beyond MJ. 

There’s a Q&A session after the screening, and it’s possible opposing sides may face off. We’re there, so stay tuned. 

MJ Accuser Wade Robson ‘Leaving Neverland’ Not Meant to Mute Michael


Wade Robson, the man featured in the upcoming Michael Jackson documentary, “Leaving Neverland,” says his endgame is not necessarily to mute MJ.

We got Robson at LAX Thursday AM and asked him about the film that will make its debut Friday at the Sundance Film Festival. He says the reason he got involved goes beyond his allegations against the singer … he says the point is to raise awareness.

Robson along with James Safechuck are the centerpieces of the doc. Both men say MJ befriended them as children and molested them.  

The MJ Estate has gone on the attack, calling both men liars, but Robson says he doesn’t care.

As for whether Michael Jackson should be in the same boat as R. Kelly … well, watch the clip.

Michael Thomas Still Pissed Over Saints Loss … ‘Super Bowl LIE’

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Saints superstar Michael Thomas is STILL salty over the way his team’s season ended … posting a pic on social media Wednesday calling next week’s Big Game, “Super Bowl LIE.”

The entire city of New Orleans has been up in arms since the refs blew a potentially game-winning pass interference call at the end of the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.

In fact … Louisiana congressman Steve Scalise tells TMZ Sports commissioner Roger Goodell should force the Rams to replay the Saints this weekend ’cause of the robbery.

Thomas clearly agrees … ’cause he took to IG this week to post a meme that transformed the Super Bowl LIII logo into a “Super Bowl LIE” one.

Other Saints have been vocal about the controversial ending too … tight end Ben Watson posted on his social media saying, “It’s not fair. I’m angry for a number of reasons. And we are all incredibly disappointed. But we will not be shaken!”

For his part … Thomas also wrote on social media that Drew Brees and the Saints WILL be back in the Super Bowl next season — writing, “Revenge is the only way to sooth the pain.”

Michael Costello To Bebe Rexa ‘F**k’ Those Other Fashion Designers … I’ll Dress You For Free!!!


Bebe Rexha needs to hit up an old friend, fashion designer Michael Costello, because he tells us he’s got the perfect look to show off her sexy curves at the Grammys … size 2 dresses be damned!!!

We got Michael, who appeared on “Project Runway,” outside his store in downtown Los Angeles Tuesday … and he shared some of his plans to highlight Bebe’s curvy figure at next month’s Grammy Awards — pro bono!

As you know … Bebe — who just got her first Grammy nomination — went NUCLEAR on fashion designers who she claims refused to dress her for the awards show because her figure isn’t small enough … telling them she doesn’t want to wear their “f**king dresses” anyway!

Michael, who dressed Beyonce when she picked up 3 Grammys in 2014, says he’s totally on board with Bebe and all those other designers can “f**k” off! 

Watch … Michael delivers his pitch to dress Bebe, and says he’s only one call away.

Michael Jackson Documentary Cops On Alert for Protesters … At Sundance Premiere


The blistering Michael Jackson documentary premiering at Sundance will also feature angry pro-Jackson protesters, and we’ve learned local police are gearing up for possible confrontations.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the Park City PD is aware of an anti-documentary protest being organized on social media, so cops are going to beef up their presence both inside and outside the premiere with uniformed and undercover officers.

We’re told law enforcement is most concerned about disruptions taking place during the Q&A portion of the screening — historically, that’s when protesters have caused the biggest disturbances. However, we’re told cops won’t stop people from exercising their First Amendment rights, so long as protesters don’t block sidewalks or entrances.

As you know … the doc, “Leaving Neverland,” explores alleged sexual abuse by the King of Pop, and the film is already being slammed by the late singer’s estate. Despite outside pressure to pull the film, Sundance officials say it’s full steam ahead.

All Sundance events have increased security — including bag checks and bomb dogs — but extra resources will be allocated to the MJ screening when it premieres Friday, Jan. 25.

Michael Jackson Estate Blasts HBO for ‘Leaving Neverland’ … This is How You Repay Him??

Michael Jackson‘s rolling over in his grave, just to get stabbed in the back by HBO — the producers of the controversial documentary, “Leaving Neverland” — that’s his estate’s take, anyway.

The estate’s made no secret of its feelings about the documentary featuring 2 of MJ’s alleged molestation victims — and Wednesday night it took a shot on Twitter, posting an old promo for a Michael concert that aired on HBO.

The 1992 concert — Michael’s first to air on TV — “gave HBO their highest rated special ever” … according to the estate, which added … “Now, to repay him they give a voice to admitted liars.”

‘Neverland’ is set to premiere next week at the Sundance Film Festival, and will air on HBO after that.

It’s interesting the estate thinks a network — which, no doubt, paid Jackson to air his concert — is somehow beholden to him more than 25 years later.

That’s just not how showbiz works. Facts.

Michael Strahan To Clemson Football … I’ll Pay for Real Lobster Dinner!

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Michael Strahan wasn’t impressed with President Trump‘s fast food spread for the Clemson football team — so he’s offered to reach into his own pockets to pay for a LOBSTER DINNER for the champs. 

“I personally … I would like to invite the Clemson football team here for a great meal,” the ex-NFL superstar said on “Good Morning America.”

“Whoever can make it, we’ll hook you up with lobster … whatever you want we’ll take care of you.”

“We gonna give you the proper meal that you deserve because that was one great game, a great accomplishment.”

When asked who was gonna pay for it, Strahan replied — “It’s out of my pocket guys. I’ll pay for it. No problem.”

Strahan can certainly afford it … besides making more than $ 75 mil during his NFL career, he signed a massive deal with ABC back in 2016 worth well into the 8-figures. 

As for Trump, seems his fast food party was a hit — with Clemson’s star QB Trevor Lawrence telling TMZ Sports the spread was “awesome” and that he had a great time. 

Trump says he personally sprung for the meal — which included grub from McDonald’s, Burger King, Domino’s and Wendy’s. 

The food was served on silver platters in between gold candelabras. 

Michael Blackson Jesus Took the Wheel … And Some Guy Smashed My Rolls!!!


Michael Blackson probably should’ve been irate about a drunk driver smashing into his car — but he was more flabbergasted than anything … and we get why.

The comic was having a great Monday night at the Improv in WeHo — he did a set with Dave Chappelle, so what could go wrong? Try your Rolls-Royce getting jacked up in a 3-car wreck!!

Michael tells us he got the news while onstage with Chappelle, and when he got outside — it was a messed up scene, to say the least. A Maserati lost its front wheel, that wheel smashed into a Jeep Wrangler … while the Maserati kept going long enough to smash into Mike’s whip.

MB called it a miracle — a bad one — that the guy on just 3 wheels managed to keep rolling long enough to hit his Rolls. You really gotta see his reaction. 

As for the driver, we got vid of cops giving him a breathalyzer. Law enforcement sources tell us the guy allegedly pinballed down the street, hitting several cars — and was arrested for DUI.

Typical Blackson, though, he found a way to laugh about it. Gotta love a good Flintstones joke!

Michael Irvin Julio & Antonio Should Join Forces … That’s What Stars Do These Days


The times they are a-changin’ … which is why a legendary NFL wide receiver thinks Julio Jones and Antonio Brown should team up to win it all.

TMZ Sports got Cowboys HOF’er Michael Irvin outside of Catch in Weho Friday night, and he tells us he’d like to see the Falcons WR and the Pittsburgh WR — who’s on the outs with the Steelers — get together to win a Super Bowl … because neither one of ’em has won anything yet.

We broke the story … Jones rejected the notion of A.B. coming to Atlanta, saying his team was good as is. But, Irvin thinks if LeBron can hook up with D. Wade, and Durant can hook up with Steph to get a ring … Julio should be a little more open to the idea.

As for whether Michael would have welcomed Jerry Rice to be his tag team partner back in the day … he’s not going that far. Besides … they both did fine on their own.

Michael Jackson Estate Slams Sexual Abuse Documentary … Premiering At Sundance

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Michael Jackson‘s estate is slamming a new documentary making allegations of sexual abuse by the late singer … by calling out the doc’s producers for what it says is a clear attempt to exploit Michael when it premieres at Sundance.

MJ’s estate tells TMZ …  “This is yet another lurid production in an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in on Michael Jackson.”

The doc, titled “Leaving Neverland,” is set to premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, and it reportedly accuses Michael of sexually abusing two young boys. 

The King of Pop’s estate also says the “so-called documentary is just another rehash of dated and discredited allegations. It’s baffling why any credible filmmaker would involve himself with this project.”

It’s unclear which of MJ’s accusers are the focus of the doc … but his estate apparently believes it’s Wade Robson and James Safechuck, because the estate says  “both testified under oath that Michael never did anything inappropriate toward them.”