Meghan Markle Would Make a Better Queen Than Kate Middleton, Psychotic Brother Claims

When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry back in May, she instantly became the Duchess of Sussex.

It’s a slightly better situation than when you got married and instantly became burdened by someone else’s student loan debt and sh-tty credit score.

Anyway, the good news is that Meghan is the only person on the planet ever to make the leap from basic cable legal drama to duchess.

The bad news is, that’s about as high as she’s gonna climb in the royal hierarchy.

But if you’re a Meg fan who thinks the royals should just give her the keys to Buckingham Palace and let an American take a crack at this “queen” job, you’re certainly not alone.

Meghan has some terrible siblings who make a point of embarrassing her every chance they get.

Usually, they do so by trash talking her to anyone who will listen.

But recently, Meg’s brother, Thomas Markle Jr. decided to pursue a different strategy by throwing shade at her in-laws instead.

“With Meghan’s determination and Harry’s charismatic personality above William, Harry and Meghan would be a great king & queen some day and make the Royal Family proud,” Thomas wrote in an open letter to Queen Elizabeth II.

As you probably already know, Prince Charles is next in line for the throne, followed by his son, Prince William.

That means it’s extremely unlikely that Prince Harry will ever become king.

In fact, that would necessitate Shakespearean levels of bloodshed.

And even if Harry became king, that wouldn’t make Meghan queen.

But Thomas doesn’t have time for all your “rules” and “logic.”

He knows what’s best for the royal family, and he wants the whole world to know it.

Yes, if you’re keeping track at home, this is the same brother who previously accused the Brits of turning Meghan into a royal “zombie.”

It seems he’s now changed his tack and decided that Meg is not the worst thing on two legs.

In fact, Thomas now believes his sister should literally be the next Queen of England.

Apparently, as long as the take is hot, Tom wants to claim it for his own.

Hopefully, dude is currently in his fifteenth minute of fame, because we really can’t stand much more of him.


Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton: Due to Give Birth on the Same Day?

We recently discussed the report that Meghan Markle is expecting a boy and a girl — fraternal twins — with Prince Harry.

There is also a report that Kate Middleton is already pregnant with her fourth royal baby.

A new report confirms them both … and says that Kate and Meghan may end up giving birth on the same day

A new InTouch cover gleefully announces this story to the world.

“They’re both pregnant!” the cover proclaims.

The cover goes on to proclaim that both Kate and Meghan are “due the same day!”

That would be a real gamechanger, though, as we all know, due dates are more of an educated guess.

“A girl for Kate,” the headline continues. “And twins for Meghan!”

InTouch’s report continues with further details.

“Meghan,” they explain. “Conceived just a few weeks after Kate.”

And apparently this has forged a closer knit between the two duchesses.

“Kate and Meghan bonded over the men they married,” they reveal. “Now they’re bonding over being pregnant together.”

It wasn’t so long ago that the two were rumored to be royally feuding, but this report says that “That’s all water under the bridge now.”

InTouch offers a few more details.

“Meghan,” they say. “Wants to give birth in the U.S.”

Some people are more comfortable giving birth at home. Especially when that means that their child will also be an American citizen.

The repot says that, because Meghan’s “due date is around the same time as Kate’s,” there’s a very real possibility that “they could give birth the same day!”

“While the pregnancies are the subject of plenty of palace buzz,” the report confides. “The duchesses have only shared their news with a small group of friends and family.”

That all sounds so exciting.

But, as Gossip Cop points out, there are some apparent holes in the story.

First of all, InTouch says that the “palace confirms.” Kensington Palace has done no such thing, and reportedly said as much to Gossip Cop.

Second of all, do they have the same due date or are their due dates merely close to each other?

We know that due dates can sometimes be given as a range, but … it sounds like the story isn’t entirely straight.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Meghan and Harry were recently spotted on a lunch date in Dublin.

The two shared some beer with lunch. That might be standard in the British Isles, but it’s definitely not something that anyone should do when pregnant.

The world has just seen photos of Prince Louis’s Christening. Kate’s youngest looks so precious and cute — and Kate herself looks so radiant — that it’s easy to understand why people are eager for another royal baby.

(Or three)

But there is no indication that Kate or Meghan are pregnant.

Remember, Kate has extremely bad morning sickness — which is how we were able to predict her pregnancy last year a couple of weeks before it was announced.

And Meghan, as we mentioned, was washing down her lunch with Guiness.

Reports like these are always tempting because they can be exciting, but let’s keep a cool head and wait for news that we can verify.

We just got the latest royal baby a couple of months ago. We can be patient.


Kate Middleton and Prince William Christen Louis, Light Up London

Kate Middleton has taken a break from trash-talking Meghan Markle to focus on what’s really important:


The Duchess of Cambridge arrived on Monday at the Chapel Royal in St. James’s Palace in London alongside Prince William and her three precious children in order to Christen the youngest of these children.

Indeed, it was quite a big day for 11-week old Louis, who was accompanied for this major occasion by his four-year old brother, George, and three-year old sister, Charlotte.

This was actually the first time all five members of this beloved immediate family were photographed in the same place.

Middleton, as we’ve come to expect at all times, looked elegant and gorgeous in a cream suit dress from Alexander McQueen (her wedding dress designer) and a matching headpiece from Jane Taylor.

Take a look at the ensemble here:

Louis was born on April 19 and, within hours, Middleton was all dressed and made up and debuting her child for the public.

Since then, the global icon was spotted at the annual Trooping the Colour even on June 9; and a day later, she and her two older kids were on the sidelines of Prince William’s polo match.

That’s been about it for Kate Middleton appearances since she became a mother for the third time.

We’re obviously not blaming her or judging her here. She has a newborn at home!

Following in the adorable footsteps of his siblings, Louis’ service was conducted this morning by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, who christened George in October 2013 and Charlotte in July 2015…

… and most recently officiated Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding.

(That Royal World really is a small one, isn’t it?)

Charlotte, meanwhile, was Christened at Sandringham’s St. Mary Magdalene church in Norfolk, which is also where her late grandmother Princess Diana was Christened.

As for George?

His ceremony was held at St. James’s Palace‘s Chapel Royal.

For those wondering, Kate and William selected two hymns for this big event:

O Jesus, I Have Promised and Lord of All Hopefulness.

Moreover, Godparents Lucy Middleton and Guy Pelly each did a reading.

And, as if all this wasn’t exciting enough, Pippa Middleton was on hand for her nephew’s special day.

She attended alongside husband James Matthews, and with a baby in her womb.

How exciting, right?!?

We can’t make out a bump just yet, but Pipppa can be assured that the paparazzi will be looking closely for many weeks to come.

She can also turn to her sister any time she needs advice, especially considering what Kate recently said about parenting.

“Spending quality time together is such an important aspect of family life,” Middleton wrote in a letter for Children’s Hospice Week, adding:

“It is the simple family moments like playing outside together that I cherish.”

Amen. We totally agree!


Kate Middleton Trash-Talks Meghan Markle Daily (Report)

Ever since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, there have been rumors about the former actress struggling to fit in with the royals.

These reports were inevitable of course, but they’ve been somewhat more vicious and persistent than we anticipated.

Insiders (or people purporting to be insiders, or tabloid columnists writing as imaginary insiders) claim that Meghan has breached royal protocol several times in her six weeks as a Duchess.

Naturally, these folks insist that the Queen is not happy with Meg’s performance thus far.

Kate Middleton, on the other hand, is reportedly loving every minute of it.

A source tells the never-reliable Star magazine that Kate has been “gleefully watching Meghan’s blunders from the sidelines.” 

Those blunders include such egregious offenses as wearing a dress that didn’t cover her shoulders.

Oh, and let’s not forget the time that Meghan tried to hold Harry’s hand in public!

We’re still clutching our pearls over that one.

Apparently, Kate is supposed to be helping Meghan out with all this confusing nonsense, but when the time came to lend her fellow lapsed peasant a hand, she was all like, nah:

“You’d think that as a fellow commoner, she’d be sympathetic to how Meghan is struggling, but Kate feels threatened by Meghan’s popularity,” the insider reveals.

“Kate takes potshots at Meghan every chance she gets and makes a point to tell the queen about all the things Meghan is doing wrong.”

Oh, what we would give to hear Kate flex that stiff upper lip to spit some royal zingers.

“Ay bish, you used to be on Suits but you couldn’t find a tailor for that baggy-ass wedding dress?”

“I heard you were a model on Deal on No Deal. Maybe you should’ve said no deal to that fugly hat.”

And so forth.

Anyway, it all sounds very far-fetched, but this isn’t the first report we’ve heard that Kate and Meg aren’t exactly beasties:

“Kate feels like Meghan has barely made any effort with her and is more interested in impressing [Queen Elizabeth],” a source recently told some tabloid called Closer Weekly.

“Kate feels left out. She spent years working on her image as ‘the perfect royal,’ and Meghan is stealing her thunder,” 

Yes, a real feud might be taking place among the duchesses.

If only we could convince them to star in a reality show about their beef.


Kate Middleton: ALREADY Pregnant With Fourth Child?!

It’s only been three months since Kate Middleton welcomed her third child, but if a new report from Life & Style is to be believed the Duchess of Cambridge is already expecting her fourth.

Mind you, that’s an if that would give Big Ben a run for its money in the size department.

The tabloid’s claim is based on specious evidence gathered by sources who have noticed things like Kate is eating food and wearing pants.

“Those close to Kate are saying she’s pregnant with baby number four,” one “insider” claims.

“Kate is showing all the signs of pregnancy, and she and William have always said they wanted four children to complete their family. Actually, William would like five kids — but Kate thinks four is enough!” 

Yes, the Royal Willie shows no signs of slowing down, but we still have a hard time believing Kate is knocked up again, just three months after giving birth.

That said, a set of Irish twins would be a good way for Kate to honor the part of that island that remained loyal to the crown, and she has spoken about wanting her kids to be close in age.

“It’s important to Kate for her own children to have a similar bond with their siblings, and she knows it’s more likely to happen if they’re close in age,” says the source.

Another supposed sign that Kate is in a family way is the fact that she skipped a recent birthday celebration for Prince Charles — but there are several possible reasons for that.

Maybe Kate was still hungover from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

Maybe she’s stick of this weird royal custom of people their celebrating birthdays whenever they feel like it.

(Charles was born in November, but his birthday party’s in May?! WTF is that?)

Perhaps she just (rightly) believes that Charles is a lame-ass.

Whatever the case it seems the clearest indicators that Kate is expecting are her fashion and culinary choices.

“One of the reasons for her not attending was that she was exhausted and felt sick,” the source claims.

“She’s wearing loose-fitted clothing again, avoiding alcohol, and craving curry, which she often does when she’s pregnant.” 

Yes, apparently “curry and biscuits” are Kate’s main pregnancy cravings.

Now, we’re assuming the source means “biscuits” in the British sense.

In America, we call them “cookies” because that’s what they’re called.

What’s less clear is if Kate is eating those two items separately, or if she’s combining them.

Now, if she’s crumbling up Oreos and mixing them with her tikka masala, then Kate is either George III-level psychotic, or stoned out of her gourd.

Frankly, either possibility would make for a more interesting story than her being pregnant again.


Kate Middleton vs. Meghan Markle: Royal Feud Alert!

It’s been over a month since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, and by all accounts, she’s adjusting to her new lifestyle quite nicely.

And it seems she’s doing so without any assistance from the only person on the planet who can truly identify with her situation.

Yes, there was a time when Kate Middleton showed Meghan Markle how to dress for official engagements and otherwise helped to prepare her for life as a royal.

But now, it seems those days are done.

At least that’s the dubious claim being made by the gossip site Closer Weekly.

The site claims that shortly after the wedding, Kate stopped viewing Meghan as a friend in need of advice, and started looking at her as an adversary.

“Meghan learned everything from Kate. But since the wedding, Kate feels like Meghan has barely made any effort with her and is more interested in impressing [Queen Elizabeth],” a source claims.

“In all fairness, Meghan has been busy. But Kate feels like she’s put a lot of effort into their friendship and hasn’t gotten much in return.”

Yes, according to the informant, Kate feels that she and Meghan are in direct competition for the Queen’s affection.

And it’s for that reason that Kate has stopped offering guidance to her former friend.

“She’s a nice person and doesn’t want to see Meghan fall flat on her face, but at the same time she’s cut back on giving her advice,” the insider reports.

The source claims the feud was apparent to royal-watchers during the recent Trooping the Color event.

Meghan was “dress-shamed” for wearing a shoulder-baring ensemble that many traditionalists felt was inappropriate.

Those who claim to know the family best say there was a time when Kate would have warned Meghan about the criticism she would have received.

Now, it seems those days are done. 

“She could have saved Meghan from embarrassment. But she didn’t say anything,” the source claims.

If that’s true, that’s some Regina George-level passive-aggressiveness from Kate, and we applaud her for it.

One insider says the real issue isn’t that Kate is worried about losing her spot as the Queen’s favorite, but rather that she feels betrayed by Meghan, whom she had previously thought of as one of her best friends.

These days, the source claims, Kate and Meg are “barely on speaking terms” and the entire royal family can feel the tension.

“Kate feels left out. [Kate] spent years working on her image as ‘the perfect royal,’ and Meghan is stealing her thunder,” the tipster claims.

“The popularity contest has caused a lot of friction at the palace.”

The source adds:

“Since marrying into royal life, Kate no longer has many friends. She really relied on Meghan as a pal and feels utterly betrayed and dropped by her [best friend].

“She hasn’t confronted Meghan yet, but Meghan can sense something is up. Meghan has gone through enough petty drama with her family. She doesn’t need it from her friends”

Well, at least Meg’s royal life isn’t as boring as it appears from the outside.


Kate Middleton and Prince William Announce Son’s Christening Date!

For the record:

Meghan Markle is not pregnant. Do not believe everything that you read.

But this doesn’t mean there isn’t some major Royal Baby news to announce.

Prince William and Kate Middleton confirmed on Wednesday that their eight-week-old son will be christened on Monday, July 9.

Remember Prince Louis?!?

His exciting birth has almost been forgotten about amidst the excitement of Prince Harry getting married and Pippa Middleton telling the world that she is pregnant with her first child.

But he’s still here, still adorable and about to take a significant step in his life.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pleased to announce that the christening of Prince Louis will take place on Monday 9th July at The Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace, London,” Kensington Palace said in a statement this morning.

Following in the very cute footsteps of his brother and sister, Louis’ service will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, who christened Prince George in October 2013 and Princess Charlotte in July 2015.

This same man most recently officiated Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding on May 19.

Three-year old Charlotte was christened at Sandringham’s St. Mary Magdalene church in Norfolk.

This is the the same church where her late grandmother, the beloved Princess Diana, was also christened.

The ceremony for four-year old George, meanwhile, was held at St. James’s Palace‘s Chapel Royal.

The Chapel Royal, where Louis’ service will also be, also happens to be where the Duchess of Sussex had her own baptism earlier this year.

Don’t worry. There won’t be a quiz on this later.

At the moment, no further details are known about the christening, but you can expect the Royal Family to release some lovely portraits from the happy day.

Kate and William presented their third child’s name to the world in late April.

He is officially His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge, with Louis having been the middle name of Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest child, Prince Edward (otherwise known as Edward Antony Richard Louis).

We haven’t heard a whole lot from William and Kate about their son since they welcomed him into the world, not since William said that the newborn was sleeping relatively well.

That must be quite the relief.

This may be the last update we receive for awhile, though, as William and Middleton have done an outstanding job of shielding their kids from the public.

It’s always a huge deal when one is born and we get to enjoy a number of photos such as the ones above and below.

But then Kensington Palace works with the couple to make sure no paparazzi have access to various private family areas and the proud parents themselves do everything possible to ensure this same sort of privacy.

They only choose occasions such as this christening to share news with their millions of fans around the world.

Which is how it should be, right?

We’d love to have new Louis photos everyday, but the kid should absolutely grow up in as much peace as possible, given his circumstances in life.


Pippa Middleton: Yes, I Am Pregnant!!

There’s a new, confirmed baby in the Royal Family! Okay, tangentially. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are getting a cousin.

Remember over a month ago when we told you that Duchess Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton, is almost definitely pregnant?

You can take out the almost. She is pregnant.

34-year-old Pippa Middleton is expecting her first child.

The baby daddy is of course her husband, James Matthews.

The source for this happy news is pretty darn reliable — because it’s Pippa herself.

Announcing what she wrote in a column for Waitrose magazine, Pippa has even more good news.

Her sister Kate’s pregnancies are notoriously difficult. She suffers from Hyperemesis Gravidarum and the results are not fun.

That was how we were able to predict that she was pregnant weeks before the official announcement.

Pippa, it seems, is having an easier time.

The happily expecting mother writes:

“I was lucky to pass the 12 week scan without suffering from morning sickness.”

When the news broke on the back end of April that Pippa was telling her close friends, it was reported that this was after the 12 week scan had revealed that everything looked healthy.

“That meant I was able to carry on as normal.”

Well … mostly. She did set about making one significant change to her lifestyle.

“When I learned the happy news that I was pregnant I realized I needed to adjust my 4 to 5-day-a-week routine.”

That’s great! We only wish that everyone were in a position to take it easy when they need to concentrate on a pregnancy — or on their health for any reason.

Though Pippa has been confiding the news to those close to her since April, she waited until a week into June to make it public knowledge.

Why? She doesn’t say. But we can guess.

First of all, it is always wise to wait until one is further along before sharing the news. Even a few weeks — or, in this case, more than a month — can give you more time to be sure that your pregnancy is still healthy.

Second of all, Pippa couldn’t have wanted to overshadow her own sister’s pregnancy and childbirth.

Kate gave birth to her third child, baby Louis, back in April — exactly around the time that Pippa began confiding in loved ones.

The following days were full of new revelations and even photos. Pippa wouldn’t want to upstage her sister.

Also, obviously, Pippa couldn’t want to distract from her sister’s brother-in-law, Prince Harry, as he tied the knot with Meghan Markle.

When there are major royal events underway, you want to put some distance between them and anything else.

And … while we’re on the subject of putting some distance between different pieces of news as they break … 

Pippa may have had another, more upsetting reason for postponing the announcement.

Pippa’s father-in-law was arrested for raping a minor. This was weeks before reports of her pregnancy began circulating.

This has to be a hard time for her and a harder time her her husband.

We can absolutely understand why they might balk at sharing that news in the same month that her father-in-law was arrested.

But all of these other events, both happy and grim, aside: this is great news!

Pippa and James are going to welcome their first child, and they’re not even pretending that it’s a secret anymore.

That must be a real weight off of their shoulders.

Now, they just need to concentrate on a healthy remainder of the pregnancy and a healthy delivery. 

Since the 12 week check-up was reportedly in the back half of April, we can guess that she might be 18 to 20 weeks along. But that is absolutely just an estimation.

If it’s correct, then she’s about halfway through.

Congratulations to Pippa and James!


Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle: Your Dad Sucks!

In less than 24 hours, Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry, thus becoming the newest member of the British Royal Family.

Obviously, planning a wedding is always hectic, and planning a royal wedding is stressful in a way that few of us could ever imagine.

And Meghan has to deal with the additional drama of watching her own family members do their damnedest to ruin the biggest day of her life.

Meghan’s siblings have been denigrating her to anyone who will listen.

Her father decided not to attend the wedding, seemingly because he was embarrassed by a minor “scandal” involving the sale of paparazzi photos to tabloid media outlets.

Needless to say, it’s not a great situation.

Fortunately, for the former actress, her soon-to-be-in-laws are as supportive as her family is obnoxious.

An insider tells Hollywood Life that Meghan has had difficulty keeping it together over the past few days but has benefited tremendously from her close relationship with Kate Middleton.

“Meghan is doing her best to keep it together with the help of Harry and her future sister-in-law,” the source says

“Kate has stepped up to calm down Meghan as last-minute wedding changes are turning her into a nervous wreck. Kate has taken Meghan by the hand to help guide her through her final days leading to the wedding.”

Yes, Meghan has reportedly stepped in as the official fixer of the Royal Wedding 2.0.

“From helping with family issues, to royal duties and obligations, Meghan has been leaning on Kate who has been through it all and is a rock of support,” the insider adds.

“Meghan feels like Kate is the only one whom she can really relate to during her wedding crisis because she can understand what she is going through. Meghan is grateful for Kate’s support.”

Apparently, Kate’s influence is paying off.

Not only is the bride-to-be more at ease, her siblings seem to have taken note of the fact that most of the world is very much Team Meg.

“Give her a chance! I’ve always been vocal about the things I admire about her and the public has taking [sic] this too far,” Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Grant, tweeted this week.

She then shifted the blame to one of her other siblings, writing:

“My brother needs to stop the alcoholism and lies.”

Oh, man. “Publicly trash-talking your siblings is bad! Just ask my drunk-ass loser brother over here!”

Never change, Sam.