Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle: Your Dad Sucks!

In less than 24 hours, Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry, thus becoming the newest member of the British Royal Family.

Obviously, planning a wedding is always hectic, and planning a royal wedding is stressful in a way that few of us could ever imagine.

And Meghan has to deal with the additional drama of watching her own family members do their damnedest to ruin the biggest day of her life.

Meghan’s siblings have been denigrating her to anyone who will listen.

Her father decided not to attend the wedding, seemingly because he was embarrassed by a minor “scandal” involving the sale of paparazzi photos to tabloid media outlets.

Needless to say, it’s not a great situation.

Fortunately, for the former actress, her soon-to-be-in-laws are as supportive as her family is obnoxious.

An insider tells Hollywood Life that Meghan has had difficulty keeping it together over the past few days but has benefited tremendously from her close relationship with Kate Middleton.

“Meghan is doing her best to keep it together with the help of Harry and her future sister-in-law,” the source says

“Kate has stepped up to calm down Meghan as last-minute wedding changes are turning her into a nervous wreck. Kate has taken Meghan by the hand to help guide her through her final days leading to the wedding.”

Yes, Meghan has reportedly stepped in as the official fixer of the Royal Wedding 2.0.

“From helping with family issues, to royal duties and obligations, Meghan has been leaning on Kate who has been through it all and is a rock of support,” the insider adds.

“Meghan feels like Kate is the only one whom she can really relate to during her wedding crisis because she can understand what she is going through. Meghan is grateful for Kate’s support.”

Apparently, Kate’s influence is paying off.

Not only is the bride-to-be more at ease, her siblings seem to have taken note of the fact that most of the world is very much Team Meg.

“Give her a chance! I’ve always been vocal about the things I admire about her and the public has taking [sic] this too far,” Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Grant, tweeted this week.

She then shifted the blame to one of her other siblings, writing:

“My brother needs to stop the alcoholism and lies.”

Oh, man. “Publicly trash-talking your siblings is bad! Just ask my drunk-ass loser brother over here!”

Never change, Sam.


Kate Middleton and Prince William Reveal Royal Name… Finally!

The wait is over.

The anticipation can end.

The rumors can be put to rest.

The Royal Baby? He finally has a name!

Five days after Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their third bundle of precious joy into the world, the world’s favorite couple has at last come out and made it possible for us to refer to their baby as something other than “that kid.”

Instead, we can now call him…


It’s not True Thompson and it’s not Stormi Webster, but it’s the name of the fifth heir to the British throne.

Isn’t that right, Kensington Palace?

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son Louis Arthur Charles,” reads the official Tweet making this announcement.

Along with an adorable picture of Mommy, Daddy and Louis, the social media confirmation added:

“The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.”

Well, sure. But only when his parents are really angry with him and want to use his full name.

louis tweet

Louis was among the leading contenders for the Royal Baby name, as various casinos and online gambling destinations actually accepted wagers on what the moniker would be.

Prince William had tried to throw fans off the scent in a brief chat with the media on Wednesday, joking at one point that he liked the name Jerry.

He also said at the time that his son is sleeping “reasonably well” and behaving himself, while adding that his wife is “doing very well.”

The beloved couple’s latest addition was born at 11:01 a.m. local time on Monday.

Just a few hours later, the traditional ceremonial easel was placed in front of Buckingham Palace, while Kate and William debuted the boy a short time after that.

He’s pretty darn adorable, isn’t he?

“Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 1101hrs. The baby weighs 8lbs 7oz.,” the palace tweeted for this major announcement.

It added on Monday:

“The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.

“The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news.”

William and Kate, meanwhile, chose traditional names that honored their family members for their first two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The former shares a name with six former kings of England, including Queen Elizabeth II’s late father, King George VI.

As for Charlotte? Her middle name is Diana, which is self-explanatory, right?

Middleton actually paid tribute in moving fashion to Princess Diana with the dress you see her wearing above.

In related news:

Prior to the baby’s arrival, various reports have come out that Kate’s younger sister, Pippa Middleton, is pregnant with her first child.

And then, on May 19, Prince Harry is set to marry Meghan Markle.

It’s quite a time to be a fan of the Royal Family… or a member of the Royal Family.

Welcome to the world, Louis Arthur!

You’re a cutie patootie!


Kate Middleton: How Did She Pay Tribute to Princess Diana with Third Baby Debut?

On Monday morning, Kate Middleton gave birth to her third child.

Perhaps you heard!

The baby was a boy… he entered the world at 11:01 a.m. local time… and he weighed eight pounds, seven ounces.

Oh, and he’s also adorable, as evidenced here:

Indeed, a mere seven hours (seven hours!) after becoming a mother once again, Middleton got all dolled and all made up in order to present her son to the world.

We’ve collected a fair share of these indelible images below.

But while they make clear just how happy Prince William and his lovely Duchess are to have a bundle of you to care for, there’s one important aspect to these photos that is not evident at first glance.

And that is this:

Middleton actually paid homage to Princess Diana during the memorable public appearance.

How so?

Nearly 34 years ago, when the late and great Princess Diana presented son Prince Harry to the universe, she also wore a red outfit featuring a white Peter Pan collar.

There’s just no way this was a coincidence.

The new mother’s dress – a red ensemble from Jenny Packham (who designed all three of Kate’s post-birth ensembles) – was undoubtedly a nod to the new baby’s maternal grandmother, who, of tragically, died in a car crash in 1997.

And we weren’t the only people who noticed this, either.

At least one Twitter user believes Kate paid homage to Diana with the outfits she wore for the presentation of this child and of Prince George:

tribute to di

When she gave birth to George in 2013, Middleton rocked a blue polka-dot Jenny Packham dress at his unveiling, invoking the same print that Diana herself wore to present William to the world in 1982.

Pretty cool, right?

Awfully special, no?

The Royal Couple is yet to announce the name of its third kid, but William and Kate and now at home in Kensington Place, trying to get as much sleep as possible while caring for him.

“It completes them,” royal biographer Ingrid Seward tells People Magazine, while a friend of the tandem notes that Kate “is one of three siblings, and it’s a good family size.”

What about four-year old George and big sister Princess Charlotte, who turns 3 on May 2?

The toddler “are so excited,” says another friend, adding:

“Kate’s worried that Charlotte will feel it the hardest as the youngest, but she’s such a confident little girl and growing up so fast, Kate is hoping she will adjust.”

That’s a normal concern, of course.

There’s bound to be some jealousy when the kids see Mommy paying attention to another tiny human all of a sudden.

But it will surpass. And sleep will come again someday for the baby’s parents.

Until then, it’s just important that they savor every second they have with their newborn.

Congrats to the entire family!


Kate Middleton Baby Name: What’s the New Prince’s Royal Moniker?

As you've likely heard by now, Kate Middleton welcomed her third child this morning.

The newest member of the royal family already made his big media debut, but thus far, Kate and Will have kept mum with regard to his royal moniker.

But that's not stopping the UK's most problematic gamblers from betting their paychecks on the little lads name!

Most of the wagering took place before today's delivery, but don't worry – it's not too late for you to get in on the ridiculous action!

Check out our full gambling guide in the gallery below:

1. Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Checking in on kate
The royal baby has entered the building, y’all. Here’s one of the first pics of Will, Kate, and their newest arrival outside the hospital where the little prince entered the world this morning.

2. When Will the Announcement Take Place?

Oh royal baby
The bad news is, Will and Kate probably won’t announce the baby’s name until later this week. The good news is, that gives you, the degenerate gambler, plenty of time to place a bet on the royal moniker!

3. The Royal Precedent

Kate middleton baby photo
With both Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the royals waited a day or two befor announcing the name. Why, you ask? We have no idea! That’s not for peasants like us to understand!

4. No Jaden, Caden, or Braden

Kate middleton with prince george
As with their first two tykes, it’s a safe bet that Will and Kate will go the traditional route. And so, a handful of royal-sounding frontrunners have emerged as the the gamblers’ favorites.

5. No Jack City

Kate middleton and prince william together
It was briefly rumored that Will and Kate would go with the name “Jack” after one of Will’s favorite soccer players. That name quickly fell out of contention when royal-watchers determined it was much too modern.

6. Arthur: 2/1

Prince william kate middleton altazurra blue dress stewards acad
A name fit for a king! Arthur is the current front-runner with 2/1 odds. But if you’re looking to really cash in, you might want to put your pounds down on a moniker with longer odds.

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Kate Middleton Baby Photos: First Precious Look!

Talk about a Royal welcome!

Just seven hours after she gave birth for the third time, Kate Middleton stepped out on Monday with her husband by her side and her brand new son in arms.

As previously detailed on The Hollywood Gossip, Middleton gave birth at 11:01 a.m. British time to a boy who weighed in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces.

As of this writing, we do not know the child's name.

But we do know he's precious and adorable and so very loved, as Middleton appeared on the steps of the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital on Monday evening to show the bundle of joy off.

Middleton donned a lovely red dress for the occasion – but, for once, eyes were not on the Duchess' fashion choice.

Instead, they were all fixated on the tiny human being held close and guarded safely.

Check out the adorable photos now!

1. Royal Baby #3!

Royal baby number 3 at
He’s here! A mere seven hours after giving birth, Kate Middleton holds her brand new son cozy in her arms, while flanked by Prince Williams.

2. Royally Blessed

Royally blessed
What a blessing, right? For both Kate Middleton and Prince William and the entire world at large.

3. Hey, Fam!

Hey fam
William and Kate wave to an adoring throng of fans in this special picture, which features their third kid and second son.

4. All Smiles

All smiles
Kate and William have one special reason to look this happy in this photo. And that reason is resting in his mom’s arms.

5. The Royal Welcome

The royal welcome
At the time this photo was snapped, Kate and William had not yet told the world the name of their child. But he sure is cute!

6. Kate and Her Kid

Kate and her kid
Does it get any more precious than this?!? The Royal Family has given us this glimpse of Kate Middleton cradling her son.

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